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  1. I posted before about installing the 2" Equus gauges on my Royal Star. Well I found a 2" tachometer that matches the other gauges very closely. I got it at Princess Auto on sale for $20, regular price is $35, so the price is right. It is a car tach but works great if you build the adapter harness shown on this site. There are about six different backlight colours that can be changed by pressing a button. The adapter harness is very easy and cheap to make and allows the use of car tachometers which are much cheaper than most motorcycle tachs, at least in Canada. Ride safe Doug
  2. Just saw that Web Bike World had picked this as one of their products of the year. I've never even heard of it but I know there was a recent discussion here about the best action cameras. At a list price of $399.00, it had better be very good. Sena Prism Review - webBikeWorld
  3. A HUGE THANK YOU! To everyone who purchased this spacer. I assume all are satisfied with it, your feedback/comments in the classified ad would be greatly appreciated. As much as I hated to do it, I had to increase the price by $5. I lost my connection for aluminum and cheap shipping rates. Bill W.
  4. Yooper needs new shield for the 93 after the accident, where to get the best price. Thanks Yoop
  5. Saw a 2005 RSMV listed for sale at a local dealer. Nothing special about the bike, few extras like passing lamps, trunk rack, etc. Listed price was $11,999.00 I sent an email wishing them luck!
  6. I've had two people ask me about the availability of the domed decals here: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/venturerider-merchandise/39088-venturerider-domed-decals.html I don not have any at this time. They are not cheap and I have to order a minimum number of them to get the best price. I have not ordered any because if there is no demand, I will end up sitting on the investment for a long time. So is there any interest? If so, I'll start taking orders and get them on the way but otherwise, will wait a while longer. Don
  7. Well, I have most of the info anyway. I have negotiated what I believe is a good price...if you don't agree, sorry. Anyone who wants just diaphragms, I have negotiated a price with Sirius Consolidated, here in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. They don't deal with the slider kits, just diaphragms. Regular price for a set of four was $89.00.....we can get a set of four for $60.00 US or $15.00 for one, if you don't need four. They will ship to anywhere in Canada or United States for $5.00 per order. If you want to order from them, direct your email to Martin at this email address: sci@siriusconinc.com and indicate that this is a VentureRider order, for that price. Their part number is called SD-1 I am working ( slowly through emails ) with an outfit called Carb Kit Capital for slide assemblies but haven't got a firm price from them yet. I'll post that when I get it.
  8. Just had an bad experience with Motorcycle-Superstore.com . I bought a set of Avon Venoms for my 99 RSV. I looked at a couple of different sites I felt like their prices were good, saw their low price guarantee and decided to go ahead and buy. Another user on here afterward suggested checking the prices over at DennisKirk.com and what do you know, they had their rear Venom for $17 less, may not seem like a lot but we ride for 200 miles on that much. So I called M-S.com to get my price match guarantee this morning and they refused..... Go check it our for yourselves 150/90v-15 at DK.com = $153.43 at M-S.com 169.99. Both offer free shipping. So what's the deal? Motorcycle-Superstore.com will not get any more of my business!
  9. Help please. Me and Deb went for a ride to Pittsburgh PA sunday just to shop a little. On the way back the speed-o just quit. Looked in our classfied and at pinwall but just can"t seam to find one. Does anyone have a speedometer cable for my 84 venture royale around for a reasonable price. Me and Deb want to go to moundsville wv on the weekend of 8-24 to see the moveing wall come into town. Thanks Dan.
  10. Has anybody used this windshield as a replacement and is it a decent quality for the price? http://www.ebay.com/itm/83-93-Yamaha-XVZ-1200-1300-Venture-Royale-WINDSHIELD?item=140815088391&cmd=ViewItem&_trksid=p5197.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D2%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D1624150924259620255
  11. Hey My Venturerider Friends, I am going to pull the trigger on purchasing floating floor tiles for my garage floor. I am considering products from 3 different suppliers, RaceDeck, Swisstrax, and Modutile. Have any of you had any experience with either of these three manufacturers? I feel like Swisstrax is probably the highest quality, but they also come with a substantially higher price. I would like to get the job done for the lowest price (Modutile), but I just want to make sure I don't get myself into a situation where the product is way lesser quality. Give me your thoughts, please. Thanks, Lynn.
  12. Check out classifieds for new price... hope sombody can use it...
  13. When I order a new car/truck or in this case Jeep, when does the dealer get factory credit for it. When I place the order or when he delivers it. Might help to know this to help with bargaining price.
  14. I know I'm like everybody else. Always looking for the right buy at the right price and then you have to consider the shipping costs. I've passed up some decent deals over time because the shipping was WAYYYY out of line. So when I find a part I've been wanting at a competitive price with FREE SHIPPING I'm all over it. A few days ago I ran across something I'd been looking at a good price and Free Shipping. Didn'd even have to mess with bidding as it was a good ol' eBay BIN. Yea! It was even a respected seller. Even better. So when I got home today I found a package, box, (one step short of a crate) on my front porch. What the heck? Didn't order a short block! Or a Microwave oven. So I drag it in and start to open it up and start pulling out packing paper. Ended up with 2 strips of heavy packing paper that were each 35 feet long and 2 foot wide. That my friends is a lot of packing paper. So looking into the box I got the chuckles. Had to take some pics. Overkill has a new definition. So I'm still giggling at what the heck that package would have cost to ship. The postage weight on the box was 7 pounds. The part in it...... less than 3 lbs and would have fit in my mail box. So the next time you go to order a part that would fit in a regular envelope and they want $20.00 to ship it...... it's my fault. They are trying to make up the loss. Mike
  15. Can't believe I have had only one inquire on my bike for sale, am I asking to much? Maybe not enough which leads people to think there is something wrong with it. I know its hard times but for a steal I just cant believe I'm getting no bites. If I was looking I would be all over it since 2 years older are the same price. Oh well :confused24: I'm sure not going to give it away,not that I am already. Joe
  16. It appears to be pretty clean. It has about 65K miles. New upgraded stator put in within last 5000 miles. Needs a rear tire. Clutch rebuilt at same time stator was done. I am wondering what else I should be looking for with the miles it has on it. I am sure I will change all the fluids. Probably get the valves checked/adjusted. I also know there were some rear shock problems. Is this something I shoudl plan on changing, or just ride until it is needed? Anybody know approximately the cost of having the dealer do the valves? The price is $4799/OBO. Is that a good price and if not, what should I be trying to get it for? Thanks for any advice. Zak
  17. Lowered the price of my RSTD if anyone is interested. Check the clasified. Joe
  18. i was checking out motorcycles on craigs list came accross a 1986 yamaha venture with a voyager kit. painted to match the bike. asking price 3 grand. has starter problems? bike will start but the starter hesitates? missing the yamaha piece that goes around the windshield? not a big problem. so i was thinking bike might need a starter clutch? so i shot him an offer of $2600. he sent me an email saying i must be nuts. the kit alone sells for $2500 or more alone? and at the price of $3000 he would be giving the bike away as it is. but needs to sell. sure hope it was noone here. if it is im sorry if i insulted you with my offer.
  19. Guest

    Price check!

    I have a friend with a first gen that needs a set of progressive fork springs. The best price I can find on them is at OEM for $59. Anyone know where they may be cheaper?.
  20. Anyone hear about the guy in Virginia who traded in his car on a new Chevy Traverse? He originally bought a black one but brought it back the next day for a blue one. He paid in full, took it home, and left the next day on a cruise. He got home to find a large number of calls on his home and work phones, and mail. When he contacted the dealership, it seems they had made a mistake on his paperwork and the blue Traverse was worth more so they wanted him to come in and sign a new contract for the higher price, $39k instead of $33k. He refused as he had already paid in full for the vehicle at the stated price. Well, the dingbats had him arrested for GTA. He had to bail himself out of jail and walk home [5 miles]. They continued to demand he come in and sign the higher priced contract even after they dropped the charges. The president of the dealership has finally apologized for the situation and offered him the vehicle at the stated price, $33k. His reply: No Thanks. He's suing them for $2.2M for a variety of reasons due to their screw up. MHO? They had better settle now while they can. I can think of a few juries that would be of the opinion that $2.2M is not enough!
  21. Just a comment on the new Jensen model JHD910 AM/FM Radio I purchased a few weeks back, and installed in a tank back for use on the new 08 RSTD. This is a very good quality radio, and I am very impressed with its performance. If anybody needs this type of radio for installation in, a boat, truck, RV , heavy equipment, etc. etc. I highly reccomend it. Yes its expensive !! but seems to be well worth the price. ( and its small ) and easy to mount, for wherever needed. ( price, about $200.00 ) :cool10:
  22. During the day on Tuesday the price of gas was $1.30/liter ($4.921 / U.S. gallon). Overnight it bumped up to 1.378/liter ($5.216 / U.S. gallon). That is $0.295 increase over night. Today it is $1.292/liter ($4.89 / U.S. gallon). Funny.... all the stations and oil companies raise and lower gas prices at the same time. Collusion or coincidence? Must be coincidence.
  23. I stopped at " Hinshaw Honda" , Auburn Wa. yesterday to buy a couple odds and ends. Lots of used bikes parked in front of the dealership. Anyway, they have an 09 RSV, Black, in good looking condx, price tag I think was either #8 or 9 K. I would estimate the bike had around 35K as the front tire was an Avon. ( if we assume the OEM front went about 20K. ) Also, they had a 91 Venture, All in one piece, with 44K on it, asking 3800.00. Anyway, for an RSV, Trunk, fairing and all the goodies, for the price if anybody is interested, lot better deal then 20K for a new one !!
  24. I need a headlights bezel for an 06 RSTD. If anyone has one , , ,let me know, , or a salvage used that might have one, , , don't want to pay the price for a new one, , if I don't have to. Thanks, Barry
  25. Coming off a 2000 Honda ACE Tourer for the last 3 1/2 years . (loved the bike) . Looked good lots of power. And was reliable. I put about 35000kms on in that time. Bike Had 80000 kms When I traded it in. I decided that which ever bike bought next would be new. So I priced the H-D Electra Glide looked at the Wing (for about 2 seconds) and decided to go with the Venture . Price and Warranty where major factors (price Wing) but when it came right down to it I know the Yamaha dealer And not only did he Take my bike but also my sled on trade. I went with the Venture because I ride two up alot. I wanted her to be comfortable so she would have nothing to complain about . haha . I actually signed the papers before i even sat on one because my dealer didnt have one in stock ! At this stage in life I decided that if I am going to make payments on something I may as well get something I really want (38). I have had the bike for about 3 weeks now and I have 4500 kms so far . Vacation for 2 weeks tho . I added the light bar the luggage rack and ........... LA chopper pipes. Yeah Yeah too loud too loud ( Remember Im 38 ) haha and gas cap cover . Most important addition was the Sirius radio. At first i was really nervous at slow speeds but some seat time and the 3 rules from "Ride like a Pro " and i feel more confident. But I KNOW I will someday drop this bike (its heavy haha ) i Thought i would need the lowering kit but ater reading all the reviews I am glad i didnt order one. So far I am very happy with my purchase I love the power it is very comfortable and most of all the wife is happy. I look forward to all the support and good information on here and i will do my best to help others on here as well. Thanks Jay:)
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