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  1. They are holding up well so far. Yes the coil is contained within the caps.
  2. Tina and I would be interested. Ron
  3. I switched to coil over plug set up, here is a link to the discussion.
  4. Number 20. It is a spacer behind the plate, I think it is the number four carb.
  5. Puc I would check elsewhere for your prints, I work in a central booking facility and if someone has a finger that can't be printed there is an option to skip that finger with reason selected. Ron
  6. I did get lucky, just wanted to post this so if anyone else is looking to purchase these just found more on eBay for about same price.
  7. I just googled part number 5EA-1111G-00-00 and found them on e-bay for $47.00 for all 16 seals. Only took about 2 weeks to get them. Wasn't in a huge rush so saved about $150 by waiting. Ron
  8. Yes I completely removed the factory stereo and cb system.
  9. Prayers for a complete recovery.
  10. Prayers for comfort for your entire family. Thankfully no more suffering. Ron
  11. I am happy with the phone holder, been using it for about 65,000 miles or so. Had my phone in it a couple years ago when we wrecked my first venture, my phone stayed in the holder during the slide and only came out when the bike dug in and flipped. Ron
  12. I used the existing wires. I removed the plug end from the original stereo and connected the amp wires to it so I could plug into the bikes wiring without having to cut the bikes wiring. Yes this is a amp that will blue-tooth music from your phone to the amp. I used the original bike speakers. I think they sound fine. I wasn't expecting a lot of bass just wanted clearer sound, I think that the extra watts put out by the amp makes the sound a lot clearer. Ron
  13. It mounts in the same place as the original. I had to make a bracket to attach it, but it wasn't hard. Ron
  14. I've had one of these installed since 2016 big improvement. https://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Motorcycle-Bluetooth-Amplifier-Powersports/dp/B074X456TN/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=marine+grade+bluetooth+amp&qid=1609132766&sr=8-6 . The control is almost identical size to the original. Ron
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