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  1. Sent 'em a few bucks. Not worried about getting credit for yearly dues.
  2. Once had a chainsaw apart 3 times to figure why the chain was stuck.....Finally figgered the chain brake was on...DUH !!!
  3. I believe the Beemer with the sidecar was German....BMW....used in North Africa. The scooter was American, and since it was paired with a dummy used as a distraction to the Germans, I'd guess that the scooter was used in Europe, particularly during the invasion at Normandy.
  4. This morning had a gorgeous dawn, then lost most of the color when the sun finally broke through. The pics don't nearly do justice to seeing it in person, but here's some pics of what i saw while drinking my morning coffee, as well as a few pics from the military aviation museum. A bike with a sidecar and a scooter that can be parachuted in in a tube and quickly set up. Just a tiny bit of the cool stuff there.
  5. Today's sunrise was of a different flavor. BTW: HIGHLY recommend the Military Aviation Museum here, just south of VA Beach. Some really cool stuff....
  6. Took a long weekend and Lisa and I went to VA Beach. I thought the sunrise this morning was too beautiful NOT to share.
  7. Nice job.....I've thought about giving it up, but I've had the same Molly Hatchet tape in it for 8 or 10 years now.....Still love remembering that it's in there and playing "Dreams I'll never see"....Great song.
  8. Secondhand store in Emporium, PA. Not a decent socket in this whole mess.
  9. Weird how that works. Whenever I see a bunch of sockets at a flea market or such...I sit there and go through it trying to find (quality) 10mm sockets. Must go to that same dimension where all the missing socks go. I'm missing some 12mm as well.
  10. It's all smoke & mirrors. Electric vehicles are the way of the future, but we're not nearly there yet. When you look at the carbon footprint of these vehicles you need to look at the "Total" footprint, ...which is to say what it takes to mine and process the materials needed...the carbon output of the vehicle during it's lifetime....and what happens to these materials when the vehicle is scrapped. If you take into account the "Total" carbon footprint; electric vehicles fall way behind ICE vehicles. They don't tell ya that... Yup, they're the future, but not OUR future...maybe our kids or grand-kids, but not us. The bigger picture they're looking at is CONTROL of the population. They'd like to push us into living in urban centers, on top of one another, relying on public transportation. There's true evil at work in this world, and the push for "carbon free" transportation is one small facet of it.
  11. Good lookin' scoot. Looks a lot like your VR....Another good lookin' scoot. Sinner or not....ya know we love ya.
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