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  1. Thanks for information. I didn't know how much play was in wiring harness on left side.
  2. How does wiring harness come apart so as to remove air box to get at carburetor ?
  3. Thanks for information. I ordered 4 new plugs.
  4. Why are they leaking ? How do you pull them out to replace and where do you get replacement ?
  5. 2007 rsv. On right side of engine I noticed anti freeze on each cylinder pooling. I removed cylinder covers and found coolant leaking from plugs ? In each cylinder. Help !
  6. I rechecked my wiring ok. Checked for voltage at fuse. Nothing. I looked at books and manual and discovered there is another fuse box located on left side under cover by passenger floorboard. Looked on Venture site and found there is a 10 amp fuse marked backup that if it is bad audio won't work. Took apart sure enough fuse was bad. Replaced and cleaned fuse area up and put back together. Works as it should now. Put seats and backrest back on . Good advice from you about checking everything and troubleshooting saved the day. Good learning experience. Thanks to all.
  7. Put all wires together. Radio doesn't light up ? Checked audio fuse .ok is there another fuse?
  8. Thanks for all the information. I don't think I want to get involved in that. Maybe seat modification .
  9. Is this something easy to do or is there complications in other areas of handling ?
  10. Thanks for your opinion. I'm looking at all lowering information.
  11. Anyone with actual corbin seat to comment if it helped flat foot ride. I'm 5'7.
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