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  1. Great news Earl! Prayers for a speedy rouperation and a long life ahead!
  2. Berryman B-12 Don't leave it too long, it is fairly aggressive. Just follow the MFGs directions.
  3. Yep, I've never "Made Money" on a used bike. What I have done is log a bunch of miles for a little $ and usually end up getting enough out of them to start the next project when I get bored with the current ride. Though with the Ventures, I can't say I've gotten bored with any of them. The '83 is still fun to ride, the '86 is still SO comfortable, and the '06 is just stunningly beautiful. If space wasn't at a premium, I'd never get rid of any of them.
  4. Nope. M&P Mags right now. It can be set up for HK, M&P, Beretta or Sig P320 mags. Not quickly but fairly easily. The Glock mag variants are Glock only.
  5. Take down 10/22? I like the butt stock. Looks nice and light. I sold off a couple safe queens to buy my '86 XVZ. Much as I like having nice shooters, I like riding more than looking at the collection pieces. We did just pick up a Keltec Sub2000 in 9mm, multi mag. Haven't gotten it to the range yet and already did a trigger job and swapped out all the replaceable plastic bits with MCARBO up grades.
  6. And people wonder why I am against single payer(socialized) health care!
  7. You could make your money back just with the plastics if they are truly 100%. My comment on the seat was based on the first pic which looks to me like the passenger seat cover was torn off. Must be something laying on it. I still wouldn't trust the "rebuilt" carbs. They may be fine, but I've seen too many cases of the local bike shop doing a superficial clean up and maybe a bench sync and charging several hundred dollars for their "Rebuild". My '83 still has second gear and a solid frame and she was beat when I got her. The odometer is around 50k miles now but after tearing the
  8. Eh, the front shocks are the easy ones, imho. A set of progressive springs and new oil. No air needed. I've not heard of a non pneumatic replacement for the rear shock.
  9. If you have the extra scratch, I'd say go for it. I wouldn't go more than $1000.00 USD unless it is in really great shape as far the plastics go. The seat is a non issue. I'm sure I have one stashed somewhere. If the plastics are intact and not held together with duct tape and hope, everything else is fixable. I'm always leery of a PO that claims the carbs are "rebuilt", unless they are a long time member here or at XJbikes. com. Most riders have no idea what is actually involved with a carb rebuild. If you've never ridden an 83 XVZ1200 in good mechanical condition, you are in for a treat
  10. Take a look at the XJ750RH front brake system. The lever actuates the master which is mounted below the top triple tree via cable linkage. It might be possible to modify this to work for your clutch. Not sayin' it'll be easy, but...
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