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  1. Saw this before but they don't really show very long rides with twisty roads like we did at our rally in New York state .Yes I know we were in mountain range It was great going to Walmart as it was REALLY TWISTY with up and down roads wish we had something in our area without traveling distances just to get a few Klm's of twist and turns.
  2. We are all hoping this has a hopeful outcome!
  3. The winding roads the better!!!!
  4. Each new device that adds convenience to me it is just more things to go wrong and cost goes up!
  5. I'm the same or any day also! Am always ready for a ride! So is the 7th of Oct. a go?
  6. How does Sept.23rd sound to everyone
  7. Totally agree with @bpate4home
  8. Are there anymore get together s planned this season?
  9. Yes very knowledgeable and helpful people! He has helped me in the past also!! Nice bike you have, only saw it when we worked on @XV1100SE(Don)bike a while ago!Hope we(Ontario riders) get to see in person !
  10. That's the same model I was looking at back in 2012 for my future retirement vehicle BUT price without any options put a stop on it( mostly Phantom Wife had me going on getting it) so bit the bullet and gladly bought my 2012 Venture!! (don't regret one bit) But again Congrats on your purchase!!!
  11. Same expressions as everyone has said and Phantom Wife and I send our hopes and wishes for recovery and health to you and Eileen !!
  12. I also have learned a lot from you and everyone on the site that comments or gives helpful information! Have also received good deals on part etc. I have also met many people I would not have met that I hope I am considered a friend . I have learned a lot here and hope it continues.
  13. Great job... wish I had that talent.! Better at welding as if I screw up I can add to it or re-weld but can't if using wood.
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