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  1. Thought I would give an update on the surgery. It was to happen tomorrow but they canceled it as I checked positive for covid on Friday. Now I don't know when it will take place. I told the nurse that they can schedule it for any time they want but the last two weeks of this month I will be in the deer woods and no cell service where i will be.
  2. I still like my Venture but I also have a V-Star 1300 tour and I just got a 95 Road King that was my brothers before he passed.
  3. I have been to a couple rally's where they had bike demolition derbies, but this would be fun to watch.
  4. Thanks all for the well wishes. We will see if they get it all on the 8th.
  5. I will be going in for an operation on my right lung on Nov. 8 for cancer surgery. I didn't know anything till I went in for a check up so I could have eye surgery. The doc didn't like how my breathing sounded so more tests were done. Cat scan showed a small spot on right lung so he ordered a CT scan. It showed a spot about the size of a nickel. The Biopsy was negative but the doc is not convinced of that. I told the Doc that it seemed like 2010 all over again. That is what the Doc told me then.
  6. I am getting a few of the older bikes myself. Just got a 95 HD Road King that was my brothers before he lost his battle with heart problems.
  7. After 56 years of smoking, On April 9 I said I quit and haven't used them since. No more coughing and gaging because I could not breath. I can breathe a lot better now. The only thing I can't understand is why I could not do it years ago, and I did try. I didn't think it would be so easy this time. I put the empty pack in the trash and said that's it I am done.
  8. Don I am glad everyone is OK. I thought it would be totaled when I saw the pic.
  9. Woody is that the Wildfire lift? That is the one I am saving my pennies fore and I will get it little later this year.
  10. Junior have you found a seat yet? If not I have a Saddleman Road Soffa seat you could try. It does set a little lower and is not quite as hard as a Corbin.
  11. Steve I was the other person that made the bracket you are looking for. I used 3/16 metal and bent it into a 90* "Z". The metal size was 3"x4".
  12. I have bought several rifles this year in Remington 700 BDL's. And not one pistol but when I do it will be a Ruger 57 not for carry. I have a Springfield 45 compact or my Remington 1911 45. If I have very loose fitting jacket I could carry my 44 super red hawk.
  13. Celia and I will be there if every thing goes to plan.
  14. I had my eyes checked for new glasses on March 3 and was told it would take about 10 days to come in. Well they are still in the mail somewhere as I haven't got them yet. Called the eye doctor last Wednesday . They do not have a clue as what happened to the shipment of glasses for 8 customers. They contacted the lab and was told that they would expedite the order and ship overnight mail and that IF the other order was found that we would get both pairs of glasses. I told them that I wanted a refund of my money.
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