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  1. But what campground?
  2. I still need to make my reservations, where am I staying?
  3. Damn Don, you need to knock that stuff off and get better, appreciate all that you have done with Venture Rider. I think Facebook has killed forums but I feel much more comfortable here than Facebook.
  4. Yes, It is not too hard, just be careful with the chrome strip. Also if you have driving lights you may need to loosen them up before you take the fairing off. A couple of threads on removing the front fairing.
  5. Disconnect the power from the radio and with the fuse removed check for a short to ground.
  6. I have had to do this with the connectors on both of my Ventures and I have also had the fuse issue once.
  7. I switched to a 2012 GL1800 from the 99 RSV on doctor's advice, after I was diagnosed diabetic he said I needed to cut down on the "carbs".
  8. Prayers for all of those impacted.
  9. and may your sides last till Saturday and your tummy aches be few.
  10. Give me a shout, when you get here especially when you are cooking the catfish
  11. Will keep them in our thoughts and prayers.
  12. Seems like that is the case with most of the roads I have ridden, I guess someone has to make a buck. If branding them helps keep them in better shape I am all for it.
  13. I saw a sticker at Deals Gap that had it listed as the Gambler, I was pretty sure I had rode it but the name threw me.
  14. Have we ridden "The Gambler" NC 209?
  15. Nice ride but I don't know, you have to watch out for those Wing riders.
  16. Well, you know who the smart one is.
  17. You know there is a chance you could be right. Asheville 2022T.pdf
  18. You know if I had read the whole thread I would have known that. I made a couple of notes on the map for reference. Asheville 2022T.pdf
  19. They have not updated their map on the website yet, it stills shows G, are the numbers the same?
  20. Short video of our ride to Bald River Falls.
  21. Ron, Katrina, Shirley, Mike, Ron, Tina, Joe, Bobbi, Adrian, Amy, Charlene, Lewis, Ron, Marty, David, Skid on the ground.
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