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  1. I have seen some of your crashes.
  2. Thank you sir for your hard work.
  3. I tried to call him a while back and his number was disconnected glad to hear he is doing well. I think Asheville 16 was the last time I saw him.
  4. Every once in awhile I stay up that late, but us old folks can't always keep up with those young whipper snappers.
  5. Sounds very familiar, glad no permenant damage was done. My wife put a sign on the door to the garage that says "Beware of Flying Tools" if that tells you anything.
  6. Thoughts and prayers for the family and friends.
  7. etcswjoe

    Vogel 2021

    Northeast Georgia, https://gastateparks.org/Vogel
  8. etcswjoe

    Vogel 2021

    I am good with 84, maybe the squirell will come after you
  9. I don't understand. Why did he not go? :think:
  10. Looks like it must have offended someone Youtube pulled it.
  11. Glad it was just a close call and you two are ok. The hunters run them with dogs around here and usally straight into the road followed by the dogs.
  12. Stephen, hope have been able to find a solution. Can you just switch out the boom or the mic element? I did notice your location and although it is a year off I thought I would let you know we have a ride every other year at Vogel State Park just north of you every other year and the next one will be 11-15 August 2021 if you might be interested. Here is the link to the current discussion about it https://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?146872-Vogel-2021
  13. etcswjoe

    Vogel 2021

    Here is a thread from last time, it may give you an idea of what goes on. https://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?142474-Vogel-IX-another-good-one&highlight=vogel
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