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  1. Thanks for the news and get her to keep up with the recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also have a great Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Awesome news!! Have a great recovery!!!!
  3. Phantom Wife and I wish one and all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy NEW YEAR!!!!! As saddlebum says--hopefully better than this year.
  4. Phantom Wife and I have you in our thoughts! May everything go as planed and have a great recovery!!
  5. unfortunately no luck with any dealerships locally or out of the area. The ETA on 3 of the bolts is mid-january, so I would just suggest sitting tight on this project for a couple of weeks. I'll let you know when all are here. Thanks Phil and Merry Christmas. Chad Armstrong Pioneer Motorsport Just got this e-mail last night. Hopefully this will work time wise what with lock-down imposed! What you think?
  6. Saw some antifreeze under bike to-day and pulled false cylinder cover off front right and saw water plug was wet. Did the cheap fix in maintenance section by putting dime against plug. Probably from moving bike out of garage 8 or 10 times without totally warming it up enough.Had no problem when I had it out for couple our rides earlier this month. Will double check in couple days.
  7. Also to you---couldn't have said it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Chad from Pioneer just e-mailed me and said he will check other dealers tomorrow to see if they have any bolts.
  9. Pioneer e-mailed last night while I was working on lawn tractor in garage. Said parts were in except less 3 bolts and he mentioned that they were back ordered(didn't say that when ordered) so he is looking into seeing when and if he can get them.
  10. E-mailed Pioneer this morning to get up=date so will let you know!
  11. Sorry these won't fit my 2012 and have already ordered from U.S. Thanks!
  12. Hope you have a speedy recovery!!!
  13. Backed bike out of garage and mounted my center stand I bought off previous member a couple years ago.(2012 Royal Star Venture). Figured it would be useful when I get valves adjusted soon at Marcarl's.
  14. Couldn't post for last 4 hrs as every-time I tried to get on site there was a"technical error" come up and "try later"
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