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  1. OOPS! Just realized your are just trying to unload this!
  2. Do you have a compression tester? If so, run your own compression test. Throttle wide open with a booster on the battery. I prefer to run compression tests with the carbs pulled, but that is a fairly major undertaking on a GEN 1 MK2. You don't want to pull the carbs unless you absolutely have to. Any way, run your own comp test. If you find a low reading, add a bit of oil to that cylinder through the spark plug port and run the test again. If you see any measurable increase in compression, you probably have worn rings or a scored cylinder sleeve. If you don't see any difference, it
  3. Does the smoke smell "sweet" or like gasoline?
  4. White smoke and contaminated oil indicates a blown head gasket most often.
  5. We use these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/YAMAHA-ROYAL-STAR-VENTURE-HELMETLESS-INTERCOM-HEADSET/350471381216?hash=item5199b8e0e0:g:VJ4AAMXQJRhRZZNU These are available for helmet mounting: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-Royal-Star-Venture-INTERCOM-HEADSET/250839625790?hash=item3a6734f03e:g:Lq8AAOxyVVJSBvt7
  6. Does anybody remember the Ford SUV that was rolling over all the time? IIRC, that was found to be due the reccommended tire pressure from Ford being way too low. Any kind of sudden latteral control change at medium+ velocity resulted in the tires peeling off the rims and the truck rolling. Huge lawsuit over that one!
  7. I think this in response to one poster commenting that he was surprised at the pressure increase in the rear tire after riding. This is just an assurance that as long as you set the pressure cold at OR BELOW the tire Mfg. Max Pressure spec. you are safe as they account for heat expasnion when designing the tire.
  8. I picked up a couple pieces of 2.5" expandable aluminum duct from amazon a few years ago. They scrunch down to about 4 feet long for storage and extend to a bit over 8 feet long. I just crack the door enough to stick them out and hang a beach towel to block the draft. It works well enough. I've never left it running like that for more than a few minutes but I've done that a dozen or more times over a couple winters with no issues.
  9. Don't beat yourself up! I still can't find the LICENSE PLATE for my '86 Royale! I finally gave up and got a new plate.
  10. I can't say for certain, but wouldn't the Yamaha dealership be able to look that up with the VIN and proof of ownership?
  11. https://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?146279-Stock-Sliponn-Mufflers-Free-to-good-home Here you go!
  12. I seem to recall there being a set of factory RSV slip ons in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum. I picked up a cheap pair of HD take offs from a local performance shop when I thought I might have a bad muffler. Turned out to be a crack in the header pipe right after the rear heat shield. Muffler repair tape and heavy duty hose clamp fixed it right up so I didn't try the HD mufflers. I'll keep them for emergency spares.
  13. There may be a plastic suiteable for making this tool. I would imagine that there definitely is a suiteable plastic. It's probably not going to be 3 D printable. 3 D printers have come a long way in a few years and they are capable of some pretty fantastic production, but the extrusion type makes pieces that look nice and are fairly sturdy but they would never stand up to the pressure and friction involved with compressing the valve springs of the Venture. Not to mention the contact with petroleaum lubricants. There might be a Resin material for the resin type 3 D printers that would work
  14. It would have to be printed with a metal printer which are still far out of the hobbyist price point. There are several 3 D Metal print services available, but that tool design may be patented. They probably also have a minimum run threshold. Still, it might be worth looking into.
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