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  1. https://www.denniskirk.com/v-factor/air-shock-pump-20120.p284223.prd/284223.sku
  2. That's exactly what I was thinking as well.
  3. That could be your culprit right there. Seafoam will clean sludge out of an engine as well.
  4. Looking at the pics of the valve cover gasket, it looks pretty worn and cracked. Did you start using synthetic oil in it? I started having leaks on an 86 I had once I started using synthetic in it after I bought it. The synthetic oil will clean sludge deposits and sometimes with older gaskets and then the sludge getting cleaned out of age cracks, they can start to seep.
  5. Most RSTDs I've seen have a short passenger backrest on them. Is that not the case with yours? Are you looking to have a taller sissy bar, or just something for passenger support?
  6. Absolutely, certain Dutchman have a knack for making pepperettes 🙂
  7. Welcome to the group, lots of goid info here on pretty much whatever you want to do with your bike.
  8. Swung a leg over it and had a beautiful 54 degree ride into work this morning, gonna be in the mid 80s going home 👍
  9. Yeah, I want to try something different. I've been on 1st and 2nd gen Ventures since 2004. Had 5 1st gens and 4 2nd gens. It's time for something a little different. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, I love all you nuts here, especially you crazy Canadians!
  10. Thanks for all your efforts for us brother.
  11. Good on ya Puc! As long as you're enjoying yourselves and puttin wind in your face, life is good 🌞
  12. Good on ya, I'm hoping to get rid of my RSV this year and get an F6B Goldwing. It's ironic how we can become so attached to these machines.
  13. Fishing sounds much better
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