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  1. everyone is buying aftermarket fairings. My question is why cant or wouldn't you buy a fairing from Yamaha for a venture, and mount it on a rstd. would this work?
  2. I started working to modify my 2006 RSTD to make it more comfy for my wife and to add a little more storage space for long trips. It is a work in progress but so far I've added a Venture trunk mount with grab bars, a third party Harley tour pack and a genuine Harley passenger backrest. I also found a vintage Harley trunk trim piece that I bought on a whim, for little of nothing but it worked out pretty good I think. I also added Harley hooded trim rings to my passing lamps. I've added a nice and loud Steibel air horn that has gotten folk's atttention on more than one occasion. I plan to add some lights to the trunk mount and get the trunk painted to match the bike. Once that's done I plan to start on a batwing fairing. The jury is still out on which one to go with, but I'm kind of a penny pincher and am considering the Stealth at USA trailers. I also added some Road King pipes that sound really sweet! I've got less than $100 in the slip ons, clamps and fabricated nount! Anyway, I thought that I would share my project with you guys and if any of you have suggestions on the fairing, feel free to send them along! PS. Please excuse my shop! I know it's a mess, but it is warm and dry!
  3. Here are the pics of my RSTD with Tour Pak added. This version was an aftermarket copy of the HD tour pack and had the rib in the bottom to sit atop the HD mounting bracket. I used my belt sander to take that off then welded up some square tubing to make the mount. I then put some rubber between my mount and the bottom of the tour pack, using 1/4" bolts and lock nuts. The back rest that came with it broke the rubber mounting blocks our first time out, so I ordered better replacements from McMaster Carr as suggested on this site. I'll be making another bracket at some point just to get a bit more sylish and maybe I'll have that one powder coated or chromed. This one just has some black RustOleum on it.
  4. Has anyone tried one of these yet? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/motorcycle-trailer-swivel-hitch-coupler-goldwing-CHROME_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33653QQihZ016QQitemZ260273626629QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW Looks like a good idea and with the trailer weight being low at 500lbs the only issue I can see is after a while the pin or the mount wearing out. I think the only thing I would add is some kind of fill under the pin to keep it from rattling when not in use.
  5. I have noticed, when browsing the Members list, that there are quite a few Amateur Radio ops on here. I am looking at possibly installing a Dual Band Yaesu FT-10 on the bike. Yaesu came out with this new weatherproof VHF/UHF Dual-Bander, and it looks like a good radio to mount on a bike. Comes with AM/FM receive too! (wont need that). You can get a handlebar mount, and a bluetooth headset/mic, and even an amplified speaker if needed. Has anyone mounted one of these yet? If you have this radio or some other ham radio installation on the bike, how about some pics? Years ago, I mounted a handheld on the tank of a Sportster, but it was not a good match. The vibrations the bike put out shook the radio too violently to operate well when moving. I did wire up a noise cancelling boom mic, and eventually solved some of the vibration problem, but I'm thinking the Venture and this new radio might be the way to go. I might look at one of the CB/AM-FM spitters to combine my broadcast receiver and the CB on the one CB antenna, then this would enable me to convert (or replace) the existing AM/FM antenna to a dual band (maybe comet/diamond) whip. Any ideas/experience?
  6. looking to put roadking pipes on and need to know if our stock brackets can be used to mount roadking slip ons or do i need different brackets and if so where can i find them Thanks Brian D. ps have 07 rsv
  7. I don't know if there is interest in this or not, but I'm working on a gauge mount for Tour Deluxes. If anyone has a used (scratched, dented, etc.) tank panel they could send me, I would send them a gauge mount for free after I get a final product complete. Thanks, Ponch
  8. I have a GoPro HERO camera with all the included mounts. I've scanned the forum here for mounting suggestions. I'm still a bit unclear on where best to put the mount/camera. I would like to have a central location (suction cup on gas tank?). I do not want to helmet mount the camera because I tend to "lollygag" (look around a lot!!) and that would cause the video be rather erratic. I would like the central/middle location so that the instrumentation is also visible if possible. What are the opinions/problems with mounting on the fairing lower or even the front fender? Also...the camera does not have a safety lanyard. I can rig up a nylon cord of course but was also wondering if anyone has another recommendation?
  9. Just got back from Texas Hunting Exotics. I took an Armenian Mouflon and Barasingha. Hopefully the upload works. Going with a European mount for the mouflon.
  10. Could someone get the C/L spacing of the mount holes on a 2nd gen shock & post it?? Couple of pictures would be nice. Getting started on the Hybrid RSV and am exploring the possibility of putting a modified 1st gen shock on it. The milk crate is temporary till I get a lift stand from Carbon One. Gary
  11. Anyone know of a place to get a set of lower windshield mounting brackets for a 96 Royal Star? I have the lower glass, no way to mount. Thanks
  12. Has anyone ever mounted a Mr. Gasket 42S fuel pump on a 1st Gen. If so, where and how did you mount it. My stock fuel pump has gone out and I already have a 42S that I used when I was trying to get my '83 running. I would like to use it if possible but I haven't found a good place to mount it. It's a little too big to fit in the location of the stock pump.
  13. Is this battery still the best choice? The connector looks like a side mount. My OEM is a top mount. I can get one locally from East Penn for $165cdn. I need to replace my battery and research on here seems to point to the Deka as the best choice, mind you most of the info is a few years old. Thanks.
  14. Hi all, I'm a bit stumped. :confused24: I recently upgraded my '86 to an '89 and am working through the bike making sure all is alright. The bike was missing the tip of the antenna so I'm trying to "fit" a new tip. I cut an antenna about 20" thinking I can step it down until I get the SWR correct. Hooking up the SWR I found that the reading is pegged past infinity. I started troubleshooting but have not found any obvious issues. I'm now stumped as to what to check next??? Items done: 1) SWR : it is pegged off the scale on ch1, ch40 and ch19 :confused: 2) Antenna mount has continuity to the negative on the battery. 3) The antenna when removed form the mount it has continuity from base to tip 4) the cable has continuity for the center conductor to the antenna mount post 5) the cable shield has continuity to the antenna mount body 6) there is no continuity between the center wire and the shield 7) tested with the matching box both connected and bypassed After this effort I was thinking on buying the stuff for the Marshal Mod but I'd like tofigure out if the CB is good or not prior to sinking the $$ into a new antenna setup. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  15. Other PGR members here I am sure. I am looking into mounting the 3 foot x 5 foot flag to my bike for missions. I want to make the mount and the pole myself and any and all help would be appreciated. I have saw such things in some other sites (Harley) and can not get to the pics and other info with out becoming a member first. Not much on the Ky PGR site either. So far I have come up with very little. Maybe a clothes rod holder for the pole. So your help would be nice. I love pics please. I have searched for hours and many locations on the net and have not gotten any real good info. So I decided to post here and see what others here have done with our bikes. Thank you in advance. I now build these myself. Go here www.jandjflagmounts.com PS; I have come to the conclusion that if someone could come up with a universal type mount, then it would help others. I have decided to build my own and maybe some for others. I can sell a few and save a little gas money for the missions. The Patriot Guard Riders is becoming more and more popular, growing every day. Fuzzy
  16. I thought I should take a ride thru Wascana Park in Regina SK. today before the first frost of the season that is forecast tonight takes most of the leaves. It was a good time to try out Drift camera and take a short ride thru what is touted as the largest urban park in North America. Then I went into downtown a bit until the 2gb card filled up. Ive got the Drift set at 1080 res but I am sure that You Tube really drops resolution. I am really happy with the camera and mount it in a couple of places on the bike, but still like the low mount point on the front crash bar the best for around town. Brian
  17. Time to replace those brickstones that came on my TD. Anyone near the Iowa City area have the equipment and knowledge to mount a new set or is the dealership my only option around here?
  18. I want to know what the most travel I need between my front fender and anything above it?? I was working on a mount for my air horn under the light extension bracket.
  19. Hi everyone, Just noticed the carb mount, throat thing on on the front left cyl is cracked. That would explain all the goo. What are these called? Can they be fixed? Looks like a little epoxy might do it maybe. Does anybody have any they would like to sell? Thanks!
  20. I've been playing with this for a while and finally got it worked out. We old Maytag 1st genners are seriously short of handlebar space for mounting all those lil dodads and gizmos. Got that handled without drilling into the bodywork or fabbing up something to bolt onto the bike. I had to farm out a bit of work to our friend Dano to get the holes drilled square into the round stock as I had no luck with the hand tools I had available so, thanks again Dan. I first got the idea from Dingy when he welded up a nut to go on there to make his GPS mount. Pretty simple idea. Remove the nut recessed into the risers that retains the hand controls and remove it. Replace it with the stud extension to add the space needed. Roll an o-ring into the recess to keep out the grit and water and it's done except to mount on the handlebar clamps for the needed mounts. So from this day forward these shall be called "Snagglestuds". I made a pair for both sides so now to buy more stuff to mount......... Mike
  21. DRS Fabrication has designed a durable metal, powder coated FRONT LED light mount, utilizing existing Royal Star Venture bolt holes. This is mounted low, away from the headlight and creates an enourmous amount of road illumination, as well as attractability. Combined with the Whelen LED Flash module, this allows many different, unique attention getting flashes or always-on setting. I have used a 27 watt LED light on each side of the front fender. It makes a magnificant light. The nice thing about using the Whelen LED Flash module it has the ability to a reduced light setting as well as a high light setting. The lights range from $25 on up depending what wattage, brand, size, shape, etc., each. I've seen the module as inexpensive as $33. The mount is priceless. If you're interested in getting a price on the mount, contact Dennis @ 814-360-9233 (Pennsylvania); a 2006 Royal Star Venture owner.
  22. I need an antenna mount for my 84 if anyone has one to part with(I will be happy to pay for it). Otherwise I will give more money to the scabs on ebay.
  23. Hi guys after reading a few posts about installing RK mufflers I started looking for a set and found out a friend had a set off his new bike sitting in the garage so he said I could have them. So I picked them up and found them to be cat free so I couldn't wait to put them on and got started. The stock pipes came off easy but I had to work the harley pipes over some to get them to slide on where I wanted them. After I got the pipes on I was trying to decide what to do for a mount then it came to me just use the stock mount so I fired up the die grinder and cut the mount off and the clamp cover and welded them on the harley pipes and there you have it factory looking but much much better sounding harley mufflers and I would have never known I could have such a good sounding bike for free
  24. So Im replacing my swing arm shock mount on my 1990 I couldnt find a 90+ but I bought one from an 86 . I know there are differences with no zerk fittings on 86 but the shock mount is definitely different. The 90 has two set of bolt near the shock mount the 86 has one. Does anyone know if this will work?
  25. I need to replace the 5-pin female (bike end) DIN connector on my 91 Venture - have intermittent connection and they need to be re-soldered. Does anyone have a source for this connector? I've tried Sierra and internet search. Sierra only has cables, not connectors. Only other ones I can find are chassis mount, not cable mount.
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