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  1. Yep, governments reducing tax revenue is a rare event indeed. Reducing spending never happens. Okay, the latest in my covid saga is that my wife went back to work a couple months ago to an office where many other people work. One guy's wife caught the virus. Now, another guy has it. She was feeling poorly all weekend and is feeling worse today and is going to be tested as we speak. Crapola!
  2. I don't know how they make the vaccine now but I think back then, they injected you with a "dead" or "weakened" virus. Anyhow, I'm convinced the vaccine gave me that terrible bout of the flu back then. Mistakes are made. It's that simple. I did get the first Pfizer vaccine yesterday. Seems to be going okay so far.
  3. My county has been getting sporadic doses of the covid vaccine. The priority 1B folks (over 75) are eligible now and I called when I was noified a week or so ago and couldn't get through until all of it was gone. Today I was able to schedule a shot for this Sunday through the hospital's web site. It's going to be the Pfizer vaccine. Hope it works. The last flu shot I got over 30 years ago gave me the worst case of the flu I could have ever imagined about 3 weeks after the shot....
  4. My wife is a big believer in taking supplements. And she has convinced me. I'm taking several, one of which is Turmeric for my arthritis twice daily and glucosamine chondrointin once a day. I'm convinced the Turmeric helps. Twice a week I'm also taking a mulitvitamin, zinc, selenium, vitamins C, D, B, garlic, fish oil, and CoQ10 along with several prescribed meds for ailments. I remember when I was 50 and didn't take any meds... At 76, it seems to take a lot. All these modern meds prolong life but the side effects are so bad, you wish you were dead!
  5. The upper line is a vent and does not need to be connected to anything. I haven't used mine on my Venture but I think the bottom line should be connected to the suction side of the fuel pump. I have used mine on my Kawasaki but it doesn't have a fuel pump.
  6. If you can't get in touch with Carbon_One, there are similar lift adapters on ebay for cheap. BUT, they don't have the legs which is a very nice feature.
  7. Yep, I use only ethanol free gasoline in my motorcycles, boat, and lawn tools. I also mix gumout with PEA with the gasoline for those engines. It helps. My wife will only buy ethanol free premium for her hot rod 325hp EX37 Infiniti. I'm too cheap for that. I use the ethanol gas in my car and truck.
  8. Yep, my Kawa ZN700 4 carbs will plug up really quick from sitting. I use gumout in the fuel a lot and try not to let it sit for more than a couple weeks without running it.
  9. Use one of these to check the level while astride the bike holding it upright. If the level is too low or too high you can lean the bike to one side or the other until you see it. https://www.zoro.com/ullman-inspection-mirror-replacement-3-12inl-k-2r/i/G9992297/feature-product?utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=shopping feed&utm_content=free google shopping clicks&gclid=CjwKCAiAouD_BRBIEiwALhJH6F10mR-RE4w7PS9rN_gNtoEUVuzbu8gNIYVi617-TvjAO-lNlHaa-hoC4vYQAvD_BwE
  10. Well, my 81 yr old sister came home or rather to her daughter's home today with an oxygen bottle so hopefully she will survive this virus. She didn't have any major health issues before. Her daughter and her husband have already recovered from the virus.
  11. I'm not sure you can believe the reporting from many countries. The USA is over reporting the covid cases and many countries are underreporting. If India loses a few million old people, they might be happy about it. Same with China. China has a big problem in that their one child policy has resulted in relatively few workers to support the old people in retirement. If they lost a few million old people I'm sure the communist leaders would be happy about it.
  12. I saw in the news yesterday that a couple guys who were shot to death tested positive for covid so the cause of death was listed as covid on their death certificate. I think it was in Colorado. There seems to be so much contradictory information coming from everywhere that you can't fully believe anything.
  13. I don't need no stinking dirt bike!
  14. We were wondering what you were up to Cowpuc! Nice to have you back on the forum!
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