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  1. Sounds like a big project. Check the compression of the engine before you spend too much money on it. if you have the time and the interest, go for it!
  2. Look on craigslist for a mechanic. Some motorcycle mechanics take work on the side. Many shops won't work on a bike that old because it could turn into a very expensive repair that causes the owner to just walk away. If you decide that you would like to try repairing it, perhaps you could rent a storage unit for the duration of the job?
  3. Those big block mid 60's corvettes cost as much as a small house don't they?
  4. I recently had an issue with my rear brake going soft and then not working at all on my 07 RSV. Turned out the diaphragm in the top of the reservoir had fallen to the bottom and was blocking fluid from gravity draining to the master cylinder.
  5. The listing has been deleted so I assume it has sold. Not surprised at that price.
  6. https://raleigh.craigslist.org/mcy/d/fuquay-varina-1989-yamaha-venture/7211148793.html
  7. The engine definitely has problems. It should be way stronger than the 96 and you should not be feeling vibration in the handlebars. If you are changing plugs, check the compression while you are at it just to make sure the engine is healthy mechanically. it's always possible that it has been hydrolocked.
  8. RK means Harley Road King And I guess TD means Harley Tour Deluxe?
  9. Wow Puc! You two covered lots of miles this summer!
  10. And of course, put some seafoam or fuel injector cleaner with PEA in the gas to help clean up the carbs.
  11. A very strange coincidence happened to me one time. It was 1996, one week before I started my first temporary contract engineering job in Nebraska. I liked driving 1 1/2 hours to Myrtle beach on the weekends to a favorite dance club. I had been divorced for 9 years. I met a lovely lady from Kentucky who was at Myrtle Beach for a week. We had a great time together. The next week she called me trying to get me to come back to see her but I was so busy getting ready for the trip to my job in Auburn, NE that I didn't have time to go. Friday, I had everything done with my car packed so I left
  12. When I worked at the DCCook Nuclear Power Plant in MI on a temporary contract job, I stayed in South Bend, IN. I heard on the radio that my next door neighbor in Wilmington NC who is a standup comedian (Basile)was performing at the comedy club there. So, I went to the performance. He later told me that not only was I there, his next door neighbor, but that the guy who lived on the other side of his home was also in town on business and was at the performance. Strange coincidences happen sometimes. I guess no matter where you are there may be someone there witnessing what you do and can ra
  13. Yeah, anything that doesn't come out of the CDC gets deleted by our tyrant anti-1st amendment tech companies. Don't wear a mask. Ok, we lied to you. Wear a mask. The latest from the head of the CDC was that wearing a mask is more effective than taking a vaccine.
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