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  1. just going to throw this out there then leave it there. Shortly after buying my 99, we were almost out of gas and shifted to reserve just to have it quit running. long story short, the bike had set for a long time prior to me buying it and i didnt dump and clean the tank because it was running when i got it. So just maybe your problem is crap int the tank. If the bike runs ok for short runs then maybe its comming from somewhere other then the carbs. Always check every possibility.
  2. We call reverse the wiplash switch
  3. like Mike said, 40-42 in the front, 22 rear.
  4. try pushing the handle bars into the turn. left bar for right turn, right bar for left turn.Easier on the shoulders.
  5. another thing, the rear tires only need to be inflated to 22-24 psi. this will give you better road contact and better wear across the tread. your running a tire that is rated for a 2 ton car, the trike only ways around 1100 pounds dry. also softens the ride.
  6. The front tire will last twice as long as it does on 2 wheels. Iwas getting 23000 miles out of the front tire on the 99 trike. So far i have around 7k miles on the front tire on the 09 with little wear. keep in mind the front tire on the trike will only wear the center of the tire, the side tread will look new with the center being bald.
  7. Picked up my 2009 RSV Hannigan with 23000 miles last year. has every option except the aux gas tank. $12000, there are good deals to be found.
  8. I know Im a year late, but if you look under the drivers floor board you will find an ajusting bolt. You can adjust the Hannigan boards down just enough to allow room on the crash bars to mount a set of kuryakin off sets.
  9. I cant believe no one answered this. fist I have no idea what this metal tube is never seen this on any of my 3 ventures. as for the bike not running without the choke, it can be any number of fuel or air problems. air filters, vacuum leak, fuel filter, fuel pump, water and dirt in bottom of tank, plugged vacuum orifice on top of tank. it could even be the valves clearence is out of specs.
  10. I know someone who did that on a 1st gen.
  11. the risers will help, but because of the Hannigan raked triple tree they will be a tight fit and may touch the inside fairing. So far no problem with mine.
  12. welcome to the trike community.
  13. I found it on marketplace. Seeing how it has pretty much everthing Hannigan has to offer including the trailer, I have to say the price is reasonable. Like I said, theres no way he didn't get the easy steer, but to make sure just check the top of the triple tree. if it doesn't have ES, hannigan will install it, but i wouldn't pay full price for the bike.
  14. Deffinetly a Hannigan, Im sure if he spent all that$$$ for the aux tank, floorboards and reverse It will have easy steer. Hannigan stamps thier name on the top of the triple tree. the reverse has some wicked torque so hang on when you hit the switch.
  15. completly forgot you owned a spyder.
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