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  1. Thanks for the offer but I have picked up a couple of sets from another member. I'm sorry for not posting that on this posting.. Steve
  2. One thing to think of here. As LEDs produce the color you want you do not need a filter over them to produce a color. I like clear covers over LED turn signals and they provide much more illumination than incandescant bulbs. Steve
  3. Thanks Freebird. I like the hitch he sold for the Venture.
  4. Hello Forum. Is R-Mark Venture company still in business? I would like ot have one of his hitch receivers and a light bar but his contact information does not respond. Thank you. Steve
  5. Steve S

    Vogel 2021

    I am going to do my best to make it to Vogel this year. I still have the shirt from the last one I made.
  6. Hello Forum. I picked up my new to me 2010 Venture today and am going to need several items to get it like I want. I have seen some items I want on E-bay but would like to buy from fellow riders if I can. Here is a short list of items to start with. Running light bar. Chrome. Lift adapter with legs. Stock mufflers. (Mine have had the baffles removed) There will be other wants soon too. Thank you for your help
  7. Hello Dj. Are these complets headsets with helmet speakers and microphone? If so I would like to have them. Steve
  8. I had one when I had my old Venture and loved it. I gave it to a friend that had a Venture and he has since passed away. I am going to contact his wife and see if she Venture and equipment. If she has I will keep searching for one. They are worth their weight in gold. Steve
  9. Make the plans and God willing, I will show up. I am so looking forward to getting back in the groove of riding and socializing with other riders.
  10. If luvmy40 hasn't bought it please let me know. Thank you. Steve
  11. Hello Venture Riders. I am Steve Stewart and was a Venture Rider until april of 2011 when I had a wreck that totaled my 04 Venture. After I recovered from the accident I did not get back into riding. It was my second accident that involved head injuries and I decided I didn't want to run the risk of another. Also I have 2 sisters that are RNs and they stated if I ever got on another motorcycle they would strip the meat off my bones with tweezers before they boiled them. So for the last 10 years I have suffered life without a motocycle. Several things have changed in my life and I
  12. Hello everyone. Due to a major accident in April of 2011 I can no longer ride. I am very thankful that I am pretty much back to normal, which is being generous for me, but riding a motorcycle is out of the question for me. It has taken me this long to get to the point that I can even tell my story. It sure stinks, but it is life. While trying to slow down for a curve I got off the road. The ground was soft and the bike stopped, but i didn't. I went off the front of the bike and dug a trench in the ground with my brand new Arai helmet. I firmly believe it was that helmet that prevented so
  13. I used a 30 amp LIGHT (continuous duty) relay. This is heavier than you really need, but the price is the same as a 20 amp. I believe in going with heavy amp circuits when possible. My auto parts store had a plug to put on the relay to make the wiring a little easier..
  14. When I first put mine on, I installed a relay and set them up to be on with the low beam only. Yesterday I installed LED passing lamps and rewired the circut so they will be on all the time. However I fear the LEDs will be brighter that the headlight.. LOL
  15. I have been out to the Black Hills 3 times now and the ONE location I never fail to stop and see is the Crazy Horse Monument. It is about 12-15 miles down the road from Mt. Rushmore, but it well worth the trip. Besides the monument itself, there is a museum that shows some of the work of the sculptor ( I won't even try to spell his name). The visit to the museum and the 20 minute video in the theatre is worth the trip out there. And of course, the ride through the Black Hills is TOTALLY AWESOME... And if you have a National Park pass, a ride through the Badlands will only take you a couple
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