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  1. Lisa, myself and the babies got home about 5, safe and sound. Thanks Ron for setting this up, had a great time and would like to do it again next year. I've a few pics and will post when I get a minute. Great to see everyone and catch up. Thanks again
  2. Getting ready to head out. See ya this afternoon.
  3. Will be there Friday...not sure what time.....don't know if I'll be able to do the Hannigan tour or not.
  4. Sorry to hear that. You're in the same place we'll all be eventually. I'm just hoping that when I have time to ride as much as I'd like, (retirement) that I'll still be able to do it. Wife and I have been talking about a Can-Am....Might eventually pull the trigger on that.... Best wishes for a positive outcome for you and the wife. Hope to see ya at a rally sometime.
  5. Haven't been to a lot..maybe a half dozen, but I kinda like the WNY Rally...Lotsa good folks, campfire, band, and that uh...wonderful...hooch that Starfan brings from across the pond. Love Dons' MD, cause it's close and gives an opportunity for some wrenchin' and socializin'... I'll be retiring in 5 or 6 years and hope to be able to attend more frequently then.
  6. I thought YOU WERE the Hoodlum.....
  7. Booked a cottage for Lisa and I for Friday and Saturday night. Will probably trailer the bike..not sure yet. Lookin' forward.
  8. Not sure I understand the question....Could you re-phrase???
  9. You are crazy and you need to see your doctor.
  10. Finally had time to get it back together. I ended up cleaning the carbon off of everything, didn't see a need to grind / seat the valves...Put a new carb on and I did notice that the old carb (1 year old) had a tiny bit of corrosion (rust) on the spring that keeps the choke shut. The choke is simply a needle that pulls away from an orifice when the choke knob is pulled.. They call it an "enrichment valve". I think this all came down to that valve not closing properly. I adjusted the valves, and the exhaust valve was a few thousandths tight, but other than that I put it all back together and it seems to run pretty well, albeit throttle response seems just a tad slow, but not a problem. Further found a bent rod in one of the control arms. Straightened it as best I could (actually straightened out pretty good_) Looked like someone nailed a tree or rock with that wheel. Changed control arm bushings, ran it around the property for a bit, then put it away. Now lets get that old TT600 freshened up.
  11. Since we're braggin' on our tractors....My 1957 Ford 800 with a Sherman backhoe was one of the first ones built to be used specifically as a backhoe. It's a real POS. lol.... Smokes, vibrates, leaks oil, power steering fluid and air from the tires that are so bad they had to be banded. I have to go out there and sand the points to get it started, and the generator is shot so I run it off a 12v battery. It's missing the sheet metal so it looks like a mechanical monstrosity. I may have to post a pic. With all it's failings, it still beats diggin' by hand. I'll be looking to sell before much longer....any takers?....
  12. Very nice !!! I love building stuff like that too ! I got a similar hoist and built a lift that attaches to roof hatches to pull motors and compressors up on roofs. Works like a charm !
  13. Happy Birthday, Don. A great day for all of us to let you know just how much you're appreciated. Many HAPPY Returns
  14. Pulled the head off and found it really carboned up, but saw no evidence of damage, or anything leaking through the valves. I cleaned it up and really don't think there's an issue with the top end. Cylinder walls look good,...no scoring, no ridge at the top. SO...The 50 psi compression reading is within specs...(50 to 90) The carb was put on just last year. (Chinese), but I'm wondering about the carb....non adjustable, except for idle...but running rich wouldn't explain popping back through the carb. Maybe a bad ignition control module...weak coil???... dunno...SO For right around $100 I was able to order a top end gasket kit, another Chinese carburetor, an ignition coil with wire and plug, and an ignition module. This stuff is crazy cheap. If I clean up the carbon and throw all these parts at it, it's GOTTA run right.....right???
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