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  1. I am truly happy for all the folks that can take the vaccination , and I hope that this vaccination can help anyone that has one...I had cancer in 2010 surgery to remove the liver to remove the tumors & chemo , .. Stomach surgery for the same in 2013 ... I now have to 12 injections every 3 months to fight infection , ...I have cyst on my left lung and is most times growing , have trouble breathing at times ... Drowning in fluid most of the time when wearing a mask ...On a restricted diet and cannot change any medication unless I am in the hospital to do the change ....I got the cyst in
  2. I am happy those who can have the Vaccination and maybe it will help stop the spread of have Covid .( hearing reports that after the Vaccination one still is contagious )..As for those of us who cannot have the Vaccination ( because of underlying health conditons ) will have to do out best to stay well ...There is large number of people in the little City of Morden who started on 1500 mg Vitamin C , 3000 iu of D3 ,,100mg slow release Vitamin B complex and a Herbal supplement about 30 days ago who have reports of feeling much better .. The last time I got a Vaccination was H1N1 and anoth
  3. When I bought the 83 from the guy he gave the back wheel he had removed ( after reading this topic I can see why the wheel looks like it does ), problem does looks like it was caused by the lack of grease ..I can see why I will have to go over a couple things before my 83 is ready for the road ..When the 83 is on the centre everything feels good when turning the wheel by hand , I can tell you now I will pull the wheel and check whole drive assembly
  4. I have hunted all kinds of game in my time and enjoyed it very much .. Some of it great weather and some in nasty weather , the 7 X 61 Schultz and Larson capable of 220 grains /200 yards at 2889 ft per second .I loaded ammo for the local law enforcement as well for RCMP Provincial force . On my last hunt i spent 4 weeks in Northern Albert ending on November 15th .. 5 of went in the bush land 40 miles from no where ..We walked in the last 20 miles to a Camp ...On the 4 day I got lost while tracking a moose ...I fell through the ice and near drowned , I stuck my hunting knife into the ice to p
  5. I have my 83 Venture getting near to put back on the road ...As I read this entry it hit me this is what I needed to do , as always is the time you spend on little things like applying grease to splines and fittings can save you from some major down ..I now know what I will be doing tomorrow ...I normally have used a light coating of grease on the drive shaft splines or is there something that is better than ordinary automotive grease
  6. I do know Covid is a bad one .....In December 2010 I was diagnaosed with Liver Cancer and that if they did not operate now I had 4 days ..underwent 8 hrs of surgery to remove 3 nasty Tumors ...Met with 5 Specialist before the surgery , after my first dose of Chemo they came to see at my bed side ...they told me ...They had to remove the Liver to remove the infected areas ....When I was discharged the Specialist meet with me and said they had found that after 5 years of testing ...VITAMIN D3 did fight infection and promote healing ..They wanted me on 5000 IU per day for the first year and 3000
  7. 6 Years ago I needed a 2 inch drive shaft extension for a swing arm extension on my 1995 XV1100 Virago The stock wheelbase is to short if you are doing a lot of 2 up riding .. First cut the old shaft in the middle and machined both of the cut ends ..The made a sleeve to act like a coupling ...Machined the inside of the sleeve .003 inch smaller than the machined ends of the drive shaft ...They would not slide together ...Put the drive shaft into a freezer for 5 days , next heated the sleeve to near red hot ...Mounted the drive shaft in a jig under a hydraulic press and proceeded to press th
  8. It is great to have access to this amount of knowledge available this site on some these topics ..I think that there no better teacher than to do the job yourself . Sometimes I wish that the engineers who designed these products would have to do at one least repair themselves
  9. I rode new bikes from 1965 till 1977 ...I decided in 1978 that I could put a used bike into premium condition for riding. I have riding used bikes since . I spend winter doing a complete overall repair from front to back . My XVZ1200 is turning into such a project . I look at it this I way , my XVZ1200 will end up costing up to $2500 to make good safe ride I don't mind spending up to $1500.00 on $3000.00 bike ...I then know the bike is good to ride a full season .. This is all based on Canadian dollars .. I am sure that bike prices and repaired values are different i
  10. I live in Morden , Manitoba ..Have had cancer , 2 surgeries ..Have a cyst on my left lung with difficulty breathing when wearing a mask ....I called to make a appointment to have a Covid test .. It is near impossible to have one done ...They have moved the appointment schedule to the Regional Health Authority ...This makes it near impossible to a Covid test done ...I called today again , because we are a small city the people at the answering don't even know where Winkler and Morden is ...This may be a case of the wrong people answering the phone ...They have a few numbers to call which go no
  11. When you look at the big picture of a riding season ...If your budget allows buy a good ready to go ride ....Only thing this once have spent the money , it may turn out to be a major investment ..Can you then recover the cost ..either in a riding season that is worth the cost and it does not matter what the cost is ...Many of the earlier models with some repairs and if maintained can provide you with much the same enjoyment through out the season ...Yamaha over all the years has been building a great product .For myself I will have a total investment of $4000..and I know the bike is good to g
  12. My hope and prayers for all to enjoy this Christmas and the New Years holiday Would be nice if this bad guy called Covid would go away . It sure would great to enjoy a full season of riding in 2021
  13. Windows 10 in all honesty has been a very big flop /disaster ..and needs a lot of work ..Windows 7 will be here for long time .. Only download Windows 10 from Microsoft .com..you will need valid product key If they would close the program access hole and the background intelligence with diagonal tracking ...Windows 10 would have a good chance at survival . Try Windows 10 with the Firefox internet browser ...you will notice a big improvement To prove that Windows 10 has a problem... access the Command prompt and type in..... ping and hit the enter key ,,,,
  14. Over all the years buying fuel for any of my vehicles and that includes any and every bike I have riding since 1964 . I have always found a benefit in better the top grade fuel #1 or premium fuel ... I do know there is a lot of discussion out there the blended or lower grade fuel is just fine ... When you put an engine to work and it has to perform to it's maxium specs you will find that only premium fuel is what works the best . Aviation works best but it has hugh price . Call me stubborn or wrong but I will never buy a blended , unless I run out on road some where
  15. I repair old bikes and someday when I can afford to retire , that is all I will be doing . I buy older bikes guys tell me , that they are not repairable I have been installing #4 gauge wire from the neg terminal on the battery right to bolts the hold the starter in place . I have found that at least for the most bikes the starter seems to work better drawing less amps when starting . Most the bikes I have working on have been manufactured before 1985
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