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  1. The weather for Rally looks AMAZING!!!! 86/ partly cloudy 88/ partly cloudy 86/ partly cloudy 85/ mostly sunny
  2. Stargazer Lilley & I would like to thank everyone who was at the WNY Rally and gave so generously to Operation Toy Soldier in Memory of BongoBobNY. We collected $250 and several toys which we will be delivering this week.
  3. Star Gazer Lilley & I will be collecting toys and or cash at the rally to donate in Bongo's Memory for anyone who would like to donate but can't make it to his services. Below I have included some information about Operation Toy Soldier. We hope you will join us in honoring Bongo in this way, Mark & Cheryl Operation Toy Soldier has been very satisfying for us. Why would a bunch of funeral directors collect toys for the children of deployed soldiers? When we found out that the holiday season is a stress point for deployed soldiers spouses we wanted to get involved. Our goal here
  4. This breaks my heart, continued prayers for Bob & Becky
  5. Continued prayers for Bob & Becky
  6. Thank you for the updates Prayers for Bob & Becky!!!
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