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    I'm gonna ride today, to bad some of y'all are not closer because it's gonna be a great day for a ride I have already decided it's gonna be great. I woke up to a leaking toilet this morning now it's only gonna get better from here.
  3. Yesterday
  4. 60K miles, excellent condition but could use tires soon. Heavy duty clutch, has trailer hitch and harness. I have a bad knee and have to ride something lighter. $3200. Also have a matching trailer for an additional $500.
  5. Out bikes will never have a contact patch problem at maximum sidewall pressure as they mash the pavement down so hard. 🤣
  6. What to keep in mind are a couple of things: Sidewall deflection and contact patch. Too much sidewall deflection leads to overheating and too little contact patch leads to loss of traction.
  7. If you rode the F3 you might have thought different. 6' is too tall for an RS.
  8. @Marcarl I agree it does have a lot more on the sides. Once I was aware that the tire had a little over 16K, I said to myself....it is time.
  9. Not too long ago, I was just at a dealership to have my new tire mounted on my rear tire. The dealership carried Can Am and they had several models and size Can Am to choose from. Perhaps if you are still considering this type of ride, check out your local dealer and they might have the right one for you. FWIW, 6 months is really not that long to wait. Heal well. Regards.
  10. Last week
  11. Since my back surgery in January, I haven't been able to ride my Venture, my doctor thinks it's dangerous. 🙄 My cousin came by yesterday with his Can Am Spyder and let me ride it around the neighborhood. It is a nice ride, but it didn't take me long to know it is NOT a ride for me. I see a lot of people riding them, but I am 6'1" and the seat felt very cramped for me. I enjoyed the ride, but I believe I will wait the 6 months so I can get back on my Venture and see if I can still ride. 😁
  12. I run my Dunlop E3's at the above pressures and adjust the rear shock pressure based on riding solo or with my wife. With 2-up I increase the shock pressure. I go a little more than 10% of the weight. If pulling a trailer I take the weight on the hitch into consideration doing the calculation.
  13. Looks to me like you could have got more corners out of the old ones, lots of tread there.
  14. Uncledj Thanks for helping. The handle bar controller lights up. But nothing. I have checked everything possible. Even replace the controller under the front cowling. Everything is leading me to the Handle bar controller. Even though the one you have the Volume control is missed up, Is it possible you can mail it to me. If not do you know where I can get one. I've tried ebay. Thank You. Al Bates
  15. That video brings back memories of when I worked at Uniroyal when it was here in Kitchener back in the 70s
  16. Just got the chance to remove and install the new tire on my RSV yesterday. Shinko 777s are great tires. The old rear tire had 16024 miles.
  17. Alrighty, thanks Marcarl. I thought I would wind up checking the part numbers, but just wanted to see if anyone knew off-hand. Thanks!
  18. Best way to check something like this out is in the parts phish. Check both years and see if there is a difference in the part numbers, and what the differences are.. I don't think there would be a problem for your issue though.
  19. This sticker should be on your bike. Also, this info is in your owners manual. If you dont have an owners manual, you can get a PDF for free from Yamaha website, or right here on this site. For me, I run a 130 size front tire and keep both tires to maximum sidewall pressure at all times.
  20. Yesterday was a great riding day.I met up with KyRider and some of his buddies to head up into Illinois to eat. Put in around 200 miles total.
  21. Sorry Phil, would have loved to get out for a coffee with you but as you said, the "honey-do" list got in the way. Just the one project kept me going all day yesterday and still isn't done. Will be working on that again today. Looking forward to a bit of riding Saturday and seeing some old faces again. Hoping maybe somebody can assist me in mounting a Rivco centre stand on my bike. Anybody going there on a 1st gen that wants a driver backrest? Giving it away.
  22. Beautiful ride into work this morning in Houston. 74 when I left the house ~5:30. Don't actually come into the office regularly anymore. Pre Plandemic I was in every day and that would generate about 11 - 12,00 miles a year but now . . . . Need to make more time for just riding with no destination in mind.
  23. Hello Tony89, Welcome to Venture Rider. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Tony89 joined on the 06/13/2024. View Member
  24. Hello barefootcuban, Welcome to Venture Rider. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. barefootcuban joined on the 06/12/2024. View Member
  25. I agree. It has been so nice since last weekend. The heat is back today, but I will still ride even if it is to and from work. Always be vigilant. A lot of drivers are not paying attention. Ride Safe.
  26. Another good day for a ride. Went to Kitchener today to pick up spare battery @ReinyRooster had to help me out . Was going to go and have a coffee with him but his hunny-do-list(we all have them!)(I got most of mine done so I had time to go for a ride before finishing them) kind of put a damper on it(not that I didn't want to get him in trouble but we had a good conversation for a few minutes anyway! Lots of idiot drivers out there! He said he is going to try and make it for a couple of hours on Saturday to catch up on old times!!
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