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  1. Flushing the tank may not be possible? or is it? When I flushed my Kawa tank, I used a paper shop towel to filter the gasoline and reused it. Vacuuming inside the tank is probably not possible? Just wagging here.
  2. Do a search in the tech talk forum and there are discussions of an aftermarket tci that might be available.
  3. That idle mixture screw needs freeing up. Was it stuck when you disassembled the carbs? Idling way too fast usually means a vacuum leak. I would suspect a leak between the carbs and the engine, the "manifolds" or carb holders.
  4. Yeah, the tank looks good after cleaning! Good Job!
  5. Welcome jafso! Lots of reading to do on this site in the tech sections. Feel free to ask any questions you like.
  6. One of those infrared thermometers would be useful in determining the temperature of the exhaust pipes and therefore which cylinders are not firing.
  7. Unscrew the spark plug caps from the wires and look at the copper core in the wires. The seal between the cap and wire is not waterproof and the copper core tends to corrode. If corroded, you can usually snip off a half inch or more of wire to get to clean copper. You may want to check the caps resistance. Factory caps are 9 to 10k ohms. Aftermarket NGK caps are 5k ohms. A weak spark will require a richer mixture I think. By the way, the starters on these bikes are weak. It was about 91 before Yamaha went from a 2 brush starter to a 4 brush starter that cured the slow hot start. The later starters will swap out with yours
  8. That's a slick piece of equipment! And they are not that expensive!
  9. My old 85 Kawasaki ZN700 actually has a voltmeter! There is a button on the tachometer that when pushed shows voltage! Just some useless information....
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