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  1. This weekends project was the fuel tank. At first I wasn't going to do anything with it because is looked pretty good, only a few scratches. But once I had it installed it looked a little worse than when it was out on it's own. So I sanded down the tank and sprayed on some old satin black paint I had leftover from another project. Not the gloss black as before, but it turned out real nice. Here is a before and after pic.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/1691511874492457/posts/2895364970773802/ Mama and I went for a ride. Had lunch in Tombstone Arizona. Went to Bisbee and to the border town of Naco. Headed back via Sierra Vista. I forgot to get an insulin shot. Riding back on hwy 90 my blood sugar was high and so I had to stop to pee. A normal response to high glucose. I was fully intending to make it to the truck stop at I-10 and hwy 90, but something told me to stop at the Chevron station at 90 and 82. I slowed preparing to turn in. The light was green on north 90. A black car was flying on 82 west (100 mph +). He blew the red light and hit the silver car. If I would have continued straight in another 15 seconds it would have been us. When God tells you to stop and pee... stop and pee.
  3. It was 70 degrees with the sun shining so the wife and I took the 18' boat out fishing in the inland waterway. Seems the fish are larger this time of the year. We caught 6 keeper Whiting ranging up to 18", some smaller perch, a black drum, a puffer, a very large crab, and 5 sharks that ranged from 2' to 3'. We threw everything back. Whiting are tasty in my opinion but we usually don't keep anything we catch. On the way back to the marina, we stopped to watch a pod of dolphins swim by. It was a great day on the water, perhaps the last time this year.
  4. Give thanks for all the many things that we have here in our continent. Some are there to help build us, and some are there just to please us. Some bring us closer together and some send us to different destinations to enjoy and share with new folks. Life is but a fleeting moment so let's enjoy every moment we have that is given us, realizing that at anytime we might be called to account for the things we have done and those that we have left un-done.
  5. Just got back from another 3 hour ride ! Took all the curvy roads I could find and stopped by Timmies to have a coffee and conversation with a couple guys who said they were jellous of me! One guy is just getting into bikeing and the other has 8 bikes in different condition.( no Harleys) A few Yamahas and a Triumph . Took similar ride yesturday and talked to Gold Wing ridder who keeps his bike ready to ride just like me.
  6. Here’s a little update on the story: The Driver of the silver car was a 65 year old woman Wanda Sitoski, a registered nurse. It was her birthday, the next day on Halloween. She was in route to meet her son and a friend at a restaurant in Sierra Vista to celebrate. She never arrived. Her son didn’t find out until he left worried about her and returned home to find the police waiting for him with very bad news. The driver of the Black Dodge Charger was 16 years old from Mesa Az (Phoenix area, 100 miles away), Felix Mendez. The Tombstone Marshall was giving chase. There were five people in the car, the driver and four UDAs (undocumented aliens). The car stopped during the chase and 2 UDAs jumped out and were picked up by pursing BP (boarder patrol). The car then continued on Hwy 82 westbound at speeds well over 100MPH. For safety, the BP broke chase, but the Charger still continued running the red light at Hwys 90/82, literally tearing off the back-half of the silver car and killing Sitoski. We stopped to render aid but it was hopeless. We rode to the Charger and saw three people with various degrees of injuries. We have a real serious problem at our southern boarders. They are coming across in great numbers. Why is a 16-year old 100 miles away from home transporting UDAs in a rocket ship? The cartels are paying them $1k per head to traffic UDAs. Why is the story not covered by the main-stream news media? It does not fit their agenda of open boarders. I contacted the Cochise County Attorney (prosecutor) of which I have had a working relationship with as a criminal defense attorney. I did something that I have never done before, I urged them to prosecute Mendez as an adult based upon what may wife and I had personally witnessed. They ensured me that they are doing so. He will be facing, 1st and 2nd degree murder, kidnapping, felony endangerment, manslaughter, aggravated assault, and unlawful flight from law enforcement.
  7. Time to revive an old thread. I spent the last summer working on plastics and they are about 80% ready for paint. I tried hard to find plastics that didn't have any cracks which is near impossible. I went as far as buying 3 different right side saddle bags where the sellers said they were crack free. I even pointed out to them where to look for cracks before I purchased them and they still had cracks. So I gave up on finding any that didn't have cracks and settled for pieces that had minimal cracking. So those will be getting some paint next spring/summer. Now on to what has been done recently. First up is a set of Barnet clutch plates and springs, along with a re-chromed clutch cover. I also installed the rear clutch master cylinder and a new braided stainless steel brake line. I just need to come up with a plug for the front brake line since I am delinking the brakes.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving! And a moment of silence for those who have gone before us.....miss youse guys and gals... D
  9. Sounds like a great day. I went out on Lake Erie last Sunday. They weren't biting. Ended up with one Steelhead just over 5 lbs. At least I wasn't skunked.
  10. Computers are like cats... they are nice to have around; but Don't turn your back on them and don't ever trust them. With that in mind, Windows 11 benefits someone, probably not us.
  11. The older I get the more I believe in the here and after, sometimes I sit and wonder what I am here after
  12. Is that what makes the difference between yellow corn and white corn
  13. Ignition Relay Ordered and Received. Bought TWO Ehdis 30amp/40amp 5-pin relays (two to a box) for $9.73 off ebay. Installed to replace original relay and now all is well. Posting this if it helps anybody in sourcing a replacement Ignition Key Add-On Relay (or just a 5-pin relay in general). VentureRelayInstalled.mp4
  14. If it's firing when the enricher is engaged but drops out when the enricher is disengaged, you most likely have a clogged idle jet.
  15. Welcome! We have lots of answers and some of them are even correct! 😆
  16. @BlueSkyYou were right! I'm extremely grateful and appreciate you making this suggestion. All but two valves were out of spec and those two were right at the lower limit. My thinnest gauge is .03 and It would not fit under two of them. I could spin the bucket easily with my fingers, so I think it was not yet at zero though. I bought the needed shims at my local dealer and the guy who helped me said these bikes were known for needing an adjustment within 6k miles of new and then ~ every 10k after. I've now successfully completed my first valve clearance adjustment job and one step closer to getting my Youtube Certified patch! LOL Thanks again for that recommendation!
  17. There are a lot of "modern" LEDs that pull more current than the halogen they are replacing. Some draw a LOT more. Ultra bright don't come free.
  18. Wishing a very happy Thanksgiving to all my Venturerider Family. It's a day to disregard all the crazy and bad things going on in this world, and reflect on the good. Take time to appreciate and be grateful for all the GOOD things in the world, and in your life. I'd have to say this site, and my Venturerider Family are a positive thing in my life, and something I'm very grateful for.
  19. That was my problem on my 1st gen. Constant issues with carbs and running until I replaced that fuel line. Plugs at least every two years. Wires last a while unless you live by the ocean. Salt corrosion can occur without being seen inside plug wire connections. 2gen coils and wires seem to be less of an issue than 1st gens that are separate.
  20. Your Welcome but it if were not for the founder of this site and the members of the site the knowledge possessed by those members on this site that have it would not be able to share it with those that have need of it.
  21. Which is why the only business I do in CA is with the federal Govt. That in itself is a questionable point. I'd rather not deal with the Feds in any way either, but Govt. contracts are a huge % of my service contracts.
  22. How old are the tires. It often happens when the front tire is barely cupped on the outer edges.
  23. They are on the slow boat from China, and now waiting to get unloaded outside the harbour.
  24. Same here, got out for a ride this afternoon, perfect low 70s and still some color on the trees.
  25. Thank you for the welcome Freebird . This is 50 years following tar trails Still enjoying the ride . Rode all types but the Venture has always been my heartbeat , on my 8th one now , still get out the ST1300 for the occasional blast to keep me young . Thanks again , I'm sure I'll enjoy the comradeship. Osprey
  26. I scanned some of the instruction sheets I have for different Venture Line accessories for the 1st Gen bike so incase other need the information it might help them out.
  27. If your bike still has the glass fusses I recommend updating to the blade type fuse.
  28. Yea I did it myself in a couple hours, I remember taking half a day off work because it was dripping in my garage and the wife was not too happy with the smell. Our bedroom is above the garage. Of course I had an almost full tank of gas 🙄. I siphoned what I could, and there was quite a bit left when I loosened the petcock screws, drained it into a cut up water jug I had laying around. Bottom line it made a mess, glad I did it in the driveway to hose it all down stream 🤫. I had to remove the tailpipe, which is easy just a time consuming. There was a bit of a learning curve getting the petcock out with the tube getting in the way. Unfortunately I don’t recall what I learned off hand. I was lucky and happened to have a Yamaha gasket that the PO had in the saddle bags. If I remember I did do a little sanding/scraping to clean up the mounting surfaces. Side note the petcock itself didn’t work and still doesn’t, I’m not concerned as it’s stuck on reserve. I don’t recall if I had it on the center stand or side stand, do what makes you comfortable.
  29. I like your message. Unfortunately Fake News won’t report the Truth no matter how much they preach transparency. It’s sickening to be honest.
  30. Last parts arrived today from the powder coating guys: before and after. Have a good weekend! Peter
  31. I told my kids get an education or you will end up digging ditches, well it turns out digging ditches pays pretty good. I decided I wanted to move my power to the house under ground and the utility company says that's fine but after he gave me a price with them digging the ditch verses me digging the the ditch I decided to dig it myself. Plus when I mentioned where the water line was and he told me I would have to remove a section of sidewalk he was really leaning towards me digging the ditch. So he lowered the price and supplied all the conduit and fittings and I became a ditch digger, I did hit the water line so I was a plumber for a while and I tunneled under the sidewalk then laid the 3" conduit and covered it all up making a muddy mess.
  32. @luffrr Glad you followed your instinct and tell us the story. I always say a prayer every time I ride. Stay safe.
  33. The whining on my bike usually originates in the area of the back seat.
  34. I have never bothered to check on that , All I can tell you is when the GPS says another hour to a rest stop ...The last thing on your mind is what kind of corn it may turn out to be .
  35. If you got a DadBod then you don't need the extra layer......You already gots one ........
  36. You might want to check the slop in the bolt, just a little slop will make a big difference.
  37. This also is a very good point. To add to it, when the diff cannot breath air gets drawn in through the seal but cannot escape. As the diff warms up and since the seal will not allow the air to escape pressure builds up in the diff compressing the moisture in the air to convert to water. As the diff cools a negative pressure forms in the diff allowing more air to enter the diff. further cooling depending on how much can cause condensation to add further to the water build up in the diff. As this cycle continues the water content in the diff builds and eventually you get enough water contamination to turn the oil into that tasty looking light fudge color (But Don't be tempted to sample it). After awhile if left long enough you will get a seal failure and you will see signs of oil leakage. Some years back Rockwell decided to install breathers in their truck diffs that were a third the size of what they used to be and because they were so small they would plug up with dirt and as a result we had numerous trucks coming in with the above mentioned issue all coming in with early wheel seal failures and that lovely brown liquid fudge. We eventually figured out the cause was that these undersized breathers were plugging up cause the scenario I also described above. Since the hole was too small to go back to the larger breather and drilling and tapping was out of the question due to warranty we started replacing the Rockwell breathers with the J tube style breather that Eaton used on their diffs. and the problem was solved. It was so prevalent that eventually Rockwell's warranty fix for this issue was to use the Eaton breathers. Following rear ends went back to the larger breathers and the issue disappeared.
  38. The breather is a possibility, it allows air to escape when the pumpkin heats up and then allows air back in when it cools down. If it weren't for the breather then air would be transferred past the seals , and that would spoil the seals with contaminates. The breather should have a filter in it to prevent any contamination, but it may be compromised. It may be plugged, but then I would suspect to see some oil residue around the seal areas.
  39. Maybe that someone added a heavier spring so the choke would self cancel because they had a tendency to accidentally leave the choke on, only realizing it many miles later. Don't ask....
  40. I don't have one to sell, but there is an ebay seller with a couple up right now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284194289717?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=585680362908&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  41. It seems that in the case of finding new immigrants there are 2 sides to the story, the good and the bad. Our countries can use good immigrants and there are folks we could 'rescue' from their places of trouble and give them a btter life. (feed the hungry). Immigration is the only story that has 2 sides, so does climate change, covid,,,,, and others. The trick is how to help the one side and keep the other in check. Both sides use some truth and also some mis-truth and mis-information. Maybe if can get everybody to stick to the truth and only the truth things would work out better. The Good Book says that liars will not enter heaven, maybe we should spread that message a bit more. JMT
  42. I do that anyway, startin to be a habit. Guess I need more naps!!
  43. End of the season, what is that? We may have a few weather related delays, but "end of riding season" nope, doesn't happen here.
  44. I am glad to be on this site again. I picked up an 06 Royal star Venture.I missed you guys.
  45. My best prayer time is when I'm riding 😇
  46. I’m actually looking forward to riding this winter here in northern Utah. Just bought a set of A Stars winter gloves, and decided my hunting boots should work nicely for my feets. Got layered insulated pants and recently discovered my lightweight gortex wind shirt fits nicely under my leather jacket for added protection. Unfortunately my heavyweight leather no longer fits my DadBod. Bonus is I recently remodeled our office space and I have privacy at my desk to change.
  47. If it is a first gen, I have had great luck tieing the clutch lever with a rope, and letting it sit overnight. Seems the air works up to the top. Maybe one squeeze and loosen the banjo bolt at the top.
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