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  1. ET Rider has a new 40171 Facet for sale it is a buy
  2. that is one beautiful bike congratulations
  3. Drews


    Happy Anniversary Marca And Carl
  4. Drews


    WE here in Michigan are locked down at home down so tight I have to stay Home and Destroy my own stuff maybe i'll try giving myself a haircut maybe COW PUC can cut my hair:rotfl::rotfl:
  5. :parrots:Yes we have to all shelter in place since march 10th we can come out when all the businesses are broke
  6. Drews


    sorry for your loss
  7. I can live with everything that's happening with this viruses but just the thought of Bubber not wearing anything i can't get it out of my Head it's worse than PORN it's living in my Head RENT FREE i'll have to see Doctor COWPUC and that will cost :mo money:BIG MONEY old puc don't work cheap if he is seeing any patients
  8. Happy Easter to all
  9. Thank You cow puc finally a language i can understand
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