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  1. He sent me PMs for days.... basically calling me out from the other side of the continent. I think he may have banned me from his page but I don't think I miss him.
  2. I had the "pleasure" of picking my bike bro up from the ER after coming off his bike one evening. He said he was doing 50 kmh (30 mph) I say he is full of sh!t... I will never forget the sight of his knees. He wore Jeans all the time an bugged me about my ATGATT full out riding gear. Your Levis' do not protect you at all... maybe Levis' from 1940 were strong enough to protect you but not from 2020.
  3. The Queen is the one named on the lease of all the buildings I service! She also says I am an essential service and cannot stay home from work during a Pandemic.
  4. Totally agree. The layout here is by far the best way to share information. I also follow a VStrom forum with pretty much this same layout and both are great.... the people here are best though. Like you said.... just trying to help others with the little I know after a dozen years playing with these bikes.
  5. .... about a guy name Sonny? I had been following a Facebook page about our bikes and it seems a fellow who "owns" the page has quite the hate on for VR.org and will not permit people on "his" page to refer others to this site. He seems to have a big issue with $12. I guess it just peaked my curiosity is all.
  6. From what I have seen on a Facebook page I follow it will be the brake switch on the hand lever is sticky. Some say you can use WD40 or similar on it. Some say they carry a spare... if they can locate one.... others also carry a spare battery for the FOB taped to the bike some place.
  7. I have a Motion Pro Carb Tune to sync my carbs. I have done this a few times in the past on the two Ventures I have owned. So I sync the unit to the right rear carb port, it comes with the 5 way Tee to do this as per instructions.... all good. I then hook all 4 tubes to the 4 intakes to set up carbs.... start the engine and the fluid is pulled up the top of the unit so as it is off the scale. With the fluid up and out there is no way to do the tune. I have the restriction orifices in the tubing although I have replaced the tubing with clear tube it is all as normal. So...... I drained the blue fluid...... ordered fresh..... the instructions said to put 26 drops per tube.... I put in 20. Any thoughts as to where I am going wrong?
  8. This is correct..... So can someone just confirm if my understanding is correct: a) The two Philips screws accessed from right side of the bike(one with long screwdriver) adjust balance single carbs front to rear. b) The one flat head screw accessed from left side of bike balance left bank to right bank. I just did my 02 last weekend. I know the las mechanic that tried to sync them after some work on the bike tried for two hours with just a two line manometer and never got it right... I battled the bike home and had them set up in about 10 minutes.
  9. Puc, I have never been able to make a maintenance day but had the pleasure of meeting you at a Venture West. I have never met anyone that makes better Lemonade. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Happy Birthday Puc.... slightly late... I am classed as an essential worker So I get out every day for a short ride.. either Moto or bicycle. My wife has been cooped up at home for nearly 6 weeks now. She now has one little one that comes for care as his parents are essential also. I cannot imagine what some of you have been going through on such tight lock-downs. I wish you guys all the best. Stay safe.
  11. Every thing is new and in the plastic wrap still. I hear you with reusing bolts, it kind of my trade thing, I work on high pressure steam equipment, never reuse bolts. Thank you for the input...... I may be back screaming for help if need be.
  12. Hi Earl, thanks for the reply. When you say to change the 6 bolts are you saying to upgrade the ones that come from Barnett to a better quality? I have had only minimal slippage on the clutch I think. I do not ride hard but I do a lot of Escort type riding, walking pace type stuff for cycling events mostly. I have a "kit" that I bought that has 6 new springs and 6 new bolts to install.
  13. I did a carb sync yesterday. One carb was way high on the sync-pro. It could have been the right rear as I found that plug loose when I changed the plugs over the weekend. I forgot how much fun that is on a second Gen. I need to do the rear gear oil next. Anyone know how much 80w goes in the rear pot? I am going to change brake fluid front and rear as well. I did the clutch fluid last year. I have a gasket on order to install my Barnett pressure plate I bought from someone here like two years ago and have never gotten around to it. This is the first time in 6 or 8 years I have de-plated my Venture so I am forced to ride something else and work on it. I am a 12 month a year rider. Stay safe out there.
  14. Hello all, I hope I find you all well and safe. I am not around as much as I should be but I am smart enough to keep my membership up to date. I am an Essential Worker so I still need to work most days but when I am doing nothing I turn to my motorcycles. This weekend it has been my 02 RSV. So I have changed plugs and done a sync on the carbs. Now it is clutch time. I have a Barnett pressure plate I bought from one of our members here that had one they were not using. I have a gasket on order from our local shop, I prefer to buy local and support them not online. My big questions are; will the bolts on the cover usually come off without breaking? Is it as simple as removing the old pressure plate 6 bolts and simply replacing with the new unit? I don't have to remove exhaust system to remove lower bolts? Is there an "orientation" the new plate must be installed in? I don't want to have surprises of all the plates need to be removed or fall out. Emotional support requested. Thank you all. Stay safe and stay well.
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