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  1. Heck I haven't riden in over 7 years, and turned the big 8'oh in May, but still like to hang out. Where else can you get this much entertainment from the monthly dollar menu.... 🙂
  2. What's happening to a rear RSV brake with old DOT 3 is the moisture in the fluid is boiling at 212degs. Far below the rated boiling point of new fluid. This basically has the same result as air in the lines. With clean fluid you won't have the fade problem....
  3. A bunch of us did this same dance with Rivco a few years ago. I think the total was fewer but it took forever for them to get around to making them... I finally got mine and the price was ridiculous... But I liked the damn thing.. I have one on the 99rsv and plan on putting this one... still in the box...on the 07rsv. Luckily I put a Voyager Kit on the 04rsmv so don't need another.... 50 units sounds like they really don't want to make any... The one on the 99 works great and looks great...
  4. I wonder if it isn't just the battery... I had one go out on me in Thermopolis WY on the way to Cody. Driving thru town all the dash started to flash on and off and then the motor just died. Luckily I had a head of steam and coasted into an apartment parking lot... right across the street from a Southern Auto. Checked the AGM batt voltage and it was 10.8vdc. Deader than dead. Went across the street to Southern and bought the only wet cell they had and rode the rest of the way to Cody. But it wasn't the battery. It was the rectifier. I did bring a new rectifier and @dano installed it for me before heading home. Worked great. And the Deka AGM took a charge over night and was good as new. So...maybe??
  5. Since it was at a Harley dealership ya think it wasn't a trade in on a Harley??? Doh..' Lone Eagle traded his RSV in on a Harley.. Gorgeous bike with a ton of high end custom everything and lots of graphics. They gave him a $4500 trade in. Then rolled it out the back door for 2 grand. Made me sick. Any time that bike needed anything it was dealer maintained. Lotta miles, but good for many many more... For 2K Ida bought it just to look at, and knew it was mine.
  6. I've been wondering the same thing since he's so active and one of our mainstay members. I know he has health issues and hope that it's just visiting the GK's....
  7. It's excepted.. neither legal or illegal.. here in California where I've been riding two wheels for 65 years, and I've yet to split a lane.. It's amazing how narrow that space is between vehicles except when you're in one.. Then it's... I gotta try that until the next time you're on 2 and the eye of a needle is wider... Kinda the same thing on the size of the bike when it's upright or laying on it's side.... LOL
  8. From the size of that nail it looks like someone shot it with a nail gun...??
  9. I've seen a lot of requests to find an alternative.. myself included, but then i got to wondering Since they haven't been replaced... ever.. did they even work?? Think about it.. The set up was to connect the forks with a schrader valve in the connecting line in place of the single OEM shrader fill. It would allow the pressure to flow from one fork to the other. While sitting the pressure would be equal, but while doing the twisties there would be an increase... depending on which fork is on the low side.. and a decrease on the high side fork... and the psi would become unequal for a brief time until the bike standing upright again. It might effect handling?? Make sense?? Hey what else does an OF have to do on a Sunday afternoon?? :-)
  10. The second is a more modern desire. Watched the pic "Quigley Down Under" I loved that rifle. Had to have one. On a local gun board a few years ago one came up for sale. I ended up dickering... hey gotta dicker... and ended up paying the price but getting about $400 bucks worth of reloading equipment with it.. I was a happy camper. The Quigley gun is supposedly a Sharps 1874, and there is a Sharps Firearms Co. that exists today, but not the same, and you need big bucks to buy one. The Quigley was probably built by them... Actually there were several. One even had an aluminum bbl. You'd know the reason if you ever tried to shot a steel 34" barreled gun weighing 14 lbs. His was also chambered in 45-110. Mine is the more common 45-70 government. And mine came from Pedersoli who makes a lot of quality pistols and rifles. Also an 1874 copy. So that's my story, and those two out of 70+ in my collection are the stand outs....
  11. Praise God he lived thru it, but there's a reason why you don't shoot old ammo or somebody else's reloads. Shoot your own reloads or new factory. Scott's living proof of the result.... "Thumps Up"
  12. So I finally closed up the website part of my biz. One of my regrets was loosing my email address, and the webhost offered to maintain it for a small monthly fee to which I agreed. One of the things I did loose was my condor@cast-aways.com address.. Thought I still had it but I guess not because I wasn't getting any notices for VR's. So I figured I'd just go in and change the e-mail to my world wide... Looked simple enough and changed it in my accounts area. Then it asks me to enter my password. Hell it's been so long since I've had to enter it I forgot what it was?? So figured I might as well update the pass word as well.. So I go ahead and enter a new password... I think it'll send me a key code to my updated address, but no it changes my e-mail back to Condor?? Why can't things be simple???
  13. Good luck with that Puc... Personally I wouldn't know what to grab first.. I get confuzzed easily.. The bike looks cool.. Do they come with training wheels for OF's ???
  14. Yeah, it's crazy... But I bet there'll be a lot of Honda Mini's drug out from behind the barn... Saw the same thing happen to the V-Dub bus. One hit $100 grand at an auction on TV and right afterwards they started coming out of the wood work... The market collapsed back into the sub 30's-50's where they belonged... All you need is two bidders in a pissing contest and they can screw up the market big time...
  15. Watching Barret Jackson Live and this morning they are running a bunch of restored Honda Mini-Bikes. $5000 seems to be th low bid and I'm lissening to one going for $21,000. This is insane. If youu can make it to their website you need to see this. If not take a look at the results section. This is in Stockdale AZ. The bike are really nice and restored, but they are selling for more than a lot of hot rod customs...
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