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  1. Well, I finally bit the bullet and bought a trike. I was blessed to find a 07 in VERY good condition, and it has a Hannigan Kit on it. All it needs is a reverse and being ridden a whole lot.
  2. Hello Venture Riders. My riding buddy and I made a trip to the Smoky Mountains last week and had a wonderful time riding the mountain roads. Due to our older age, we were only able to put 1250 miles on the bikes. Thankfully we had some wonderful warm weather most of the week. A rainstorm blew in Thursday afternoon that caused the temperature to drop Thursday night for a very cool ride home Friday. We left N. Carolina in a misty 45 degree morning and made it to Kentucky that evening with it only 65. I'm hoping the weather will hold so the wife and I can make a trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway next week. I would like to get one more good trip in before the cold sets in. Steve
  3. I found one on Facebook Marketplace...
  4. I am talking with a fellow that has a 06 Venture he triked out with a Hannigan kit in 12. He had the front rake changed and said it handles wonderfully. I feel the price is right and the wife is very much for it. I will be keeping up with your progress Freebird to see how it is going with you. I have a question though. Has anyone ever put a car tire on the front of a trike? I like the idea of the high milage tire but am not sure if it is viable. Steve
  5. Hello Forum I am in the need of a Midnight Venture front fairing in good condition. Mine got some road rash on it and I feel it needs to be replaced so my Venture can be as beautiful as it once was. Thank you. Steve
  6. Hello Forum. I'm looking for light visors for headlight, passing lamps and turn signals. Thank you. Steve S.
  7. Thanks Freebird. I added up the extras i wanted and it went to more like $1600 plus installation. I have a good bike that now has 27,000 miles on it, but I am not attatched to it, so I will look for a used trike. Steve
  8. Hello VentureRiders. After our 7500-mile ride and dropping the bike 4 times due to being tires and not staying focused I am seriously considering a Trike. I have looked on Hannigan's site, they are only 50 miles from me, and can get what I want in a Trike for around $14,000 using my ride. I have thought about a Honda Trike to get an engine with fuel injection, but I really want to stay with the Venture. I have never ridden a Wing and I am not sure about the comfort of one. I was told by a man that had 2 Ventures that the center of gravity is much lower on a Wing and are much easier to balance and keep upright. He may know what he was talking about since he was 80 years old on a trip with 2 other men that were in their late 70s. I think a Wing test ride may be in order before I commit to the Trike. I would like to hear any thoughts or concerns anyone might have. Thanks Steve S
  9. Thanks. I'll wait for him to get home before I get too excited.
  10. Hello Ventureriders. Is Skydoc 17 still on the Forum and selling the clutch upgrades? I sent him a PM but haven't received a reply. Thanks Steve S
  11. Cowpuc we don't have any idea that that opening is. It is a beautiful sight though.
  12. Hello Venture Riders. Patricia and I are back home in Kentucky, after a 25 day, 7500-mile motorcycle trip. We went to 16 different states, a few of them several times, 2 Canadian Provinces, and several National Parks. We talked with numerous people that were simply amazing. After going up in the Space Needle in Seattle Washington, we rode down the Pacific Coast Hiway to San Fransisco. We rode across The Golden Gate Bridge and rode by Fisherman's Wharf in San Fransisco. We took the Oakland Bay Bridge on the way to Vacaville CA to visit Patricia's niece as a surprise. On this trip we saw many beautiful sights we never thought either one of us would ever experience. We went from sea level to over 12.000 feet in the mountains in Colorado. Rode through the Mojave Desert and went to both the North Rim and South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We experienced temperatures from low 50s to a high of 103. There were so many beautiful experiences we had and saw, it would take several pages and become so boring to the reader that they would run far away. The most important thing is we are home safe and never had a bad experience. Steve S IMG_1537.MOV
  13. Hello Forum. Now that the weather has finally cooled down and kids are back in school, the wife and I are heading out tomorrow morning from Western Kentucky to Washington State and the Pacific Coast Hiway. It has been my dream for years to ride the PCH from Seattle to north of LA Calif. The Good Lord willing and we make it to Seattle safely, I will finally get to do it. Any positive thoughts and prayers would be very welcome. I will check back in when we make it back home. Steve
  14. I was checking out my 2010 RSV in preparation for a long trip and noticed mine were BAD!!! The bike only has 19K miles on it, so I was surprised they were that bad. I've put 13K on it since I bought it in May of 21 so I will be sure to check them closer from now own. Steve
  15. I am need of a Passing Lamp relocation bar. My buddy needs one for his RSV. Thanks Steve Stewart
  16. I am in need of a Passing Lamp relocation bar for a Venture. If anyone can help me, please send me a PM. Thank you. Steve
  17. After measuring the Yamaha bag and the Kuryakin bag I decided there wasn't enough difference in the size of the bags so I will stick with the Yamaha bag and save the $115 for gas money. I'll let you know how the trip goes when we get on the road. Thanks Steve
  18. Hello T_Robert. I have had a problem with my bike's wheels being out of alignment and the bike pulled to the left pretty hard. I didn't realize what the problem was until my riding buddy told me my wheels were out of line. Right after I bought the bike in May of 21, I lowered the front end. Evidently, I didn't make sure the forks were aligned when I retightened the front forks and triple tree. It had been 10 years since I had ridden, and I didn't realize it was out of line. I thought it was my lack of riding skills and figure it would get better. Now I know why I only got 10,000 miles out of my front tire. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... To correct it I bolted a Condor Trailer chock to a 4X8 piece of plywood and put the front tire in it. I pulled a string from the chock beside the front tire to the rear tire. (I drove a nail in the plywood to align the string.) (Actually, I drove several in on each side to tie the string off.) I used a jack to lift the rear tire and pulled it over to the string. I then pulled a string from the other side of the bike and checked to alignment. Once I had the rear tire straight with the front tire, I removed the fairing so I could access the forks. I loosened the 2 screws on each fork, removed the handlebars to loosen the triple tree nut, put the handlebars back on the tree, without putting the nuts on the bolts, and moved them to center them with the tank. I pushed the handlebars both way off center until it looked perfectly centered to me and my buddy, First I tightened the fork screws on each side then the triple tree nut last. I had to do this twice because the first time I only pulled 1 string. When I rode it after the first adjustment, it still puled to the left. Evidently, I forgot the rear tire is wider and I realized I needed a string on both sides to insure I had the tires in alignment. This adjustment made riding two up much more relaxing. I hadn't ridden in 10 years, so I thought it was my old age and body that was making it hard to ride instead of it being badly out of alignment. I hope this helps. Steve
  19. Has anyone compared the size, or storage ability, of the Yamaha luggage bag to the Kuryakyn Momentum Trunk Tour Pack? I now use a Yamaha Tour Bag on my luggage rack, but my wife and I are planning a long trip in August and want the ability to carry all our clothing in one bag. The Kuryakyn bag looks larger, but advertising photos can be deceiving. Our plans are a 3 week trip and we know laundromats will require an occasional visit. Thanks for the help. Steve
  20. I finally got around to doing some maintenance on my ride today. My new Carb tune came in last week so I got brave and read Freebird's directions 3 times. After I got the engine good and warm I hooked the carb tune up and started hunting screws to turn. Do you folks realize how hard it is to turn my old head upside down to see the screws through my bifocals???? I finally got them all located and adjusted as best as I could. Thankfully the gauge showed the carbs were well in tune with each other. It is too hot in Western KY to suit up and go riding so Ill try to check it out tomorrow morning. Thanks Freebird for the very good information on synchronizing the carbs. Steve Stewart
  21. Hello Forum. I found one on E-bay. Thanks. Steve
  22. Hello Venture friends. I am looking for a Passing Lamp bar and lights for a Venture. If one is available please send a PM. Thank you. Steve
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