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  1. LOVE my pillow top......Very cushie for my tushie.
  2. Yup, I get that. I think what Mcarl was referring to was the potential for battery acid to be blasted around the engine compartment when the gas ignited. That's what I meant when I said there wasn't enough acid left to get blasted out.
  3. Didn't see any evidence of any nastiness. I don't think there was enough juice left in the battery to get blown out.
  4. Tank was half full so I filled it the rest of the way with ethanol free gas...put a half a can of Seafoam in it. Went for a quick ride to get the Seafoam into the carbs then shut off the fuel valve to let the carbs run out the gas....when she started sputtering I shut her down. Put her into the climate controlled shed. (8 X 14 Pump shed has a dehumidifier in it and I keep it heated to 45 degrees)...Both my Ventures live there. Other bikes stay in the unheated garage / shed. Put the cover on her, and that should be it until Mid-Winter, when I'll put a charger on it for an hour or so.
  5. Yeah, but you can't leave an AGM battery on a tender.
  6. With this motorhome, and I think with most basic motorhomes, when I'm plugged in, the house batteries get charged but the engine battery does not. In my particular case, I have a 2 amp maintenance charger wired through a relay so that when I'm plugged in the engine charger is energized as well as the house inverter, which charges the house batteries. I set that up 9 years ago and it's worked pretty good up till now, and like I said in the original post, I can't complain about a battery that worked well for that long without ever putting water / acid in it. I'll just make a point of it to check the acid level every year, like I do with the house batteries. Engine battery is in a bad spot.....no easy access....but I'll git-er-dun. Having said all that....I'll check the house inverter output to the house batteries.....Thanks for the info.
  7. Went to winterize the mothorhome today. Drain the water, blow out the lines, put it up on it's jacks and cover it. Put 4 cans of Seafoam in it and figured I'd run the engine as well as the generator for a bit to let the Seafoam get through the system(s), Turned the key and it just clicked. First time I've had an issue with the battery. Oh well....battery was put in in 2012 so I can't complain. Figured I'd put it on the charger to get enough power to start and run the leveling jacks. Went to put the charger on and wtf?.....Top of the battery had blown out. For some reason I thought it was an AGM battery and never checked the water/acid level like I do for the house batteries. Engine battery is kind of hard to get to: Hence the "out of sight out of mind" title. Got a new battery and went ahead with everything but putting the cover on...getting late... Thought y'all might enjoy the pic.
  8. Been waiting for the release cylinder from Partzilla. Looked over the order info and saw that it says "Backordered, no eta" So I sent 'em an e-mail asking for some sort of an idea of when we may get it. If they can't send it soon, I'll cancel and order from Bike Bandit, who claims it'll be shipped in 1 - 2 business weeks. I'm guessing this is just because the Cavalcade is a relatively rare bike..... Anyhoo, ...either way it's gonna be a wait.
  9. I carry a spare pump as well, but haven't had any issues yet. Without looking at it, are there any special tools needed for a roadside replacement?
  10. So very sad. What a great loss to this forum. Life goes on, and I'm thankful for all of you who remain.
  11. I don't believe they're intended as a therapeutic so much as a preventative.
  12. Never got poison ivy as a kid. Dad always said he didn't get it until his mid 30s and it turned out to be the same for me. If I look at it too close I'd get it. Once you start getting it, you learn to spot it pretty quick. Then I found out about poison ivy pills, and since I used to have plenty of it around the property, I figured "what the heck". I'm here to tell ya....They Work. I take them April to October every year, and I've even put it to the test by ripping out poison ivy vines bare handed....(It was a gutsy move)....But, even doing that, I get what looks like a few mosquito bites and it goes away in a few days. Get / take the pills....get some poison ivy wash and use it when you think you've been exposed, and it'll never be a problem for you again.
  13. What a great childhood I was fortunate enough to have. Lived in the suburbs of Y-town, Public swimming pool, playground and a class B ballpark across the street. My first job, at age 7 was chasing the foul balls that went backwards over the bleachers for $1.00 a night....That paid for entrance to the pool and gas in my mini-bike....30 acres of woods 2 blocks away that we'd all play in...friend and I would ride the mini-bikes there.... After school, and all Summer, parents wouldn't see us except for meals. Great group of friends that I'm still close to today. Went riding up to the cabin with a few of them a couple of weeks back. You just can't replace old friends. I can remember standing at their screen door and calling out their name to come out and play. Did some informal baseball, football and basketball at the park, but was more interested in the woods and what dad was doing in the garage. Parents took us to the cabin (Same place we just rode to,....same place...new cabin that my brother and I built with Dad in the early 90s)...went at least 3 times every Summer......and yes....I still drink from the stream behind the cabin..... Thanks for helping me reminisce. Good times.
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