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  1. On my 83 I used to get about 20,000 miles on the back tire, and after I trashed the first coupling/driveshaft, I started pulling the back wheel at about 10,000 miles to replenish the grease. At 10,000 miles, the coupling was almost dry. I started out using a quality wheel bearing grease and switched to a thick moly grease. There wasn't a drastic amount of difference.
  2. I never setup a VHF or UHF rig on my bike, but I do remember reading an article in QST many years ago about a ham that rode his 1200CC Gold Wing to Alaska and back and operated HF Morse Code while riding along the Alaskan Highway. I went to the QST web site (ARRL.ORG) and did a search for it, but all I could find was a mention of the article that said that it was in the July 93 QST, but their archive only went back to 2000. The article I found today did say that it was a 10,500 mile trip Frank D. KA9J
  3. Taking into account that we live in middle TN. about 70 mi. SE of Nashville and a lot of things aren't available around here, I will try Purple Power next warm day. I've got a couple of gallons of Purple Power, and I 'was gonna' try that next anyway. Spencer, I will supplement the Purple Power with brake clean on the real nasty areas. Cimmer....Extreme Greem Automotive Cleaner-Degreaser looks real good also, but buying it is the problem. It shows ONLINE that you can buy it from Stearns (the manufacturer I think) or at Fleet and Farm stores. In Illinois and Wisconsin t
  4. My 89 Royale has had a messy oil leak for longer than I'll admit, and I think I have at least one source fixed (the ignition sensing coil lead gromet). Yesterday it was 72 degrees here (central TN) and I decided that I'd work on cleaning up the greasy mess my engine had become. I had two spray cans of different engine degreasers, but really they didn't do a very good job. Yes, I did get quite a bit cleaned up, but there's still a lot left even though I brushed anyplace I could get to. I did some online research and there a lot of different cleaners that people claim work great, inc
  5. Yes, the shift lever behind the cover should be up. If you look at the shift shaft after you get the cover back on and the C clip back on the shaft, look at the end of the shaft. You will see a line pointing at about 11:00. Put the shift lever back on the shaft so that the line is in the center of the gap in the shift lever. This is how you can get the lever back on the shaft in the correct position.
  6. It's behind the nut. The hole in the nut is not big enough for the rod to fit through.
  7. My 89 has it and I believe that after the second update on the 83's they all were the same.
  8. Thanks! Saddlebum--The steel ball in the piece of vacuum hose is great. I did something similar, but I need another one and I'm not sure what I used is sealing 100% Cimmer--After I looked up the plugs you used, I did a search for the part number they listed and found lots of places that had them. On E-bay a set of 4 was listed for $5.00 with free shipping. The bad thing is they're coming from Taiwan but I'm OK with the delay for shipping. Thanks again....
  9. What have you replaced the vacuum plugs that you remove to sync. you carbs? I've bought some at the auto parts store, but they don't hold up to the heat for very long. I've made some with vacuum hose with the end plugged, but I see that I need to improve them because the plug I used seems to leak a tiny bit. What have you used?
  10. Yes, the regulator SHOULD have metal behind it for a heat sink, but mine is burried in the bottom of the right fairing cover, and is mounted to the plastic. With my bike running for about 5 minutes including some time at 3000 RPM, I took my heat gun and measured the regulator's temperture.....it was about 90 degrees F. After my bike had been running for about a half hour and the cooling fan had come on and turned off several times blowing hot air back, the regulator only measured 114 degrees. It was 60 degrees in my work shop.
  11. Jean and Earl, May our Lord help you both get through this.
  12. Do you still have this bike for sale? The second pictures shows the left side cover missing. The bike does have all the plastic, right?
  13. The MOSFET regulator will NOT fit in the original regulators position. What I did was: 1) I mounted the MOSFET regulator on the inside of the right fairing upper. It's been a couple of years, but I think I probably removed the right fairing half to do this. After I did it, I thought about putting a piece of metal behind it to act as a heat sink, but I never did that and things are holding up fine. The first picture (7213) shows where my regulator is mounted. The bottom of the picture is the inner side of the fairing, and you can just barely see the fins of the regulator.
  14. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll think about them for a bit and then choose. You asked......If you think you can get away with out the gasket use either a small bead 1/32 to 1/16 inches in dia of anaerobic gasket eliminator along the center of the gasket surface. Do not smooth out and reassemble o A few years ago, somebody on this site assembled theirs without a gasket using a RTV-Silicone product and when he started the engine, the rotor was rubbing on the cover. Clearances must be pretty tight here. When you mentioned that using the Silicone sealants often cau
  15. These 6 lt's are made to haul, running them just above idle is just going to stuff them up. Are you using a phone app to monitor Sometimes I use my smart phone with the TORQUE app, but usually just the display on my Edge controller. Usually the Edge displays Engine Oil Temp., Coolant Temp., Trans. Temp., and Exhaust gas temp. There is an added thermocouple in the near the discharge of the left exhaust manifold. You're right about the different settings on the controller. They call that tune the 65HP tune, but it doesn't give you exactly 65 HP. The place that did my e
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