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  1. I have found that at minus 10 degrees , no wind and a dry road a 15 - 20 minute ride beats sitting in the coffee shop talking about a bike ride ... But I did stop in at coffee shop after the ride to warm up with a hot drink ..And besides that a ride down the road even on a cool day like does the bike a lot of good ....It will equalize the electrical system on the bike ...When a engine sits all winter the gaskets sometimes begin to leak ..
  2. It might be a good plan to check on the current needed to run the headlight ..3 years ago I bought a led headlight online thinking that it save some battery as we often assume that led is better that it may use less power .. .. I did find out that it used a bit more power than my 65/55 bulb did , the amount of light it gave me on the road was great ....There may be better ones ..
  3. This goes back to off season maintenance ...I have a simple check for the off season , if any of the following components are more than 40% gone I replace them , steering head bearing adjustment , tire wear , wheel bearings , rear suspension and internal rear wheel drive component fitment ... Gaskets , battery & wire connections ..Some riders say that this is a unneeded expense .... But when I am 3 hours from home , what is a unneeded expense ..
  4. It all depends on how much time you have before you want to ride it ...I spent 10 months on my 1983 1200 ...You need to figure doing a front to back rebuild , my thinking is that it is at most a $250.00 bike ...
  5. I have been using a 1157 12 Volt DC light bulb inline with the positive terminal with my 2 amp charger ....When battery is low the bulb goes on full and as the battery reaches full charge the bulb goes dim and turns off when the battery reaches full charge ...At point there is no current transfer to the battery ...If you run the bike or turn on the accessories the charge rate goes back on and the bulb goes on till the full recharge is reached
  6. Maybe someday I can buy a bike like that too ..In Canada we pay plenty of tax and none of the government officials can be held accountable for their actions . I just gassed up my 1997 Chevy K1500 at $6.07 per gallon ,as the fuel price at the pump increases the price is added on top of the tax and then the tax is added again .. When you been working most of your lifetime making less than $35000.00 per year all you can do is make a wish list of what you would like to own someday ...In my case it would be a newer Yamaha .
  7. You may want to pull your spark plugs to see if they running a nice toasty brown in color or a ugly black color which would indicate over fueling ...About 8 years ago I had a problem where my plugs were running a ugly black color ...After changing the plugs I noticed that the choke was not shut off all the way .....I had been running for 2 hours with the choke on part of the way ....
  8. I have never bothered to check on that , All I can tell you is when the GPS says another hour to a rest stop ...The last thing on your mind is what kind of corn it may turn out to be .
  9. Unfortunately I know all about stop and pee ...I have a cyst on each kidney and they take their turn at reminding me to find a corn field ..
  10. The cup holder is a place to put my A& W Root Beer
  11. Over the years past I have often dressed in warm winter clothing found a clear stretch of road and gone out for a ride ...I do know know that a 40 minute ride does good things for the bike charging system , battery and engine gaskets ....I have 3 Yamaha's and the bikes that sit in storage for 4 months over winter and never run are more prone to have oil leaks and electric problems . I might get a strange look from some people and some even tell me that I am nuts ...I just tell them that's okay I am the one getting a chill or a good cooling off
  12. @ Freebird ...My own network Server at home is build on Windows 7 , and I have tried Windows 10 ..My Server has 6 hard drives where I keep Windows 10 ...Windows 11 info , Myself I prefer Linux (Ubuntu 20 ) ...I have too much money invested ( $3500.00 ) in my server to run Windows 7 and devices to make the change to Windows 10 or Windows 11 ...For me there there is no benefit to run Windows 10 or Windows 11 on the smaller devices .. ..I know the Windows insider program wants service guys to run the updated Windows ....But I am moving away from the Computer Service Industry ... Let some one else have the headache .. At 75 years I prefer to spend my time on my 83 Venture riding down the road ..
  13. I started to assemble networks in 1983 and went through the Microsoft Networking courses in 1998 , worked mostly with server work station systems . ..... My thinking is that when they moved from the Windows 7 platform to Windows 8 &10 platform , they were aiming at getting their software in the smaller devices instead of the desktop and tower computers ... When tablets , ipads became popular Microsoft saw a hugh maket opening up .. Unfortunately Windows 8 and 10 gave Microsoft more access to your system .... If you enter the IP address .. type ping and enter key at Comand prompt it opens the back door to Windows that is used for updates to Windows .. It cannot be closed , and any hacker can access your computer , no matter what Firewall or Antivirus you install
  14. I found the 83 hard to handle / balance , and I am 5 foot 5 and had a hard time reaching the ground . I removed the rear trunk and the front fairing ...I relocated the relays to under the seat ,and lowered the rear of the bike 1 1/2 inches by relocating the shock pin by 1/2 inch ..I had to cut the side stand by 1 inch , and remove the center stand ..I installed 120 70 r 18 at the front . I removed 65 lbs from the bike and it does balance easy ...I can grab one handle bar with one hand and lean the bike 12 to 14 inches bring it back with one hand easily ...
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