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  2. We went out Saturday, probably the most expensive 150 miles we ever rode. Spent $12 on gas, $40 on lunch, stopped by a motorsports store and accidentally dropped the deposit on an 18’ aluminum fishing/hunting boat. 😱😱😱. We just planned to look and pick out something to put on our wish list and start saving for.
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    Took a ride yesterday put a few more miles on the bike, nice country roads but as usual when I just follow the front tire I found a road I wish I hadn't, don't know why the county paves a road and then don't keep it up James was riding a two wheel and couldn't miss all the holes it would have been better to leave it gravel then the locals could keep it up. But besides that it was a great ride and yes we stopped to eat. Good day and a Good ride overall. Trina's Dad is having back surgery again so I figured I would get her out on the bike for a while it worked she said it got him off her mind for a while.
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  5. I’ll message you closer to the trip.
  6. WE are over by Daytona area if you decide to ride out somewhere when you get down here. Could meet somewhere in between for lunch or short ride.
  7. Yep that crazy Canadian nailed it. Just get the tongue weight right or you’ll get that tail wagging the dog situation.
  8. Thanks Marcarl! Sounds like I've got some packing and weighing to do!
  9. Load the trailer with what you would normally load it with for use. Now attach the trailer to your bike and roll it's wheel across a wet spot. Check the tracking left by the tires. The whole tire should contact the road. Adjust accordingly. Difference? Longer stopping, wider corners, more air in the shock, slower reaction time. If trailer is properly loaded and balanced (10-15% of trailer weight on the hitch) there should be no issue, but if not expect lots of wiggle (controls the bike) and on a hard stop the trailer might even try to pass the bike and then take it along for a dump. That all might sound scary, but if done right you'll hardly notice.
  10. I've got the cyclemate cm2000. I can't seem to find any info on what pressure to use in the tires. Internet is telling me to run at the tires max psi, but the idea of running a trailer with 60 psi in the tires makes me think it's going to bounce all over the place. Also, is there any advice anyone can give on pulling a trailer with my RSV? How will it change the handling? Is there anything I need to look out for?
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  12. Wow! That makes this look like a reasonable price. https://us.rabaconda.com/products/ultimate-kit-street-bike-tire-changer I do mine on a HB changer with the NoMar mount/dismount tool.
  13. Going to take bike in to get new tires put on the Monday of the 22 this month. Taking to Performance Cycle in Cambridge Ontario where I've gone before. Got a few estimates (3--2 in town where I live)First was $695 + tax, the second was $750 tax in and the last was $600. Going with Performance because been there before and they had a mechanic that usually works on Ventures!
  14. Long time member. I am now on my 3rd RSV. Just picked up a 99 for $2K. It shows 116K on the clock but the bike doesn't seem to have travelled that many miles. And even the DMV last reported mileage was ~11,500 in 2015. Thinking that the cluster was changed with a higher mileage unit out of necessity by one of the previous owners. If the cluster stores the mileage and not the ECU then my hypothesis may prove correct.
  15. Update: My last message to them was that I was planning to open a PayPal dispute today at 12:00 if the order wasn’t fulfilled. The owner called me at 10:00 (18 days after order placed) to tell me they were running behind and they wouldn’t be making the springs for another week. I can understand busy times and product delays but keeping your customers in the loop goes a long way. An answered email or returned call could have saved them a sale and repeat customer. I recommend that if you want a product from them that you call ahead to see if it’s in stock.
  16. That's a shame. I will say this, being through acquisitions and mergers, there is a lot involved and a lot of work. It's not uncommon for customers to be ignored for some time after. I've seen this because of technical issues, personnel departures as well as just stupidity. That being said, they will lose business over this and should 100% pay very close attention to the customers. You are buying the business for a reason and you need it to succeed fast.
  17. I don’t know if there’s a legit reason for a delay or if it’s just poor management but you’d think they could take 10 seconds to answer an email in 2-1/2 weeks. Lack of customer service is the fastest way to lose me as a customer.
  18. Wow. That’s too bad. They were once a great company.
  19. Sonic Springs has evidently been bought out by DMR Performance Suspension, my experience with this order leaves a lot to be desired. I placed and paid for the order 3/25, they won’t answer emails or return voicemails. As of today I am attempting to cancel the order to get refunded and plan to order Race-Tech springs. I had only heard good things of Sonics before this buyout.
  20. Hi All I hope you all had a good winter Biking season is coming soon, I just purchased my KancaMagus Digital Photo from E Z Rider Pics and Mike has it posted on his Facebook Page. The 1984 Venture Max HD has hit the Bigtime LOL Go to his facebook page and hit like on my photo the most liked photo gets a free 11x14 souvenir photo. Happy riding to all this coming season Herman K
  21. That’s be great but about an extra 6 hours. I need to do it in one day, not sure the back can take that.
  22. Wish you the best
  23. Stop by Charleston on the way down.
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  25. Well, let's hope you have a GREAT retirement....If ya get my meaning....
  26. not by me I let Trina handle my lite work
  27. It's sad when you've been with a company for so long and you see the issues and can do little to help correct them. I've had 5 full time jobs in my adult life. One, the first, was only 6 weeks because I was not given what was promised. I've been fortunate to be able to have had my own side business for about 15 of those years. My tenures are not as long as yours, 6 weeks, 2.5 years, 5 years, 12 years and 18 years in the current company. During this time my roles have changed dramatically too. From a tech building PC's and networks to managing DR, office construction projects around the country to basically anything no one else wants to do. If it's hitting the fan I get the call to manage the issue to resolution. It's kept the career challenging enough to keep me interested. As far as retiring, I tell everyone I'll retire at noon the day they bury me. Part of that is choice, part is not but hopefully can change that before the time comes.
  28. DJ, I am in a similar field. I have been very fortunate(read LUCKY) that my frequent decisions to change employers has always benefited my family. I am now, #2 in the service dept. and #1 is ready to retire at any moment. Ironically, the company I now work for is the one I started out with in 1995. All this to say, I am sure you made the right decision.
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