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  1. Rode to and from work last Monday. Temperature dipped down to 30 degrees and had to turn on the heat on the SVTC. My RSV will have to wait for warmer temps during the day. Still trying to find some downtime to work on the maintenance of my '07 RSV.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to All!
  3. Glad to hear you are back riding. To me, the Valkyrie truly has some unique styling during its time. Enjoy and be safe.
  4. Rest in Peace, Gill Fisher. Prayers...
  5. Nice ride. This week is warmer and I must take pics of my SVTC as well. (Wishing there is an Emoji for a SVTC)
  6. It looks like fun! I will remain a 100% spectator on this one.
  7. Hi Tony. My Prayers sent for your speedy recovery. Get lots of rest.
  8. Haven't really done any maintenance yet on my RSV since I got busy working on the truck and other things, but managed to ride the SVTC and RSV for the last 2 days. 43 degrees this morning and it called for a little bit of heat on the grips. Tomorrow is bonding time with the RSV.
  9. Haven't really done a lot on the bike. Rain finally stopped after 5 days of rain. Time to ride once again.
  10. Sometimes we take for granted...electricity, clean water and gas...etc. Several Floridians are still out of power and basic necessities of life and the search for available gas is at a premium. The struggle continues and clean up is underway. I pray for good weather down south.
  11. Glad to help. Please do not credit my membership.
  12. From what I've heard, Western Florida also did not do well since the hurricane came in and hit land during 'high tide'. South Carolina coast was fortunate since the storm arrived during 'low tide'. Rebuilding will take years.
  13. This beast is a slow mover. Up to 30 inches of rain in some area is insane.
  14. It is time now for my '07 for some TLC routine maintenance. Spark Plugs, Coolant, Oil and Filter, Fuel Filter, Gear Oil and Carb Synch (Air Filter: done). I plan to do some this weekend and hope to finish the same day. Our forecast is rain all weekend long...perfect time to work on the bike. BTW, I love taking pics.
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