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  1. Thanks a lot. Let me know when and we can dodge the rain storms and meet for lunch....
  2. Hello Forum. I am looking for a Lift adapter for a 2nd Gen Venture. Thanks. Steve
  3. Hello Forum. I am looking for a clamp on 5 pin headset with speakers and cord. I know I am seeking a needle in a haystack, but I am trying my best to avoid bluetooth expences. Thanks. Steve
  4. I have it on my calender For May 2022.... Steve
  5. Steve S

    Vogel 2021

    Hello Forum. Sadly I will not be able to make Vogel this year. My GF and I are making a 10 - 12 day trip to Yellowstone starting July 22. Then my riding buddy and I are planning a 12 to 15 day trip up the East coast, from Western KY, around August 11th. I just couldn't Squeeze Vogel in this year... However, God willing and I'm alive, I will try Vogel 2022....
  6. Hello EasyRiders. The clutch on my RSV feels weak and I want to upgrade the clutch spring. I have seen several EBC springs for sale at a decent price. Do these springs do a good job on the RSV? If not, could you reccomend a better spring? Thank you. Steve
  7. The link to Clearview Shields is www.clearviewshields.com. The website is easy to follow and order from. I was called a couple of time to apogize about the delay and ask if I would be ok with the vent from a new manufacturer. I was assured it would have to meet their quality standards and evidently it did cause it works very well
  8. PastorCurt I believe the delay was about 6 weeks. Since it was for a RSV that is out of production they had to make it fresh. There was a little delay with the vent maker as well. However it was well worth the wait. My GF likes it too since it knocks a little wind off of her.
  9. Hello Forum. I purchased a new ClearView winshileld with vent for my ride a couple of months ago. It finally came in and I got around to putting it on this afternoon. To say it gives a much better view that the short one with the plastic chrome strip around the top is an understatement. I like a tall winshield with a vent for more protection from rain and this fits the bill. I did have one little scare while I was riding this evening. A buzzard flew up ahead of me so I hit the brakes pretty hard and got slowed down some. It was above my head and then suddenly dropped down right in front of the headlight. I was still doing about 35 when I hit it so it was a solid impact. Thankfully neither the fairing or the winshield were damaged so it was a good ride. Steve
  10. Hello Forum. I have lost a saddle bag rubber mounting pad and round metal spacer the bolt goes through. I would like to find a couple of sets of these to have a spare for my shallow moments. Thank you. Steve
  11. Thanks Saddlbum. I'll stay with the halogen bulbs until I can save my pennies and get a Grote light assembly. Steve
  12. Thank you. I will get one.
  13. Hello Forum. Has anyone replaced their H4 incandescent heldlight bulb with a LED headlight bulb? I want more light for night riding. Thanks.
  14. I found the plug has a ring around it that needs to be pushed on to release the "catch" on the plug. Please don't ask how I found it, it wasn't pretty... LOL
  15. Hello Forum. I am looking for a Passing lamp / turn signal light bar for a 2010 RSV. Thanks Steve
  16. I rode 165 miles after putting the stock mufflers on my RSV and the difference was huge. I am so glad I spent the money to make the bike quieter. I tend to ride a lot and want to be as comfortable as possible. Steve
  17. Axman I tried to get a video with sound from my bike but couldn't get my phone to record. I put new mufflers on and the new ones are much quieter. I like the sound of the other ones but I can't handle the louder noise. If you remove the baffles I doubt you would be disappointed with the results. Good luck. Steve
  18. Hello Forum. Does anyone have a Lift Adapter that has attachable legs? I purchased a Lift Adapter but it doesn't have legs and I can't remember how the legs attached. Would someone post some pictures of their Lift Adapter with the legs attached to it? If I had a picture I believe I can fabricate a set of legs for mine. Thank you very much.
  19. Welcome to the site. It's been a great site for me and has some great members on here. Good luck with your riding.
  20. I bought the RSV 10 days ago knowing it needed new tires before I could ride it. BUT I didn't relize it would be 12 days before I would have time to get on it. Since it had been 10 years since I had been on an RSV I wanted safety gear before I rode again. I have ridden other smaller bikes like my buddy's Road Star, but not often or far. I got the bike back from new tires on Wednesday, new helmet came in Thursday and new coat Friday. Saturday I checked the bike out real good, added a back rest, got geared up and hit the road slowly and carefully. To say it was a wonderful experience would be a vast understatement. I chose out of the way 2 lane roads for 95% of my riding, I needed fuel and food that took a 4 lane, and only had one close call with a truck that felt he need 90% of the road for his oversize tires and loud pipes. I put 135 miles on it in about 5 hours and stopped and visited with my BFF for a few minutes. She wanted to see the bike so she might feel better about me riding again. I love riding again and am looking forward to getting back in the groove so I can start taking trips out west. Thanks for listening to my rambling. Steve
  21. Axman I will do my best to make a viedo of it the next time I get to ride. I didn't think it was so bad until I did a 5 hour ride yesterday and realized I am too old that sit on that kind of noise.. Steve
  22. Hello Forum. I was in need of some parts for my "new to me" RSV and Squidley stepped in with several parts that I needed to get my new ride detailed like I want it. He is a good honest man that shipped parts to me to inspect before I sent a check, it's rubber by the way, to pay for them. We have a lot of good members on this Forum and I am thankful I am geting to know some of them again. Steve.
  23. Thanks for the offer but I have picked up a couple of sets from another member. I'm sorry for not posting that on this posting.. Steve
  24. One thing to think of here. As LEDs produce the color you want you do not need a filter over them to produce a color. I like clear covers over LED turn signals and they provide much more illumination than incandescant bulbs. Steve
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