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  1. Prayer up for Earl. I'm all to familiar with his plight as I'm screened for this , it's a hereditary issue within our family.
  2. I run a 130 also and it is a great improvement over the 150. In combination with my Darkside rear tire I'm very happy with the handling.
  3. Thanks, I did get another cb and it didn't fix the err message. All thats left would be the controller. I'd try the one off my wife's trike if it weren't such a PIA to swap.
  4. Did the valve shims at 60k miles and found 1 exhaust valve only slightly tight. There was still lots of life left if I'd have left it alone.
  5. PM sent I'm at a campground for the next week and service is spotty so if if I don't get right back to you it not because I'm ignoring you. Thanks again, Jay
  6. Thanks, I'll turn one up somewhere.
  7. My CB was killed by my failed regulator that fed it 18 volts. I use my cb often on Patriot Guard escorts. If you have one laying around please let me know what you want for it. Thanks, Jay
  8. My preference is the 1st one. I LIKE being able to preview what the thread is about, it's quicker than having to open each thread as the header can sometimes not accurately reflect what it's about. 2nd is ok, 3rd button does nothing for me.
  9. Power plug, DIN cable and antenna is all that's in the box. I've come to the conclusion that my overcurrent event from the failed R/R fried the cb unit. Anyone have a cb unit to sell?
  10. I am using the forum on my cell phone now and this new forum software does scale better than V bulletin did. Tapatalk was just a convenient way to check all the forums I follow in one place. No problem for me to just keep coming here from my browser. Thanks for all you do Don.
  11. Also checked plugs under the pillion seat. At there any connections in the box other than the antenna plug?
  12. When I turn on the CB it shows the channel for a second or two then says "CBerr" then shuts off. I've split the fairing and checked/cleaned the plug connections, this did nothing to fix the error. This problem seem to be an after effect of my R/R failing a few months ago and putting 18v into the system. Any ideas on what my next step should be?
  13. In the past I've read the forums on tapatalk while on my mobile device and am not able to connect there since the forum update. Is VentureRider not accessible from tapatalk anymore?
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