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  1. Ok, I'm one of those folks who can say I have not check the site in several months. My tail is between my legs! I have however been riding my RSTD more than usual this year. The west coast was pretty much smoke free and our area in particular, had a great summer; no fires close to the homestead. The last few years kept the bike mostly parked for the summer due to fires and dense smoke. I swapped out my clutch and went to an EFM Auto Clutch which has been the ticket for my thumb joints. Love it! Anyone who has trouble with their hands send me a PM and I'll tell you about it. The clutch made me want to ride again! Can't get enough of the fall colors! AND Still busy with leather work..............
  2. I'm a bit slow out of the starting gate and was told about this post today. First off thank you Freebird! On the flip side, no matter what style of tank accessory a person chooses to install on the bike, it is important that you pay attention to the amount of grit that is accumulating under the accessory as "yes" it will act like sand paper or even start rust. Great feedback on this post. Stay warm, ride safe!
  3. I everyone, it's been way too long since I said "howdy" AND Happy New Year! Freebird and I have been working on a project: a whales tail bib for his new shiny black Venture. He let me know today that the postal service did their job :happy65:and so far he says the fit looks good. (Fingers crossed) He hasn't had time to fully install it. I'm sure he'll let us know how it looks. Thank you Don for your patience and for providing a template for me to work off of. :bighug:I'm standing by for the report. On another note I also finished cutting a template and making a fender bib for an RSV that had the trunk removed and had some unsightly spots under the trunk. This 3 piece bib (top and sides) will cover up where the bracket was. Standing by for that report also!
  4. I haven't forgot the yearly "goodies" that I send Freebird! Got a good one coming your way, along with a another one which you and I talked about! Give my best to all folks who are attending.
  5. Hi "Yama Mama" and all the other ladies! I go by Luvda Leather aka Nanci Rogers. I live right below the Oregon border in California on the I-5 corridor; Montague CA. We started with a 2000 RSV which we bought from my old boss who went "totally Harley" (we even had a Harley clock in the office)! The first time I rode with my husband on our RSV I felt as if I had "come home". I was smitten with motorcycling! I rode as a passenger for about 4 or 5 years as I was completely new to the world of motorcycles. At 48 yrs old, I then chose to learn how to ride. I started with a 96 Virgo 1100, then to a VStar 1100 Custom, to a VStar 1100 Silverado, to a 2000 Royal Star where I fell in love with the V Four motor. Discouraged with the lack of power from the 2000 RS (I was always downshifting on our many mountain hills) I tried my husband's white 06 Tour Deluxe and I was sold. I liked white he loves red so he got an '09 red RSTD. A big bike works great for us here in our valley as Mt. Shasta produces high winds on a regular basis and our bikes cut right threw the wind! To make the tall RSTD fit, I lowered the seat on my bike and brought myself forward, swapped out he handle bars and viola; it fit my 5'5" height. I recently went to a Russell Day Long Seat which is awesome. My business is Ace High Leathers www.acehighleathers.com and motorcycling sparked my love for leather. I have been in business for 13 years and specialize in motorcycles, however I produce all kinds of leather products. I am also a motorcycle instructor teaching one on one classes. I love teaching women to ride as the methods I use instills a confidence which allows them to ride comfortably with guys.
  6. Let's hear it for Lady Riders on white bikes! :clap2:Fashion statements all the way! :dancefool:You go girl....!
  7. Thanks for ALL the help and education on this thread. :clap2:Yes it boiled down to looking up the pipes on the Yamaha site for the 4 to 4 vs the 2 to 1 exhaust set ups for the Royal Star and the part numbers are different. Along with the info provided by those who jumped on the thread I learned that the 4 to 4 are a "different" animal than the 2 to 1 and cannot be swapped out. Fabricating anything to make a different pipe fit is not up my alley and with that I'll continue my hunt for either 4 stock pipes or a 2 to 1 system for the '96. (You guys are the best!)
  8. Did a little research and found that the 4 to 4 exhaust pipes are a different part number than the 2 to 1 system. Rats..... It all has to do with the brackets.
  9. Man that is one "purty" bike! Ok, so yes I get that the Venture/RSTD pipes will not fit a Royal Star. Am I also understanding that the Royal Star 2 to 1 pipes and the 4 to 4 pipes are not interchangeable?
  10. Looks like I found a guy who is willing to swap two of the 4 pipes on my '96 for stock pipes on his 97. The question is this: are the pipes for a two to one system the same as the one to one system on the '96? I'll be looking for two more stock pipes after this! then I'll be set!
  11. Yes, I will do a video and send it to your personal email. Please send me your address. I'm not real slick with sending videos through this site. Give me a day or two. I'm in California on the Oregon Border. How many pipes do you have on yours? I'll also send you close up photos of the pipes as well. No dents.
  12. The baffles looked from what I saw and I'm not an expert. No holes and certainly don't look like they've been tampered with. Repacking them is an option; they look good even if they are loud. I'd opt for less noise above good looks! Thanks!
  13. Hi, I recently bought a '96 RS which have Jardine pipes on it (4 slip on pipes to be exact). I'm looking for stock pipes as these are too loud for me and I generally like the sound of the stock pipes on these V Fours. Would you be interested in doing a swap? I attached a photo of the pipes. Let me know either way, thanks!
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