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  1. I keep a box of these around from Harbor Freight
  2. Moral of this story: keep the tank full, ride it enough to keep the gas fresh, have tons of fun and miles of smiles. Setting around months at a time is the worst thing to do to these bikes. They’re built to ride not look at, that other brand of trailer queens takes care of that market.
  3. The 1st gen vs 2nd gen is a different animal, the LED I posted gives me twice the projection and visibility as the OEM bulbs. The wife even commented the first ride and she never notices anything.
  4. Here’s what I use, shows out of stock though https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/motorcycle-high-beam-and-low-beam-headlight-bulb/motorcycle-h4-led-fanless-headlight-conversion-kit-with-compact-heat-sink-2000-lumens/3930/8566/?make=105&model=3743&scc_id=1940&year=2009
  5. I bought IMC sets on Ebay for less than $100 a set. Happy with them and all needed cords are supplied to hook up to my 2nd gen.
  6. This where the political argument resides in me (no I’m not offended). My wife had Covid in January, normally any respiratory virus kicks her hard, knowing that her dr ordered the antibody plasma infusion and Hydroxichloroquine (spelling?) that Trump was ridiculed for endorsing and prescribed me Ivermectin (human tablet dosage). She came thru it better than the usual cold virus and I never got it despite no change in how we lived. Did the meds work, were we lucky, I’m guessing we’ll never know for sure but I was willing to take my chances with the future. Too many unknowns and I believe both sides are responsible for not being totally truthful with the facts.
  7. I’ve looked at a lot of numbers, the one that really sticks out to me is the 1.4% mortality rate. Most with other underlying conditions. And yes I have had some friends die from it, going to a funeral tomorrow. I have a big problem with government taking rights away, in history once that starts it seems to snowball. That being said I am vaccinated but won’t tell anyone else what to do.
  8. What???? You weren’t there?🤷‍♂️
  9. Congrats. Good looking ride,
  10. I think we’ve gotten spoiled around here not having to deal with the B.S. on those other sites.
  11. And if we don’t know it we can make it sound good with a few big words.
  12. I get that, however that’s the same argument people use to try to ban motorcycles, force helmet laws, seatbelts, alcohol, tobacco etc. etc. The city stopped short of mandating the shot but made life so hard at work if you didn’t that I finally caved and got it. As far as the $$$ I get the same feeling every time I see my tax dollars and med bills wasted for those that choose not to work and pay their own way. I finally came to the conclusion I’m gonna work, pay my bills, and live like I want while a 1/3 of my income disappears since I only get one shot at it.
  13. Not sure when the 1st gens changed but all 2nd gens are 4 brush.
  14. Be very careful those things can hurt you quick. As for the shortage we have a $3 million fire station that’s been waiting 3 weeks to open because of no door springs.
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