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  1. I won’t get to see it until Tuesday.
  2. @Deeridercheck out the Hannigan trike in trikes section I just posted. Less than 30k on it. I’ll have more info on it Tuesday.
  3. I talked to Gary’s wife today and she’s ready to part with his bike, here is a copy and paste of her ad. I’m going Tuesday to look it over for her and try to help her out. If anybody is interested I’ll try to check and answer any questions. The phone # listed is hers, you can contact me here. Hoping that all Gary McBee’s biker buddies will help me out on this . For sale 2008 Yamaha Star with hannigan trike kit. Model # XVZ13T 29,900 miles. Some of the extras on this are the heavy duty sideboards , hannigan fender protectors, chrome grill cover, tank bib. Cell phone holder and cust
  4. I’m pretty sure the manual said the same thing about Tweeks. 🏍🏍🏍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. I liked the idea of auto renewal, guess not. I just sent my $12. Thanks Don, I know this has got to be a pain.
  6. There was an ‘18 Venture posted here last year that a dealer clearance priced at $12k new. I called and talked to the dealership and nearly bought it but decided I like the water cooled V4 too much.
  7. https://www.venturerider.org/forum/topic/178-desiccant-canister/?tab=comments#comment-848 Go to home page and scroll down to the 1st gen read only section. Lots of great reading there to keep her going. If you don’t find it there post questions in the 1st gen tech and the gurus will be along shortly.
  8. I can tell you from experience that blaming anything on the wife will not end well. 🤣🤣🤣. Glad you’re ok.
  9. If I remember correctly intake clearance is .004-.006 and exhaust is .006-.008. Set them toward the higher limits as clearance shrinks with wear.
  10. Have you checked the SpeedoDRD? I have it on my 2nd gen but no experience on the SVTC.
  11. Talk to @skydoc_17 OEM discs are very good.
  12. Gotta watch him Phil, he’s sneaky, ya never know what kind of pics he’ll take. Hope they get the border open soon so we can all get together again.
  13. Welcome to the circus we call home. You may want to post this in the Watering Hole heading, more people will see and respond. They are great bikes, you won’t be sorry. Don’t ride it like a V Twin, these thing love to spin. Around 4000 rpms is where the power is and it’ll go all day up there, don’t be afraid to down shift. Scroll down to the read only tech section and you’ll find known issues to look for. You won’t find a better place to help you keep her in top shape than here. The $12 price will pay for itself not only in repairs or tips but in the fun we have. The guys and gals here are r
  14. I still had a GPS using the factory port when I installed the others.
  15. I hope all y’all are doing ok with the storms today and tomorrow. My daughter is in Huntsville and a niece in Tuscaloosa, both colleges are using storm shelters. Looks bad with lots of tornadoes down there.
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