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  1. I don’t have pics with me but I gutted the cassette deck and used a parts store set that fit inside the deck case. It has a lighter plug and two USB ports. I kept the door operational so I can close it to look factory.
  2. I opted to use a Bluetooth 12v receiver. It’s inside the fairing and comes on with the key. It plugged into the aux plug in there. I took out the tape deck and put charge ports there. I use iPhone so I’d need adapters to be able to charge and use aux plug at the same time. Several options out there.
  3. No chain there. First thing I would look at is the bottom bolt has a crush washer on it to seal. If he had that cover off and didn’t put that washer on you’ll get a leak there.
  4. I’ve never had to go into this but here is my favorite trick to remove a stuck bolt. If there is enough access I slip a nut over the bolt and mig weld it on, then a ratchet and socket will usually back it out easily. The big trick here is I try to pull it out hot, don’t put much torque on it hot or as said it’ll twist. Most of the time with the heat of the weld they’ll back out without much torque at all.
  5. Bought mine with a shorty, hated it. The buffeting was terrible at highway speeds. It’d be ok I guess around home but we travel on it. Bagger shield makes a two piece you can remove the top half when you want.
  6. Key hasn’t been pulled out of that bike in years. It also hasn’t had a battery last couple years so good luck.
  7. I hate to admit it but I hot wired mine. It now starts in gear without pulling clutch. Got my cruise working though.
  8. I keep telling everybody to install intercom mic/speakers in both rider and passenger helmets. The gear whine will no longer be the most irritating sounds you hear.
  9. Look close at the clutch switch housing. Mine on my 86 was cracked and let the switch move just enough the lever couldn’t engage it.
  10. Yes it should start stand up, in gear, clutch pulled. Switch is at end of lever, it should start in neutral regardless of clutch switch. Same with side stand.
  11. That’s one thing I wish I’d learned @skydoc_17, I had plans for the military in high school til I crushed two vertebrae in a car crash. After school I got into the sheet metal trade and then fighting fire. I have a well outfitted welding shop but no machining knowledge. I’ve always wanted to learn it but never had the time raising kids.
  12. Actually this bulb out performed the original bulb in the OEM light tremendously. For only $40 it greatly increased visibility, enough that the first time I had the wife along she asked what i did to it. Is it as good as an LED housing, maybe not but way better than what I had.
  13. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/motorcycle-high-beam-and-low-beam-headlight-bulb/motorcycle-h4-led-fanless-headlight-conversion-kit-with-compact-heat-sink-2000-lumens/3930/8566/?make=105&model=3743&scc_id=1940&year=2009 This is what I’m using, plug n play.
  14. https://www.wpsdlocal6.com/news/federal-judge-overturns-californias-ban-on-assault-weapons-and-likens-ar-15-to-swiss-army/article_3f9cf8e4-c63d-11eb-9a48-2f71b51e582d.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WPSD-TV&fbclid=IwAR1q_0TE3b4wVymickVgG7nb_i14jvnFFCUpMjXdPhiJSa0qDurd-Q0BcQU
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