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  1. Nice find and a Very Nice Ride! Enjoy...
  2. Prayers for your upcoming surgery and a lengthy recovery. Heal well.
  3. Buy it before it is gone.
  4. @saddlebum Nice product! Being LED and battery operated, it should last for a long time if needed in an emergency.
  5. I will also never leave my key on the ignition even if it broke down. If I need hazard lights, I will have to stay close to the bike until help arrives. On the other hand, I don't want the feature of being able to turn on your hazard lights even with the key in the ignition. I just don't want any random person turn on my hazard lights and leave it on.
  6. Gave my '07 RSV an oil change and also changed the gear oil then went for a ride with no destination whatsoever. Along the way, picked up a dozen sweet corn from a farmer and couldn't wait to get home to eat it. Ride Safe All.
  7. @Squidley I am sorry that your front tire is showing some deterioration, but as mentioned here...contact Shinko. That will be my first order of business and hopefully you can get a good answer from them. As for the brand, I am also running Shinko on my '07 with rear having about 12000 miles and the front has about 4K miles. Both tires are so far looking fairly good. Good Luck and keep posted.
  8. IMO, your mechanic should have at least mentioned to you what he did. The proper way is to replace the gasket and not just silicone it and have you wait for a good 2 weeks time. Glad you were able to figure it out. At least this way, you know it has been done right. Ride safe.
  9. Finally got it done this morning. It was a challenge trying to adjust the belt tension, but it was fun trying to learn the bike. I’ll try to stay away from nails and staples, etc. ride safe all.
  10. Prayers to your family. Stay the course and always stay strong no matter what. Family guidance is the key.
  11. Came back from vacation and was very glad to be back in the garage. SVTC needs attention. I finally got the tire off and now headed to the shop to have the new tire mounted.
  12. That is true. I was also a little surprised. The last tire I ordered had cardboard on both ends with plastic ties. This is a big improvement. Weather has been humid all day and thunderstorms in our area.
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