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  1. Thanks a lot. Let me know when and we can dodge the rain storms and meet for lunch....
  2. Hello Forum. I am looking for a Lift adapter for a 2nd Gen Venture. Thanks. Steve
  3. Hello Forum. I am looking for a clamp on 5 pin headset with speakers and cord. I know I am seeking a needle in a haystack, but I am trying my best to avoid bluetooth expences. Thanks. Steve
  4. I have it on my calender For May 2022.... Steve
  5. Steve S

    Vogel 2021

    Hello Forum. Sadly I will not be able to make Vogel this year. My GF and I are making a 10 - 12 day trip to Yellowstone starting July 22. Then my riding buddy and I are planning a 12 to 15 day trip up the East coast, from Western KY, around August 11th. I just couldn't Squeeze Vogel in this year... However, God willing and I'm alive, I will try Vogel 2022....
  6. Hello EasyRiders. The clutch on my RSV feels weak and I want to upgrade the clutch spring. I have seen several EBC springs for sale at a decent price. Do these springs do a good job on the RSV? If not, could you reccomend a better spring? Thank you. Steve
  7. The link to Clearview Shields is www.clearviewshields.com. The website is easy to follow and order from. I was called a couple of time to apogize about the delay and ask if I would be ok with the vent from a new manufacturer. I was assured it would have to meet their quality standards and evidently it did cause it works very well
  8. PastorCurt I believe the delay was about 6 weeks. Since it was for a RSV that is out of production they had to make it fresh. There was a little delay with the vent maker as well. However it was well worth the wait. My GF likes it too since it knocks a little wind off of her.
  9. Hello Forum. I purchased a new ClearView winshileld with vent for my ride a couple of months ago. It finally came in and I got around to putting it on this afternoon. To say it gives a much better view that the short one with the plastic chrome strip around the top is an understatement. I like a tall winshield with a vent for more protection from rain and this fits the bill. I did have one little scare while I was riding this evening. A buzzard flew up ahead of me so I hit the brakes pretty hard and got slowed down some. It was above my head and then suddenly dropped down right in front of the headlight. I was still doing about 35 when I hit it so it was a solid impact. Thankfully neither the fairing or the winshield were damaged so it was a good ride. Steve
  10. Hello Forum. I have lost a saddle bag rubber mounting pad and round metal spacer the bolt goes through. I would like to find a couple of sets of these to have a spare for my shallow moments. Thank you. Steve
  11. Thanks Saddlbum. I'll stay with the halogen bulbs until I can save my pennies and get a Grote light assembly. Steve
  12. Thank you. I will get one.
  13. Hello Forum. Has anyone replaced their H4 incandescent heldlight bulb with a LED headlight bulb? I want more light for night riding. Thanks.
  14. I found the plug has a ring around it that needs to be pushed on to release the "catch" on the plug. Please don't ask how I found it, it wasn't pretty... LOL
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