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  1. OK So I thought I'd register to bid on the Mecum sitr. The first part was OK, but then they wanted to know what kind of tooth brush I used I said screw it and went else where... Thought I'd get OK'd for the Las Vegas auction, but now I'm gonna keep my millions...
  2. I might also add Mecum had a 2020 Vette in white that acted the same way... I wonder???
  3. My first car was a '53 Ford 2-door. Kinda in that mint green color. Hated it. After doing some leading and Bondo work I took it down to a local body shop to be painted metallic white. Fords white was a off brown white unlike Chevy's blue white. The painter couldn't find a metallic so he said he had a can of black metallic that he could add to the base. I agreed. What I ended up with was an off white grey in the shade and it would blow your eye-balls out in the sun... I loved it. Always wanted to do another but never had the occasion.. I also did a frame off restoration of a '69 H
  4. Nice job, but... patina means a lot on something historical. Rather than restore it to working condition and making it look like a bunch of other reproductions I'd let it sit in a mixture of 1:1 white vinegar and water to clean off the corrosion and leave it alone rather than torching it and sand blasting,,, My 2 cents...
  5. Here's your excuse to come out west Scott. Up for bid tomorrow.. Friday the 13th.. Ooooo! This one looks an awful lot like the Vette you're eyeballing. Maybe the same one if it didn't meet the reserve at indy..?? I don't know a lot about all the little details of the Corvette history, models, etc, but I like to go fast.... And Butter Pecan.. 🙂 https://www.mecum.com/lots/LN1120-422412/1968-chevrolet-corvette-convertible/
  6. I donno Puc. I had an '89 Firebird TPI that I could slip into, and was comfortably tight and a blast to drive.. Always wondered if one of the Vette's of that era would let me in the door... Only thing I wasn't ready to give up the 'Butter Pecan'.... Speaking of bucket lists...here's one itch I might be able to scratch... It's coming up for auction in a couple of weeks... :-) https://d278yjzsv5tla9.cloudfront.net/user_images2/345402_9364607.jpg
  7. I didn't know it was there... The dark mode sure reduced the eye strain for me Ahhhhh!
  8. OK I might have missed it but one of the things I really liked was the 'go to last post' arrow next to the posters name. So did I??? Or is it in future plans?? It sure helped with long threads...
  9. I've been watching them for years along with Barret Jackson... It's entertaining as all get out. Usually the first days cars are about the only ones I could possibily afford, but the fun comes in the next few days seeing cars I've owned going for mega-bucks... Never been to one in person, but maybe when all this Covid BS comes to an end I'll give some thought to BJ in Reno or Vegas... I hope this posts, cause I'm having a heck of a time .logging on... Hopefully now I am???
  10. Yes it was.... Vicariously... Thanks Puc..
  11. [quote=wh15k3yj4ck;1085686 After looking over the forums available I've found what i think is the code on the underside of the gas cap vanity cover but out of the 7 total characters i can see only 4 clearly. The other 3 are rubbed off with age and wear. Any idea how to dial in those last few numbers? Or somewhere i can look besides the underside or back or whatever of the ignition switch? Thanks ahead of time for your time and any help at all.[/QUOTe] I didn't know that .. Learn something new every day.. I know on the 1stGens the code is under the ignition custer and harder to see
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