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  1. I'm finally going to be home long enough to actually ride some. So, I gave the old girl her annual bath. The plastics all look great, but the wind screen is starting to show the years. I'll likely have to replace it before next season.
  2. I've got a left side rear header pipe. Shipping to Canada would be stupid but it's here if you can't work anything else out.
  3. I sold the '83 and '86 VRs but kept the 2006 RSV. I have a gen 1 center stand given to me by another forum member. One of these days I'll dig up the post that steps through installing it on the RSV, but I travel a lot with my job, so time is limited for the hobbies. I'm also looking for a project candidate for a bobbed short hopper. I'd like a rigid, pre '84 Sportster, but the Honda Magnas look nice bobbed. Maybe a Yamaha Virago?
  4. My '06 has 110K +/- on the clock. It was surreal moment when I watched the odometer turn 100,000. According to the PO, the valves have never been adjusted. Feels and sounds good, pulls hard in all gears, no oil leaking from the rocker box gaskets, so I plan on letting sleeping dogs lie.
  5. My youngest daughter's Honda Pilot threw a VVT, Bank 2 code. It persisted after a crank case flush and oil change. So, I ordered the Bank 2 VVT solenoid block and scheduled the morning for the repair. As with most repairs these days, there is more time involved getting all the ancillary stuff out of the way than the repair takes. This job was not so bad in comparison to some. I just had to undo a dozen electrical connections, pop the plastic wire race off the mount and unbolt the race mount from the front rocker cover to get the whole shebang out of the way to get to the mounting bolts for the VVT solenoid block. Getting at some of the electrical connectors was the hardest part. Extended reach hose pliers were required. After that, it was five minutes work to remove the three mounting bolts, pop the solenoid block off and remove the old gasket and divider plate. Five more minutes to put it back together finger tight and 20 seconds with a ratchet to snap one of the NEW mounting bolts off flush with the head. Of course, I don't have an easy out small enough, so off to AutoZone. I took it slow and, very carefully center punched the bolt, drilled it out about 1/2" deep and chucked my new 1/8-1/4" Easy Out up in the cordless. For a welcome change, the bolt turned right out, no problem. I cleaned everything up with a magnet and paper towels, and used the old bolts to put it back together. It's running right and sounds good. The whole job would have been under an hour if that NEW bolt hadn't snapped with less than 2 ft. pounds of torque.
  6. Got the oil changed and checked/adjusted the tires' and suspension's air pressure. About an hour shakedown cruise and she's ready for her annual wash and wax tomorrow!
  7. Installed a new(to me) right rear header pipe on Black Cherry. Thanks RDawson! No more popping on deceleration. Now I can practice my MIG skills on the old header.
  8. Wow! That makes this look like a reasonable price. https://us.rabaconda.com/products/ultimate-kit-street-bike-tire-changer I do mine on a HB changer with the NoMar mount/dismount tool.
  9. DJ, I am in a similar field. I have been very fortunate(read LUCKY) that my frequent decisions to change employers has always benefited my family. I am now, #2 in the service dept. and #1 is ready to retire at any moment. Ironically, the company I now work for is the one I started out with in 1995. All this to say, I am sure you made the right decision.
  10. Good luck on the new job!
  11. skydoc_17 sells a delinking kit. New SS hoses and and a manifold for the front.
  12. Sure! Do you want to personalize them or just the VR logo? 1 Logo or two on opposite sides? Etc.

    I am going to be out of town for a couple weeks starting Monday, so it will be at least two weeks before I can do them.

    1. luvmy40


      BTW, the tumblers are from Harbor Freight and are $6.00 right now. Not sure if that is the regular price or a sale. I'm thinking $7.50 ea. + shipping.

    2. RDawson


      I’m not in any hurry. Thinking I like the VR logo on both sides if it’s not too much trouble. Just let me know a total price when you get to em. 

      Will y’all get to come down to the June rally? Hoping to get several down from Don’s MD get togethers and some from the Vogel/Asheville group. It’ll be the first time some of both groups get to meet. 

  13. Playing with the Longer Ray5 10 Watt laser engraver and Rotary accessory today. I asked Freebird if I could use the VR logo on my travel cups and he graciously allowed it. The black cup was a PITA! I ended up masking the engravings off and shooting the cup with a rattle can as the clean up with acetone(alcohol wouldn't cut the shmutz) dulled the original finish horribly. The SS cup turned out quite nicely.
  14. Kris and I used to use the Cardo Bluetooth intercom sets. They worked well and were relatively inexpensive but only had about 50' of range. That was many years ago and they are a different animals today. The Cardo Spirt HD set boast a 600 meter range. https://www.cardosystems.com/shop/spirit-hd-duo/
  15. I don't have room to use a hydraulic MC jack. I will have to take a look at whether it will interfere with the scissor lift I have. I would just like to be able to do an oil change without dragging the scissor lift out. It would also be nice to get her off the wheels for the winter storage.
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