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  1. @Freebird When I saw the picture, I already had a big hunch the truck may be totalled...so glad to know Eileen is ok. Hope you get more or almost close to what you paid for from your insurance. I have a 21 OR and love it very much. The 22 Pros are very nice. Happy shopping for a new truck.
  2. Thanks for the heads up and thankfully I've never ordered from them.
  3. @Freebird Hi Don. Glad you were able to get a ride in. Same here, I've been riding a whole lot more these days switching between the RSV and SVTC and it has been great as well. Be safe out there.
  4. I am liking it.
  5. I also don't tune all the time. In fact is has been 3 years since the last one. Bike still runs great.
  6. @gorski Glad you are back on the RSV. On this end, I am so glad that I did not get rid of my '07. The decision made it easy for me to keep my RSV simply because of this site for all the knowledge I gained on how to maintain the bike. These bikes are truly very solid...(knock on wood) I've never had any issues of any kind. Ride safe!
  7. I am still here. Just too busy riding lately and working on routine maintenance on my '07 RSV. Pretty interesting what Don had posted about Star Touring. I still get a lot of emails from the Hanover, Pa. Star Touring group, so I am starting to wonder...how long will they last. Keep in touch. Ride safe.
  8. I haven't heard anything as well. The design is very new for Yamaha to completely stop production.
  9. I hope it is a temporary situation due to supply chain issues that affects the entire industry.
  10. @Yama Mama Hello there as well and to all. Be safe always and have a nice riding season.
  11. Really Sharp looking bike. Nice acquisition....Enjoy thousands of miles with her. Ride Safe,
  12. @DarthJ Down the road if you can find a bike that has been through a number of warranty work such as the 'brake switch' and 'starter', etc...it can save you time effort in taking the bike back for repairs. Have fun shopping and keep in touch.
  13. Spray some penetrating liquid on that bolt before you tackle the job. It may help a bit.
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