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  1. Ah Pucster, Thank you brother! Like you said, with my head laying sideways on the puter desk that pic looked quite normal to me ! (Actually, I tried to rotate that pic several times, with NO luck!) Jean said she used the Pork Chops in light oil heat treat method which never fails to render me horizontal on the computer desk! In the case of your Magus Cranium Brainium, we could be talking something in the 50 cal. weight to get thru that kanoggin' of yours! Just sayin'!! Thanks again, my friend! Earl
  2. My wife slapped me on the back of the head with a fryin' pan and said, "You better not be lookin' at neked women on motorcycles again"! Before I could even open up your post! THANKS A LOT, BROTHER!! Nice pics, I wish I could take pics like that. Y DA' MAN! Earl
  3. With the outpouring of support, I wanted to give you an update on where we are with the rebuilding of the Shim Kit. I purchased a new Plano tackle box to replace the broken one from Dick's Sporting Goods. It arrived today, and I have attached a pic. The reason I chose this particular tackle box is because it would fit in a USPS Medium Flat Rate Shipping Box. With the shipping and Insurance running around $18.00 each way, I didn't want to go to a larger box because of the increased shipping costs. It's a tight fit, but I am able to get around 120 shims and all of the tools I send with the kit s
  4. Thank you everyone! I am a bit embarrassed and humbled at the offer. It was NOT my intension to ask for money for the replacement of the shims, but merely to vent my frustration with the loss of the Shim Kit that I have been adding to for the last 12 years! LUVMY40, I have received your donation, and I thank you very much! Jason, I am willing to buy your shims to replace the lost ones as well as pay for the shipping. my friend! RDawson, my dear friend, it was MY pleasure to loan you the kit. I just wanted to ad that the reason I started loaning the Shim Kit was to give my fellow VR.ORG Member
  5. Two weeks ago, I sent out my shop Shim Kit with a set of new gaskets, like I always do. On the weekend of the 24th of October it was returned to me in a timely manner. Only this time, there was white and RED USPS Tape all over one corner of the box. I was immediately worried as I have NEVER had the Shim Kit Box returned to me with any trouble what so ever. When I opened the box, to my horror I saw that the outer case that the shims were in was crushed! Even worse, when I opened the outer case, there were a half dozen canisters that would normally be filled with shims EMPTY!!, and a large hole
  6. Thank you very much Don, for ALL of your hard work to keep this forum functional! You sure do go to a lot of trouble just so a bunch of "Old Guys" (and Gals) can complain about their motorcycles! I still don't fully understand what you get out of all of this trouble you go to, (other than a headache!) but I for one am very grateful that you do what you do! You Sir, are MY hero!! Thanks again, Earl
  7. I have often joked with my wife saying, "If I would have known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself"! Dale was one of the kindest, smartest people I have ever met. His creative ability was unmatched. In his mind, he could see things three dimensionally. To some degree, I also enjoy this gift, but nowhere near the level this man could. I personally have been dealing with some physical limitations as I have gotten older, but I don't know if I could handle loosing my ability to think and remember. why is it that the kindest, most gentile, and intelligent people
  8. Hey Terry, Try these two links to solve your slipping clutch issue. https://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?144048-FIRST-GEN-MKI-(83%92-to-85%92)-HEAVY-DUTY-CLUTCH-SPRINGS-UPGRADE-KIT! https://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?139138-First-and-Second-Gen-7-New-Genuine-Yamaha-Clutch-Friction-Discs! I hope this helps! Earl
  9. Hey Terry, Welcome to the Forum! What a beautiful Bike! Looks like you have a gem there. You didn't mention the mileage, but In the following order I would address the following things. Coolant, and quite frankly, ALL fluids Flush. Brake Fluid Bleed, Clutch Fluid Bleed, and Engine Coolant Flush. The next thing would be to check to see if the Radiator Fan is coming on. If not, then you will need to address this issue If this doesn't help, then I would look at replacing the thermostat, thermostat housing cover, (this cover is plastic and warps with time) and the O'Ring on the drain plug, as wel
  10. Hey Todd, Welcome to the forum! Now, about those brakes. Check the Master Cylinder for the Right Front Brake. It's on the Right Side Handel Bar. If there is very little fluid in the master, then the right front caliper is leaking. The rear master cylinder is located under the small black cover close to the passenger foot peg. I would bet it is the left front leaking. That's why the rear brake gave out, low fluid. As was said, the left front caliper has a set of smaller pistons than the right front. The rebuild kits for the right front and the rear are the same. The left front is different.
  11. Hey Mark, I just Google Mapped Buckingham, I am about 4 hrs. West of him. I'd be glad to help if I can! Earl
  12. Hey Mark, I am in Duncansville, Pa. Near Altoona, Pa. What can I do for your friend? Earl
  13. Anyone Remember Rod Serling? Just Checking!
  14. Hey Don, Thank heavens you are OK! Because I have worked in a Machine Shop all of my adult life, Safety Glasses have been mandatory for me! Whenever I do ANYTHING outside of the house my Safety Glasses are my "Go To" Glasses. It has become second nature to me. My wife on the other hand is a much different story. Over the weekend she was working in the garden, and flicked dirt in her eyes accidentally. The safety glasses I gave her were in her apron pocket...as usual. She felt pretty foolish washing her eyes out in the kitchen sink for over an hour. Be careful with your eyes everyone, you only
  15. Hey Don, I'm not sure what's going on with the link, but here it is again! https://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?139140-First-Gen-VR-(1983-TO-1993)-Fuse-Box-Upgrade-Kit! If this link doesn't work Don, then please feel free to contact me at skydoc17@gmail.com The kit is still available, and I would be happy to chat with you about it. You can always PM me thru this forum as well. Hope this helps, Earl
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