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  1. Last March, I brought the RSV to Phoenix so my buddy and I could ride through the Spring through Fall... Hitting the mountains and enjoying weekends on the road. Covid put an end to that. A few weeks ago, i started the bike up and fuel poured out the overflows. Went through the basics but nothing worked. Mind you I've been running her at least once a month since March. Running fine. This week I broke down and took the carbs off. Actually, after reading @V7Goose's older article about removing carbs and another that @Freebird posted from an earlier member... The process was simple!! Y
  2. My wife slapped me on the back of the head with a fryin' pan and said, "You better not be lookin' at neked women on motorcycles again"! Before I could even open up your post! THANKS A LOT, BROTHER!! Nice pics, I wish I could take pics like that. Y DA' MAN! Earl
  3. Sorry, couldn't resist... I'm one of the newest members here and have quickly grown to appreciate this site and group. Love my Venture and couldn't wait to make a little bike art with her to share with y'all. Enjoy!
  4. @skydoc_17,, Earl I know that pic looked absolutely normal to you, and it probably would to me too if I had just went thru fry pan adjustment like you just worked your way thru, but something did not come thru correctly on my end so I thought I would volunteer some rotational assistance. Tippy wants to know if, after your ears stop ringing, you would ask that lovely bride of yours how she chooses Rockwell hardness on her fry pans she uses for corrective devices? She mumbled something about the point on my bald head having a tendency of deforming her pans. Puc
  5. You don’t have to apologize here, this place is full of twisted demented minds.
  6. Thank you all Veterans for all that you have done and continue to do. Welcome home!
  7. Eileen and I are spending the weekend on the lake. Got here on Friday and unfortunately, heading home tomorrow morning. First time at this lake. We are staying at Green River Marina near Campbellsville, KY. Instead of a houseboat, we opted for a floating cabin this time. They are very nice inside and it’s been a relaxing time. We brought the Waverunners and have gotten a lot of riding in already. Weather has been perfect. Sunny skies and temps in the mid 70s. Sure hate to go back home. Beautiful lake.
  8. Well @wsantosf, Let me answer your question from personal experience which I shared here a long time ago. I was working on my bike before I had a lift doing an oil change. To help level the bike I placed a 2x4 under the kickstand putting the bike much more level. I guess I didn’t realize how close to the “balance point” it was. As I was putting on the left side side cover I gently pushed on it to seat it in the rubber grommets, and that’s all she wrote! I couldn’t stop it and watched in HORROR as my baby made an unimpeded fall to the concrete on the right side. It was then I realized
  9. I'm sure I've posted other beer brewing topics here in the past. I've been home brewing for many years but have not brewed regularly for a few years. Mostly because my system was cumbersome and time consuming in clean up. I could do 10 gallon, high gravity batches but my brew day was 6-8 hours per batch. I just picked up a Brewer's Edge Mash and Boil with Pump system. It's a lautering Tun and boil kettle in one set up. Now, instead of having a hot liquor tank, mash tun, and boil kettle with separate heating sources that took up 10 feet of counter space and a good bit of floor space, my 5
  10. Eileen and I actually got out for a ride Friday afternoon. Hard to believe that we had such a nice day this late in November. Left about 2:00 and rode maybe 150-200 miles. Ended up in Bellville, OH and stopped for dinner. It was dark when we left and the temps had dropped into the mid 50s. Had about a hour ride home and it got a little cool but we were dressed pretty well for it. Had a great time and it sure felt good to get the bike out. Back into the 30s and raining again now. Might have been the last ride of the year for us.
  11. With the outpouring of support, I wanted to give you an update on where we are with the rebuilding of the Shim Kit. I purchased a new Plano tackle box to replace the broken one from Dick's Sporting Goods. It arrived today, and I have attached a pic. The reason I chose this particular tackle box is because it would fit in a USPS Medium Flat Rate Shipping Box. With the shipping and Insurance running around $18.00 each way, I didn't want to go to a larger box because of the increased shipping costs. It's a tight fit, but I am able to get around 120 shims and all of the tools I send with the kit s
  12. OK...I'll do my best. Yes, followers are the same thing that friends list was. Just a different name. Yes, the old one its a thing of the past., VR Honor Badges is gone. There are a couple of options for something similar but I'm still studying them. From what I've read, both are pretty buggy right now. Hou can still PM a member. It's Called "Messaging" now. Hover over somebody avatar and a popup will show "message", "ingore", and "find content" which is other things that user has posted.
  13. Please forgive me for the above post, If it was out of line. It was never meant to open Pandora's box and start a controversial thread. I don't know enough about American politics to have an opinion one way or the other. I only wanted to express my sincere hopes that however the vote goes, that at the end of the day, it's the American people as a whole in health and freedoms that walk away from this election as the true winners in the long run. I also apologize to you @Freebirdit was never meant to hijack your thread. Best Wishes to all of you.
  14. I've been watching this thread. My reply is going to be fairly short but hopefully will answer one of the questions that has been answered. First of all, this thread has turned far from what it was written for. Secondly, it has certainly become political, any way you slice it. Normally I would have already deleted all the political posts but I know that tensions are high right now and people feel the need to express themselves. I still think there are plenty of websites that are designated strictly for political discussion and you that feel strongly about arguing the points should do it o
  15. I had to give this some thought, and had to re-read what it was that was posted. I think it could be two-fold. One is that politics has no place here, and it would not be hard to inject some political thoughts into the discussion and hence delete this whole thread. I do have to compliment those involved, on staying mostly out of that arena, although I bet there may have been some erasing done before posting. Two, would the discussion on how the whole Covid situation is being dealt with, or not, what effect it has, or has not, how it might or might not have an effect on the lives of h
  16. I'm definitely going to get it running before dumping major time into the bodywork. That should be the easy part, if the guy was shooting straight with me. And it was my friend's dad that gave me this thing, so I fear incompetence far more than malice in this case. Even before that I need to get the title changed over. It hasn't been registered in a looong time. Hate to register something that might never see the road. On the other hand, I'd hate to put a bunch of work into it and find out there's a problem with the paperwork. I like where your head's at for sure. Unfortunately, a
  17. Look at the back of the engine just above the drive shaft boot, if it is like mine it is covered in road grime.
  18. If you look at all the unacceptable conditions on the chart you will see why I do not use it since 9 times out of ten it is the unacceptable conditions that take place. Pretty much the only time you get an acceptable result is when using new and perfectly clean oxidation free wiring. The method I use as explained earlier is much more forgiving and reliable specially when working with older wiring.
  19. Had some rather large, dead branches way up high on a tree, overhanging where I usually park the cars, so I rented a 55' lift to get up there and cut them down. The lift BARELY got me there, but I got 'er dun. Was a bit squirrely up that high running a saw, leaning over the side of the basket. The main branch that I was worried about was on the tree to the right, just at the Y.
  20. You have to watch out for those retired Navy Guys. Welcome to the group.
  21. A mind like a rusty steel trap, never know when it's gonna snap! Aviation Mechanic Structures (AMS) 3rd class petty officer (AMS3)
  22. Somewhere in my long life of back yard wrench spinning I picked up the slang for the "Oil Cleaner" or "Strainer" as calling it an Oil Pan and, right or wrong,, that stuck.. @N3FOL, Tip, Tweeks and I made the run out to Lake George/Americade for the unveiling of the new bike and then out to Sturgis that fall to demo them so we had a pretty good chance to look em over. Here are a couple vids of the SVTC/Eluder under glass from Sturgis. I do not recall seeing an "Oil Pan" on the new 113 in all that crawling around them/checking them out, I did actually look for one on a demo bike at Sturgis caus
  23. I had mine done and had a front tire installed, the whole cost was close to 1700 it was the 16000 mile service. Come to find out no the valves did not need to be adjusted. If I recall correctly, Long Haul Paul had his checked at 50,000 and they were fine he hasn't had it done since had over 100,000 on it the last I heard.
  24. yes a great n heart felt THANKS to all the veterans and there families for all that they do and have done , so that all of us can enjoy the freedom's we enjoy!🤗
  25. We had something similar on the old site. I've added "Unanswered Topics" in the menu under the "Browse" tab. I think that this is an important feature. Especially as we try to welcome new members into our family. I know that it can be disheartening when you join a site, ask a question, and feel that you are ignored. It is not usually the case but feels that way to the new member. It's just easy to overlook questions, especially if they are asked in a from that is not often visited. So please, from time to time, take a look at the "Unanswered Topic" page and lend a hand when you can. Th
  26. It seems that most people didn't like the "moon" icon for changing the color of the theme so I've removed it. You can still switch between dark and light by going to the bottom of the page, clicking on theme, and choosing the VentureRider Light theme or the VentureRider Dark theme. Your choice is saved when you come back to the site and you can switch back and forth at any time. If you are one that actually did like the "moon", you can select the theme with selector from the theme menu.
  27. Packed a lunch and went for a ride.
  28. Thanks Earl, for just being you. You are what I think a lot if not all of us inspire to be. You is a great example of generosity, caring, and guidance.
  29. Thank you everyone! I am a bit embarrassed and humbled at the offer. It was NOT my intension to ask for money for the replacement of the shims, but merely to vent my frustration with the loss of the Shim Kit that I have been adding to for the last 12 years! LUVMY40, I have received your donation, and I thank you very much! Jason, I am willing to buy your shims to replace the lost ones as well as pay for the shipping. my friend! RDawson, my dear friend, it was MY pleasure to loan you the kit. I just wanted to ad that the reason I started loaning the Shim Kit was to give my fellow VR.ORG Member
  30. How bad would it be shipping wise if you picked up one of the pelican type case from harbor freight?
  31. After my sad experience with the Motion Pro manometers, I decided I didn't want that type of gauge. Using tees I connected all four gauges to my hand held mityvac and checked. All 4 gauges read the same. So, I'm happy with the gauge set.
  32. I have a few mowing rules. 1. I hate mowing. 2. I will always be the last person on the block to mow for the first time in spring, and NEVER before May. 3. I hate mowing. 4. I will always be the first person on the block to mow for the last time in fall, and NEVER after September. 5. I hate mowing 6. I NEVER fertilize, that only makes for more mowing. 7. I hate mowing. 8. Drought and that lovely shade of brown that grass gets to is a good thing, I NEVER water, that promotes mowing. 9. I hate mowing. 10. NEVER EVER will I mow twice in the same w
  33. I've been restoring our Memoriams Page. You can find it under the "Browse" tab at the top but I'll probably make a menu tab for it. Still have a couple to add. Will get to it very soon.
  34. I believe that I have all our deceased members added back to the memoriams page. If you can all take a look at the page I would appreciate it. There are two or three members that I only had partial names for or could not remember their reel or usernames., Please take a look and reply here if you can help fill in the blanks. You can find it by clicking on "browse" and then memoriams. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  35. Take a deep breath gentlemen. Respond if you will, but before you post, re-read your dialogue Please.!! Some of this is good to share, but lets keep it in the flavour of sharing. Give out info if you will, but anymore personal pointers and things go POOF!!!! Let's just put a new rule in place. When posting to this thread, or any thread like it.... speak to the chair, not the individual. Sound fair? Lets see how that works.
  36. As a general rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. Ricks performance sells a decent performance stator, slightly higher output. There's not enough room in the case to put a HO stator as you need more windings to accomplish that. Personally I would go with the factory Yamaha reg/rec as it does just fine. One of the main culprits of the reg/rec failing is a dirty connector where it plugs into the wire harness. If the ground wire is dirty it wont shunt properly and builds up heat snd melts the connecter causing the unit to fail. I always use dielectric grease in those types of connections to h
  37. Personally I do not see either side or anyone I know laying down our weapons, sticking our heads in the sand hoping the enemy just walks away Ben. There is a big difference in approach to Communist China's open attack on the free world by each party in the U.S. though. Personally, I am privy to a lot of the science behind the virus (I have a daughter who is front line on the research and development of tools for handling it) but I truly have no better access to this knowledge than anyone who wanted to trash listening to Gov propaganda and do their own research. Just to bring you up to speed,
  38. They're made for doing precisely that, so I'd be all for using them for stator and reg/rec replacements.
  39. It’s all good my friend. The bottom line though is I know I will never please everyone. I’ll continue to try though. Thanks for owning up to it though.
  40. I totally. understand. I want to make it clear though. This was not change just for the sake of change. The server software was outdated. The system we were using would not run on the newer software. I had gotten notice from the hosting company that the old PHP software was at "end of life" and was obsolete. That created security issues with the server and I was told I had to update or the site would be taken offline. That's the long and short of it. I completely understand their side of it and my choice was to update the site or take it down. Taking it down was not an option for me.
  41. We had something like this on the old site but I just added it to this one. This feature is enabled for Supporting members and Moderators only. Basically it allows you to ignore posts or entire forums. When you click on a forum, Watering Hole for example, you will see a button that allows you to ignore the entire fiorum. Alternatively, you can ignore single posts. If somebody starts a post in, example again the Watering Hole, if it is of no interest to you then you can go to the first post of that thread and click ignore. Ignored posts and/or entire forums should not show u
  42. I am 100% sure that either POTUS candidate will continue the aggressive approach to Covid that has been being taken under our current administration. Without a doubt, the production of ventilators and Vaccine research that America knows the world depends on will not be ceased no matter who wins in Nov IMHO. The U.S. people will remain united in its effort to conquer the evil that the Chinese Communist Party released onto the world. On the same token though, and I know this is deeply an American thing and I personally would never expect a non U.S. Citizen to understand the depth of this bec
  43. Boy oh boy do I want to reply to that, but being the nice little rule follower I am I’ll leave it alone. No politics here boss nope none whatsoever.
  44. RDawson


    Hopefully the punch marks are denoting that the 2nd gear issue has been fixed.
  45. I’ve heard it the other way around. Eating group with a riding disorder.
  46. But we bring so much more to the table it’s worth y’all paying to see it. I’m not saying if it’s more knowledge, wisdom, humor, or pure BS.
  47. @Patch Me wrong never, well maybe never, you know I might be wrong about that. I had thought the 99-13 were the same and have been buying parts under that assumption, but you know what assuming does to you.
  48. Hey, you were obviously there and just don't remember.
  49. Ok, let's look at it from this perspective: I work for a manufacturer, although in an unrelated industry. Nobody knows a product and it's limitations better than the company who designed and manufactured it. The vehicle manufacturers do not design or manufacture tires. Tire manufacturers design and manufacture tires. Vehicle manufacturers buy tires from tire manufacturers just like we do. The recommended air pressure as per the vehicle manufacturer should match that of the tire manufacturer of the tire selected by the vehicle manufacturer to be the OEM tire on that vehicle. When the tir
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