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  1. I think I'll keep this guys' info handy and have him pay a visit at the next Maintenance Day....Now....who to have the 'squatch throw the poo at.....
  2. Here's the article where I saw it was financial issues. https://www.npr.org/2019/05/25/726965544/rolling-to-a-halt-memorial-day-motorcycle-rally-ends-30-year-tradition
  3. Turns out you're right...it's not political, but financial. Still doesn't make sense though.
  4. You just never know when you may need a service like this. https://columbus.craigslist.org/for/d/columbus-sasquatch-impersonation/7316570963.html
  5. Looks like it's a financial issue? Then why do reports say the permit wasn't granted..? Seems like it should be an on-going tradition.
  6. Sounds like a great idea. Lisa and I would like to attend if you can work it out.
  7. I'm not diggin' it. I have a similar hauler that I use on my motorhome to haul a BMW 650 enduro bike, and it's not as easy as shown to load even that ??? 350 ??? pound bike up. Once it's loaded up, it does rock / rotate up and down quite a bit. I don't know that it's an issue, but it is annoying. I must also say that with the distance from the hitch, there's a lot of leverage there. I'm sure the weight is beyond the rated hitch capacity, and the distance / leverage amplifies the problem. I also wonder with the weight hanging 3' off the back of the bumper, how much it'd affect
  8. I always wanted a Python too....for probably 35 years now....Too pricey, and now that I don't shoot very much, I doubt I'll ever get one.
  9. For a handgun it'd be my SIG 226. Smooth, reliable and they just seem to go where ya want 'em to. For a rifle, I've always thought the old Winchester '94 (30-30) was the one all-purpose rifle I'd want to have around. I have one of the old ones that my Dad left to me and I was thinking I'd donate it to the tiny history center (and hot dog shop) that sits right next to the hardware store where dad originally bought it in '39, when he was 17. That old rifle's taken a lot of deer. I have another one that I bought when I was 17, but not nearly the same value...but I still love it
  10. The wife's been pushing me pretty hard to get a Spyder, but I'm not quite ready. Took the RSV out for a short ride the other day and was reminded of why and how much I love my Venture.
  11. My thoughts and prayers are with you....for that matter, they're with all you old timers...lol I'm right behind ya...lookin' at the big 60...yikes !!!
  12. Brings back memories. My last job as a Union Laborer was when they refaced the Lake Milton Dam....In the late 80s. Best thing I ever did was to turn away from the bigger money for the better future..
  13. Such a failure at highway speeds can be a really BAD thing. Been there, done that....I'm very pleased that you survived it, and that you were resourceful enough to get her going again. I'm sure you were shaken, but ya got right back up on that steed and rode it home. Nice going !!!
  14. If it happens, Lisa and I would like to attend.
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