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  1. ran my CT @ 50 PSI, no wobble, could tell the tire was getting low when the wobble came back
  2. Holly

    Leaking oil,

    Report on the oil leak, after replacing the shifter shaft seal and putting it back together, started it and the oil still poured out, was coming from above the shifter shaft and running down the electrical wires under the engine, the only place you can have oil coming out on the left side is the clutch release cylinder, removed the cylinder and found the clutch release shaft seal had come out of the crankcase! So I replaced the seal and rebuilt the clutch cylinder and put it back together, bled the cylinder by pumping brake fluid from the bleeder valve to the reservoir using a new pump oil can, No leaking now!
  3. Holly

    Leaking oil,

    Looked harder at it, not the clutch release, shifter shaft seal, easier
  4. Holly

    Leaking oil,

    Think I found it, looks it might be coming from clutch release cylinder oil seal
  5. Holly

    Leaking oil,

    Lost 1.5 qt of oil, that is what it took to bring it back to showing in the sight glass, level, no oil coming from the rubber hoses
  6. HI Went to the Black Hills last weekend, had a blast, rain, snow and hail made for fun riding one night! Sunday morning headed home from Custer, got as far as Rapid City when my oil light flashed at me, stopped and checked, found the whole underside from back of engine cover in oil. Crawled underneath and saw oil dripping from a group of steel tubes, looks to be 4 of them, can't see where they come from or which one is leaking, Can anyone help as to what is going on? This is on an 08 RSV, 90k, just getting really broke in! Thanks
  7. Had a 06 Hyundai Tucson, 2.7 v6, bought with 65k on it, gave it to son with 189K on it, only routine maintenance, other than having the timing belt replaced at 170K, we really miss that little thing!
  8. Made it home about 2 1/2 hrs ago, a couple tense moments like usual, moronic cagers passing 4-5 at a time, pulled in front of me cause they couldn't see me, a little rain, mainly dry! Had a great time, great conversations, food, drink and rides around the area! Thanks to Red, Bubber and Grandpagak for pulling this off this year, fantastic job guys! Sorry I didn't take any pictures either.
  9. Her name is Megan, 13 years old.
  10. Hey Bubber, Intend to be there, but they put our granddaughter Megan in the hospital this morning, will have to see how this turns out. Prayers would be appreciated. Holly
  11. to anyone following I90, if in need of a overnight stay, I live 10 miles off of mn exit 1, have and extra bedroom and plenty of camp space! phone number in profile, address 1239 Cherry Ave, Larchwood IA, 51241 would love to see some of you guys! Daryl
  12. Hi Orlin, Started a new job last Nov., don't have enough vacation time available this year, will be planning for maintenance day next year! Daryl and Sheila
  13. Holly

    rear tire

    goodrich radial t/a 155/80/15
  14. Hey guys, have a lead on a nice looking 82 vision, needs carb work and a stator. Anyone here have any experience with one? Thanks for any input!
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