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  1. If I don't break it, y'all surely won't lol, until we meet again my friend be safe.
  2. That looks like a very cool museum 👍
  3. Lonna was with me, she's like my selfish stick without the stick 👍
  4. Had a great meet and eat with Bob and Mike. Looking forward to doing it again 👍
  5. Y'all still planning on making it to Coldspring today Bob?
  6. I'm really enjoying watching your rebuild, it appears your quite handy with a lot of things from editing to mechanical repair 👍
  7. There's a little origami that needs to happen if you try to change it without all that removal. Thinner forearms and small thin fingers are very helpful, neither of which I have 😕
  8. On my 2nd gen I sit on the bike, keeping it strait up and take an extendable inspection mirror and check it like that.
  9. Hey Alex, Lots of info in the forums, take the time to search the tech talk area and specifically the 2nd gen area. There's manuals you can download and plenty of folks that will help you along.
  10. Change all the brake fluid out, front and rear brakes and the clutch. Depending on how old the battery is, $120 is cheap insurance to make sure it will start consistently. 75k isn't nothing for these bikes, I have 120k on mine with no major issues.
  11. Good luck with that, I'm looking for one too!
  12. I've been using a Carbtune for 15 years, haven't had any issues and it's been all over the USA.
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