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  1. Welcome Chris, You might want to check into a Works or a Hagon shock for your bike. I've heard about someone who has rebuilt the stock shock, but I'm not sure on who that is.
  2. Welcome back to the great Republic of Texas!
  3. How are they holding up? I take it that the coil is all contained in each one of the caps without the use of a separate coil body?
  4. No worries brother, the door is always open here in Shepherd Texas for you. That's awesome about meeting your son!
  5. I've been searching a bit, trying to find a thread or post of anyone who has replaced their coil or coils with something aftermarket. I still think I have an intermittent coil issue. I wouldn't mind replacing coils, but looking for a more reasonable option than mamayama. Has anyone got some input if they've done something like this?
  6. A '91 we would refer to as a 1st gen MKII. '83 thru '85 are the original 1200cc motor (MKI) '86 thru '93 are the 1300cc motor and a body style change (MKII)
  7. We have had a saying here at VRO, plan it, and they will come. Give plenty of notice on the date so folks can work their schedules. If 1 other rider shows up, it's a success 👍
  8. Welcome to the forum Dusty, lots of information and great folks here 👍
  9. Welcome back brother 👍
  10. That's better known as the choke. Sometimes the linkage isn't set right and can tend to keep the enriching circuit open and this will cause the bike to run rich. The actual mechanical portion of it is on the side of each carburetor.
  11. $250 for both bags and $75 for the dash as long as they are in good serviceable shape.
  12. There's plenty of VR brothers all over the country that woukd be more than willing to give a hand if something happened on your trip. You only live once, git after it and plan it! Hell, I might have to take a couple days and catch up with you 👍
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