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  1. Greetings. This shop´s website says that they have a limited number in stock. Maybe worth the try and contact them on forehand and see if this is still available. World of Powersports - Decatur 2635 N 22nd St Decatur, IL 62526 Phone Number: (217) 423-6521 Here is the listing on their website: https://www.shopworldofpowersports.com/yamaha-star-passing-lamp-mounts-detail.htm?productid=21119959 SO SORRY - DID NOT SEE THE ABOVE POST ABOUT THIS SAME VENDOR ! I WILL KEEP LOOKING !!!
  2. WOWWWWW!!!!!! That is AWESOME To say the least !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:happy65::happy65::happy65::happy65::happy65:
  3. Me and Kristjan had a great time even though Kristjan was pretty tired the whole time as the second picture shows. TRUE VIKINGS !!!
  4. Sorry Tom but you are walking in mud here. Kristjan is not my type. To much of a puppy. You on the other hand,,,,,,,,,,Just cancelled the hotel - I´m sleeping in your camper !!!!!!!
  5. Marcarl my friend. Are you eating mushrooms again ?
  6. Across the street from Ben´s motel. Don´t worry - we WILL find you !!
  7. The WNY Rally is just around the corner. Me and Kristjan The Silent Viking can´t wait to be there. Two weeks to go. You do not want to miss this one. Seems like this is gonna be a record breaking attendance. Band on the stage Saturday night, lot af rides and activities, dining at Chandersons, breakfast at the country Maple Restaurant (forgotten the name but the food is humongus) , Barbeque night and last but not least GREAT company. The word on the street is that Kristjan The Silent Viking is gonna do a pole dance :shock3::shock3:. Sign up and BE THERE OR BE LAME !!!!!!!!!!! Looking so muc
  8. Kristjan The Silent Viking just called me and wanted to know if you could arrange a Belly Dancer and a Tattoo Artist. I told him it´s not gonna happen but he is very insisting. The guy has no boundaries you know. Please give him a call and set him straight. I will PM you his phone number. Your best friend Jonas
  9. Bought a Millenium 2000 Venture about 4 years ago in the States without seeing it and my good Buddy Craig (cecdoo) went and picked it up for me and kept it in his garage for 4 years - What a friend. Last fall when I was in the US I stayed for some days at Craig´s and Kim´s lovely home in PA and with the help of Craig we took the bike half way up to Main to a transporter that delivered it to the shipping yard for the voyage to Iceland. Will never forget when I walked into Craig´s garage and laid my eyes on the bike for the first time - and said to Craig: Did I actually buy this heap of Cr,,, Cr
  10. Geeezzz,,,,That Venture in the video is ONE SERIOUS BIKE to say the least Really like the intimidating look of it !!! What a great job you have done !!!
  11. Hey Puc ! Want to adopt me ! I am open minded on the issue
  12. My suggestion would be taking the seat off, gas tank and front part of front fairing. First check battery connections and make sure they are solid. Work your way to the front of the bike and check every ground connection you can find and make sure there is no paint under them and tighten up good. Clean all connectors / plugs. Check if the previous owner has added any extra electrical accessories and go through all connections he has done. Solder and shrink tube all added wires if not done and get rid off any thieves. Regarding the headlight going dim /bright, then I had that issue on my 98 T
  13. Therre is also a fuse between the battery and the realy as my PDF. drawing shows. My main interest was to prevent the battery from going dead if grips were accidentally left on after turning off the ignition.
  14. Finished hooking up the Heated Grips with a relay. Everything works perfectly, thanks to Brian for a detailed information that got me through this. Now I only need some studded tires for the Red Baron and I am all good to go - Naw,,,,I´ll wait for spring. Hot Grips Relay Connections.pdf
  15. For some unexplained reason I REALLY like the color of this bike Jonas aka StarFan
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