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  1. All, Kris' surgery went well yesterday! 10 hrs. on the operating table. She is in SICU recovering and was semi awake(still loopy on sedatives) last night. Thank you all again for the support!
  2. Nice. I'm considering getting an LED system permanently installed. The kind that are programable for different seasons/holidays and can be just neutral accent lights as well.. We've never really been big on exterior decorations as our previous house was butt ugly and not on the beaten path. Now that we are in our forever home, one that has some inherent curb appeal and sees a good bit of foot and vehicular traffic, I think some effort spent in decorations would be OK. And fun!
  3. I thought it would be nice to see what everyone does for Christmas lights and decorations. My modest out door lighting: And our Christmas Tree, waiting for the kids and grand kids to finish the decorating. I can't figure out why this is posting sideways and can't seem to fix it. Oh well! Please add pictures of your decorations!
  4. So, for those that are not in the 3D printing rabbit hole, that video is time lapsed. That print was about 1 hr. nd 15 minutes. from start to finish.
  5. Printing a Christmas tree ornament in vase mode on my Ender 5 S1
  6. We finally got Kris' surgery scheduled with the VA hospital in Cleveland. She will get her second zipper next Thursday. She is in very good health and, while this is still a serious operation, she should have a better go this time than she did 20+ years ago. Please keep her in your prayers for the up coming procedure.
  7. If it stays nice today, I may have to make a renegade run this afternoon! (I didn't renew my tags yet)
  8. No, we never found a Vento wire diagram. We were working from Yamaha schematics for the 250 Virago.
  9. Gasoline with ethanol gums up and clogs the small passages in carburetors very quickly when sitting. Does the bike have aftermarket exhaust and/or high flow air filters? I can see no other reason to re jet these carbs. The OEM jets provide plenty of power and decent fuel economy. I would question the quality of work done on the carbs. Just in general, most shops do lackadaisical work when "rebuilding" carburetors.
  10. For any of the newer members: Steve's products are high quality, easy to install and his technical support is top notch. Don't hesitate to purchase from him if he makes what you need.
  11. I've been looking for a right rear header pipe.
  12. I'm actually in need of a right rear header pipe if the '07 exhaust is in decent shape. I have a small hole at the muffler joint. I've patched it a couple times, but it keeps opening back up.
  13. Did you vacuum sync the carbs after cleaning them?
  14. RANGE REPORT: The GFY-1 does not like the Fiocchi Defense Dynamics 2-3/4" 00 ammo. Not enough oomf to cycle the action. I had a few 3" 00 of unknown brand and they ran fine. My hand loaded 2-3/4" hot 1 oz. 7.5 shot trap loads ran fine. The Fiocchi is only rated @ 1250 fps. I've never chronographed my trap loads. I'm going to be on the lookout for some higher velocity 00 rounds.
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