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  1. Nice ride but I don't know, you have to watch out for those Wing riders.
  2. Well, you know who the smart one is.
  3. You know there is a chance you could be right. Asheville 2022T.pdf
  4. You know if I had read the whole thread I would have known that. I made a couple of notes on the map for reference. Asheville 2022T.pdf
  5. They have not updated their map on the website yet, it stills shows G, are the numbers the same?
  6. Short video of our ride to Bald River Falls.
  7. Ron, Katrina, Shirley, Mike, Ron, Tina, Joe, Bobbi, Adrian, Amy, Charlene, Lewis, Ron, Marty, David, Skid on the ground.
  8. etcswjoe

    Vogel 2021

    Now why did you have to say that?
  9. etcswjoe

    Vogel 2021

    Will do, thanks for looking. We are all packed up and ready to go.
  10. We were ready for Myrtle Beach this year and someone did not tell us he was there.
  11. Check your steering head tightness.
  12. etcswjoe

    Vogel 2021

    That is a relief I am scared of the dark and squirrels
  13. So now you are ready for a few days in the Beautiful Georgia Mountains?
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