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  1. Just got my new tires in, now I have a reason to go ahead and get them changed.
  2. One of those tidbits of information that stuck in my head, I can remember that but can't remember where I set my keys down.
  3. Inflation has hit everywhere A 5 Tetri coin might work as well but I don't know the exchange rate.
  4. You can put a dime between it and the cover as a temp fix.
  5. I tried one out and think it would be a great commuter bike, was amazed by the torque.
  6. I noticed a little bit of negative at highway speeds as well, other than that it did seem a little lighter at low speeds but not enough for me to stick with it.
  7. Saddle bag lights won't work either, guess the same ones would work on the fenders.
  8. Well, if that's the case the LED bar between the helmet locks works well and the trunk wing if you can find one. I also put accent lights on the saddle bags, will have to look up the parts its been a minute.
  9. Here is how I fixed my lighting issue.
  10. I bought one of those sets, here is a current pic.
  11. Hope you two enjoy the new ride.
  12. Awhile back I had thought of taking a ride and just visiting folks from VR that I had not seen in awhile, think I will look into that again.
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