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  1. So I sent my 02 to a local independent small shop to have him do my clutch. He calls me and says the starter now runs as soon as he turns on the key. I have never heard this before. The only "non stock" item on my bike is the Wallo Horn install. He said the ground wire is connected at the point where the horn is mounted. He forgot to connect it at first... went back and connected it now starter running. Ideas? Help please. Did he fry the starter some how?
  2. At this point unfortunately my main vacation plan is to visit my son and Daughter in law in Poland. If the issues in Europe worsen before then that plan may be scrapped. If I can make it work I will join.
  3. Nancy I will never forget our evening Pie Run..... it was fantastic.
  4. Tamper proof screws are a daily part of life for me so that would be least of my worries. Now the hard part... find a newer switch.
  5. Canadian west coast..... we have had what has been called Venture West in past. A couple times up here and one in Washington and one in Oregon that I have attended. Southern California is a bit fsr for me unfortunately.
  6. I know many talk about ignition issues and relays to stop wires from melting. My issue is bit different but the same. My ignition key barrel is worn out. As in the key comes out when not in the off position and the barrel will turn with just the tip of a key in it. What is a quick easy way to get around this? Can I just buy a new ignition and swap it out wire for wire? I am not looking at rewiring the bike with relays I would just like the simple swap. The next ignition will out live me.
  7. felt like -7C this morning and blowing snow... not a lot of snow... just a few inches but makes riding pretty much out for now. I did get out Christmas eve day for a cool just above freezing ride on my Vstrom.
  8. I have full face helmets with built in visors. I keep the main shield open and listen to the music. I plug my iPod into aux port and turn it up when I am on a long ride. Around town it is local radio. I do now have a Scala talk pac that I can Bluetooth from my phone or tablet. I have had a couple sets of Cardo Scala sets and like them a lot especially when my wife is riding as well so we can communicate.
  9. I just got a new laptop... of which I am typing on...... it came with W-11 and I see little difference. Yes no IE but that has been dying a slow death anyway. All the corporate systems that ran on it had been changed to work on almost any platform. I know new is always the best but I am liking the new computer.
  10. He sent me PMs for days.... basically calling me out from the other side of the continent. I think he may have banned me from his page but I don't think I miss him.
  11. I had the "pleasure" of picking my bike bro up from the ER after coming off his bike one evening. He said he was doing 50 kmh (30 mph) I say he is full of sh!t... I will never forget the sight of his knees. He wore Jeans all the time an bugged me about my ATGATT full out riding gear. Your Levis' do not protect you at all... maybe Levis' from 1940 were strong enough to protect you but not from 2020.
  12. The Queen is the one named on the lease of all the buildings I service! She also says I am an essential service and cannot stay home from work during a Pandemic.
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