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  1. Me thinks the map has a hick up or three. it shows Robin and me in Davenport Iowa, should be port byron ny.
  2. I believe but can not verify something very abnormal happen to this bike at some point long before i took ownership. Probably before it was triked.
  3. Last i read a couple days ago, the cdc said they traced less then 300 people that got c19 and 1 death. Stop reading the b.s. on social media.
  4. Bongo would indeed be pleased. the switch is only about an inch or 2 higher and fully functional.
  5. after getting in out of its hiding spot I opened it up and found both contacts broken off and just floating around in side, replaced it with another switch I picked up last time I had this problem. I relocated the switch to a easier to get to spot just in front of the ignition switch. don't really need a tip over switch on a trike so this should work out ok.
  6. I got it! after two years of not knowing for sure what the problem was/is I went back to the tip over switch and sure enough its bad or a wire at the switch is bad. Now i just have to figure out how to get the dam thing out of where it is.
  7. everything in the ignition system has been replaced except the coils. the coils are independent of each other so its highly unlikely all 4 coils are bad, plus they are the same coils as the last time this happened and it been running on them for 2 years now. something is telling the command module to not send voltage to the coils.
  8. re ruled out the tip over when i tried a different switch with same results.
  9. pick up coil replaced with stator 5000 mile ago.
  10. new switch, change it out last time this happened so now i have 2 good ignition switches. did yours turn over the starter and did all the electrical stuff still work? everything on the bike works I just don't have any juice going to the plugs. 0 spark.
  11. ,99 RSV will not start. no spark at the plugs, battery fine, not a fuel problem, everything works, so probably not ignition switch. starter turns over just fine. Has a new coil pickup, new ignition relay and ignitor box. when i put a spark tester on a plug i get a very faint spark when i hit the start button then nothing. some of you may remember i had the same problem 2 years ago and we really never figured it out, it just kind of fixed its self. well is back!
  12. check out Yamaha trike owners group om facebook. every so often one will come up for sale.
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