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  1. My 1995 XV1100 had the flasher in behind the battery box , near the engine control module ...I miss the XV1100 Virago it is a great bike
  2. I might surprised to know how many times the switch is not checked
  3. @saddlebum..I see report on air quality ..A company had many Covid cases and most everyone was doing their part in prevention but cases were still on the rise.. ...What they found was Covid droplets were found in the air makeup system and were circulating in the building heating and air conditioning system ...They shut down all company functions and everyone had to get out ...They brought in and installed a new ventilation system and special filters .They did retest on air quality and found a big improvement ..They did a live tour with a camera crew and showed the changes they made ... Many large buildings have a poor air makeup system and it is high time this gets looked into
  4. It need not always have to have a big time name attached to it , some little things do a lot .
  5. Wearing a mask and social distancing are only part of preventing Covid from spreading ..We should all do our part
  6. Wearing a mask is only part of preventing Covid from spreading ..We should all do our part
  7. i spent many months going over the bike front to back Repair .....Forks , Steering head , brakes , Changing system (New Stator ), new tires 102 70 R18 on the front ,,,Removed faring , removed rear Trunk , removed 65 lbs ,, Installed a back rest at the rear ,,I moved all the relays to under the seat ,,, I repined the center shock by 1/2 ., to raise the rear wheel and lower the bike by 1 1/2 inches ...My feet are flat on the ground ..I have 5 inches clearance about the rear wheel and 5 inches of ground clearance at 15 PSI on the rear/center shock 20 psi will increase the ground clearance to 6 inches ,,,still lots to do , I need to find a better place for coolant recovery can ,, then repaint the bikecrease the ground to 6 inches .
  8. I have working on garage and shop door springs since 1974 and became a government approved repair and installer in 1986 ...I can tell you when you work with torsion springs DO NOT BE IN A HURRY ..take your time ......any easy way of finding the wire size is .....Count 20 turns of the spring , measure the distance of the 20 turns ...Then divide the 20 into the distance of the 20 turns ...There should be a number on the winding cone you can cross to the size...Or you can measure the ID of the inside of the spring with a slide caliper ..IE.. 4.85 divided by 20 = .24225 wire size often we use .243 ..Most torsion springs on a 7 foot or 8 foot high door have a 2 inch ID ...Numbers turns to wind is cable size x 3.14 will give you the distance around the pulley ..A 4 inch pulley will measure 12 inches a round ..On s 7 foot high door you will need to wind the torsion spring 7 turns ..A 8 foot high door you need to wind the the torsion spring 8 turns .... On larger or higher doors the spring calculation works on the math 3.14 time cable pulley diameter
  9. @JFootman ...I finished 10 months of work on my 83 ...Started with the front forks, new tire,,,120 70 R18 , steering head bearings , brakes & hydraulic cylinders , hoses , new rear tire , 150 80 R16 , clutch basket , new Stator , oil leaks , relocated relays to under the seat , removed the front fairing , mounted a new Batwing to cut down on weight , mounted new gauges , cut the seat 1 1/2 inches , repined the center shock 1/2 inch to drop the rear of the bike 1 1/2 inches , removed the rear trunk and installed a back rest and I will be moving the battery down in the rear in front of saddle bags 1 on the left and 1 on the right , the 2 batteries together will equal the cranking power of the one larger one .I am about 85 percent done now ....I will post pictures of the bike with the changes soon ....The bike weights 70 lbs less now . and sits 1 1/2 inches lower now at 15 psi in the center shock and 20 psi brings the bike up and inch higher
  10. @djh3 I worked as a electrician at the Tupperware Company 1980 --1990 ....There was many a oil spill on the epoxy floor and it cleaned up easily . I do not know how the tiles would do , but for me it would take a lot to something else than epoxy .. Oil has way of creeping into all spaces and cracks
  11. Sounds like a good buy...I would buy it , even if it does need some work the Venture is solid bike
  12. I have had a bunch of trouble running the low grade fuel with miss fire and running ruff ...I have found that sparks plugs & air filter play a big role in a good running engine ...Sometimes heat will cause condensation in the fuel .The high alcohol content in the low grade fuel had been found a big problem by many riders out here ...For the last 10 years I have been using a fuel conditioner in all my fill ups ( I buy in bulk )...I know they keep on telling us that the low grade will work just fine ...There many words I have heard to describe the use of ( some of them I cannot use on line ) low grade fuel in bikes built before 1985 , many of them have a compression ratio of 10.5 ... . I belong to the Antique Motorcycle Club of Manitoba and I have found that there is a great amount of good information the guys come up within the club ...www.amcm.ca
  13. Nice ..enjoy your new ride .. but I have to be higher off the ground for me to drive safely
  14. Over the years of service I has seen many of the crimp connectors cause a problem ...5 -10 years of use ...In Mid-summer 2019 crossed the USA .Canada border to pickup a parts order in North Dakota about 20 minute drive from my shop ...It has been a great way get parts from the USA ...When I reached Customs and paid my tax and duty on the parts I purchased the Customs Officer knew that I had service shop and said that there was bike parked on the side of the building that would not start ..They had already tried just about everything . but the would not fire , they had pulled into the customs to cross back into Canada . I went over to bike to take a look , everything seemed to be in order .. Tried to boost but did not work , I decided to skin the battery cable about 3 inches from the battery ...The crimp connector at the battery and 2 inches was green and swollen to near double its size ...I applied the booster pack past the green swollen battery cable , the bike fired and ran . They were heading the direction i was going so I stayed back for a while as a backup if they had more trouble ... He sent me email telling that he found several connections on the bike had the same problem ...The bike was 5 years old so he replaced the whole wire harness
  15. 3 years ago a Ontario Harley Dealer brought 6 bikes out to our Club Rally offering anyone to take a 20 minute on any of the models they brought out ...I chose to ride a Street Glide for the test ride ..It handled very well , good power ..I found the transmission something would have to get used to to .. I found out why Harley riders blip the throttle when shifting .. I still like my Yamaha and I am not about to switch
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