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  1. Made a sweet deal today...traded in the Wing on a 2009 RSV with 30k on it. Has a Mustang seat. Now I need to find a backrest for the seat. Should be ready by Monday.
  2. Some of you may have followed my effort to sell my Goldwing, after it sold I wondered what I would do to fill the void , well about a month ago I figured it out and went and bought this, just spent the whole day washing , clay baring and waxing it. Certainly gave me something to do and it is fun to drive. I am sticking around monitoring the forums, hoping I can still be of help from time to time.
  3. Good Afternoon Brothers and Sisters. Been a Serious Minute or 2.. I hope all of you have been doing well. Issues tied to the aneurysm had me sidelined for a long hot minute but things seem to be on the upswing these last few months with a great recovery and a decent outlook. Had to park the bike due to not being able to safely hold it up coming to a stop. Couldn't do much of anything , No work done on the cabin etc. Full Stop across the board. Its nice to be mobile again and Great to return here to bug yawl to death!! Gonna Browse the boards and try to catch up on the goings on over the next few days/weeks. Opened a small engine repair shop in an old fire House in the Center of Danforth about 12 miles from the house. Gives me something to do and I get paid to break stuff etc. So much for yarning. Yawl Have a really Great day and I be seeing ya!!! Ride Safe!! and God Bless ya!!
  4. Not to disrupt this thread with a shameless plug, but I can offer the Genuine Yamaha Slider Assy. (P/N 1FK-14940-09-00 ) for $125.00 USD each for the forum members if that would solve the issue of wondering if the sliders are from China or not! This is my cost on them, I normally charge $150.00 each here at the shop. There would also be a small shipping charge added to the cost. Hey Tom, Because those sliders were poorly glued back together, they are heavier than they should be and obviously misaligned due to the poor glue job which is evident by the scratch marks on the outside diameter of the slider. If you would really like to bump up the mileage, get my Needle Shim Kit I offer and install it while you are replacing the sliders. If I can help you with either of these parts, just let me know. I know this seems like a major investment in a bike that is over 30 years old, but believe me when I say that when these bikes have a properly functioning set of Carbs. they are a joy to ride. I would also like to add that we as men rarely spend money on ourselves! (At least I don't) BUT every now and then I truly believe that I am worth the money I spend that brings me pleasure. Even my wife agrees with me on this. So I ask you Tom, "Aren't you worth it buddy"? I think you are, and I am sure others here think you are as well. Look at it like an early Christmas present. Even if you decide to buy your sliders from another source, That's OK with me. Just don't cheat yourself out of the fun you will have if your bike is running properly, that's the point I am trying to make here. Earl
  5. “Peeing” analogy is not accurate by any metric. This one is accurate: Your shorts and trousers do not stop a fart from spreading at all. And yet a scent molecule is far far larger than a virus. Its like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence. Now THAT is real smart.
  6. Probably because both the CDC and WHO released documentation in May of 2020 stating healthy people should 'not' wear a mask. There are equal amounts of research on both sides of this and I personally know a microbiologist who was shut down and threatened that he would lose his grants if he did not fall in line. This guy was on the front line of AIDS when it first came out and helped develop some of the meds used today. I think he qualifies as an expert in this area of Science. Remember that SCIENCE it supposed to be objective. What the CDC, WHO and other government Bureaucracies are doing is not based on SCIENCE. It is based on fear and control with THEORIES that fit the agenda. OK leaders I'm ready for my time out.
  7. Finally found some time to post pics/ 852044980_Lewisphone282.mp4 Lewis phone 284.mp4
  8. I hade COVID19 back in Dec. 2019, confirmed with anitibodies test. This was long before anyone(except Anthony Fauci) had even heard of COVID19. I have been exposed to COVID19 several times since then and always tested negative for infection. I should be forced to take an inadequately tested, experimental"vaccine"(it's not a true vaccine), with the possibility of severe side effects, including death when I have more/better antibodies to the infection than the "vaccine" provides? Not in this lifetime.
  9. i spent many months going over the bike front to back Repair .....Forks , Steering head , brakes , Changing system (New Stator ), new tires 102 70 R18 on the front ,,,Removed faring , removed rear Trunk , removed 65 lbs ,, Installed a back rest at the rear ,,I moved all the relays to under the seat ,,, I repined the center shock by 1/2 ., to raise the rear wheel and lower the bike by 1 1/2 inches ...My feet are flat on the ground ..I have 5 inches clearance about the rear wheel and 5 inches of ground clearance at 15 PSI on the rear/center shock 20 psi will increase the ground clearance to 6 inches ,,,still lots to do , I need to find a better place for coolant recovery can ,, then repaint the bikecrease the ground to 6 inches .
  10. Rain finally let up here in Southern Arizona so have been riding the past few days! Lordy does it feel good to have the wind in my face! And... Southern Arizona is green again!!
  11. Many of us have had the desire to own a Corvette. But, I never got around to buying one. Back in my misspent youth in the 60's, I was plotting very hard to buy a 66 or 67 Corvette but it was not to be. This was in 68 and the abused looking 66 with a 396 big block was available used at the dealer for about $2200. The 67 was like new with low miles and the 350hp 327 engine, both 4 speeds of course. The 67 was priced at $3300. But when you are a PFC in the Army with a take home pay of $125/month they were out of reach even though I had my 65 Chevelle to trade in. It was just as well though because a few months later I got shipped to S. Korea. The Army years were not my happiest but it was an experience that I'm very glad to have had. The training I got, 40 weeks of school to learn my job to repair the radars and analog computer for the Nike Hercules Missile System and on site experience have been a great benefit to me the rest of my life, I matured a bunch, and got in much better shape.
  12. Been waffling on upgrading the 83 for couple years. Priced right, already had the upgraded seat for tall, fat boys (like me), exhaust really sounds nice. 2013 Honda Gold Wing F6B Deluxe Led lights, Pathfinder turn signals and running lights with integrated turn signals Kuryakan running lights ?, Cobra 6 into 6 exhaust installed with torque loops, Ultimate king seat. 24k miles, 1/2 worn tires. Great records, one owner, always dealer serviced.
  13. So I may sound a little harsh here but to me this is just another example of being selfish, he was more concerned about his personal rights then his responsibility to family. One of my pet peeves is when children pay the price for something they have no say in. Like the single anti-mask mother in Toronto last summer (vaccines weren't out then put I suspect she would have been anti- vaccine as well) who praised the guy that defied shut down orders and attended his fully opened to full capacity restaurant with her small child. She along with a high number of other customers got covid and she herself got so ill they had to put her on a ventilator. The child who had no say in the matter fortunately only had minor symptoms. After months in the hospital the women was lucky enough to pull through and barely survived. So, were would that child be if she had not? So based on the theory of the survival of the fittest, why then have any medical care at all? Like good livestock the fittest would continue to procreate improving the quality of the species and tough luck to those who can't cut it. In other words maybe as a society we should just decide on one path or the other we either try to survive by any means our combine intelligence is capable of coming up with or we just revert to 100% survival of the fittest. Yet I would be curious to know, how many among those who preach survival of the fittest, when sick, would allow nature to take its course and how many will run straight to the doctor or the hospital for help in hopes of getting well. There is obviously some truth to the fact that people with underlying issues have the lowest chance of survival. How ever that logic applies to almost any medical illness you can name but still these same people had they got sick by any other illness had a better chance of survival then with covid. As well there have been an unprecedented number of perfectly healthy individual that would normally have survived other illness that did not survive covid dispite not having any underlying issues at all, Maybe not many but more than what would have occurred with any other illness we currantly have to deal with. Government is never perfect but still IMHO the lessor of other options, many which lack the proper qualifications yet profess to be experts and in doing so even manage to develop a group of misinformed followers which can be dangerous in it own way. Then there are the qualified experts on both side of the fence that have different opinions so now you have to choose which one is right and which is wrong but to do that you would have to be better educated and more knowledgeable then they are. Then there are the conspiracy theory's at the end of the day conspiracy theory's are just that created mostly by chicken little,s and about as reliable as the predicting the end of the world. which by the way has come and and gone numerous times and if you notice none of those who ever predict the end ever admit they were totally wrong. It was some one miss-interpreted the original calendar wrong or interpreted the wrong calendar or its the scientists fault because they did not properly determine the actual number of days in a year. So at the end of the day right or wrong I will assume that for the most part we are still far better off wearing masks and getting vaccinated then not mainly because I have found that in the past most so called experts that go against the advice of the majority of experts and medical experts, at the end of the day more often than not have been proven to be wrong in their theories. That statement holds true were things are obvious and no debate exists. In other cases it can be applied to either side of any debate. So now we would have to decide which side is being fooled and which side is not which would probably create a whole new debate as to who is the fool and who is not in the eyes of the oppisite side of any debate.
  14. Some more historical truth & context.
  15. So where is my heart symbol so people can respond? Guess I’m being sensored....
  16. Thanks everyone, little bugger is a rocket, holy crap, please pray for me...🙂
  17. Just don’t get why people are so freaked out (actually it’s the media fault) over a virus with a 99.97% recovery rate? More people die every year from flu not to mention pneumonia. Then let’s throw in heart disease from obesity and diabetes. Are they mandating flu shots every year? Do we go into lock down and distancing every flu season? When was the last time you were ordered to put down the ice cream spoon, push the bowl away and get off your fat lazy butt and exercise? As this whole Saul Alinsky plan is implemented we are losing more and more of our freedoms under the guise of “safety” and “the greater good”. This is the same exact path (for you true historians) that Germany took in 1938. I pray America wake up before it’s too late, for once freedoms (any of them) are surrendered willingly they can only be regained by force.
  18. I get that, however that’s the same argument people use to try to ban motorcycles, force helmet laws, seatbelts, alcohol, tobacco etc. etc. The city stopped short of mandating the shot but made life so hard at work if you didn’t that I finally caved and got it. As far as the $$$ I get the same feeling every time I see my tax dollars and med bills wasted for those that choose not to work and pay their own way. I finally came to the conclusion I’m gonna work, pay my bills, and live like I want while a 1/3 of my income disappears since I only get one shot at it.
  19. There's two sides to that coin. If someone gets the jab and has complications...side effects...or possibly life changing results or even death....who pays for that? Especially if they've already had covid and have the anti bodies in their system that are statistically much more effective than the "vaccine"...
  20. Another thing to think about: The Virus COVID19/SARS-COV-2 is a respiratory virus. Every Scientist confirms this from both sides of the mask isle. There is a split on the vaccine too. Again not quite 50-50 but close. The media and the Bureaucracies of the CDC and WHO are pushing the Vaccine to eliminate this Virus. On the other side Science says that you cannot make a respiratory virus go away through vaccination as you would say small pox or the mumps. If you need proof of this look at the common cold and more specifically influenza. They have been vaccinating like crazy for influenza for ~60 years, since roughly 1960. does influenza still exists and kill 80k-120k annually in the US alone? Respiratory Virus' mutate in the wild, it is their nature. They saddest part of all of this craziness is that this Virus is man made.
  21. Hey Jason, Well, my friend, we meet again! I wrote this post some years ago for a member that posted a question very much like yours! Take from this article the items you need to address, and leave the rest. This article will give you a much better idea of the condition of the bike you are looking at, and will give you a head's up to look for. I personally would scoop this bike up at $800.00, (offer him $600.00) and settle at $700.00. CHECKLIST for 1st Generation VENTURES The 1989 VR is the last year of the "Old Style" TCI in 1990, Yamaha went to the "improved version". This should not be a problem, plenty of them out there! (1984 to 1989 all fit) Check all three brake rotors for "bluing", which means that they have been overheated from a dragging Caliper. The left front and rear Rotor are not available from Yamaha any more, and were spendy when they were. This bike is also the last year that came with the "Two Brush" starter motor. 1990 to 1993 had the "4 brush starter". Run the bike for a while, shut it off, and try to restart it. If the starter drags, you will need to address this issue once you have purchased it. I have seen these bikes get 300,000 miles with proper care, so at 65,000 miles I would have a good close look at the front fork seals, (thin, black oil ring above the lower aluminum fork tube) be sure to check BOTH tubes! Also steering head bearings will start to be an issue at this mileage point, check them closely. Check the coolant overflow bottle which is located under the "door" above the CB Radio on the upper right side of the fairing. If the bottle is empty, then you have a "weeper" coolant system. Have a close look at the "fish eye" glass in the front Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders, if the fluid is not clear like water, (cola colored) then this needs service Since you can't see into the rear Master Cylinder, I would "draw" a sample of the brake fluid from the rear reservoir and check the color. (looking for clear color here) Remove the false tank cover and remove the fuse box lid, if any fuses are missing, or are "jumpered" with wire, then this is a major issue, but can be repaired. Remove the air box cover and check the air box for engine oil in the bottom of the box, and bugs and dirt in the air filter folds. Put the bike on the center stand and roll both tires, listening for dragging calipers and dry bearings. Sit down behind the rear of the bike, and hold on to the chrome side bag guard, and place your right foot on the rear tire. (bike in 1st gear helps) Push side ways on the tire firmly, you are looking for the tire and swing arm to move sideways, meaning the swing arm bushings and or bearings are shot! If this bike has spent most of it's life in AZ., then it has seen some pretty high coolant temps. Look under the water pump, at the weep hole, (right side of bike, in front of and below the foot brake) for signs of anti-freeze staining or leakage. While you are there, look at the front of the water pump where the "Elbow" exits the water pump and turns left to the Thermostat Housing, MAKE SURE that the engine crash bar has not cut a gash in this plastic elbow! If there is a gash on the plastic elbow, then most likely, this bike has been down on the right side at some point. Check right side fairing corner for cracking. With the bike on the center stand, start the bike and let it run until the electric fan comes on. If the temp gage gets close to the red area with no fan turn on, (fan should come on at 3/4 on temp gage+/- a bit) then this bike has been ridden HOT in stop and go traffic. While on the right side of the bike, look below the water pump for the "oil level sight glass". With the bike not running, the oil level must be half way up the sight glass. If the oil level is too high and there is no oil level line, then you have an issue. If the sight glass is so "foggy" that you can't see the oil level at all, this is a sign that the oil changes have been neglected. Cracked frames. Early Ventures, '83 models specifically, have been know to develop cracked frames. This occurs just above the area where the center stand attaches. Second Gear. In models from '83 through mid '85 there is a problem with the bikes losing second gear. It does not happen on all bikes but is very common. Usually starts by slipping out of second gear on hard acceleration. Can be repaired by a savvy home mechanic but does require the removal of motor. Expensive fix if you have it done at a dealer. I've seen estimates approaching $2,000.00 Stators. Early models suffered from stator failure due to over heating. Later models incorporated an oil cooling system. Cracked trunks. Very common to find the bottom of the trunks cracked out. Class air suspension controller. E4 errors are common. Caused by bad solders on the circuit board within the controller. Easy fix if you are familiar with using a soldering iron. Front end wobble. Pretty common. Various causes but usually either a slightly cupped front tire or loose steering head bearings. Repacking and proper tightening of the head bearings is highly recommended whether you have experienced the wobble or not. Exhaust collector. Baffles become loose and cause a rattle. There is a tech article on opening up the collector and repairing. There is also an after market system out that does away with the collector. Everything mentioned here can be corrected. The point of this inspection is to see if the current owner is being honest with you about the condition of the bike. If everything checks out OK, with NO broken plastic, then this is a $3500.00 bike. If you can't see the oil level, it has at least one blued rotor, the water pump elbow has a gash in it, and the right side fairing has damage at the corner, and the coolant overflow bottle is dry, then this is an $800.00 bike, and will be a $2700.00 bike when you repair everything. Because the owner wants to sell this motorcycle, he/she will say "anything" to make the sale. Print this sheet off, check everything mentioned, deduct for the issues found, and if he is still firm on the price once you have proved that the 2K service is BS. Then WALK AWAY! In my honest opinion, paying $800.00 for an 89'VR and putting $1700.00 into it to cherry it out is a "fun winter project"! Paying $3500.00 for the same bike and putting $1700.00 into it just to get it to stop and go properly is getting RIPPED OFF! My thoughts, for what they are worth. I hope you will find this info useful, and "Happy Hunting"! Earl
  22. Wife and I just got back from a 10-day trip West. Started in WI, through MN. Two days, three nights in SD riding the Badlands, Black Hills, Spearfish Canyon, Deadwood, Sturgis (after the rally), Needles Highway, Custer State Park. On to Laramie WY, then down into CO for a few days. Rocky Mountain National Park, Rabbit Ear Pass and many other scenic roads through the Colorado Rockies. Rode home through NE & IA, the final 1,000 miles all Interstate. At one point late in the trip my 07 RSV started sputtering as if it was out of gas. I had plenty in the tank but switched to reserve anyway, no change. Coasted to the side of the road and revved it a little and it came back to life. I switched off of reserve and had no other issues. Once home between weather and post-vacation tasks the bike sat for a week. I rolled it out of the garage to wash it and prep for a ride that afternoon. Very difficult to start and when it did it wouldn't stay started. Front cylinders were cold, rear ones hot. Trailered it to the shop and the diagnosis is that the fuel pump is bad. It'll be in the shop for a week or so waiting on the part, if it's available in the US. Boy, if that would have given up the ghost somewhere in Nebraska or Colorado I would have been renting a car to get home, then jump through hoops to get the bike repaired and home. Aside from all that nonsense it was an amazing trip! 3200 miles. Anyone who's been in those areas knows the scenery and wildlife is second to none. Pictures don't do it justice. We've been to SD and CO in the cage, with the kids when they were young. This was a first for us riding the iron horse. Several bucket list items checked off during that trip!
  23. Thanks. It was a great trip! For my return route, I stayed off of interstates & rode 2-lane hiways for all but the last part to my house. What a big beautiful country we live in! So many awesome small towns and wonderful people you meet there. One of the highlights was the motorcycle museum in St. Francis, KS, a small town in the northwest corner of KS. The quality and quantity of bikes in this collection blew my mind! If you've never been and are within a reasonable ride to get there, its worth the effort! https://stfrancismotorcyclemuseum.org/
  24. Some of us think that the fuel lines tend to break down on the inside due to ageing and ethanol, you might think about changing those out.
  25. Don't know about you all, but we raise 3 Grandchildren, and it does Consume Alot of our time. But the People on this site are Great, and this is why I Stay. Don't have a RSV anymore, bought a Harley Tri-glide. But Motorcycles are a Passion in my blood. Would be more than glad to pay for Cowpuc and Tippy membership, that way they are still members.
  26. PB, Earl ain't wrong here. Fix these carbs right, and you will be very pleasantly surprised with the outcome. You might be able to save a few $ with aftermarket parts from the linked suppliers, and if you are comfortable with the work involved, I am sure they are high quality. But, factory, drop in replacements at the price Earl is offering would be hard to beat.
  27. Moral of this story: keep the tank full, ride it enough to keep the gas fresh, have tons of fun and miles of smiles. Setting around months at a time is the worst thing to do to these bikes. They’re built to ride not look at, that other brand of trailer queens takes care of that market.
  28. Hi all, For us older riders, to include my brother @cowpuc I did a review on the Copper Joint compression socks and knee sleeve. Seriously, the FDA and the CDC both recommend them for people that sit a lot, like we do gas stop to gas stop. I don't know about you but I get light headed getting up from the ground after playing with my grandson on the floor. Here is my review. Copper Joint has an interesting twist that worked for me but I also bought other brands now that I know compression socks work for m https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2021/08/21/copperjoint-compression-socks-and-sleeve-review-riding-tested/ Hope this helps, Comments always welcome. VentureFar...
  29. saddlebum, All deaths are a tragic no matter the cause. I believe the point that is trying to be made is the extent that the "measures" that have been and are currently being made mandatory for entire populations are well out of proportion to the actual death rates when compared to other viruses etc. This is what causes people to question the reasons that these actions are taking place. I for one see far too many things that are coming to light after the fact that make me question the true motives of those "in charge". For me it goes much farther back than 2019. Argo
  30. @Du-Rron There is a very valid reason why I don't trust a particular set of the data from both and it is a real simple concept. From the CDC, a memo that stated 6% of the COVID death total was actually due to only the COVID 19 virus. at the time Fauchi and the Media chastised anyone who made this statement. This is a Government Bureaucracy leadership blocking or trying to control their own data. Ask yourself why. I just learned a friend passed away. I spent many years working with him in Boy Scouts. He went with his grandchild on a campout with the scouts. When he came home a few days later felt ill, Went to the Dr. and had a severe lung infection that had become pneumonia. He became infected with the COVID19 virus and passed away a week later after that. Statistically he will be listed as a COVID death but from what we've been told they were not expecting him to survive the pneumonia. While listing him as a COVID death could be construed accurate it was really the pneumonia that was the largest factor in his death. BTW: He was fully vaccinated months ago. When do we stop calling them break through cases?
  31. I’ve looked at a lot of numbers, the one that really sticks out to me is the 1.4% mortality rate. Most with other underlying conditions. And yes I have had some friends die from it, going to a funeral tomorrow. I have a big problem with government taking rights away, in history once that starts it seems to snowball. That being said I am vaccinated but won’t tell anyone else what to do.
  32. I think we’ve gotten spoiled around here not having to deal with the B.S. on those other sites.
  33. I think I know what kc61 is trying to say since I've gone through dealer visits over for the last month or so after complaining so long about the same problems that everyone else is having w/ their 2018s from the start (fob, informant and map problems). My dealer 1st replaced the brake switch (again) and updated the system (I did it the 1st time). After the update, the GPS had me somewhere in the middle of Lake Michigan. I live in Milwaukee. Then, the fob and GPS antennas were replaced after problems with the update. The new parts and the map update did nothing to correct the problem so save your $100.00. Now, Yamaha is sending out the new, updated (2021) informant system. My dealer said it will be a total replacement. He stated Yamaha said I had to go through all of the previous B.S. before getting to this point. I did call Yamaha a few times to complain. At some point I think Yamaha will save some money and skip on unnecessary parts replacement and just replace the system as a whole. I'll keep everyone updated.
  34. And if we don’t know it we can make it sound good with a few big words.
  35. HERE HERE HERE. Finally, more and more people are getting oxygen to that third brain cell. Lets hope that this keeps expanding and the truth gets out to as many people as possible. Argo
  36. That's going to be my next bike, that's a good cat 🐈
  37. Definitely not normal! The Gen 1's will pull hard to and past red line(no rev limiter). I've had my '83 over the ton many times. She did not get great mileage, 34-36 mpg on the best days, but I really rode her like I stole her more often than not. My '86 is almost as fast but not as quick, if that makes sense. She gets closer to 40 mpg, but I also didn't tend to push the red line as hard on her. You should be able to cruise at 65 mph, drop a gear or 2, go WOT and hold on for dear life.
  38. My part is free? I pay my medical at what I consider to be extortionist rates already. Here's the kicker, I only use it when absolutely needed. To use your analogy - why should I pay for someone to run to the ER every time they or their kids sneeze? Also, The Vaccine isn't free. I hope no one really believes that big Pharma is producing these Vaccines out of the kindness of their hearts. Our Tax dollars are paying for it and they are raking in Billions in profits. BTW Hospitals get paid f0r every COVID Patient - see my comments above. They charge my insurance company over $75,000 for my wife to have a partial hysterectomy and 1 overnight stay. They are doing this for Free. NOTHING in life is free, someone is paying for it.
  39. I have working on garage and shop door springs since 1974 and became a government approved repair and installer in 1986 ...I can tell you when you work with torsion springs DO NOT BE IN A HURRY ..take your time ......any easy way of finding the wire size is .....Count 20 turns of the spring , measure the distance of the 20 turns ...Then divide the 20 into the distance of the 20 turns ...There should be a number on the winding cone you can cross to the size...Or you can measure the ID of the inside of the spring with a slide caliper ..IE.. 4.85 divided by 20 = .24225 wire size often we use .243 ..Most torsion springs on a 7 foot or 8 foot high door have a 2 inch ID ...Numbers turns to wind is cable size x 3.14 will give you the distance around the pulley ..A 4 inch pulley will measure 12 inches a round ..On s 7 foot high door you will need to wind the torsion spring 7 turns ..A 8 foot high door you need to wind the the torsion spring 8 turns .... On larger or higher doors the spring calculation works on the math 3.14 time cable pulley diameter
  40. Hey Guys, I personally flush my brake and clutch fluid YEARLY! The DOT3/Dot4 fluid our bikes use is rated to 500 degrees. (which is well in the range of normal braking temps.) Unfortunately, the clutch slave is located at the rear of the engine, close to the exhaust pipes and starved for fresh air. Because the fluid attracts moisture, and the reservoir is vented, water builds up at the clutch slave because it is the lowest point on that system. The heat boils the moisture, creating air bubbles, and this is why the clutch fades. When the clutch system cools off, the air bubbles are absorbed and the fluid functions again. This is not a hard service to do although it does help if you have a "helper" to work the clutch or brake lever while you work the bleeder. My children as young a 7 years old helped me bleed the fluid every spring. They also learned about regular maintenance on a vehicle at a very early age. This has served them well now that they are adults. Invite a few riding buddies over, provide the beverage of choice for the group, throw a few dogs on the grill and bleed everyone's brakes and clutches. It works every time for me! But even if you have to take it to a shop for this service, it does need to be done every year or two. The results of not doing it are damage to the clutch friction discs and clutch plates. It's cheaper in the long run to service the fluid than it is to replace the clutch! Earl
  41. For the best advice on trailering your bike visit the Harley forum. If they don't know ain't nobody knows.
  42. Yep, you already have them off and they look in rough shape.
  43. I have always had good luck just using a 24" cheater or breaker bar on the drain plug and oil filter bolt.
  44. Dawson and correct in the same sentence? Isn't that an oxymoron?
  45. I'd be all over that like a fat kid on a cupcake.
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