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  1. We used to see big trucks on the Dragon years ago. Finally, the state of Tennessee stopped anything over 30 feet from going through there. I try to go during the week, so we don't have to deal with the weekend riders. I have ridden hundreds of miles of roads in Tennessee, North and South Carolina in the Smoky Mountains through my riding years. It is some of the most beautiful riding in the south. Steve.
  2. Hello Venture Riders. My bro in law and I went on a nice 1000-mile ride to Tenn and NC to ride the Dragon and several other roads down there. We Rode the Dragon 3 times, Cherohala Skyway, which was closed because a bridge was out, so we had to do it in sections, Over the mountain from Cherokee to Pidgeon Forge and the Foothills Parkway and through the Dragon to Robbinsville. I have done this several times through my riding years, but it was Jeff's first time on a motorcycle, a 2006 RSV of course, and he loved every mile of it. It will be next spring before we both can get back down there, but we are looking forward to another wonderful adventure. Oh, he refused to drag the floorboards on the Dragon even though I showed him how several times. 😁 Steve.
  3. Hello Venture friends. Since I sold the Trike, the wife and I have decided to thin the inventory a little more. I have posted a Time Out Camper for sale in the forum if anyone is interested in a nice camper. It's in very good condition, but our age and my back problems are preventing us from using it. For trips that are more than a day, we will stay in a hotel where they make the beds when we leave. Steve
  4. Hello Venture Friends. I have a Time Out Camper, 16 cu ft. pull behind camper for sale. It's in very good condition with new tires, spare, canvas recently coated, new Serta queen self inflating mattress. New plywood in foyer and beds. swivel hitch, steep, outside table stand. air conditioner stand, no AC unit. Large storage bag to strap to top of camper for camping gear and clothes. It very sturdy, but light enough for one person to move around. Price $2,850
  5. The biggest thing it is a Trike.. I like the lean of a motorcycle. Everything else about it I liked. I do wish Yamaha had put fuel injection on their engines, but that is something I live with.
  6. I bit the bullet and sold my 07 RSV trike yesterday. I bought it last fall and after a trip out west this spring, my wife and I realized it wasn't for us. We only rode it twice since early spring and it was just wasting away. We are going to keep our 2010 RSV for riding locally, but decided due to our age, we will take long trips in our convertible. Steve
  7. Freebird I am so thankful you founded this wonderful site that I have been a part of and used so well for many years. I am thankful you have decided to keep it going on and staying with us as a fellow rider. I will pray for your health and pray you are able to receive excellent treatment that will secure your vision. Steve
  8. Thank you for keeping this keeping this Forum going Freebird.
  9. Yes we do. And maybe others will take the time to ride down and have a meal with us. I've gotten to the point that it has to be no hotter than the mid 80s to enjoy a meal ride now. 😁
  10. Hello Forum friends, My wife and I had a nice 4 hour ride to have lunch. Thankfully the ride to lunch was only 45 minutes, but the ride home was much longer since it was a nice, pleasant day after so much heat. It's been a month since I have ridden because of some back issues. I really don't know what happened, but if I twisted or moved wrong, I was on the floor in pain. Several back X-rays to show nothing was wrong with the fusions I have, and after some serious PT, I am back to doing mostly whatever I want. I say mostly cause the wife has other ideas. 😢 But I am riding again and hope to get the trike out soon.
  11. It was charged out of the bike for a couple of hours. I've checked it several times and still only shows BAD on my load tester. It has voltage, but no amperage.
  12. It barely lit the test light I was using. The battery wasn't just low, it was DEAD!!! Like it had a link inside that had opened up. I've charged it twice and it doesn't have any amperage in it. This is the 3rd Deca battery that has failed on this trike this year. I've had good luck with Decas in the past, so I am surprised at this.
  13. Thank you for that suggestion. I powered it up and the only draw it has is a low amperage draw on the engine line. It has a couple of extra accessories that are dead until the engine is running. I even started the engine and ran it up to a high RPM to make sure the regulator wasn't failing at high speeds.
  14. Folks I am having crazy battery problems and need some input. The crazy part is I have worked with rebuilding automotive alternators and generators, resolved wiring and electrical issues for years, with a bro-in-law that had an electric motor shop, and I can't wrap my head around the problem. I had a fairly new, Deca battery die on my 2007 RSV Trike this spring, replaced it, with another Deca and the new one died after a few weeks of riding. Checked the voltage and found it was charging at 18 volts. Ordered and installed new voltage regulator, installed new Deca battery, and it was charging at 14.2 volts. After installing the battery, I rode it for a couple of hours and parked it for a couple of weeks. Now the new battery is dead too. I removed the battery, hooked up jumper cables to my lawnmower and checked the charging rate. 14.2 volts again at idle and very high idle range. Checked the battery with a battery tester and it is DEAD. Has 2 volts and goes to 0 when I hit the load button. I have seen alternators go bad from bad stators and I am wondering if I should change it out too even though the voltage is well within the acceptable range. Any ideas and input would be appreciated. Thanks. Steve.
  15. If I'm still kicking, I'll be there.
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