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  1. Tried 89 octane ethanol free gas today. The old girl actually likes it.
  2. I did nothing….. absolutely nothing for the first time in weeks on the trike 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Looks nice. Hope it works out for you.
  4. This will be my last post on this issue. Took my friends carbs and replaced the needle and seat assembly with KL parts. Thoroughly cleaned them. Float levels were good. Put it on and the bike fired right up. Took it for a test ride and she's running just fine now. Even the sync wasn't that far off. Im going to be out 500 bucks on this. Make no mistake about it. However. In any future dealings with any PayPal transactions, it will be as goods and services, not as a gift. At least that way it would give you some recourse. Ride safe and have a great Thanksgiving
  5. Happy Thanksgiving. What is this snow that you speak of?
  6. Prayers for a great outcome
  7. I think the whole point is being missed. I paid for a highly touted carb rebuild exchange that was supposed to be a plug and play operation. I shouldn’t be going through what is basically my own rebuild to find what’s wrong with it. I paid for a product and now, because it’s not working properly I have no recourse. Sometimes it is what it is. Stand behind your work, not refuse to help or correct it because of some arrogance. Since it’s a rebuild exchange I would have no knowledge of just how the set might have been treated by whatever previous owner it belonged to.
  8. Another update: took the rebuilt carbs off for a third time now. Ran cleaner and compressed air through everything. The floats were way off too so I adjusted them to V7 Gooses settings, just like I did with my old 99. I found absolutely NO debris anywhere in the carbs or lines. Nothing in the needle or seat. Nothing in the flow chamber under the needle/seat. Even did the float test on each float and they were fine. Fired up the bike and within a few seconds, fuel was spilling back out the overflows once again. Only logical thing that I can come up with is its either a deeply crude passageway or a bad body. Now, ill say this again. I have extensive knowledge of the RSV. Learned through many years of working or customizing it. I even have 1st gen experience. Bottom line is that I gave this "plug and play" rebuilt carb set from Eykamp every opportunity to work. It is obviously a bad set. Unfortunately Eykamp refused to acknowledge and correct it and now has ceased all communications with me. He does not stand behind his work. So while many will defend him, I cannot. Im now out 500 bucks with no recourse. A good friend gave me a set off a RSV that he will be parting out. I know the set runs but im ordering a new KL rebuild kit and will replace the seats and needles myself. 86 bucks for the part and its not rocket science. Take this warning for what its worth. A warning. And in the future, if its a business transaction on PayPal, send it as such. At least you will have some type of protection.
  9. I thought long and hard about putting my current issue here on the forum but at this point I feel that a fair warning is needed. I have been a member here since its inception until 2014 when I sold my RSV. One of the first things that I have done when I bought my 2005 RSV trike was to rejoin. The camaraderie and others willing to help each other out is amazing. So, without getting into the whole he said, she said thing I'll just lay out the basic facts and go from there. I also know that this person is well liked here and other forums but my dealings with him have been less than stellar. I know your opinion of him won't change and I'm good with that. Im just relaying MY personal experience here. My trike developed the dreaded carb gas into oil leak and needed to be rebuilt. Everyone said to go with Mikes rebuild exchange carbs. I spoke with Mike and agreed to send my old carbs in exchange for a rebuilt set. Ill add here that I had replaced just about all of my fuel lines and a new filter so there will be no issues. Started it up and fuel was coming out of the overflow. It eventually stopped, and after synching the carbs it ran great until it started blowing gas back out. A call to Mike had him insisting that some debris from MY fuel line would be found in the needle. Took the carbs off, checked each needle and seat, found no debris and blew some light compressed air through. Put it all back together, fired it up and all was well until I rolled out into the driveway and started leaking fuel once again. Ran Seafoam into it and it finally stopped. Took it on a 60 mile ride and all was great until I got home and it happened once again. Now the carbs are off for a third time. Once again there is no debris visible unless its old stuff blocking one of the passageways. I then requested to send my carbs back for another set or my old set. Lets just say things went downhill from there and I now find myself basically shut down with no solution and out 500 bucks. I was trying to keep the conversation civil but it didn't go that way. Whether we see eye to eye on something or not, personal feelings are not to be in play when this was nothing more than a business transaction. Also, this isn't the first major purchase I have made with him. But that fact didn't seem to matter. He is refusing to even acknowledge my messages. I liken this experience to buying an appliance. You supposedly get a warranty. However, when you try to use that warranty all the company wants to do is assign blame first in an effort to not cover it. He claims that my issue will be the first carb issue as all of his previous rebuilds were fault free. Well, there always one but I also know of another set of carbs that had issues and it took the owner about a month to sort it out. So, take this for what it is. A fair warning. Those who have known me over the years also know that I have been very thorough and meticulous with any work that I have done on any of my bikes. At 67 I no longer have that desire to continuously work on my bikes but it has to be done out of necessity. One other thing. I made the mistake of following instructions and sent it as a gift through PayPal. Bad move on my part as it took away any recourse that I might have had. Treat people the way you would want to be treated.
  10. That is beautiful. I miss my ultra something fierce. If I had my choice on a trike it would be an ultra with the Hannigan kit. I’m not a fan of the tri glide
  11. Wow, sending prayers 🙏🏻🙏🏻
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