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  1. Your thinking is spot on. Take half a can of seafoam in a full tank of fuel and take a nice long ride. The sync never hurts anything and throwing a set of us in is a good start on maintenance you know has been accomplished.
  2. You're in the right spot to learn about it. I've had 4 of the 2nd gens, which is what you have. I had the same bike, bought it new in 08.
  3. The gauge on an 84 and in reality all 1st gens tend to run towards the hotter side. In reality they're not a very accurate gauge. Unless it buries itself, that sounds about normal. Make sure the coolant is topped off and the radiator is clean between the fins and run it a bit.
  4. Carbon One doesn't make the lift adapters anymore.
  5. The gears in the Venture are strait cut gears. The bike has a very distinctive sound while it's running. I would wager that you're hearing normal sounds.
  6. I was only a 1/4" off lol, I have a set on my 02 with both plates out. It's not obnoxiously loud, but sounds good when I get after it.
  7. If memory serves me correct, a 7/8" holesaw on a 18" 1/4" drill bit. There's 2 baffle plates in the HD mufflers. Drill the back one out 1st and see how you like the sound. If you want it a bit louder, drill the front one out.
  8. Drill the baffles out and they will sound much better without being obnoxious. I've had a set on my RSV for about 4 years now.
  9. Rob, It would be a bit more helpful if you clarify what tube you're talking about and it's location. 1st thing I'll ask is how full is your oil sight glass?
  10. I bought mine when Yamaha offered it as an accessory. I believe I paid around $30 for it. I've had it several years and it shows it. Nancy at Aces High is a hand crafted piece and will last a lifetime.
  11. You could do that, or just get some thin rubber sheet to place under the D ring base to keep the 2 dissimilar metals from touching. Use stainless bolts and allow well with the world 👍
  12. As far as tie-downs, I would bolt steel D rings through the cross frame braces and not give another thought to it.
  13. 1 step at a time brother Philippians 1:6 6) being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
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