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  1. Hey Tom, It is my belief that at least two pistons on the right front caliper are "frozen" and are no longer pushing the pads against the rotor. The 2 pistons are usually on the side opposite the Banjo Bolt. The right front brake lever ONLY controls the right front caliper! If you want to have BOTH front calipers engage, you must use the foot pedal as well. The intent of the De-Link Kit is to allow you to use BOTH front brake calipers when you use the right front brake lever, and engage the rear brake when you use the foot pedal. The De-Link Kit IN NO WAY effects the Anti-Dive Valves on t
  2. Hey Tom, First off, Thanks very much to Saddlebum for the props! Now to clear up some of the items you mentioned in this topic. I offer the De-Link Kit to separate the left front from the rear caliper because I didn't like my left front engaging in a high bank turn, or in a loose roadway like gravel. Even though the First Gen. is supposed to be a "Touring Motorcycle" , I ride it like it was an FJR or even an R6 on occasion. I offered the De-Link Kit to other riders who share the same passion and ride in a similar style. I have the ability to make ANY line you would like to replace on ANY
  3. Hey Steve, Sad to see ya' go, buddy! You can still hang around if you like. Heck, we let Freebird hang out with us during his HD midlife crisis! Don't be a stranger! Earl and jean.
  4. Hey Cowpuc, I apologize in advance if I take this thread a bit off topic but I wanted to touch on the extent I went to, to try and solve this issue with the overheating stators. I actually machined ONE "modified" stator cover from 6061 T6 Aluminum Billet. It increased the oil volume in the pan by 1.1 quarts and moved the face of the stator cover almost 2 inches away from the stator. It worked great and allowed me to put a stator that came close to 100 amps of output in my 87'VR! You would think that this would be a win/win for the First Gens. Heck, you could run a Toaster Oven on your bike if
  5. First off, Thanks Pucster for the props! The reason the part number has changed for the MKII is that the stator was upgraded for the MKII model, and the MKI had been discontinued in production as of the time of the upgrade. Physically, the MKII stator will replace the MKI stator. The rectifier housings are the same for both MKI and MKII Models. Now this only pertains to the stock Yamaha Stators and R/R's. Aftermarket is a different animal. There was a time when I was having High Output Stators wound locally, and they produced incredible amperage! the problem was that the stator cover was so cl
  6. Hey David, In an effort to answer your original question, It is NOT just your bike, and it is done to keep the forks from bottoming out due to the lack of air pressure and your 32 year old fork springs. The stock springs were not designed to run with zero air pressure, so the computer won't let you run zero air pressure. You will need to crack a connector to bleed the fork system of all air pressure, and it is suggested that you do so. I hope this helps, Earl
  7. Gee Scott, I am very glad that you can through this unscaved! Your ingenuity in a crisis situation was commendable. I am with Cowpuc on how important it is to change your valve stem EVERY time you mount your new tire! Because I work on more bikes than many, I have seen valve stem failure more than most. I fully understand that it is an extra expense, and in the case of a tire mounted at home, might be some added work, BUT I can not stress enough how important it is to replace that valve stem when you change that tire, EVERY TIME! Scott, you are a very lucky person, no doubt in part to you
  8. Hey Ben, Thanks for the props!! Now Jacob, It would be easy to tell you that the Friction Discs on Ebay were made in China, but the more important point is the fact that new friction discs are NOT going to address the failed part in your clutch which is the Clutch Diaphragm Spring! There are two ways to go here, Switch to the Barnett Clutch System, (don't get me started on putting a 70's era clutch on a 21st century motorcycle!) or go with a heavy duty clutch diaphragm spring and upgrade the 1/2 friction disc in the rear of the clutch pac with a FULL disc. I offer a kit that provides the
  9. ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END! (Or so they say!)I am officially back to work at my "Day Job" starting Monday, March 15th, 2021! All of my kits I offer, as well as the Shim Kit Loan are being offered again. The only exception to this would be the Block Off Plates. My wife has eased up a bit about letting me out in the shop, FOR NOW! I have been warned that if I come in from the shop "all beat up", that will be the end of that, so to speak. I can't tell you how grateful I am to be sitting here still on this planet, and chatting with this wonderful group of people! So, if anyone needs the S
  10. Hey Dion, The issue was about the fact that USPS wanted to take possession of ALL of the remaining Shims, the Bucket Tool, and the rest of the tools in the kit and THEN pay me the #200.00. The contents of the kit that made it back to me were worth WELL over the $200.00 offered. I declined to accept that pultry offer, and opted to keep everything that made the trip, and rebuild from there. I hope this clears this up a little better for you.
  11. I thought I would add some additional info on the use of VMAX parts on a Second Gen. The First Gen. VMAX Heads are NOT useable on the Second Gens. The Second Gen. heads have a set of mounting holes that connect the top of the engine directly to the frame, unlike the MKI and MKII First Gens. which have an extra set of frame mounting points on the engine block. The VMAX Cams are a direct bolt on fit in the Second Gen. cylinder heads. There is enough "meat" in the heads to machine for the larger Intake Valves. The First Gen: Second Gen: and VMAX Exhaust Valves are the same size. With the taller t
  12. Happy Birthday Don, from Jean and myself! I always said, "your the friskiest old guy I know", and I mean it! I hope you have many more, my friend! Earl and Jean.
  13. Hey Everyone, This will be my final update on the Shim Kit Saga. I received word from USPS saying they were NOT going to honor the Insurance Claim because they were used parts, and I wanted to keep the shims that actually made it all the way home! In other words, they would take possession of 55 shims, the Bucket Tool, Feeler Gauges, and the busted up case, and give me $200.00. I said, "No Thanks"! So in the future, I won't be wasting my money on USPS Insurance! On another note, The "New" Shim Kit is all back together, with about 90 shims in it, and all of the tools you will need to complete t
  14. Hey Zach, Hey Ben, Thanks for the mention! Saddlebum is correct I offer a kit that De-links the front and rear brakes and replaces every rubber brake and clutch line on your motorcycle with Kevlar lined, S.S. covered material. It also uses a modified VMAX front brake splitter. The MKI VR's (1983 to 1985) had the two piston front and rear calipers with the 80MM spread on the front caliper brackets. The MKII VR's had the four piston front and rear calipers with the 100MM spread on the front caliper mounting brackets. Since the early R1 and R6 Calipers all have the 100MM caliper mounting bra
  15. Hey Tyler, Welcome to the VR.ORG Forum! I recently had a triple bypass surgery, but am feeling much better now. If you would contact me at:   skydoc17@gmail.com     we can chat about what year your bike is, and what I can offer you.

    I apologize again for the delay in getting back to you,

    Earl  (skydoc_17)

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