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  1. Just fill up when you get down to 3/4. It won’t feel as bad. 🤣🤣🤣
  2. I thought you were home when you posted FB yesterday. Glad everyone made it safely.
  3. We can do the Hannigan thing anytime if wanted and there are plenty of fish to catch. Come on down.
  4. Everyone has checked in by posting, text, or FB that they’re home. Sounds like Wiz n Tina got a little wet on the way. It was great to catch up, next year let’s make it bigger. @steamer can teach everyone how to forecast what those storm fronts are going to do when they get close by.
  5. It’s a wrap. Small turnout but had a great time. Dave Hannigan led the tour of the trike shop, did some riding, saw a little history of the area, lots of eating, and tons of visiting and laughing. It was pretty windy but good weather until rain Saturday evening when we just sat in the pavilion and talked. It was good to catch up some since it’s been two years. Thanks to all that attended and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. With retirement around the corner I’ll have time to plan next year a little bigger and maybe a few days longer if interest and attendance warrants it. I didn’t take pictures so hopefully y’all will share yours. Safe Travels home.
  6. We need some help, Joe n Bob are really worrying me. They left Robin and Debbie at the campsite.
  7. If it was uphill all the water would fall out of the lake.
  8. Snow??? Keep that stuff up north. It’ll be close to 90* here today.
  9. No pics yet but Steamer n Robin, NSA Joe n Debbie, Wiz n Tina, and Drews have made it in. Short ride for supper.
  10. Kenlake State Park has two entrances. You want to enter the East entrance, you can see the bridge from there. Go thru the stop sign and take the first left, dead ends at the Lake View Shelter. If you’re coming west on 80 it’ll be the first left after Ky Lake bridge. Going east on 80 turn right when you see the bridge. My # (270) 293-2845.
  11. Planning to leave Kenlake at 2:00 for Hannigans.
  12. Reservations made for a tour of Hannigan’s Motorsports Friday afternoon and supper on the way back to Kenlake. Lunch ride Saturday and supper at the Lodge.
  13. Mic Mutes were from Morph Industries. Unfortunately he’s out of business too.
  14. That’s correct. The only manufacturers I know of were Buddy himself and Edsets. Ed is out of business and I don’t think Buddy has built them for quite awhile. I’m using one I got from Ed before he closed down.
  15. Congrats on the find, great bikes. I’d start with fresh gas for sure. Be careful with a charger/booster, it can fry the TCI. Also WELCOME to the group. The 1st gen gurus will be around to help soon.
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