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  1. Be very careful when using comresed air to extract brake caliper pistons. They can move quickly with extreme force. You could easily lose a finger if you are not careful.
  2. You really need to clean those pistons befor compressing them. I just use a piece of wood that fits and a couple c clamps.
  3. I'd love the flag and will gladly gift the bells to someone else if you just need to get rid of them.
  4. I've got about 1/4" "wiggle" at the pivot and a good 3/4" slop from the linkage. Shifts nicely.
  5. Best bet is to take it off and clean it up with hot water and dish detergent(Dawn) or Simple Green, Puprple power, etc. You want to take a look at the breather hose anyway.
  6. But you will have to pay the core charge on the new battery!
  7. The methanol levels are really pretty low, but methanol can be nasty so it's best to get rid of it at any level. That old white lightning adage had more to do with the bootleggers using lead radiators as condensers.
  8. Yes, the Ventures have a clutch safety switch. They should start in gear, side stand up, clutch lever pulled.
  9. Technically, distilling alchohol for human consumption without the proper licsensing is illegal. I highly doubt the Revinuers are going to knock down your door if you make up a batch of whiskey for personal use. Do be careful, you need to discard a portion of the distillation as it contains methanol in small quantities and can be dangerous.
  10. Milk stouts have a lactose/lactic acid adjunct. Some chocolate stouts have a chocolate flavor added. Some just get a chocolaty flavor from the grain bill.
  11. Brewing an Imperial Milk Stout. First batch at the new abode. It has been far from smooth as we are still unboxing stuff and I could not find a couple key pieces of equipment. Fortunately, we are about 4 blocks from a very nice home brew supply house. Make Beer, Not War!
  12. it could be as simple as the port on the intake boot being clogged/blocked. It could be the carb is not seated in the intake boot. Any large leak after the carb. etc.
  13. It's not loose when the float is pushing it up into the seat.
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