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  1. Thanks Tom. I found the Marine Corpe emblem at th Sioux Falls VA store. I think it looks pretty good on there.
  2. Should be titled as 1985 Royale. Runs well and everything works. Located in Madison, SD. Asking $4000.00. Any reasonable offer.
  3. Recently bought a 1988 Goldwing Lehman trike conversion. I really like the smooth power of the 1500 6 cylinder. Odo reads 110,00 miles, but I think with proper maintenance, I should get a good number more on her. One odd feature is that the trunk in the trike portion is a drawer! Would anyone know what year that may have been used on? Since I can not ride 2, I am selling my 1986 Venture. I will be posting in the classifieds soon. Stay safe, Dave
  4. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?46952-Arm-Rest-Install I had started a new thread when I finished the installation. The link is posted above. (I think)
  5. Howard, It really is a small world after all! My uncle, Dennis Toms, served on the USS Bon Homme Richard with VA-192. He was lost overboard in the South China Sea on November 21, 1965. He probably was with some people you served with. I do not know when he first reported aboard though.
  6. Doreen and I had a great morning. We went for what may be our last cycle ride of the season. We rode to Flandreau for breakfast at the casino. From there we rode State highways and county roads through Brookings, Esteline, around Lake Poinsette, through Arlington and back to Madison. This was a total of 143 miles and used about 4 1/2 Gallons of gas. Should have gotten better fuel mileage, but nest spring with new plugs, wires, oil change and tires should help with that. Beautiful day for a ride, we even had to exchange our leather coats for for our denim jackets. Bike ran great! With the outri
  7. Condor, You have a taller and narrower rear plate than what is on my Voyager kit. Mine runs the full width and looks more like a bumper and the exhaust outlets are higher than it. I have not noticed any exhaust smell yet, but every time I have a chance to ride, it has been raining out. I haven't put that many miles on yet. Take care, Dave
  8. Chris, Sorry you had such a hard time getting out of Sioux Falls. Hope you are still running good. How are the new tires? Stay safe, Dave
  9. Chris, Radar as of 11:35 shows you should be out of the rain when ever you can get going. Hope they at least have some interesting magazines to read. Dave
  10. Glad you like her, Chris. She does like to stretch her legs a bit! I have been watching the National Weather Service RADAR and as of 0829, you should be able to ride out of the rain in about a half hour or so. Then it should be clear sailing with just an isolated area here and there all the way to Denver. Have a safe and FUN trip! Dave
  11. Chris arrived on time at Sioux Falls last night. We had a nice visit with him. He is getting ready to take off this morning in the rain. Hopefully, he will ride out of it quickly. Stay Safe, Dave
  12. CMCOFFEY, Looking forward to meeting you! I checked the carb sync on Sunday and it is purring like a kitten. I even shined it up for ya! See you about 1800 hours tonight. Dave
  13. As CMCOFFEY has said, he is going to buy my 1984 (built in Feb) later this month. I have replaced it with a 1985 Venture Royale. I found this bike on Craig's list in Sioux Center, IA. It has a Voyager trike kit on it. My back has been getting bad the last couple of years now and after driving about 120 miles home and around town, I am impressed. My back barely hurts now after a ride. Doreen finally got to ride with me Saturday afternoon and she has declared it good to go! The odometer shows 38400 miles. Here are some pics I took today. Now for new fuse box, battery cables, extra lights Bad Boy
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