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  1. Is there any possibility for the site to handle 'Live Video' feeds?
  2. @Ken T. Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new to you bike.
  3. All good so far on pinched wires in the long run.
  4. Thank You for the heads up. I know mine is before the new software.
  5. So yesterday, I was so happy to finally ride my ‘07 to work. First time this year after just riding my SVTC due to cold cold temps in the morning. Anyway... I noticed my passing lamps were not working and I had to do something. I really thought it was the fuse, but it turned out to be just a loose contact somewhere between the switch and the fuse holder. I tried my best to secure it with a couple of zip ties and that did the trick. My ride today to work had my passing lamps lit all the way.
  6. I also have the rear spoiler installed on my ‘07 and I think the light emitted is descent for my taste. But with your upgrade lighting, it is for sure the best I’ve seen in. Well done.
  7. Happy Easter to All!
  8. Indeed. Spring is upon us and riding season has begun for most people, but it has not stopped on my end. Have fun riding and ride safe.
  9. Got another chance to ride today, but had to take the SVTC since morning commutes are still pretty chilly. Tomorrow, my '07 will be very happy to finally run for the month. Temperature highs in the 60s and it is looking good.
  10. It looked like everyone had a fun day working on their bike. Thanks for sharing your pics.
  11. I pray for safety to all that are in harms way of the storm. Tornado warnings are in effect right now.
  12. What do you guys mean, when you say "Hard Start'. Just curious.
  13. Last Friday, my wife and I received our first shot of Moderna. Thank God no adverse effects and just like anyone else, the site of injection remained sore for at least a day and a half. So far so good. Now we are waiting for an email for our 2nd shot in a few weeks time.
  14. @sleepy2 Glad you got the chance to ride already. I also was able to get my first ride in for the month of February and it was my only one. March weather is looking pretty good in my area, so this coming week is very promising. We might get temps in the upper 60s. Ride Safe.
  15. It is concerning to me for sure. I am scheduled to get my first shot this coming Friday and guess what....it is going to be a Moderna vaccine. I was told to keep some Tylenol nearby.
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