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  1. Last Thursday we received a set of Larry's lateast production run arm rests and I must say Becky is extremely pleased!! I feel a lot better too knowing the armrests won't swing out while we are going around curves and turns which is much more noticible on a trike where we don't lean like 2 wheelers. Installation was a breeze! The hardest part of the operation was drilling holes in the passenger grab rails. I recommend drilling a pilot hole first to make it a tad easier. Our trunk was already installed in the second set of holes so that step didn't need to be done, but in our case I discovered my trunk was not aligned properly for some reason and the passenger controls were right in front of the up tube, whereas on the other side the up tube was quite a ways over from the same point, so I am suspecting either something did not get aligned properly with the trike conversion, or my left passenger grab rail was bent out, or the right bent in, or both! Anyways I ended up drilling new holes in the bottom of my trunk to move it even further back and over about a half inch or so. I would suspect that on a normal RSV this won't be a problem! So, I am highly recommending these to anyone in the market for a set of passenger arm rests. They are high quality and rugged, typical of anything Larry builds! One nice touch is the top of the arm rest is fabric insert with the sides leather. Very nice touch in hot weather so your arms aren't stuck to the leather after a long ride! BTW I now have a set of Diamond R armrests for sale now, $100 or B/O plus shipping...
  2. does anybody have a set of apes on their RSV 2nd generation or know where to get a set
  3. Does anyone have a set of second gen stock mufflers that have not been modified, that they don't want ???? I just put a sidecar on today and the bubbs are alittle loud for the rider. When I got the bike it had bubbs on it so I don't have a set of stock muffs. ( anyone want to swap some muffs for a Radiator Grill ?? )
  4. I have a set of 2008 stock pipes I used for my break in period. If anyone is interested in picking up a good set, shoot me an email.
  5. I am in need of a set of original mufflers for my 97 RSTD. if anyone has a set lying around. My headers are fine. Just need the slip on. Thanks
  6. Can someone please tell where I can purchase a set of the Carb Sync gages?
  7. Just checking to see if there is enough interst in getting together to tune carbs. etc this fall in Borger. If there is enough interest, I will set something up.
  8. Eusa1 has generously donated a set of his Diamond Cut cylinder fins to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to Squidley and Lonna. A very generous gesture on his behalf and one that again makes me proud to be associated with such a great group of folks, I have set the auction for a 5 day duration in hopes of getting the proceeds to them before Christmas. You may place your bids here: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/photopost/showproduct.php?product=98
  9. As some of you know, I have a problem,,,, I know what you are thinking, but this is a new one. I ride a 2014 Spyder and installed JMCB 2003 for a CB and intercom. The intercom works fine, and the CB broadcasts just fine. Now if we get 2 CBs close together I can hear the other, if they are more than 4ft apart I can't hear the other person. I can hear a tapping on their mic, but no voice comes through. Now hear is the next problem then. I contacted JM corp and they would like me to try to use one of their headsets. I use the Edsets with the proper cord, but they were wondering if I could try one of theirs. SO!!!! anybody in the area have a set they could lend me??
  10. Anything set up yet at Oberlin Inn?
  11. My sons' little dodge mini van seems to have blown a head gasket. The oil is like creamy pudding. How the heck do I clean the oil system up? I know it is going to take a couple of oil changes but should I be adding a cleaner to the oil ? This van has a 3.0 liter V-6 in it.... when I went to pick up the gasket set the guy at the parts store asked me if I wanted new Head Bolts. He said the norm is to change them when doing gaskets.... they are $165 for the set. Does anyone know if I need to? This motor has about 145,000 kilometers.... about 90,000 miles Any help would be great Kevin
  12. Is there dates set yet for 2015 MD? I want to try to make it so I have to put in vacation time early.
  13. Yeah ... I know ... personal preference and all... I am looking to get some for engine lights and ground effects, and I am just looking for opinions on a color choice. I have a Black Cherry '06 RSV and I was going to go with green, but am now thinking it might look muddy. What do you guys think? I am open to all suggestions ... nothing wrong with white ... red? purple?? I just have a feeling that buying a single color set might be better quality than a multi color set...? Oopinions on that? Thanks all!
  14. I have 2014 Spyder, RT. 1330 engine, cognac in color, carries 2 up with ease, goes like scart rabbit. So far so good. Now the Dutch comes out in me.... after paying all that retirement cash for original purchase I cheaped out and did not add the CB intercom for about $1500. Instead I bought a JMCB 2003 with intercom for about $400. Everything worked kind of more or less fine,, well the intercom needed new cords as well to satisfy the Edset head gear, but after that addition the only problem that continued to rear it's head was the CB part,,, I could send, but didn't receive in the headset. The set showed reception and nada in the ears,,,, thought that maybe I was slowly going deaf, but my wife informed me that was not the case,,, so I have to believe her and go with it. So I have transmission, reception, but it doesn't get to the CPU on my shoulders. I had done some cutting, eliminating and reinsertion to the headset cord and thought that maybe,,, just maybe, I had screwed something in the process. I had called JM about the problem and after going through their standard questions and answers they determined that there must be something wrong and I should send the set to them for evaluation. So I was about to embark onto that part of the process this week, when I thought..... I Know!!!! thought, why not try it once more now that I have the faring off, and I can easily plug my portable into the mix to see if it may be the antenna. Well I did, and found that everything now works perfectly,,,,huh????? no matter how I hook things up,,, everything works,,,, s t r a n g e!!!
  15. as some of you know I was having some troubles with things about a month or so ago. times where tough. well today my landlord came to me and said we are giving you a Christmas gift? you use to deliver newspapers to us for over 8 years. and we just never really gave much back then when you stopped in. so we thought you might like a nice slightly used gas dryer and washer. about 4 years old in good working condition. as they bought a new set for there place. I have the hook ups here to do this in my place so I said heck ya and thank you so much. they said where not done yet? we are giving you $100 off of next months rent as well. then for a joke they gave me a fruit cake. I think they had for like 15 years LOL I am just so happy that they thought of me in this way. just thought I would spread the good news.
  16. Finally got this set installed. I love them. its weird putting a set of hd pipes on to quiet the sound. David
  17. Before I start, I have done a bit of seaching this site looking for the problem I am experiencing with my cruise control but have not been successful. Not that I use it much, I am a little anal about things and if it is there, I want it to work as designed. Anyway, my cruise has always functioned until this weekend. My cruise would set and all seemed fine except this time, and several attempts afterwards. It would set but the speed would very slowly decel and after about 7 or so mph, the cruise would simply disconnect; not turn off, just cancel. I am not very spun up on this system and thought I'd ask around first if anyone has experienced this same problem and what they may have done to fix theirs. If anyone has any advise, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all,
  18. Well, I have most of the info anyway. I have negotiated what I believe is a good price...if you don't agree, sorry. Anyone who wants just diaphragms, I have negotiated a price with Sirius Consolidated, here in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. They don't deal with the slider kits, just diaphragms. Regular price for a set of four was $89.00.....we can get a set of four for $60.00 US or $15.00 for one, if you don't need four. They will ship to anywhere in Canada or United States for $5.00 per order. If you want to order from them, direct your email to Martin at this email address: sci@siriusconinc.com and indicate that this is a VentureRider order, for that price. Their part number is called SD-1 I am working ( slowly through emails ) with an outfit called Carb Kit Capital for slide assemblies but haven't got a firm price from them yet. I'll post that when I get it.
  19. Yesterday morning I dropped my Nankang Rear Tire & RSV wheel off at the dealer to get it mounted. At 4:00pm they said they couldn't get it to bead & wanted to try more tomorrow. At 10am this morning they called & said that they even took it over to a car tire place to try to get it seated & failed. So then I called 6 different places just to see if they would even try to bead/seat the tire. None would try. That was disappointing. So I set off to do it myself - bought tire irons & 2 hp air compressor from Harbour Freight - bought silicon spray, grease & dawn dish liquid. Then I broke the seat on the side that wouldn't bead - greased & soaped the rim & tire... tried to set the bead once - failed - broke the bead - tire ironed the spot that stuck - tried to set second time - failed - did the same as before third time same forth time - beaded & seated - done It took about 45 minutes of messing with & it popped at about 65 psi. The dealer then balanced the tire for free. Why is nothing ever easy for me. At least now I have a nice 8 gallon 2hp oil air compressor for other things. Tire irons are nice hunks of metal for prying & banging on things when your frustrated. What happened to the old time bike shops? The last time I had a car tire mounted, HummingBird kindly did it for me. Thanks & too bad HB is so far away in Ohio! JohnB
  20. I have in perfect condition the Jack Daniels Old No 7 headlight visor and passing lamp visors off my 2nd gen. I'm looking to swap them out for a plain set. To my knowledge, Ronnie, the previous owner had used Harley spot lights as his driving lights. They appear to be the same size as the Yamaha ones but I can't verifiy that the passing visors will fit. If anyone is willing to trade for the whole set, or even just the headlight visor let me know. http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk86/jason1gp/venture/IMG_1924.jpg
  21. I need some of your expertise. I have looked through the site and on the net and I can't seem to find anything definitive on where I can get a set of driver floorboards that will fit the Mk11 (86-93). There must be a a model or a means to fit boards to the Venture. I do have a set that fit the Mk1 but these project into the space required for the chin. Finding these on EBay is near a miracle. Does anyone have any experience on a "universal" set or a savy means of adapting a board set meant for a goldwing etc. to fit? Thanks guys!
  22. I purchased a set of E 3's last summer and love them. I have about 6,000 miles on them now and the tread still looks new. I am going from Ohio to California and back in August and will be about an 8,000 mile round trip. Trying to figure out if I should put a new set on before I leave or will my current set get me there and back safely?
  23. I have been a Venture fan for years and finally I recently purchased a used 2000 back in september. The carbs needed to be set up right but I did not want to do the spacer trick to them. My mechanic is designer for many tweaks and jet kits for various bikes so I went to him to talk about what to do. Since there is no true jet kit for the second gen Ventures he took my bike in on his dyno for a little R&D for a true jet kit. After numerous spins on the dyno and different needles he had a needle custom cut with 5 angles. It took the weakness out of the original lean stock set up. So after picking it up I went for a short ride today between raindrops. Road was wet and I am spinning the rear tire like crazy if I twist too much. Granted I have no trunk or bags on but whoa the rear tire let loose easy in lower gears. When I first got the bike back in september the clutch would slip at just a touch of the lever but never under power. Now it slipped with the added power till it warmed up some. Clutch needed replacement anyway and is on the winter to do list. Great pull power in every gear except I could not tell in overdrive only because I was not going fast enough. Need to get it on the highway to properly test that. Patrtial throttle response was greatly improved with instant response at a touch of the throttle. It felt like it pulled almost as hard as my Honda Magnas (12.5 sec 1/4 mile on the Magna) but I will update that when I can run my friend with his Magna. Cold start was pull choke out it starts right up, one minute later push choke in and it runs normally. That was a huge improvement over stock set up as it took a while to run normally before the jet kit. So overall this is a needed improvement for all Venure/Royal Star owners. Stock set up was way too lean. Once I can get some long runs in I will be able to determine gas mileage. I bet it is the same if not better than stock as you don't have to twist the throttle much to get it rolling more. I am also running K&N air filters and NGK Iridium plugs. Ivan knows what he is doing on these as he has many kits for older bikes that work perfect. You should see his cherry collection of 60s-80s 2cycle bikes in his shop. Best 140 bucks you can spend on your Yamaha! http://www.ivansperformanceproducts.com/xvz1300.htm
  24. My ball milled twinkies came in the mail today. Genyouwhine Yammy part. Last set the dealer had! They look sweet. Those will be on this weekend. My new 11" dark smoke windshield should be here by mid next week. Looking for a set of windshield ags.I just want to get a few more things and I will be set.
  25. OK folks, it's been a while since we have had a contest. Thanks to AdChrome, I think it's time that we do just that very thing. Now I realize that this is a second gen/RSTD specific item but that's just the way it goes sometimes. So....we are going to have a contest and give this beautiful set of carb covers away to some lucky winner. Now I just have to decide WHAT kind of contest it will be. I'll be getting back to you soon on that.
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