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  1. I was swapping out motors when I found the high output stator was burned. The motor that I was installing in the bike had a stator that looked new when I pulled the cover so I just stuck with it. Ron
  2. I tried the high output stator several years ago and will never use it again. I pull the cover off after only about 12,000 miles on it and it was already burnt half way up the stator from the heat. I got a shindengen rectifier from http://roadstercycle.com/ and matched it with a stock stator, been running this set-up for about 45,000 miles with no issues. I have an volt meter installed and with this set-up I run with 14.2 volts consistently. I ordered the The Super Mosfet Kit FH020AA this kit only uses the three stator wires coming to the rectifier and includes a harness that goes directly to
  3. My brother in law bought a trunk off of Ebay to put on his nomad, when it arrived there was no key for it. He contacted the seller and was told that he didn't have a key for it. I had a couple of key blanks for a venture so I took a tumbler out of one of the helmet locks and inserted the blank into it and measured, marked, filed and continued until no lock tabs protruded from the tumbler. I then took that blank to a hardware store and had them cut both sides of the second blank from the one that I had filed, the key works great. It takes time and is tedious but you only need to file one side
  4. If you change your own tires shinko 777HD is the way to go. I previously used commander II tires and liked them. This year after reading post on here about the shinko 777HD I decided to give them a try since I change my own tires. They have the best grip of any tire that I have tried on my bike. I just changed out my rear tire after 8,000 miles, and the front should last through two rears. I was getting between 15,000 and 16,000 miles on the commander II's, so it really all comes down to what you are looking for. Ron
  5. Glad it appears to be healing and back to normal. Ron
  6. I installed a shindegon rectifier from ROADSTERCYCLE.COM, it doesn't cause unnecessary heat like the original shunt style rectifier's do. My bike charges more consistant than ever 14.2 volts. Ron
  7. I Know this is a old thread just figured that I would post here instead of starting a new thread. My 99 venture fuel gauge blinks right after fill-up and continues for about 40 miles, after that it works normal until I refill it. I checked the manual and the blinks show a bad sending unit. I tested the wires, replaced the sending unit and even tried another dash assembly and still have the same result. Wondering if anyone had this issue and if so what were the fixes. Thanks, Ron
  8. WIZ

    Asheville 2020

    Looks like Tina and I will have to wait another year to attend this rally. Both our jobs are now requiring 14 day quarantine for anyone visiting north Carolina. Hope all that attend has a great time. Ron
  9. Tina and I made it home around 2:00. Had a great time as usual. Missed all of those that couldn't make it. Hopefully things will be back to normal next year so we can all get together. Ron
  10. We are heading out around 1:00, hope to be there between 8 and 9 tonight. Ron
  11. You have to purchase a DRD or speedo healer to adjust the sensor reading. Ron
  12. WIZ

    Asheville 2020

    Vacation planned and room booked, hope it's still on. Ron
  13. I installed these https://www.denniskirk.com/khrome-werks/chrome-10-in-bagger-bobber-ape-hangers-1-in-handlebars-300200.p5900142.prd/5900142.sku along with 1 1/2" risers. The bike is much more comfortable now.
  14. I have about 25,000 miles on the on that you repaired for me. I had a hagon shock on after mine went and before you started to repair these shocks, but i like the way the bike rides and handles beter with your repaired shock than the hagon. Thanks again ron
  15. All four cylinders should heat up about the same. After about thirty seconds or so you shouldn't be able to touch the pipe coming out of the heads on any of the cylinders. I think that your pilot circuits are still plugged up. Also the settings on the pilot screws are not usually the same. I had mine adjusted with an exhaust analyzer and they were all different, the front two screws seems to need to be out further than the rear ones. Sometimes the pilot circuits are tough to get cleaned. If you are cleaning them with spray cleaner you have to remove the pilot jet and pilot screws, spray cleane
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