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  1. If the bike will go up on the center stand, the frame is not broken. That doesn't mean it won't break later. You cant see the rust issue as it rust from the inside out. At he very least, you will need new brake lines and rebuild kits for the MCs and calipers. I'd bet the tires are too old to trust, even if they have good tread. The carbs will likely need cleaned at the very least and will probably need rebuilt. If she starts up and idles with no choke, you are probably OK. Keep in mind, these bikes sound good and will still feel powerful running on three cylinders.
  2. The Reda cans have been out of stock for a couple years now. I have not checked at any HD dealers but a local performance shop that used to sell them said they can't get them any more.
  3. Welcome, my Black Cherry Brother!(I have the same ride, minus the custom speakers and accents.) I get more compliments on my "Custom Paint" than I ever got with truly custom paint!
  4. XXL from Nelson Rigg. The $29.00 covers from Walmart are actually very good dust covers and decent weather covers for a couple seasons.
  5. Like Marcarl said, anything secure/heavy enough to keep the front end down while you work on the rear. I think I used a bucket of scrap metal last time I did this.
  6. Help from a friend. Getting it up on a 2x4 is going to be quite challenging by yourself. You really don't need the extra height. If you are going to use my suggested method, make sure you use a ratchet strap to secure the center stand in the down/forward position. I'd use a 2x6 at least. You don't want any chance of knocking it off when rocking the front end down. .
  7. Kris and I would do our best to make it.
  8. Just stick a thumb in it! Ordered a couple shirts. It truly is a miracle he survived this.
  9. I haven't heard from BlueBeard since this post.
  10. Welcome Back Steve!
  11. Thanks for the link Heimdog! There are several clubs within a few miles of the new house. I'll contact them when I take posession next week.
  12. I haven't had to replace the throttle cables on CC equiped model, but the left side fairings have to come off to replace the throttle cables on the standard model, so it's a safe bet they will have to come off for you as well. Possibly the right side too.
  13. MK1 or MK2? The MK1 makes short work of removing the rear tire compared to the MK2. I wouldn't say either is dificult but there is a good bit of prep work to get to actually removing the wheel. Follow the service manual and you will have no problems. There are some short cuts that work, but I would advise going by the book the first time around. One good short cut, if you pay close attention and do it safely, allows you to remove both wheels from the centerstand with no lift. Set up on the center stand, then use a ratchet strap from the center stand to the fro
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