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  1. I was finally able to get my new (to me) brake calipers installed onto my 2005 RSTD. Same works on 99-13 RSV. @skydoc_17 (Earl) sourced the calipers, stainless steel brake line and appropriate banjo bolts for the conversion. Earl was excellent to deal with as well. The install was straight forward and worked great. I picked up new EBC sintered brake pads for the new parts. My donor bike was a Yamaha R6 that was hit in the rear end. Fresh DOT4 fluid was installed at the same time. The improved stopping power is noticeably immediately. My Blue Ridge Parkway trip last month was the real test and I was hugely impressed and very confident with my new stopping power. This is a highly recommended upgrade for your RSTD or RSV.
  2. If anybody is interested, here are my notes on converting from incandescent headlights to LED. I ordered a set from LED Factory Mart. Info: 2005 Royal Star Tour Deluxe. So here is obviously your staring point. There is a screw on either side of the main headlight assembly. Remove the main headlight plug. Remove the rubber housing. Undo the spring bar. This will take a bit of effort. Before you remove the two long screws found a 8 o'clock and 4 o'clock you may want to take note of approximately how much of each one is screwed in. These also act as the aiming adjustments. You will still need to re-aim your light after you are complete anyways. Here is the inside of my driving lights before making any modifications. The LED 4" lights I ordered came with a very nice plug assembly but there wasn't enough room in the bucket to keep it. I had to cut it off and wire in directly. It will be a tight fit to get the 4" lights back in the bucket. When lining up the main headlight to go back in the housing note that if you line it up with this screw at the top it will not be centered. That screw is a bit off of 12 o'clock. Finished project.
  3. I recently purchased a 2006 RSTD and like a lot of you, need more handlebar pullback. Everyone knows the problem with risers being that darn speedometer. For this reason, a lot of you use Flander’s bars which are rarely available. Rick at Buckeye Performance said he could have Flander’s make some more, but at a cost of $270 and who knows when it would be available. So, I came up with an alternative modification that is working incredibly well for me. Not wanting to practice on my stock handlebars, I bought a pair of Baron replacements that are practically the same. I used 2 pieces of 1” 7075 aluminum 6” long and ground down 3” of each piece to 13/16” diameter, leaving the other 3” at 1” diameter. On the 1” side, I drilled a 11/64” hole dead center 1.5” deep and tapped M6-1 threads to fit the bar end weights. I then coated the 13/16” side with a metal epoxy and pounded the handlebar inserts into the handlebars. It worked like a charm. I used 7075 for its hardness and durability and corrosion resistance. You could also use steel, of course. Someone could place pins or countersink screws if concerned about the ends pulling out, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. In retrospect, I totally would feel comfortable doing this with the stock bars if I could slide hammer out the bar end bushings.
  4. Hi Everyone! I have a question regarding starting the RSTD. I previously had a V-Star 1100 and my normal cold start would be full-choke and depressing the start button for less than a second to one second. It would seem to catch rather quickly and fire up. However with my RSTD, normal cold start is full-choke and depressing the start button for 4-5 seconds. For the first 2~3 seconds or so I just hear the starter, and from 3~6 seconds I hear the engine quitely starting to catch on. For another second or two after releasing the start button the engine slowly spins (idle speed) until it suddenly fires up to a good full-choke rpm speed. Moreover, if I leave the bike for a half hour after an hour long ride, which I would consider the bike to be warm, I still have to go through the same routine. It will never just fire right up quickly. I do live in Canada, but the average temperature for the past while has been 60~70F. Does this sound like a problem/needs maintenance issue or is this Normal? I feel like i'm going to wear the starter out by holding it for that long. Background info: I ride my RSTD as much as I can (at least 4 days a week, minimum 2 hours per day) Replaced spark plugs Replaced fuel filter Ran a can of Seafoam Cleaned air filters Changed oil and oil filter Synchronized carbs Changed coolant Thanks!!
  5. Hello Fellow RSTD riders. I mounted a Wompus Rack and aftermarket trunk to my 05 RSTD last night. Installation was quite simple. I have not had time to ride yet and need my wife to pass judgement on the comfortability. I will let you know what my thoughts are in a day or so. Ride safe!!!
  6. I just purchased a fairing for my 05 RSTD it has two 6x9 cutouts my question is I found some really nice stuff car audio quality and I looked into Marine grade stuff but it seems to me it cost more for less audio quality based on tech charts I'm paying more for water proof ? Does that make sense ? so my Real question should be is it worth it to get marine grade products if my bike is garage kept and not a Daily rider only time it gets wet is if I wash it or rain comes in on road trip I didn't plan for (rare)
  7. Okay, I finally got around to looking at my RSTD exahust tips. I wanted to turn them around so they looked like most of the pictures in the reviews I've read. I feel that it makes the bike look longer, lol. I found what looks like a set screw hole at the bottom of the muffler housing. However, I tried several allen wrenches and those that fit in the hole didn't grab anything and other wrenches were just to big. I guess I knocked off those particular brain cells when I was younger. What am I missing? ps. no picture yet. I added a drivers backrest, my gps mount and wiring but that is about it. 2007 RSTD. All help would be appreciated.
  8. Does anyone have information on good looking & functional upper wind deflectors for a 06 RSTD? I am trying to block the cold wind off of my knees.
  9. while riding yesterday (5/16/15) the bike cutout a a stop sign. When restarting, it acted funny - electrically - dash went dead, then came back and started ok. No further problems yesterday. This morning, turned ignition key, and when I hit the starter button, all went dead. No lights, no nothing. Stayed dead. Battery reads 12.5+v at battery, and at 30A fuse (L rear under cover). Lifted the tank, and got 12.5+v on main red wire at connector (pinkish one) but nothing on the brown wire next to it. Getting under keyswitch looks to be daunting (so many covers...) but I'm suspecting that is the culprit, since nothing is live beyond it. I've read where the keyswitch has been a problem on some models. Is this one? I'm going to call the dealer in the morning, but he doesn't have a great service reputation.... Any thoughts form you folks?? Thanks,
  10. Would like to put a trunk on my 2008 RSTD. What kind and what size do you have?
  11. Is this a good upgrade for the 05 RSTD? I know so little about the bike,I don't even know if this is possible. I want it to handle as good as possible. any input would be greatly appreciated.
  12. everyone is buying aftermarket fairings. My question is why cant or wouldn't you buy a fairing from Yamaha for a venture, and mount it on a rstd. would this work?
  13. I am about to install a radio/amp on my '06 RSTD. I know I can wire the amp directly to the battery leads however i would prefer to have the radio controlled by the ignition switch. I'm looking for how to instructions. Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. I know that a lot of people swap the RSTD bars to the RSV for wider bars and more pullback. So does that mean that I can throw a set of RSV bars directly on my RSTD? I am pretty tall and actually liked the RSV bars. Just sitting on the RSTD, the reach and angles feel funny to me for some reason. I am thinking I could put the RSV bars on pretty quickly without having to change any control wires or hoses. So has anyone done this? I would actually like mini apes eventually, but with Xmas close, I am trying to keep costs down for now.
  15. Along with a mysterious oil drip, my 2006 RSTD now features a coolant leak. I doubt it is the radiator, but that's where the leak manifests. There looks like a in front trickle, and I've seen fluid on that stem thing on the top. The trickle seems to come from the stem thing. (See photos) I've looked for visible wetness up top, but can't see any from the sides. I do see "steam" coming from low down... could that condense up top? Before I tear into that front end mess, does this ring a bell with someone? Dave
  16. Here's a few pics of my latest project. Whaddya think??
  17. I have a 2008 RSTD with the quick release passenger backrest. Does anyone know what other years this will fit on? The reason I am asking is that I am having a custom made rack to mount a trunk on. I know it will fit my bike but I am wondering about other years. The guy who is making it for me maybe interested in them for other people.
  18. I've a different take to adding a trunk to the RSTD that I was wondering if anybody has tried..... I'd like to use the removeable backrest for the attachement point and fabricate/add a Venture Royal trunk frame to that to create a one piece set-up the would mount the trunk. This way when I don't want or need the trunk I could put the standard back rest in - obviously, I'd need to purchase an extra back rest unit but It would be worth it for the ease of change over. I've seen the trunck frames on ebay for about 200 and I figured a good welding shop could fabricate/join this to the back rest frame. My only concern is if the mounts where the slide-in std. backrest fits are strong enough for the additional weight of the trunk assemby.... Any ideas or experience trying to do this? Thanks!
  19. Alright fellas (and/or ladies)... I have a 2006 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe, and I want to buy new pipes for it. I need advice. I want a low, rumbly sound without shaking windows down the street. I'm not very mechanically inclined (but my boy is) and apparently not very internet inclined either, as I just cannot find much of anything on the net! I've heard a lot about Bub 424, but can't find the website? And if you suggest Road Kings or something of that nature, will they fit my bike? So many questions... but I want to buy the right thing...and NOT break the bank! I have Vance and Hines Straight pipes on my Shadow and they sound awesome....and didn't break the bank either... so, something that sounds like that, only to fit the RSTD? Thank you in advance for all your suggestions and advice...
  20. I want to replace the tank on my 09 RSTD with the larger RSV tank. What is the oldest model year 6 gal. RSV tank that will fit my bike?
  21. I just took delivery on an '09 RSTD. It will fit in the garage with Yamaha GTS - you're a real Yamaha fan if you are familiar with a '93 - '94 GTS. Having been the owner of a V-MAX, I've always been a fan of the V-4, and I love the style of the Tour Deluxe and Venture and can't wait to get some serious seat time. I've already picked up some useful info from you all, so thanks for the site!
  22. Seeking a new-looking exhaust pipes for my '06 RSTD. Hopefully inexpensive. If you've replaced yours and and just want to get rid of the stock mufflers, I'll be glad to pay for the shipping to WA. The RSTD I bought came with aftermarket pipes and I prefer the quieter stock ones. Question: I'm assuming that when the previous owner put on aftermarket pipes he had to have the carbs re-jetted, yes? I also assume that this means if I put stock pipes back on that I have to have the carbs re-jetted back to the stock settings, yes? Thanks for any help you might provide.
  23. Hi just wondering if anyone knows if the cam shafts from an 07 venture will go into a 97 RSTD. By looking at the parts list they look like they should. Thanks
  24. I just got done installing a tour pack on my 07 RSTD. Not very staisfied with the pack. It's a little small and cheaply made, but it has some cool LED lights. I think I will install a Harley tour pack when I find one that won't break the bank. What do you think? Mark
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