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  1. Can't speak to the progressive springs. I know the Sonic straight rate springs have worked for me, I'm pleased with the upgrade.
  2. Thanks Mike, unfortunately there are none available.
  3. Vogel is 2 hours from my home. I looked at getting a site at VSP but it looks like the campsites are to small for our RV, is there another campground nearby that will accommodate rv's larger than 25 foot? If not i may just make the 100 mile ride on the mornings i want to join in the fun.
  4. With the ramp I have, it stores below the deck, with an arched ramp it would need to be stored on top of the the deck. Apple Pie... what do you think the storage box up front is for? Sorry, no Canadian deliveries! Justin has the border sealed !
  5. Here is my aluminum sled trailer that I have setup to haul both my 2 wheel RSV & my wifes Hannigan RSV at the same time. The trailer is 21 foot x 101 inches wide. Hauls both with room to spare. The only downside to this trailer is the deck height, I have to raise the nose of the trailer to reduce the breakover angle of the ramp or risk high centering the bikes when loading or unloading. I do this in a number of ways. 1) use the tongue jack. 2) run the rear wheels of the tow vehicle up on ramps. 3) back up to a raised section of ground to reduce the ramp angle.
  6. Sounds like fun. I'll give it an early yes. Been in the area before and wouldn't mind going back. Not to far from there this weekend, we're in Paris, TN helping B2Dad celebrate his 75th birthday this weekend.
  7. No Larry isn't making them any longer. I think he told me that he had misplaced the jigs he used to make them.
  8. Well, this is clearly as definitive as "which oil should I use" !
  9. Thats for butchering hogs, those tangs go in their ears, the smaller hooks in the nostrils. Hang em up for skinnin and butchering.
  10. Priority mail has no delivery guarantee, its only an estimated delivery time. If you want guaranteed overnight, 1 or 2 day delivery it needs to be sent "Express mail" at an increased cost. I was told this by a friend that works for USPS. I ordered so.e bike parts from a business in Georgia 120 miles from my house in South Carolina, it took 2 1/2 weeks for the USPS TO DELIVER!
  11. Looks like those will take you on some cool unexplored trails. How well do they climb the slopes on those sandy two tracks?
  12. I have had a front rubber valve stem fail while on the highway, it cracked around the circumference just above the rim. I was lucky in that it started leaking slow enough that i was able to slow down and get to the shoulder before a major deflation occurred. The bike started handling like I was riding on marbles or ice! I knew something wasn't right as soon as the handling changed. I will now only use steel one piece valve stems and check the compression nut often.
  13. So, what conclusion did they come to? That you are the boss?
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