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  1. What you are saying all makes sense , I did contact my GM tech support team and the did mention the same ...We were 1000 miles from home and the car ran terrible ..The car has 25000 miles on it from new and it just came out of storage ...I switched fuel from alcohol blended fuel to a none alcohol blended fuel to a premium grade octane 91 fuel and added some fuel conditioner and the problem went away .
  2. Sometimes an hour or two of slow riding on parking lots or around traffic markers can do a lot for one driving ability . At our Antique Motorcycle Club Rally we had a few driving skills testing events .. Lay a 2 inch x 8 inch x 24 foot long wood on the ground and try riding your bike along the wood without driving off it . 2 years ago my wife and I were returning home from 4 day outing at 120 ks an hour when I saw we were coming up to small car following a semi truck . I first noticed part of a tire coming from the rear of the truck , hitting the small car coming over it i
  3. I have been building stock and race car engines since 1964 . Have several engine built GM and others ranging from 3.3--3.5 --3.8 litre and 5.7 litre with condensation build up in the intake plenum resulting in water collecting on the Map Sensor , switching to premium grade fuel with octane rating 91 or better the problem is gone . The 5.7 litre running 12.5 compression ratio will not run on the low grade blended fuel . My Honda GL1000 did run on it but not to well The XV1100 Virago did not run well on it either My 83 Venture ran on but the performance was way down as
  4. I have been buying it in bulk from dealer since 1980 ...5 gallons at a time
  5. I have started to add abut 2 OZ of diesel fuel conditioner to each tank full on my 83 . I know that 83 Venture is not a diesel , I started this about 5 years ago in all my vehicles , the alcohol blended gasoline runs hotter and forms condensation in the intake plenum and then the Map sensor forms water droplets on the sensor and the engine runs poorly . Diesel fuel conditioner helps remove water from the gasoline , then the engine runs cleaner It has made a change for the better in all around riding
  6. Tires , Tires ,Tires ......To me tires are like a life line , when they go flat or worn badly you just cannot ride ..When my tires reach 70 % wear .. I I change them along with valve stem , I take no chances . For the design of the tire is important as to how well it will shed water and grab the road in all conditions . To all out there ....It is the journey and not the destination that counts .....and always keep it between the lines and the rubber side down Ride safe and enjoy
  7. Hi ..campfire 12 & .saddlebum thanks for the reply I will send pictures as the project moves along . The project needs to be done right , so it will take some time . At this point I am doing the measuring to make brackets / adapters and digital conversion for the electronics. Looking for a Yamaha tack and speedometer , I know that the 1995 XV1100 Virago has one that could to made to fit ( same size front wheel )
  8. With front off the 83 it is much easier to handle , and not near as top heavy .. I find a 50 - percent difference in a slow speed and parking lot situation . I plan to install a handle bar mount setup . I have done changes like this in other bikes , there are plenty of guys who do ride older bikes and want to have the weight on top gone . i don't know how much the 2012 and newer Yamaha Venture cost in the USA , but here in Manitoba I need to come up with $14000 - $16000 plus I guess for me it comes down to making changes or go to a different bike
  9. I have just finished 11 months of work , started in the front and ended up the rear wheel repair . It runs great , but the only problem is ..I am 74 and 5 ft 6 I am not what I used to be ... any muscle I had... up and went When the bike leans 6 inches past center over it goes , I simply cannot hang on to it I have measured all aspects of the bike fuel tank and engine location ...great Fork angle , and wheel setup Any suggestions
  10. We often talk about moving down south to a warmer climate , but at times like this when this kind of weather happens to the folks down there . I say thank GOD for our winters because they never do the damage that a tornado can do . I went out for a little spin on my Venture today , only 30 mile run , it was cold but the roads were clear ...6 degrees Celius I hope that everyone can stay safe down there
  11. I have been fireman guy years past user as a kid , and entered many legit events all sizes of guns/shooters . I think you guys in the USA are fortunate to at least be able to own a firearm without having the government calling you a criminal . I was loading ammo for law enforcement , all was going well , and I was registered and licensed . 2 tears ago I wanted to sell or give away any hardware I had , in doing so I had to de-register , I handed in the forms they had sent me as legit owner , they tryed to arrest me calling me a criminal because they did not know where Manito
  12. Thanks cowpuc & Marcarl ...The old windings were shorted to ground .. The guy I bought the 83 from said he had the same problem . He took it on 6500 mile trip and often ended up with a dead battery , he carried a spare battery with him . I would like to replace the rectifier ..regulator , the only problem is finding a exact replacement ...any rpm above does not change it to above 13 volts Any order from Yamaha takes 90 days to get here , I may try a alternate from another bike .. I Will have to check the AC volts coming from the stator I have several in
  13. I did install the upgraded stator ..Altenator ...and new battery I did notice that at about 2000 rpm charging voltage was at 13 volts . I found that current draw on the battery from the rad cooling fans was drawing more power than charging system was putting back into the battery . There no fuses that blew which makes think that charging system is failing . I will re-test the rectifier / regulator ... Am I missing something ??
  14. Here in Manitoba we not near at riding weather . Looking forward to , and do hope to do some riding at the tail end of the month . Here the winter is seldom done till the end of April
  15. I also found that I did like the MAC and Snapon tools great when I did my turn at working for GM ..Ford ...Chrysler . When I signed up with Cummins and Detroit to keep them running I went back to my old Gray tools , I had put away in the shop ... I never throw anything away , only draw back I found that the old Detroit 6V71 head bolts had no extra room around them . I quit the heavey equipement thing in 1977 . Went back to motorcycles
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