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  1. HELLO ALL I am on a trip and will look at this when we get back but just wanted to run this by everyone here to get some ideas. My gas gauge on the dash will blink on and off but not all the time. I think it might be the sending unit but not sure until I do sometesting. What are some other ideas out there. The rest of the dash is working just fine. Had the switch replace 4 months ago because the hole dash was blinking on and off and that fixed that but just the gas gauge doing it is a little strange . What do you think guys?????????????? Bikenut 2006 Yamaha Venture 32000 miles on her Alway garage kept or covered when parked :think:
  2. While at Marcarls Venture in I watched him do a carb sync on Evens bike the tool he used was a very simple home made tool. While in Princess auto I decided to pick up a vacuum gauge and make my own I also stumbled across a square pre-drilled and tapped aluminum sqaure bar with a total of 7 ports. Picked up 4 needle valves from Lowes plumbing section and 20' of clear tubing and proceeded to build my own. To operate you simply open the valve connected to the cylinder you are working on and adjust to steady the needle. By using one gauge there is no worry about accuracy between gauges. If you made one with 4 gauges you would have to spend extra money for high quality gauges that read exactly the same. NOTE; I HAVE REPLACED THE CLEAR HOSE WITH ACTUAL AUTOMOTIVE VACUUM HOSE FINDING THAT THE CLEAR HOSE WOULD COLLAPSE WHEN IT GOT WARM
  3. So I have rode my scoot a couple of times this week and it was in the 20's, Had the carhart bottoms on and it was a nice ride. The temp gauge came up to operating temp just fine. It got almost to 50 today so of course I jumped on the scoot and with no kids and wife was gone I figured I would go get some shopping done. So got out there avoided the mad cars and shoppers at the mall and on the way back home the temp gauge didn't move. Not a thing bike ran fine but no gauge. So I got on the site and looked some things up and as I was checking for wires popping off and grounding the gauge and it jumped to the top. I left the bike running and hmm it came up to op temp just fine. All I can Fig is that it was cold enough to keep it down on the scale as I was riding home but man it was nice. I will have to say Christmas shopping is almost fun when you can ride. Just stay out of the way of the 4 wheelers, There Nuts!!!!!!
  4. To make a long story short... I noticed that a buddy of mine has a set of scalloped tires on his Wing. He thought the $40 gauge that he had bought (gas station style chuck/gauge combo) would be accurate. It showed that he had 40lbs in the front. I checked it with my new Accutire digital gauge and it showed 32lbs. I understand Accutire brand are supposed to be accurate but I'm going to verify mine at work tomorrow since we have a calibrated gauge that is only used to verify other gauges.
  5. Hello everyone, It has been a while since I have been on as I got into a wreak. A damn car cut right in front of me at a green light and I laid her down to avoid a head on collision. I torn my AC joint completely and I had to have surgery. I turns out I also had a SLAP tear and a torn rotator cuff but the doc said they were probably old injuries. But long story short I am on the mend and trying to put shela back together, I am going to try to make her naked (instead of buying a lot of plastics ) by removing the broken cruise control components and the large stay at the front. My question....Is there an aftermarket speedo/tach that i could hook up with limited modification? I have already put on an aftermarket headlight and it looks good but I want to replace the gauges, mount some handle bar mirrors, and mount some blinkers in the front. Thanks in advance!
  6. Vibration reduction of Instrument Cluster on 83-85 Venture. I have experienced a lot of vibration / bouncing of my instrument cluster on my 83 Venture when riding on rough roads. I recently had the cluster off of the bike and found that the two brackets that mount the cluster to the fairing sub frame had excessive play in them. There is a rubber grommet over a shoulder stud at two points on each bracket for vibration dampening. I placed a new 3/8” washer between the existing washer and bracket to reduce the free play in the brackets. The 3/8” washer will fit over the shoulder of the stud allowing the bracket to slightly compress the grommet some more. The existing washer is replaced back over new washer and will only allow the nut to be tightened until contact with the shoulder of the stud. When the washer is placed correctly and the bracket is bolted back on the cluster, the threads of the stud will be about even with the back of the 10 mm nut when tightened. With this modification in place, the vibration of the cluster has been significantly reduced. There is still some flexing of the cluster that will absorb road vibration, but not nearly as much as before. The 4 conductor connector in the1st picture is for my shift position lights. The mounting bracket for the cluster is removed in this picture. The mounting studs for it are to the top left and bottom right of the electrical connector. The second picture shows where I placed washers. Gary
  7. I don't know if there is interest in this or not, but I'm working on a gauge mount for Tour Deluxes. If anyone has a used (scratched, dented, etc.) tank panel they could send me, I would send them a gauge mount for free after I get a final product complete. Thanks, Ponch
  8. Has anyone ever seen the entire fuel gauge flash on and off, like two flashes- pause, then flash again? My bike died the other day while riding home about a mile from work with the gauge flashing. It was like someone turned the key off. No sputtering or anything, just died, with all the electrical components still on. I pulled over, turned the key off, back on, fired it up and came on home without any incident. Any thoughts? Thanks, Creole
  9. I have a question for the brethren, it's about my Harley. As some of you know I have a '79 FLH Electra Glide that I'm working on getting back on the road. I want to install an oil pressure gauge onto it, it had a cheap one, with the plastic compression fitting tubing. I want to put a good quality oil filled gauge that will stand up to the vibrator. I also want to use a braided stainless line from the oil pump up to the gauge which will fit up in the fairing or on the handle bars. If y'all have some links or personal experience I'd love to hear from you. I have 2, 4 day weekends coming up for Christmas and New Years and 1 of those weekends are going to be spent doing nothing but working on my Harley....Thanks in advance for your help with this
  10. Hi, Odd question about air pressure gauges. I have been carrying a stick type for some time and all has been well. The other day I stopped at a tire shop to top off the tires before a long ride. The air hose had a built in gauge and was reading almost 8 lbs different than my stick gauge. Is there that much difference in air gauges? If so, can someone recommend a specific brand or type to be more accurate? I thought about a digital gauge, but I assume it can be just as off. Thanks Dave 06 RSTD Pearl White.
  11. Alright guys I changed the coolant Thursday evening ran it with the drain vale set to on for awhile topped off the coolant and set drain valve back to off. I rode it about 40 miles and the temperature gauge remained about 1/3 of the way from lowest mark on gauge with the temperatures in the mid 40's. I went to ride it today and within 5-6 miles gauge was up in the red. Temperature only in the low 40's here, so I pulled over and set the valve back to on to get it back to the shop. Thermostat stuck or what else could cause this? I don't believe there is any air in the system as it ran fine the day before
  12. The doesn't work. If the bike runs a while the tach moves to about 1000 RPMs, but doesn't respond with engine speed changes. I have removed the gauge and it moves freely. Any thoughts.
  13. Barb and I just got home from a 2 week long, 4600 mile trip. Boy was it great! The first part was down to Murfreesboro, TN to watch our 12 year old grandson quarterback a football game. Then we met up our friends (that ride a '12 Gold Wing) in southern Illinois and the 4 of us headed for Colorado Springs. There we visited the Garden of the Gods, and then Pike's Peak. For those that have never ridden up Pike's Peak on a motorcycle, I'll say that it should be on every touring rider's bucket list. Wow!! We've been up twice before, but it's been 20 years since the last time, and it was in our truck both times. As we were going up, I was watching my heat gauge climb into the red, but then we sped up a little and the grade wasn't as severe, and it cooled back down. A little later, we got stuck behind some real slow 4 wheelers and I had to go back to 1st gear quite a bit. Also there are some real tight corners with a steep grade that like 1st gear. Well, the Venture heated up again and the gauge was about in the middle of the red band (Mk II). On the CB, my friend Bill came on and said the his heat gauge was almost pegged. We pulled off on the side for a bit. As soon as we stopped climbing, my heat gauge came down quickly, but the GW took a bit longer. We started back up again and the Venture did pretty good, but the GW required another stop near the top. Up on top at 14,000 feet, the temp was 34 degrees, and it was very windy (30-40MPH). The ride down was even better than going up. Now I could relax more because I didn't have to worry about stalling on a tight, steep curve, or the bike heating up. There were quite a few bikes on the Peak the day we were there. Did I hear somebody in the back say "where are the pictures"? OK, I'll post some.
  14. Recently I had posted a thread about needing a temp gauge. In True Venturerider.org nature I received two by mail for free. As much as I appreciate the response and generousity of our members (Thanks, ISUTLEY & MUFFINMAN), I only needed one. So, the extra one is available to anyone that needs it for free. As well any of the extra MKI and MKII parts I have laying around and don't need, the selection of parts are a varied assotment. Just PM if there is anything you need and I'll look and see if If I have one laying around. But, I did have a question that I had posted on the earlier thread that no one responded to and since I am still curious I am going to ask again. But actually, I received a good temp gauge today from ISUTLEY (Thanks Les) and was able to compare his good one to my bad one. On a good one, or, one which has never had the needle pin removed from, there is a slight retraction action on the needle that returns the needle to the cold position when the sensor registers cold. On my bad one there is no retraction action. I'm not sure what causes that retraction action rather it be spring loaded or a reaction due to temp but it is deffinately there and neccessary. Does anyone know what causes the retraction action on the needle? Curious minds want to know.
  15. My 85 temp gauge has stopped working. Fan still starts when the bike heats up so everything is working except the actual gauge. Is there a cost effective/easy fix. Seem that all the wires are there and attached. Thanks.
  16. Reassembling the 87VR XVZ1300 for mayby the 40th time, I'm trying to address and correct all known bugs the bike has had. My current road block is the temp gauge in the gauge cluster it does not work. Or, should I say it does not work correctly. Meaning that it is not calibrated right. Cold the needle is halfway up the scale. At normal operating temp the needle is pegged off the hot scale. Does anyone one have an old set of gauges laying around with a known good temp gauge the could part with, sell or trade?
  17. Something is wrong with my fuel gauge readings on my '06 Midnight Venture. I had the bike serviced by my local Yamaha Dealer. New plugs etc so the tank had to come off. (First Time Ever) I drove the bike for a few days after getting it back. The fuel gauge was on 1 bar left and the Low Fuel Warning Indicator came on. Always used to come on with 2 bars on the fuel gauge. Anyway, I pulled over and switched the petcock to reserve. I got about 2 miles and the bike ran out of gas. Never did that before. Got some gas from a generous nearby homeowner then filled the tank at the nearest gas station. Ran the tank down over the next few days and the indicator came on when I reached 2 bars on the fuel gauge. I pulled into a gas station not very far away (maybe 2 miles). Filled the tank and it only took 4 gallons.??? Being very confused, I decided to take the bike back to the dealer to have them check it out. $103.00 later, they said that nothing was wrong and everything worked as it should. This particular would never admit to anything as I have found out from other riders. I have ridden the bike bike for several months now not really sure how much is in my tank except when it's first filled. I went on a long ride through the mountains this past weekend with my main squeeze. I have to say it was beautiful. On the way home the Fuel Indicator light came on and 2 bars on the gauge, so I pulled into a gas station and filled it up. It only took 3 1/2 gallons. Huh? Anybody else run into this? The local dealer is not the place I want to take it to ever again. How many bars do you people have left on your gauge when your Low Fuel Indicator comes on? How much fuel does it take to refill your tank if you refill immediately once you see the indicator? Is there a way to replace the gauge in the tank? Thanks.
  18. Been awhile since I've been on the forum. Been around since late 2004 when this all started. Have a 2005 RSV Speedometer, odometer, trip meters and and gas gauge all work. Cept at night its all in the dark. heard tell a new unit is $1K....can this be right and is there other solution. I've not pulled the fairing yet. Thought I'd get some feedback from one and all first. Also is there a fuse just for the LCD illumination back segments? thanks Jim
  19. Guys, I have had my spin on Rivco adapter since 1991. I have been using Puro-classic 10193. Now after just 1600 miles I have noticed my oil is way darker than ever using my usual Mobil1 20w50. I can't see the back of the sight glass w/o a flashlight. And I am going to change it soon. NOTE: I have dyno tuned the bike, not running rich and getting 38 mpg 75mph hiway and 43 mpg back rural roads every day. Maybe The filters are now made different or I got a bad one that the "bypass" was stuck. Thus not filtering. I once used a PureOne and found it was way too restrictive. Actually significantly lowered the oil pressure showing on my gauge. And thus used only the Purolator-classic for 20 years. Q: What spin on filters do you guys use? Wix, STP, Napa ??? ANd how clean does your oil come out?...obviously clean is a relative term. I always find the sight glass on the centerstand a good gauge.
  20. so i was going to the store left the stop light poped the hill and the bike started to die i had two lines still left on the gauge ok i thought that the gauge was wrong so i shake the bike with the fuel cap off couldnt hear anything so i call my son to bring me some gas still no luck it fired over and i checked the pipes 3 hot 1 cold then it died again again so my quistion is is it the fuel pump? if so i still have 1 1/2 months on my warranty and is there any other thing besides the fuel filter that i should be looking at? Thanks:sick:
  21. my 86 is being cranky again... Went to start her up and she didn't want to start. Finally started but wasn't running so hot. Noticed the RPM gauge was at dead zero and not even twitching. when I rev it... the RPM gauge takes a second but finally comes up. I took it for a quick spin and even at higher speeds it's bogging with out much power and also when it does bog... the RPM gauge goes back to zero like the bike is off. Then the RPM gauge will come back and it runs normal again. Kinda goes back and fourth from running fine to no RPM's and not running fine. HELP!!!! my baby is sick! hahaha... thanks in advance!
  22. Anyone familar with this gauge and know if anyone that has mounted to a 2nd gen rsv? It seems to cover everything i want, tach, temp and accurate speed.
  23. I'm trying to ascertain EXACTLY what the range of my bike is. I feel I am getting lousey MPG since I've gone 79 miles & the gauge is dancing between 1/2 & the bar below it. So I put the petcock in the on position to see how long I can run (leaving me the reserve so I'm not stranded). So when I hit the level where I need to switch to reserve position on the petcock, what will my main LCD gas gauge show? No bars? One bar? What about the red warning light will that turn on when IN reserve? What should I consider the normal range of the 1st Gen in (average) miles? Thank for the input.
  24. My speedo and rpm gauge lenses are hazy and there is a crack in the rpm gauge. Is there a way to replace the clear plastic lenses without replacing the whole gauge unit?
  25. Hello from Vancouver, Canada: Just a little over a year ago, I purchased a gauge set from Ponch (tach, oil pressure and water temp) for my ’07 Venture. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I didn’t start installing the set until just this week. With the dash now apart - and cut, I've run into a snag which I hope someone can help me fix. Specifically, I have the Clarion CD Changer installed on my bike. As part of its installation, the multi-pin connector was inserted into the green-tagged cable on the Cassette deck. With the Cassette now "toast", where do I plug the CD connector? Is the grey-tagged cable which used to link the deck to the radio? I'm hoping that's the answer. Another challenge: my old Craftsman 7.2 v drill is too large to fit between the bottom of the upper fairing frame and the inner fairing wall (re drilling new holes in the former cassette frame and gauge set brackets). What size of drill is recommended? Would a new 18v or 20v cordless unit be of sufficient slim profile to do the trick? How about a Dremel tool? And last but not least: Since a water temp gauge is part of my cluster, is it best to wrap the capillary water tube in layer of thin insulation since its bound to get hot? If yes, what material is recommended? That's everything. My thanks, in advance, to any and all who can answer these questions and help me get my RSV back on the road. There are highways waiting for me! In appreciation, Eric S. "alta55rsv"
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