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  1. One screw tab broken so it went in the dumpster.
  2. Hope y’all got your bellies as full as mine and spending time with the family. Setting here stuffed full and rooting for the Cowboys.
  3. Windshield trashed. All bolts went in my bolt bins for my use later. OEM lighting. I do have a Clearview medium height vented with light gray tint shield. I bought it new and used it one afternoon and decided I wanted a taller one. I installed a large and put the medium back in the box.
  4. To quote @skydoc_17: “Those are rare as chicken lips”. I’ve only ever seen a couple sets.
  5. Trunk with original Star rack $300 Inner fairing/ speaker grillls $100 Front Fender with chrome $100 Air shock not for sale
  6. Any place that sells hitch balls should have them. The lower the capacity the smaller the bolt.
  7. Make sure you use quality kits. The cheap imported kits on Amazon or EBay are known to fail.
  8. Yeah, what he said. I also use some of Steve’s wiring. Plug n play quality stuff.
  9. They’re straight, just not as pretty as they should be. They’re yours for shipping cost if you want em.
  10. They are OEM. There is some rust on the bottom chrome but not visible on the bike. I’ll get some pics and a quote from UPS for shipping cost.
  11. Carb cleaning/rebuild with new float needles and seats, change the oil. @eusa1offers a carb swap rebuild program also.
  12. Check your oil before starting. If oil level is rising or smells like gas do not start. Sounds like a carb float is sticking, if so it’ll hydrolock the cylinders which is the best way to break a connecting rod.
  13. I’ve checked it best I can, I don’t see any damage. Yours for shipping price.
  14. Engine guards are rust pitted. The left lower is good but the right is broken where the two meet. Broke just like mine did when I hit a ground hog🤬🤬🤬.
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