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  1. Here’s my story, I received a call from Public health nursing saying I had a positive Covid test. Problem with that is that I hadn’t been tested! I had donated blood a week before and their (blood bank) random testing turned up antibodies in my sample. Blood bank contacted public health nursing. So I had to quarantine because I had it sometime in the past. They can’t seem to allow facts to get in the way of their “protocol “!
  2. Praying for you here. May blessings overtake you ! But the question remains... will you be operating the WWW during your convalescence?
  3. My 2009 RSV has a bit of a rumble but it isn’t loud by any means. My brother has a set of Bub’s on his 2006 RSTD and we make him ride in the back. He makes too much noise!
  4. I think I’m going to pull the trigger on a Lee-Sure Lite Excel camper we found. It weighs 265 pounds empty and set-up time is under a minute. I like the idea of not sleeping on the ground. We go wilderness camping in the BWCAW between Minnesota and Ontario so I know what roughing it is ... and I prefer not to be that rustic.
  5. Just wondering if any of youse have done any trailer camping? Good and bad, what to stay away from. Also what mods have you done to your scoot?
  6. They would be the round chrome things on the outside of your handlebar grips.
  7. Sorry this happened to you. Glad you are ok and you wife wasn’t aboard. You might be sore for a couple days but it could have been terrible.
  8. It’s amazing how things go when you do it His way! Glad to see you all settled in a place of your own!
  9. Feeling your pain, brother. I had plans too for a ride up along Lake Michigan thru the UP but those got preempted. I’m thinking this is the year for spontaneous riding... you know, hey the sun came up today, let’s go on a ride
  10. ​Well, Flyin Fool, you could mosey up this way and build fire trucks! If you can read a tape measure you out qualify 90 percent of our new hires!
  11. Would you be having lutefisk with your lefse? I heard that these Minnesotan Yamaha scoots run better with a shot of lutefisk brine in the tank than even Seafoam. Plus it attracts Norwegian girls!!
  12. Turn that thing south!!! I think your compass must have the poles switched!! Or something It’s working too well here!!
  13. One thing I found is when you go to mount the stock trunk make sure the floor of the trunk isn’t cracked where the latch is mounted on the underside. If it’s cracked the latch can deflect while riding and come sliding forward during a hard stop. Ask me how I know this!
  14. We’re planning next summer’s trip out to Montana. See kids and grandbabies and hopefully Glacier.
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