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  1. Well you can tell her what I said to mine. Come on Grandma lets go for a ride.
  2. This story sounds so on track with me. I also took an 18 yr. hiatus from riding. Not all from family things but I just lost interest. In late 04 the itch got under my skin and in May of 05 I bought my brothers 03 Venture and put 96,000 miles on it so far.
  3. Sorry to hear this Ben. Prayers up for the family.
  4. Yes Puc I did post a pic of my 1911 a while back, and it is a single stack not double. Gmarshall that is a sweet looking Kimber. I had a Kimber SR 40C but I could not hit anything with it so I put it on trade for my Kimber 280 AI.
  5. I haven't seen too much 223 but the shops around here seem to have a lot of 556. I don't use them but I do have a few guns that I reload for. My problem is finding brass for one that I just bought. unless I buy loaded and then shoot for the brass, It is a Weatherby mark 5 in 257 mag. I am not worried about primers or bullets as I have plenty as With this cal. I load for two other riels #1 Remington 7mm mag. and #2 Kimber 280 Ackley Improved.
  6. Just saw this. Prayers for a full and speedy recovery Earl.
  7. The only reason I don't own one is it is too tall for me to reach the ground.
  8. I was in the woods for two weeks, NO Internet No phone. Best time of the year. When we got home I had 469 emails, I hit the delete button without looking at any of them.
  9. I am not done yet. We did finish up this week on Berkeley co. schools (32 of them). One more for the town of Hedgesville next week and Mine and my son's next week then we head to camp for Hunting season.
  10. Puc like said above. Check their website for more info. They will have a buyers premium on what they sell. It can be 10% to 25% and transport can get up in price also. I have went to a few auctions close to me and I have bought and sold some. Best advice is to check everything out before you start bidding. OH! Good Luck.
  11. Yeah Puc I was watching that also but my pick was the 69 Roadrunner conv.
  12. I have had that happen too many times. On one ride I got hit by his hind foot, it just grazed the front wheel. That was closer than I ever want to be on a bike.
  13. Sorry to hear this. Condolences to the family.
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