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  1. Looks like fancy word for a Slim Jim to me. 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Extra rise measurement I didn’t check, @WIZ might jump in with that knowledge he gave me the bars. I put a set of Baron’s 1 1/2 risers on too. I stuck with the original brake and clutch hoses but they’re pretty well maxed out without tension on em. Bought a set of RSTD cables on ebay and needed the extra 2” they give. The Kuryakyn pegs I found used and actually mounted them upside down. Rick Butler did my seats, while he had them I installed the risers and did the cassette mods. Now time to start on the Time Out trailer. New door seals, all new trim, vinyl wrap should arrive today. New tires and bearings already installed. (Refer to my “Moron of the day post”).
  3. It was time to do something different. OK I finally have some time for something different. In the last few weeks UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS went crazy, they’ve been throwing parts on my porch for some reason. 10” apes, Kuryakyn ISO grips, bosses, weights, and foot pegs, a little rework of the dash, Ciro cup holders, and today my missing seats showed up after touring Texas for a couple weeks. It feels like a whole new bike at a fraction of the cost.
  4. Look for a set of RSV trike taillights, he’s probably a few feet in front them.
  5. Hope y’all had a great time!!!! Was starting to think @cowpuc done grabbed you and took off on one of his disappearances.
  6. Been talking to my daughter about it. We moved her to Gainesville in June, first year of residency there. Her first ever hurricane, add to that a first time home owner, and she’s a bit overwhelmed. I was really thinking of heading down there tomorrow morning to help her but the forecast for her area is getting better. Dad isn’t liking it. ☹️☹️☹️
  7. The only problem with this group is the 💰💰💰. No not the $12. I started with a 1st gen to ride locally, joined the group and learned about the 2nd Gen. SO I went out and bought one, then came all the recommended mods. Throw in the touring that started, gas, hotels, more gas, yada yada yada. Then more mods. The good part is the friends we’ve made here that we would’ve never met, places we’ve seen, and more fun than I deserve. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well done Don.
  8. Great area to ride, had a good time in Asheville last month. We’re planning a ride next week, waiting to see what the weather looks like before we pick a direction. Wanted to go to Alabama and Florida to see the kids but Ian may mess that up.
  9. Good to hear. Where’s the next get together near the border? On that note where’s Carl been? Ain’t seen anything from him lately.
  10. Correct bearings installed. New set of 1” bearings hanging on the wall, only thing I own with those is the clamshell I’m gonna sell. New tires tomorrow. Seats coming back from Rick Butler soon, then I get to test the trailer.
  11. Usually I’m on the highway if I’m drinking anything so the cruise is set. My old one was on the right also. I got so used to riding left handed when my shoulder was messed up I’m accustomed to it. I went a couple of years getting up to speed, setting cruise, right hand in my lap. It was the only way I could ride.
  12. Lowe’s or hardware stores have white plastic bolts and nuts. Not sure about black.
  13. I hope so. Vinyl wrapping it, new tires, new door shocks, AND bearings. Wanted one of these for a while. I have a clamshell but wanted a fiberglass rig.
  14. ME!!!!!! I ended up buying the Time Out trailer I asked about last week. Got it cheap so started the upgrades. First thing I do to a used trailer that’s been sitting is fresh bearings. Tore it down, bought bearing kits, cleaned everything, installed races, packed and dropped in bearings and seals. Slid the first hub on and THUNK. TIME Out used 1-1/16 spindles and bearings on a trailer rated for 500lb. I bought 1” kits on the assumption 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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