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  1. Just swapped mine from side to side (2012)as they were wearing on inside more than outside.
  2. @ReinyRooster have a great and safe ride! Wish I could have been able to do this also.
  3. Couldn't make it yesterday as was needed to help oldest son to help get tires in Kitchener yesterday. Really did miss not going! Will be looking forward to next one tho!
  4. When you turn to the left lock and key is pushed mine I have to turn back towards the right to get it to lock then key can be taken out( turn too the left all the way and then back abit just enough to feel movement to the lock section That slight movement might work). Also turn to right and do the same!
  5. Thank you again for all your work!!!!
  6. Congrats!!! Welcome to the group! Also like @Freebird said about finding time good luck!!! Seems on my part that kids and wife seem to think that I am more available than ever!!So leaves less time to do things I figured I would be able to get done for me like RIDDING which I try to do when I can!! Also news about all the crashes involving bikes and autos has the wife concerned altho I think she knows how attentive I am and I am also always on the defensive!!! Just yesterday news said there were 12 crashes last year and there have been more this summer alone and were 75 percent deemed rider's fault which doesn't help for insurance cost!
  7. Sorry @saddlebum looked like it was huddling off to the side so didn't get picture also didn't get a picture of @dogmans car either! So sorry!!!
  8. Haven't been able to post pictures yet of meet up as I can't find my adapter to post them. Also found out why 403 was closed. Supposedly there were two accidents involving motorcycles with one fatality.
  9. I am with @Marcarl Will be checking with my travel agent(Phantom Wife)
  10. sleepy2

    I'm Back!

    Welcome back!!!
  11. I have a 2012 with around 116,000klms and have only changed half plate in rear of clutch to full on (mostly slipping a bit as everyone says I tow trailers a lot have home-made utility and a Time Out tent trailer) also did valve check and only one was a little tight. SO you should have no problems as long as maintenance was properly done like @cowpuc said!
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