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  1. Looks like those will take you on some cool unexplored trails. How well do they climb the slopes on those sandy two tracks?
  2. I have had a front rubber valve stem fail while on the highway, it cracked around the circumference just above the rim. I was lucky in that it started leaking slow enough that i was able to slow down and get to the shoulder before a major deflation occurred. The bike started handling like I was riding on marbles or ice! I knew something wasn't right as soon as the handling changed. I will now only use steel one piece valve stems and check the compression nut often.
  3. So, what conclusion did they come to? That you are the boss?
  4. Don't know what is taking so long ! Carbon One and I did both our bikes valves in about 6.5 hours and we didnt have a tanker of coffee. Probably just the difference between USA time and that metric Canadian time,,, yep, thats gotta be it!
  5. Since you are that far in, take voltage readings from all 3 legs of the stator (white wires). I don't recall the voltage of each leg , but you can find that info in the read only tech section.
  6. There has to be a medical exemption in the law somewhere. It's not like they can't get any prints. Have you checked with BATF about your situation, they may have info you are not aware of.
  7. Get with a lawyer and form a Trust. Move all the firearms into it, then have the trust purchase and register the suppression devices.
  8. Have a good time there. I'll be a little south of there in Arcadia , I'm gonna do my part and slay some wild hogs 🐗🐷🐖 in the Orange groves.
  9. Happy Birthday Boss, have a wonderful day.
  10. Or you can do as I did and install a set of Sonic straight rate springs and never have to put air in your forks again.
  11. Playing in the snow got as old as I did. Was fun when we had snowmobiles, sold them so we now have no use for snow.
  12. Y'all are making me jealous! We're having to suffer through a sunny 80°s for the next week. May have to take the rain gear for 1 or 2 days 😢
  13. I have some very tragic news. This popped up on my FB feed just now, Kevin M. Campbell (Prairie Hammer), passed away yesterday.. His knowledge of these bikes is legendary. He gave so freely of his time and expertise to help so many of us with our Venture issues. God Rest His Soul and may he rest in peace. If you would like to leave condolences that his family will see, please visit his facebook page: [https://www.facebook.com/Prairiehammer](https://www.facebook.com/groups/572977006222420/user/100001306650761/?__cft__[0]=AZWISubKfGCnzjj9Hf6tO87xz9Lp7Uh6UfbAo3j29eqrzo1rxSPKisMn
  14. Prayer up for Earl. I'm all to familiar with his plight as I'm screened for this , it's a hereditary issue within our family.
  15. I run a 130 also and it is a great improvement over the 150. In combination with my Darkside rear tire I'm very happy with the handling.
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