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  1. If you can find a used set of Tour Deluxe cables they are two inches longer. I installed Deluxe cables on mine after installing the risers, got tired of messing with the cables to stop the throttle binding. Ron
  2. So sorry to hear that, he is definitely in our prayers. Ron
  3. 1000004098.mp4 I was tired of not being able to see out of the stock mirrors on my 2018 Venture so I made master cylinder clamps with mirror perch mounts built in and installed lighted turn signal mirrors on the bars. I then went ahead and did a mirror delete on the fairing by adding lights in place of original mirrors. Thanks to Steve for making me the wire connectors that match up to the original harness to make it all work. 1000004092.mp4
  4. I think it is part of the AIS system. Part number 22. 22 CASE, AIR CLEANER 4XY-14857-00-00 In Stock $65.99 $49.64
  5. I'm always interested if I can get the time off work. Not sure how far you are from the triple nickel, but I was considering riding out this Sunday and Monday to ride that area. Ron
  6. Just walked in the house. Between idiots, accidents and construction took 13 hours to go the 700 miles today. Had a great time looking forward to getting together again. Pictures and video to follow when I get rested up. Ron
  7. Tina and I would be interested if we can get the time off, had a great time last year. I think the extra days would be nice for those who travel from pretty far away.
  8. Did you check to see if it is just the valve core leaking? I remember a couple people thinking it was there shock that was bad and it ended up being the valve core.
  9. Sorry for your loss, it's never easy but especially when it is unexpected. Prayers for you. Ron
  10. Tina has been asking about highway pegs for her, since nobody is making aftermarket parts for the Star Venture. I decided to make my own design. She wanted her feet to be out more than forward so this is what I came up with. The floorboards still fold up out of the way when I'm riding solo.
  11. Between the rain and wanting to ride when it was nice out, I finally got a chance to get the bike cleaned up. I also decided to try my hand at hydro dipping my side covers instead of polishing them.
  12. I started to polish my side cover but decided to hydro dip them instead.
  13. I think he is talking about the couple standing behind Skid.
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