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  1. Update: found a set on flea bay 🤣 Looking to see if anyone has an intact set of front fork deflector brackets. Noticed that my left one is cracked and new ones are on indefinite back order.
  2. Definitely needs a flush with new fluid
  3. Finished the last of my tape striping last night. Some was freehand and some was precut from a company called Twisted Chrome. They do nice work without breaking the bank.
  4. Wow, I have no words. Don, you have done a fantastic job since the site was first formed and have maintained it well. Meet and eats as well as maintenance days spawned from here. Your personal dedication to the venture community will not be matched. Unfortunately we get older and changes will happen. Step back knowing that you have done well and take care of your personal life. I certainly won’t forget you and your contributions to the motorcycle community.
  5. A good friend, Ken, bought this 05 trike last July that was originally owned by EDS. His 03 had much custom artwork and over the last year he, with a little help from me, transitioned most of the paintwork and chrome forks over to the trike. Last thing was matching the silver body. That was recently completed and last week we mounted the body. End result looks pretty awesome.
  6. There was a Duracell in there last year that was about 5 years old so I replaced it with another Duracell
  7. I had both eyes done in May. Right eye was a cataract and it was fully covered by insurance as it was done with standard surgery. Left eye also had a astigmatism and laser would be a benefit but it was out of pocket. I opted for the laser. Now I’m 20/20 in both eyes. Still need mild readers (1.25) but overall I’m very pleased. No more prescription glasses! And Don, my wife is in a similar situation. One eye has macular degeneration and she only has outer vision. Her “good” eye is pretty bad with astigmatism and cataract and the dr feels that she can correct it but since it’s the only seeing eye left she’s really hesitant about getting it done.
  8. I just figured it was an error. Surely I couldn’t have pissed someone off that early in the day😳🤣🤣
  9. This was a wrapped fairing that was on my trike when I bought it. One thing to keep in mind are any imperfections on the surface will come through the wrapped surface. Surface prep is just as important with a wrap as it is with paint
  10. Totally agree. 4 qts of Mobil 1 and a KN filter from Walmart is about 60 bucks. Good thing at our tender age, we still have the ability to do our own work. Note that I did not say “flexibility”🤣
  11. While it could be any number of gremlins (believe me I know) it almost sounds like a pinched wire grounding out somewhere under the battery covers.
  12. Ibuprofen 800 worked great for me with the flu and later on with Covid. Feel better soon
  13. I bought them on eBay.
  14. If you buy this kit it will have the gaskets. Might as well use them.
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