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  1. Melt on contact he says. Worse than that though I fried the ECM Thursday about midnight 1/2 way to Indy. $1800 tow bill got me there after spending 7hours on the side of I65 freezing trying to get her going. The upside though I was hauling band equipment for our local high school, they won the national championship.
  2. Don’t say that!!! I’ll be driving a single screw day cab with a 45’ racing trailer, it doesn’t like the S*** word.
  3. I’ll be in Indianapolis this weekend, don’t look that good then.
  4. No such thing as end of season. We do have a two week down time we call deer season.
  5. The whining on my bike usually originates in the area of the back seat.
  6. Try riding straight thru a puddle and look at the tracks to see if it’s tracking straight. Tires? Pressure? Fork damage? Some of the things I’d check.
  7. I just turn it up. We have cheaper IMC headsets and while the speakers work the bike speakers are better. Maybe higher in headsets are better.
  8. Not a dumb question but yes it’s just the motor oil. Some pull that bolt during oil changes to get that out, there’s not much there so I personally don’t mess with it.
  9. For the top two I’d heavily protect the area and weld a nut on em and back it out with a socket. Just set a nut over the protruding bolt and mig weld inside the nut. The weld heat will release the loctite and they should easily back out. The big question is what caused this and why were they taking it apart.
  10. @djh3 is right, also look at your swingarm bearings. They can also cause a loose front feeling. Fork pressure equal? Or maybe a combination of two or more of those mentioned. My 07 front plants very well. Last thought are you running an OEM size front tire?
  11. I have one I built using Don’s instructions, I didn’t find a spring locally and decided to go with the adapter and jack route. I’ll dig it up before the rally here in May, somebody can leave here with it.
  12. The Buddy Rich cable only ties the helmet wired mic into the system to allow phone calls while riding. The audio out will allow gps voice to go over stereo. Audio in I assume will let you stream music if plugged into your phone.
  13. To use the mic in you’d need a mic splitter cable, I don’t know of anyone still building it. Audio out would plug in the aux input for the stereo. The splitter known around here as the Buddy Rich cable was only available from Buddy or Edsets.com as far as I know.
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