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  1. Would love to ride down but I'm scheduled for a total hip joint replacement on the 27th. How much fun can you have! LOL!
  2. I think you nailed it Puc.
  3. I just think an air cooled engine is the wrong choice for a big heavy touring bike. Years ago I remember reading a Los Angeles county police test of potential police bikes and they tested everything including oil temperature to see if it stayed within the manufacturers specs. The spec for the oil temp on the Harley was 400 degrees F! It was 300 for the BMW R bike and about 260 for the water cooled bikes. It just seems to me that 400 degrees is pushing it too far. And the Harleys came close to the spec limit in their testing.
  4. Well that wasn't it. I changed the setting to search for posts since my last visit and it still takes about 10 seconds to search. Oh well.
  5. Well dang! I think I solved the problem. The search for unread content was set to search for the last 365 days. I had never noticed that there was a time setting! Ha! Dummy me!
  6. The other forums I participate in do the unread content immediately. I doubt it's my computer. It's less than a year old and I bought the latest chip. Takes about 10 seconds.
  7. I always click on unread content to see what is new and it always takes a long time to do the search, about 10 seconds. Is this normal for everybody? All of my other forums react immediately when I click on a similar feature.
  8. And the rear brake grips really well, maybe too well!
  9. I checked the rear pads on my 07 and they were wearing evenly.
  10. Could the uneven rear brake pad wear be related to a rear wheel alignment issue? Just wondering?
  11. My only experience with TPMS is with a 2013 Ford Focus rental car that warned me of a tire being low at 30psig. And my wife's 2013 Infiniti gave her a warning when one of her tires got down to 30psig. So, they worked okay in those two instances. It's hard to check the rear tire on a RSV so a TPMS on that would be convenient for sure. I've never had a vehicle with TPMS. My truck is 20 years old and my car is 17 years old. And I love my old clunkers! 2002 F150 4x4 and a hemi powered 2005 Dodge Magnum.
  12. Yeah, Puc has enough worn out MK I's that he could supply most anything I bet..
  13. Skydoc was looking for some rear brake parts.
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