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  1. Welcome back!! Also hoping to meet more people after this lock-down ends! Finally retired and now handicapped on what I can do!
  2. Phantom wife thanks ALL members(have or have not met)for the birthday wishes sent!!
  3. Would like to wish my wife Beverly( Phantom Wife ) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Getting my first shot next Friday then have to wait up to 4 months according to government.
  5. There is a brand new 0klm for sale at dealer in Toronto Ontario Canada. Price is $33,000can
  6. Happy Easter to all from Phantom Wife and myself!!!!!
  7. Sorry to hear this! Glad you both are OK!
  8. My opinion!! We were able to test drive the new bike when it came out at the New York Rally a couple years ago . I have a 2012 model that I bought new and love it . I didn't find it that bad except what @Freebird said about some people. I personally liked the new style but didn't like belt drive and V-twin. There seemed to be lots of power and handling thru the twists around Chaffee NY especially when you don't think you are going that fast but you are. It was better for not being as top heavy and easier to touch the ground. So basically personal preference . Here in Ontario Canada
  9. Also power washed our 3car lane-way to get rid of winters residue--boy was there a BIG difference between where it was power washed and not done! Had lots of fun with the gas motor to start and run right--mostly because of bad shoulder.
  10. dis vash is to make Red flecks in BLACK paint show up in sunlight sometimes and make people ask about our bikes(moment on liking them)! Your colors don't show dirt like mine
  11. Only problem I had was parts web site said my 2012 had different bolt washer assembly(bolt with washer) than @XV1100SEs 2009 that takes just replacement washer. So when I took off valve covers they were identical to his. The washers that came with my bolts were smaller in width across where they sit on cover but @Marcarl said they cover enough of the hole so should be OK. Will keep an eye on them the next few rides and if they leak I will have to order wider washers.
  12. Phantom Wife decided to wash her car so assembly line was set up. First her car then her niece who stays with us and then my truck but had to wash bike by myself. No problem! Had to clean to get oil residue off covers from leaky valve cover gasket shop changed(at least they said they did) couple years ago and procrastinated repairing until this past few days when we did the valve check at @Marcarls Now just have to get water-spots off.
  13. The same as @Marcarl says about trunk helping but if I put mine (87) back on road I would miss trunk(need the space) I have 2012 right now and there is a BIG difference. It is still top heavy but is lower(87 seams like ridding a dirt bike compared to 2012) and easier to put foot down. Also agree with @saddlebum that more practice would defiantly help unless inseam(legs) too short.
  14. Yep had a great few days working together! Carl let us take our time so we didn't forget anything. Even so we did put a couple things on out of order and a couple reroutes for hoses but NO missing parts and no left overs. I think we could have done the job quicker also but we would have had less time getting along. And with all the parts that had to be removed slow and patience with thinking over and discussion helped a lot! I only had to change 2 shims on the valve check--not sure how many Don did. Carl got my choke to work properly as I must have too much oil and the fitting got cover
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