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  1. Now my dear @cowpuc , you know of course, that I was in training to compete with @Marcarl in the napping competition of the VR Olympics. I have heard that he is unbeatable in the U-turning segment but vulnerable in the napping part! And I will surely pray for Tip. She has done above and beyond any mere mortal!
  2. Now Puc, you have gone and done it. I laughed so hard at this post that it interfered with my nap time!!! I will never look at lane splitting the same again!
  3. Congratulations! Now you can ride longer and farther without work constraints! Enjoy your time! BTW, we were in your neck of the woods visiting my brother in mayfield!
  4. I concur with what has been said here: try on helmets and wear them awhile. We have the hjc helmets as well and really like them. The only thing is that if you want to take a drink going down the highway, when you flip up the chin guard, it catches the wind and jerks your head back!😟
  5. Good for you!!! That’s a tremendous accomplishment!
  6. Looks great! They always say; a good carpenter makes mistakes but he knows how to hide them!! Good work!!!
  7. If that number doesn’t work try Kuryakyn p/n 7158. They have been taken over by Tucker Rocky so ordering might be a little different. That number is not model specific but is easy to install as well.
  8. I bought a Kuryakyn and it looks good anyway. I haven’t had a chance to actually use it yet. I do think that the Yamaha racks are better with the stray under the feet to spread out the load on the trunk lid.
  9. I received my new Clearview windshield on Tuesday after waiting for 5 months. The holdup was that they were unable to get the vent for it, which is a Honda part. However, they were in contact with me the whole time so I knew what was happening. I have not used it yet so can’t comment on that aspect but I went as large as I could, height and width to try to take some wind off my wife behind me. So, if you want a Clearview shield, order it quick before they run out of those vents. We are going on an afternoon ride tomorrow so I will post my first impressions then.
  10. I have a 65 mm and I just tried it on the filter p/n you specified and it fit perfectly. I have used other brands of filters and it never fit on them. I used the channel locks on those!
  11. Good to see you back, I was wondering if you had fallen off the earth!
  12. Could the deflectors have relaxed a bit during the time they have been ageing in your garage?
  13. Mine doesn’t stay out either, but it will stay running even with the choke not out all the way. After it warms up a bit make sure the “choke” is pushed in all the way. Mine will stay out just a bit.
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