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  1. Have a GREAT THANKSGIVING from Phantom Wife and I !!!!!!!!!
  2. Just got back from another 3 hour ride ! Took all the curvy roads I could find and stopped by Timmies to have a coffee and conversation with a couple guys who said they were jellous of me! One guy is just getting into bikeing and the other has 8 bikes in different condition.( no Harleys) A few Yamahas and a Triumph . Took similar ride yesturday and talked to Gold Wing ridder who keeps his bike ready to ride just like me.
  3. I have an AGM battery also and usually leave it on trickle charger for the winter (except when there are clear roads from now till spring and am riding around). I do have a 220v heater in garage but only to take chill off as I go in and out all the time plowing and blowing snow ❄!
  4. Went for coffee 34klm away this afternoon. Was around 4celcius and very windy. Left around 2pm and got back around 4pm. Just started raining about 10min before I rode into garage. Didn't get too wet but had to blow off water before rain spots set in.
  5. Yes I did as it was last minute choice as I only had so much time before I had to be home.
  6. Yes I was and looking forward to a few more before snow flies!!!!
  7. Went for a 4 hour ride from Port Rowan Ontario to Port Dover Ontario yesterday around 10am. Had coffee at Tim Horton's then rode home. Couldn't call it a Fall Ride as trees weren't turning color yet ! Got back a few hours before it rained.
  8. Just got back from a 2 hour ride and have changed oil and filter.
  9. So sorry to see all these people leaving!! Was hoping to see and meet more since I retired last year but because of Covid this is getting harder to be a reality!
  10. With Phantom Wife being so thrifty ??? I just cut and shaped my own to fit contour around bolt below where oil is put in .
  11. My 2012 came stock with the plug and was told it was for CD player which I would need good luck trying to find one!!!
  12. Also looking forward to getting together again also!!
  13. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Nice looking bike!!
  14. Also hoping for a speedy recovery for this pair of great people!!
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