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  1. I have an 83 venture royale that I need a mechanic to work on. It needs the pivot bolt replaced and it had a smoking issue that I need addressed. Is there anyone that could help me out. I'd attempt but I don't really have time.
  2. That would be sweet. I'm in wooster. I'm getting ready to attempt to do my rear pivot bolts and any kind of advice would be very welcomed.
  3. I'm a newer member and I'm completely new to the venture life. So I know nothing about them obviously. I'm interested in finding others in ohio that know about these bikes. I am in need of someone to look mine over and tell me everything that mine needs. So I can try and fix it. I love riding it but am worried to ride far because I don't know what issues it has already.
  4. I rode it a decent bit this past weekend and I knew the air ride wasn't functioning properly. It gives an error 1 code. I haven't looked into it yet. But sat night I was at a light and it started smoking out of the pipes. And some came up in front of me. So now I'm worried
  5. Thank you I more then likely will. I'm in love with it. But I'd like to get it to someone that knows them well to have them look it all over and tell me what it needs.
  6. I figured that out. It wasn't the clutch. It was a newbie mistake lol. Kickstand switch haha.
  7. It has a little over 25k on it. I need assistance with it as I know nothing about bikes. I'm trying but I'm clueless. I rode it once after getting it running. But I'm having issues with the clutch I think
  8. I'm in wooster. About 45 mins southwest of Akron
  9. Hello everyone. I'm new to the venture life. I've wanted this 83 for 4 years and finally got it. I had to do carb work when I got it and I just rode it for the first time. And I'm in love. I know nothing about them yet but I'm eager to learn. Are there any things that I should look for and are there any members in ohio that I could talk to for advice?
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