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  1. After being blessed with a beautiful baby boy 19 years ago, I decided to sell my '99 Venture due to not being able to get the 'what if' thought out of my head every time I rode it. Ironically, it was my wife who said "don't sell it, you love that bike". I can still hear her saying those words to this day. I think she also loved it, we took many trips together up/down the coast, Yosemite, Mt. Lassen and Shasta, beautiful country and amazing rides. At times I wished I'd kept it and took my son riding, but baseball was his passion in life from when he was 2 years old, so we ended up spend
  2. @OrlinEngh started his thread about winter accomplishments and I thought about posting this there with my grandkids but thought "Tony" the Beretta (you get that? If so you are probably in geezer world too and might want to consider the whole bucket list thing too ) deserved his own page so here we are.. I know,, LOTS of shooters hate these things they have been around a longg time and there are other makes/models available now that accomplish the tasks of downranging ammo better BUT,, bucket list for me they are not.. The Beretta "92" has been around a longgggg time and I have ALWAYS wan
  3. My main winter goal has been to learn to walk again. I am pretty close now, No longer wearing the air cast or using the crutches. Around the house I can sort of walk without assistance but when heading out I still need a cane. Still hoping that I will be walking pretty good by the end of winter. I guess it is not real exciting but it is a STEP in the right direction.
  4. Hey Everyone, This will be my final update on the Shim Kit Saga. I received word from USPS saying they were NOT going to honor the Insurance Claim because they were used parts, and I wanted to keep the shims that actually made it all the way home! In other words, they would take possession of 55 shims, the Bucket Tool, Feeler Gauges, and the busted up case, and give me $200.00. I said, "No Thanks"! So in the future, I won't be wasting my money on USPS Insurance! On another note, The "New" Shim Kit is all back together, with about 90 shims in it, and all of the tools you will need to complete t
  5. I have found a good, modern day touring jacket, like something our friend @VentureFar has written about for Ultimate, pretty much covers all the rain gear needs for those folks who require rain protection cause their region of riding does not offer warm summer rains that are actually a cooling off treat to the naked skin. I also like the multiple layering idea in prepping for cooler climates and always carried a few hooded sweatshirts in Tippy's clothing dept (trunk) roll up tightly and easily accessable. For sleeping quarters our 2 minute motel (tent) rolled up with 1" pad, sleeping bags l
  6. I got my shop back, so it was time to go to work on my solo ride I have had on my bucket list. Pretty close to being done. Can hardly wait to get it out. It has a 14,000 mile engine, 22,000 mile final drive, rims and all new bearings, new fork seals and progressive springs and tune up. I am thinking that it is going to be a fun ride. Orlin
  7. My little guy has gotten to the point of showing the girls HIS motorcycle at car shows....
  8. I want to start this by saying I do believe the virus is real and has sadly caused much heartache from the premature death of many people. My heart goes out to all of those affected. I still have much skepticism though on the impact of this virus to the majority of the population, many who contract it and have few, or no symptoms. There is much, imho, opinion still not known (like why some people have no ill effects from contracting the virus). Enter the "vaccine", which may not technically and legally meet the definition of a true vaccine. Please read what this Dr writes about the 'v
  9. Wife & I got our 1st Pfizer vaccine shots last Friday, Feb 26th. No problems or side effects other than a bit sore at the injection site. Overnight and not even that. We're supposed to go back for our 2nd shot in 3 weeks. Like many here we were totally undecided whether to get these shots or not. What all with so much conflicting info out there. Rolled the dice so to speak so I guess we'll see where this experience takes us. Prayers offered up for those who suffered this Covid virus or have lost loved ones to it.
  10. I think you Northerners done went and broke your weather. It’s down here in my yard, all ice with what we consider heavy snow coming (up to 8 inches). I would greatly appreciate it if you’d come and get it.
  11. Still need to be careful, bike may not run for a number of reasons. Some very costly and Others not so much. I once bought a bike from a guy for $25 dollars who stated it had a broken crank. Checked around found a good used engine. I never need it though because what the prev owner thought was a broken crank was a stretched primary chain which skipped while cranking the starter. I replaced the chain which cost me $15 dollars and rode that bike for 3 years.
  12. You know to win a pile of money would make like more and easier ... But I tell myself that I already won big in 2010 I had a fast growing set of tumours on my liver and the team of 5 doctors told me I had 4 days before the cancer would explode on my liver and that if they did not operate in the next 24 hours they could no longer help me ... At 5 am the next morning they started 8 hours of surgery , they removed the liver from my body and then removed a part of my liver to remove all the ugly stuff and put the liver back in my body .. When I woke up I saw the chemo bott
  13. Though I would share my experience modifying a rear spoiler to have a much brighter brake light and also with turn signals incorporated into it. My wife followed me on the freeway when I purchased my bike and said visibility of the bike from behind was severely lacking, which I naturally took as carte blanche to embark on a project to fix that little problem! 🙂 So, picked up a used wing from 'the diamond cut guy', ripped out the old LED and ordered Custom Dynamics TruFlex light bar, along with their Dual Converter and Smart triple play controller. The latter two allow for the dimmer run
  14. This kind of cold in Texas is so rare that they were not prepared for it and they had problems with all of their different kinds of generating plants. One nuclear unit shut down due to something freezing but it is back up. Many fossil fuel plants shut down but most are back on line. The majority of the wind generators are still off line. I think I heard on tv that due to the warmer weather in Texas, theirs does not have the capacity to deice the blades. I'll be interested to see the final report on what caused all the loss of power. Our modern civilization does not exist without electric
  15. When I moved to TX the guy buying our house in Northern OH wanted my grill. It was his sticking point. I took him into the garage and showed him my 36" 2 stage snow thrower. Said he could not have my grill. Look at that driveway (3 cars wide and ~50 long) do you want to shovel that or will the snow thrower do? needless to say I kept the grill LOL.
  16. Certainly a lot of info! To add to my 1st post: Frog's Toggs. I got the heavier pants but the lightweight top. Came in handy when a cold front came through visiting @Flyinfool's house. Made for a much warmer run to the hotel an hour away! Simple pull over on top of jacket. Top also came in handy in Oklahoma when 2 storms merged into one in Oklahoma City. Rain! Also carried; stator and gasket set, fuel pump, fuel pump points, plugs, air compressor, tools, camping gear, clothes, cat litter pan liner to protect seat from rain and more! I was heavy with "stuff" for sure. N
  17. Before I head out on a multi day run I also take a look at the member map to see who lives near my route.
  18. For me on this side of USA, Rain Gear. I'm also a firm believer of the vacuum type bags to pack clothes in. They compress and keep stuff dry. First pic here of RSV is what I had to pack when I went to Daytona to work as an official. I was up there for 3 weeks. Uniforms, rain gear, warm clothes, and 3 firesuits. Second one is 07 or 08 when wife and I went to NC for a week in Fall.
  19. Pic taken in the mid 80s. My niece and I down in Key Largo. I just took her up to the end of the street and back.... Her daughter...(my Grand Niece?) will be 4 in April. Maybe I should get a pic of her on the back of my Venture.....for posterity....
  20. Back in November my wife and I took a 4 day trip to the FL Keys. We actually fit everything in the saddlebags, trunk and extra bag on the luggage rack. The trailer was full of fishing gear. I was impressed that fully loaded, two up and pulling a trailer the RSV was able to cruise down the Turnpike at 80+ mph like the trailer wasn't even there.
  21. And just in time for her birthday.
  22. I honestly opened this thread expecting it was about sockets or some other tool.
  23. Update fixed everything soldered the controls they have a bad solder on the back it look bad .,*+. All the lights working no idiot lights on all the fluids are full . No leaks.Time to go for another ride. And thank you guys for all your help couldn't have done it without you.
  24. It was not an easy task to have SNOW on the ground in all 50 states at the same time. Also managed to have 72% of the continental USA covered in SNOW all at one time. And don't think I am done......
  25. VID_20210306_105725.mp4 VID_20210306_105725.mp4 Here is a walk around video.
  26. I have magical tools I am constantly buying 5/8" wrenches and they keep changing into 11/16' wrenches. I now own seven 11/16" wrenches which I have never bought but am lucky if I have a 5/8" wrench in my box.
  27. Ever since 1963 I have always bought a bike that does not run . In 1963 found a Harley 45 that the mechanic said that it cannot be repaired .. What I found was the distributor was out 180 degrees , I rode that old Harley for 4 years . If you buy the ones that run good they cost too much , and often when you buy the perfect bike you often are in for a big surprise about a month down the road , something is not right . There nothing that feels better than if you buy the bike that the repair shop says... it is not repairable . Then you spend some time doing the repair
  28. BEAUTIFUL ORLIN!!!! Just flat out GORGEOUS!!! My winter projects went something like this:
  29. I just checked my subscription knowing it expires in March, it says they autopay now. That’ll save me a headache most years when I forget it until I can’t post🤣🤣🤣. One more thing jumped in my memory bank, BOSS IS HAVING ANOTHER BIRTHDAY TOMORROW. Have a good one Don.
  30. Lots of good ideas already listed here. As VA suggested, getting riding gear that is waterproof/resistant is the easiest way to go. Firstgear Kilimanjaro has been my goto for many years. You can get often NOS from motorcyclegear.com at closeout prices (they will be older versions, but still new). However, what has worked for me is to start travelling and paying attention to what you didn't use. When my wife and I started doing multiday trips, I pulled a trailer with all our stuff. Found we didn't need about 80% of it. We have recently done a 7 day trip where the right saddlebag carr
  31. @Marcarl already awarded you the prize when He said ...We told you so instead of I told you so. Better take it cause that's as about how generous a Dutchman gets when it comes to handing out prizes.
  32. Today I took my youngest on her first ride. She loved it, she thought it was so cool when other riders would wave and I would wave back.
  33. My wife and I took an 11 year hiatus for much the same reason, selling our '06 Vulcan 2000 Classic LT in '08 because our kids needed parents. By the time our youngest turned 16 in 2019 we could wait no longer and purchased the '08 RSV we have now. My life now is rough - my wife, my 22 year old daughter and my 17 year old daughter fight over who gets to ride with me. We live about a 45 min ride from Daytona so I have to make a minimum of three trips to Bike Week and Biketoberfest each year so that all three can attend.......poor me. 😁 This was my wife and I on a bike trip to North Caro
  34. You're 100% right that the power system was not ready for this cold. Of the ~54% capacity that was lost 17% was due to wind turbines were frozen. The rest was Natural Gas and Coal plants. They could not keep the supply of NG going due to the cold. This happened about 15 years ago when we moved here and then again about 10 years ago. At that point they said they mitigated the issues. Yesterday a power company exec said the systems here are not designed for this cold and after looking into it they said it was too costly. For me that is neglect. I pay for a product that comes from a monopoly r
  35. I know we’re laughing and joking about the weather, taking it in stride but I feel for those in Texas and areas that have no resources to deal with it. I told my wife this morning we come and go as we want, have power and water, along with backup generators and a freezer full of food. We’re on a well and have backup heat so we don’t depend on anybody else. Whenever we have an extended power outage the neighbors know there’ll be running water at the hydrant in my yard. In other words we don’t have the right to complain about it. We’re short handed at work right now so I’ve been pulling some 48
  36. When snow reaches all the way down in Alabama what do engineering students do? Fill the quad with 8’ snowmen.
  37. True Dat. From Central Ohio, it'd be a bit far for me right now, but it's something I'd be interested in a few years ...(more than a few)...down the road when I retire. I like the way you're thinkin'.
  38. Windproof, rain proof, breathable, packable = Frogg-toggs.
  39. 3" Actually not hard with the right holster and an un-tucked shirt. I have a custom kydex holster made by a friend of mine that keeps it tucked up nice and close.
  40. UPDATE #3: They have taken my sister in-law off the ventilator yesterday and but her on an oxygen nose tube with 6% oxygen, Today they reduce her oxygen down to 3% and she is out of the icu into a telemetry unit. She is not communicating yet but is responding to requests to perform physical. movements. My brother in-law is doing well with a few lingering after effects. Talking with him on the phone he sounded like his old self.
  41. As we've said in the past, plan it and they will come.
  42. My youngest on her first motorcycle ride......Ok, it was about 2 blocks to daycare, but it counts! She is now 17 and wanting her own motorcycle. To this day she still remembers her first ride.
  43. Don't overplan your route, allow yourself to change it up on the fly. Don't insist on a set daily destination; if you tire, find a place to stay, if you feel good, keep going.
  44. When I first saw the post title I thought it was going to be some kind of a fancy wrench or socket for the bike tool box or a meme about 10mm wrench. And I’m a gun guy, lol. I carry an XD40 for CCW.
  45. There you have it! Proof of global warming, 3 degrees warmer after just 57 years.
  46. #1 A roll of toilet paper for emergencies, and hope you never have to use it
  47. Best take your bike, that would be tops on the list, then my mother always said to take clean underwear, so I would add that. Later in life I also learned that a pillow and something soft to lay on would be a nice addition. Also I learned, and many others would back me on this, if you take a passenger and that person happens to be female, get a trailer!! Other than that, I'm READY!!
  48. That’s Awesome! About a year ago I had the same pleasure with my youngest. We’ve done some pretty fun bonding even though she thinks we’re just going out for a ride🤫. Memories from her first ride.
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