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  1. Yesterday was out for a few hours as I had to change over rims and tires on truck today. Temp was 10deg C(60F) here and it was a great day for ridding. Today would have been great also .
  2. @uncledj I remember that age and like what has been said I was once getting to 30 and now I'm way past 60(just turned 68 last week) WHERE did it go??????????
  3. Just pulled in after an hour and a half ride tonight!! Might not get to ride tomorrow as am going to automotive swap meet in the morning and will probably be till around 1pm then shopping in Brantford for a few things after filling up with gas on reserve as gas is around $1.75 ltr in our town.
  4. Sorry to hear this and hopping it's not long to recover!!
  5. Sorry to hear hope everything works out!!!!
  6. Not that my wife took pictures when she was on back but she hasn't ridden with me for 2 years so by my self! Also shadow buddy can't hold camera!
  7. Would have taken pictures but not much in the fall coloring like your area. Also traffic was pretty busy so wasn't much chance to safely take any.
  8. Went for150klm ride last Sunday to get coffee and visit former co-worker. Stopped on reserve(native) for $1.44can gas fill($1.65can at home) then went shopping looking for a strap clamp(couldn't find except 100klm away) to make wooden picture frames for Christmas presents.
  9. @RedRiderNo and wish I could but is not and probably never in my budget! Would love to visit Annie and her husband!!
  10. Nice Tat!! Better you than me!
  11. Sorry couldn't rotate!
  12. Out for coffee run with my shadow!!
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