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  1. bwahahahaha.... Made it to the park entrance and had to duck under a roof as the rain came! Coming down now!!
  2. Finally made it into town, found the motel and dumped our gear. Grabbing a bite at the BBQ joint and will then make our way to KOA.
  3. so where are we all gathering to meet as we arrive?
  4. Did someone say TEQUILA!!???.... my favorite beverage!!
  5. Gave the beast a good wipe down today, cleaned the screen, checked the tire pressure and gassed her up. I will finish packing the bike tomorrow morning and hit the road around noon on this adventure. My anticipated route will create a round tip of 3164km....or 1966miles. Probably won't sleep a wink tonight......LOL.
  6. Dang.....tried Cowpuc's suggestion with the lead.....didnt work....and yes, I am pushing the key in when trying to lock it.......no joy.
  7. Handlebars were all the way to the left........I wiggled it.....I jiggled it....I spoke nicely to it.....I swore at it.....I offered to never ride another again.....no joy. The ignition will not turn all the way to the lock position.......almost but not quite.
  8. Have an 09 RSV.......the ignition switch seems to work as it should except it wont lock. IO can turn the key almost all the way to the lock position but it feels like it's not going quite far enough, and won't lock. Can't pull the key out in that position. Is this a common problem with a fix or should I be preparing for an ignition switch failure?
  9. Beautiful work gentleman....but I still want to know....what is wrong with some good German Schlagermuzik? LOL
  10. No problem Saddlebum....we can sit around a fire with a few beverages and talk it over.
  11. Dang.....I'm getting itchy for this event. Will be leaving home Thursday afternoon to ride to my cousin's in Westfield, NY. Leave there Friday morning....take 2 or 3 days to get to Atlanta to see family, and then head to Ashville Wednesday. Haven't done a long ride like this since my new hips and knee. Can't wait!!!!!
  12. So what is the best way to correct the inaccurate speedo on my 09 RSV. Heard about a Speedo Healer...... any suggestions?
  13. It was a driver's backrest that was on my RSV when I bought it
  14. OK, the boards are sold. Just the backrest left.
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