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  1. I use mostly the orange cleaner, but I will go through a bar of Lava in a year.
  2. My riding buddy and I are going to Daytona this year. It's been 11 years since either one of us have been and are looking forward to it. We have ridden down several times and tent camped a few times. This year we are trailering down and staying in my RV. I've learned the 12 hour ride isn't much fun anymore so I bought a RV so I can travel more comfortably and still enjoy riding when I get there. Steve
  3. Reiny I am going to look into making one, but from the pictures I have seen, it will require a lathe and I no longer have one available to me. I hate it when my friends retire and I no longer have access to their fancy expensive tools...
  4. THANK YOU BMW!!! If I could see one I would try to fabricate one for myself. My memory is so bad I can't even remember what it looks like.
  5. Hello Forum. I am looking for an attachment that moves the Yamaha Light Bar out from the fairing. It's tough having to drop the light bar to remove the fairing. Thanks. Steve
  6. Thanks Freebird. Praying your treatment goes well when it happens. Steve
  7. Hello Venture Fans. I put a set of Yamaha Passing lamps on my bike today. I took the fairing off to wire them up and when I tried to put the fairing back on of course it wouldn't go on. I unbolted the passing lamp bar and reinstalled the fairing then the light bar. This got me to thinking (Scary I know) that my old Venture had an attachment to bolt the light bar to in order to remove the fairing. Am I correct on this or is my brain still scrambled from the last wreck in 11??? I would appreciate any input you might have. Steve
  8. Merry Christmas from Kentucky. My Christmas present is riding weather Christmas day.
  9. Hello Forum. Has anyone tried a 7 inch LED Headlight that I see offered on EBay? I would like to improve the lights on my Venture but don't want to waste my money on a whim. Thanks Steve
  10. I found enough slack in my cord to move mine from the left saddlebag to the trunk. It's much easier for me to access back there.
  11. Hello Forum. Looking for a tank bib with one or two pockets. PM me if you have one available. Thank you. Steve Stewart
  12. Thanks a lot. Let me know when and we can dodge the rain storms and meet for lunch....
  13. Hello Forum. I am looking for a Lift adapter for a 2nd Gen Venture. Thanks. Steve
  14. Hello Forum. I am looking for a clamp on 5 pin headset with speakers and cord. I know I am seeking a needle in a haystack, but I am trying my best to avoid bluetooth expences. Thanks. Steve
  15. I have it on my calender For May 2022.... Steve
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