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  1. What about the back rest on the tour pack?
  2. Can you buy the backrest separate ?
  3. I installed a barons lowering kit and can now flat foot it with no problem. Have not rode it yet to see how it handles. Will follow up later.
  4. Thanks for the update
  5. I put the smaller tire on front and I will install lowering kit. Thanks for your suggestion.
  6. Thanks for pointing this out. My 2000 rsv mm rear shock has oil on bottom area.
  7. Wasn't there someone in the u.s that could repair the shock ?
  8. Do you have to anything else to bike after you install a rear lowering kit
  9. Do you have the backrest for the tour pack still ?
  10. Went for ride with wife on the back. Ok till I stopped. going up to stop sign, wife adjusted herself and over it went. Got it back up and went home. I also have a bad knee. Realized to ride two up would require some help. I put a voyager kit on it and we ride together again.
  11. I ended up putting a voyager kit on the 2007 rsv. It works very well for me and my wife
  12. Looks great. I can't afford a trike at this time, i had to go with a voyager kit. Maybe in the future. I hope you enjoy your new ride.
  13. Any one with a voyager trike kit installed on 2nd gen royal star venture
  14. Anyone have experience with installing , purchasing leg up system.
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