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  1. Well, that just isn’t right, but I understand ! My plan is to get off the bike on my last ride and croak! I’ll be dead before I hit the ground….in twenty or thirty years!
  2. Wait! Hold the presses! Is it an anchor for holding wire for when farmers checked corn?
  3. Not a hay fork or a fence stretcher. Not big enough for hay and no racheting mechanism for fence stretching. Could be a hog hanger but they are generally butchered upside down. Seems a little small for ice blocks. So, with all this verbosity, I don’t know either!!!
  4. Happy Resurrection Day to all of youse!
  5. My employer has provided us each with a set of Craftsman tools complete with metric wrenches and nut drivers of common sizes. Trouble is, I have never touched half the wrenches in that tool cabinet. We use only SAE. My vote is to build your own set of what you use. It’s cheaper than buying a set you will only use half of, and you don’t have to drag the extra weight around.
  6. My wife wouldn’t ride with me until I got the ‘09 RSV. The ‘83 Venture just didn’t do it for her! Now she has bought in to riding and touring. I’m loving it!
  7. I use that line a lot... and it generally works!!
  8. Here’s my story, I received a call from Public health nursing saying I had a positive Covid test. Problem with that is that I hadn’t been tested! I had donated blood a week before and their (blood bank) random testing turned up antibodies in my sample. Blood bank contacted public health nursing. So I had to quarantine because I had it sometime in the past. They can’t seem to allow facts to get in the way of their “protocol “!
  9. Praying for you here. May blessings overtake you ! But the question remains... will you be operating the WWW during your convalescence?
  10. My 2009 RSV has a bit of a rumble but it isn’t loud by any means. My brother has a set of Bub’s on his 2006 RSTD and we make him ride in the back. He makes too much noise!
  11. I think I’m going to pull the trigger on a Lee-Sure Lite Excel camper we found. It weighs 265 pounds empty and set-up time is under a minute. I like the idea of not sleeping on the ground. We go wilderness camping in the BWCAW between Minnesota and Ontario so I know what roughing it is ... and I prefer not to be that rustic.
  12. Just wondering if any of youse have done any trailer camping? Good and bad, what to stay away from. Also what mods have you done to your scoot?
  13. They would be the round chrome things on the outside of your handlebar grips.
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