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  1. I had a somewhat similar experience 3 days ago 2 miles from our house. I didn’t realize until I arrived my destination. I was making a left turn and then all of a sudden I felt both my tires lost traction on the turn and I almost lost control. It felt like I run over a banana peel or debris or a road kill...but I swear I didn’t see anything on the road. I pulled over thinking I had some type of catastrophic tire failure. It turned out to be wet line paint that had just been sprayed by road crews. I narrowed it down to wet paint because both my tires had yellow paint after my ride. Gla
  2. How is that ‘@member name’ done when you reply?
  3. Yes. I am on my cellphone safari browser and it does look very nice compared to Tapatalk. I like it.
  4. I still can not install Tapatalk app on my iPhone, but Don stated he is working on this issue.
  5. N3FOL


    Yes sir. I now see your situation. With that said, do the full winterizing with the wheels off the ground. Winter is coming.
  6. Thank you for posting this page. I am truly 0.4 qts low. I'll add oil as soon as I get home.
  7. You are right. This is the first time I noticed this. The owner's manual on page 9-15 states 3.2 qts in the engine and 2 qts in the crankcase with no mention if the oil filter is replaced....there has to be 2.4 qts instead of just 2 qts. The engine is the same. I have the bike with me here at work and I will ad 0.4 qts of oil to the crankcase as soon as I get back home. I hope I didn't do any damage being 0.4 qts lower in the crankcase. Thank You very much for the heads up.
  8. N3FOL


    Honestly, you don't really have to do all that hard work just to winterize the RSV. Just what cowpuc said, simply start your bike once or twice a week during the winter months and you should be just fine. Having a full tank of gas is significant during the winter hibernation. If a nice warm day happens during the winter months, you'll be glad your bike is ready for a ride in short notice.
  9. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.
  10. I am super excited with the site, Don. I like it overall. I still have to get used to the new look and feel while I navigate around the site. Thank You for this beautiful venturerider site upgrade.
  11. As you know, these gators occur mostly during the summer months, but they can still be around during the colder months of the year. Keeping a safe distance and a safe speed is the key as you had mentioned. Our deer population is now on the move here in the MD/PA area. I ride all the time and now that we are in the Fall/Winter months, there will be a lot of night riding where I depend heavily on my headlights.
  12. I also have an '07 with over 60K miles and still adding miles to it...with your '07 with only 21K miles is considered very low mileage for a touring bike... Q1 Answer: no, it is not normal to have a whiff of gasoline anywhere around your bike. I have not noticed this on my bike while parked in the garage. As stated by a member, it could be a minor carb issue. Q2 Answer: the RSV should not really run very hot especially on hot summer days. Perhaps try to replace your coolant and if you can get to it, replace your thermostat. I personally have not replaced my thermostat, so I don't k
  13. Wow. Glad you were able to keep it upright. I too have a similar experience, but luckily I did not hit the 'road gator'. It was a nice early summer night last year and it was pretty dark already as I was approaching a slow moving 18 wheeler from the rear. I decided to pass and narrowly missed the road gator that I saw on my right. I only saw it once I was already right next to it. It for sure woke me up and I can honestly say that that was one of my scariest close calls along the interstate.
  14. That is truly a beautiful ride. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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