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  1. Almost all, if not all, medicines have side effects that don't appear to affect some but do others and there is always the possibility of the dose you get not being exactly what it's supposed to be, poor quality control. Being an old coot now, I'm taking meds that I didn't used to take. I research the drugs to determine the known side effects, and if I experience them I decide whether to continue taking that drug. One of my tongue in cheek sayings that I have come up with is, "There are a lot of powerful drugs today that can extend your life but sometimes the side effects are so bad you wish you were dead." Ha!
  2. When my 81 year old sister got covid, she was sent home and told to take tylenol. She got worse and spent a few days in the hospital taking several weeks altogether to recover. When Trump got the virus, he was given many drugs.
  3. I'm running Firestone Destination ATs on my 2002 F150. I was leery of buying Firestones but Brigdestone bought the company the last I remember and they had a C load rated tire that was two sizes larger than my stock tires (265/70x17) that I felt I needed for driving on the beach. Most of the tires in 285/70x17 that I wanted were E load rated and I thought they would ride too hard. They are wearing a little faster than the Michelins I had on it before but they are running quiet and smooth so I'm pleased with them so far. I have shinkos on my 07 RSV.....
  4. Really sorry you had problems with the covid shot. Hope you recover quickly and completely. Which shot was it?
  5. I stumbled across this video and thought you guys may want to see it.
  6. BlueSky

    Vogel 2021

    Has anyone heard from Skid? He always goes. I hope he is okay.
  7. When so many people were laid off with great benefits, they repaired their motorcycles. I was told by a guy at partzilla that they were working 7 days a week trying to fill all the orders. I suppose that combined with the virus has caused a backlog for many things. The chip shortage among other things has caused a low inventory of new trucks. Even RAM is giving tiny discounts now and you will probably pay sticker or more for a toyota truck.
  8. When I checked the float levels in my 89, as I remember, I put slightly larger tubes over the ends of the drain tubes and it was very easy to check the levels.
  9. The float level can be checked without removing them. Check the manual. A clear tube is connected to the drain and held up to see where the level is. Adjusting the level is a different story.
  10. Have you checked the engine compression? I would do that first just to make sure the engine is okay.
  11. Tires don't fail that often these days but they do fail. I've needed a spare tire when on the road 5 times that I remember in the last 21 years. An oh by the way, if you own an old F150 close to the vintage of my 2002, the cable that holds the spare tire tends to break especially if you tighten it too much. Mine fell off somewhere on the highway. Hopefully it didn't cause a wreck behing me. I was not aware of it falling off. I bought a spare wheel from a salvage yard and a used tire from a local tire shop while I as in Homestead, FL. The new cable replacement from Ford has a spring on the end that reduces the tension on the cable keeping it from breaking. The NHTSA tried to get Ford to recall the affected trucks but they refused.
  12. I have a short video that was emailed to me long ago of I believe Canadian snipers shots in Afghanistan. Anybody who would like to get this video, pm your email to me and I will send it. It shows the devastating power of the 50 cal sniper rifle. Squeamish may not want to see it.
  13. Checked my RSV (I thought) and rode it to an inspection station in order to renew the registration. Turns out the low beam headlight doesn't work but the guy passed it anyway. Then rode to the license plate office to renew it and my two trailers. I looked at the owner's manual for the headlight bulb and it only says it's 60/55W. Why the heck doesn't it identify the bulb number? How do you get to it on an RSV? Oh, last month I found out that my Kawasaki at 35 years old doesn't require an inspection any more to renew the plate.
  14. Check the fuel filter to try and see if it is full of rust particles. Add some seafoam or fuel injector cleaner with PEA to the fuel tank to help clean up those carbs.
  15. Try pinwall cycle in Ohio. They sell lots of bike parts. Also, if you look up the part numbers of what you need at partzilla and google those specific part numbers, sometimes that will find what you need.
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