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  1. Don’t blame me. 🤣🤣🤣 I became a believer the first time I rode in the rain. Kandi even mentioned how much smoother the ride was on her first trip.
  2. I ended up ordering some on eBay.
  3. If the starter is spinning the starter relay is stuck or somehow getting power to close the relay. I’m my experience that relay has stuck open, but if the contacts arced and welded closed it could cause that.
  4. Received and installed my new seat from Partzilla. Went for a quick 5 mile run just to feel the fit. Clicked over from the trip meter to odometer in time to catch this. Yes, miles not those little bitty km’s.
  5. Does anyone have a set of 2nd Gen passenger grab bars they want to sell? I modified mine to install armrests that I’m not crazy about. I have a better rest design now but need unmolested bars. Rather pay someone here than eBay.
  6. I hope they help her as much as they do my wife. Stay tuned, I have a new passenger armrest design I’m working on. Hope to have the prototype operational in the next couple weeks.
  7. Best I can tell the seams aren’t coming apart but the black top layer of vinyl separated in a couple spots.
  8. I really didn’t know I was looking for a new one either. I had the Butler mod done last summer and it’s not working for me. I looked up new ones on a whim and ended up buying one. I’ll swap my Butler seat for an OEM spare sometime or keep it in case I ever sell the bike, it can go with it. I’ll keep the new one for the next Venture.
  9. I’ve seen used ones sell higher than $315. They show the older flat panel seats as unavailable so my understanding is this is the pillow top, I’ll find out when it gets here. . Pillions unavailable.
  10. In my best KY gobblety gook it’s both harder and softer. He removes some original foam, adds a layer of firmer foam and a top layer of memory foam. I’ve read tons of great reviews but it’s not for me. I took it off today to get good pictures, it does have more seam wear than I’d noticed, it is an 80,000 mile seat. To look at it you can’t see any difference after he’s done.
  11. I had my seat redone by Rick last summer, with my long legs and back issues it’s not working for me. I was thinking today of having it redone again back closer to original but thought if anyone wants it I’d swap for an original pillow top.
  12. Try eBay, Pinwall Cycles, or Mike Eykamp, you should be able to find one the right color if your bike hasn’t been repainted. That’s how I did a busted saddlebag.
  13. Morph closed down a few years ago, luckily I got a set of Mic-Mutes before that. Hoping they never fry.
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