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  2. Go to the tech library - Road King Muffler install
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  4. Hello RSTransmittedDisease, Welcome to Venture Rider. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. RSTransmittedDisease joined on the 07/18/2024. View Member
  5. I have searched but I can't find something I know is here somewhere. I just picked up a set of Harley exhaust pipes ($20) and I am sure I need a bigger clamp, but what I can't find is the pattern for the hanger bracket to mount them. Can anyone point me in the right direction??
  6. Hello Tmag66, Welcome to Venture Rider. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Tmag66 joined on the 07/17/2024. View Member
  7. If the bearings feel stiff I would suggest they will be too tight and you will find the bike constantly wanted and going it's own way. There should be barely any noticeable drag as you move the bars, but there needs to be some. So the book calls for 5.1 foot lbs on the lower nut, but only finger tight on the next nut. Then when you torque the top nut down it will give just the right amount of pressure to the whole assembly including the nuts. When this procedure is done it's also said to loosen off the pinch bolts for the forks, that way any fork pressure or resistances are minimized.
  8. Last week
  9. Ok thanks for the tips folks. So far I have checked and adjusted tire pressures to the max sidewall rating of 40 psi. the steering post bearing was tough to get to but with a long punch and some contortionisms I managed to tighten it. Got about a 1/4 turn on it. There is no play and the steering is now a bit stiff but not so much so to be worried about wrecking the bearing. I have not looked at rear linkage bushing yet. Though doubt I’ll find anything there. The bike has only 42,000 Km on it. Was abandoned in the shrubs for a long time. I’ll try some test runs this evening with the pumped up tires and tighter post.
  10. No play is wanted, none! The steering head acts as a steering damper.
  11. Hello Jc20, Welcome to Venture Rider. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Jc20 joined on the 07/16/2024. View Member
  12. There is a "swing test". Someone correct me if I am remembering this wrong. With the front tire off the ground, nudge the front wheel left or right from center. Moderate push. It should swing to the stop and bounce back slightly. There should be no visible play at the neck when lifting the wheel. There is a torque spec for the center nut, but I do not recall what it is.
  13. Front tire is at 40 psi. Rear tire was at 34ish, I set it to sidewall max 40psi. Haven’t run up the speed yet to see if this made any difference. This evening I looked at and tried to tighten the steering stem nut(s). Boy. They sure didn’t make some parts simple to get to to adjust did they. It seems like it could be fine. There is just a teeny weeny tin amount of play. Barely visible when tugging and pushing on front tire with it off the ground. How much is too much?
  14. Too hot to ride for the last couple of days. Hopefully after tomorrow, I can once again say that it is a nice day to ride. This heat wave will hopefully eventually subside.
  15. Looking for a cargo rack to go onto back of my 2007 royal star venture. I have a voyager kit installed with a 1 7/8 " ball on it. Don't want to get a trailer.
  16. For Sale - 2006 Royal Star Tour Deluxe Midnight Edition · 45,000 Miles, Clean Title. · Located Near Charlotte, NC. · One Owner – Adult Owned. · Lowered 1” Front and Rear – Baron Lowering Kits. Perfect for Shorter Riders (Like Me). Shorter Modified Kick Stand Installed. · Flanders Pullback Handlebars with Braided Lines. · Diamond Custom Seat with Passenger Pillion and Driver Backrest. · Roadhouse SlipOns. · Wide Open Batwing Fairing with Jensen Stereo and 4 Speakers. · Kuryakyn Grips and Highway Pegs. · Clearview Short Tinted Windshield with Vent and Matching Lowers (Replaces the Fairing). · Bike is Pictured in Solo Rider Configuration with Fender Mounted Luggage Rack. · Original Windshield and Lowers Included. · Original Removable Backrest with Luggage Rack Included. · Various Other Misc Accessories and Parts Included. · Cell Phone and EZ-Pass Mounts Not Included. Price $5,500 Which Includes Everything Mentioned Above.
  17. My '83 didn't get squirrely at all at any speed. In fact, it settled down and hugged the road around 90 mph. Over 100 mph, the front end did lighten up, but it never got loose.
  18. Keep up the good work and you'll love riding it.
  19. Hi All How is everyone doing this Summer, down in Eastern Canada we are having Record hi temps, Mid to high 30's degree Celsius with Humidex that is between 90 - 108 degrees F. I figured I would give an update on the Venture Max HD, Unfortunately I have not been riding the bike yet this year however I have spent sometime working on the finishing touches. Over the winter I had purchased a Barnett Clutch kit , new Steels and frictions the old clutch was burned bad, I swapped that in May. I also purchased an aftermarket Signal Light controller (a direct Replacement for HD). Added Saddleman Gel inserts in the seat. Cut the Forward Controls Bracket and Raised the Floorboards a full Inch but now have an issue with the Shifter Linkage so still sorting that out, Rear Brake is Fine. I contacted Sean Morley and purchased the Ignitech Ignition Module flashed with the Latest Vmax Tune to match the Heads and Camshafts I Installed last year, I immediately heard the difference in the Engine and Throttle response. I also started experimenting with the Jet kits I ordered thru the winter and Now have the Carb adjustment where the Mixture and Idle screws are meant to be, according to the VW Carb guys, so far, I have dropped the Pilot Jet 2 steps from 55 to 45 and have increased the Main Jet 2 steps from 127.5 to 132.5., I also increased the adjustment on the Throttle pump but may adjust it more as recommended by Gary Hedberg of Venture owners on Facebook. Next step is to fix the Shifter linkage and change the Fork seals and hopefully put some miles on it. I also have a local motorcycle performance shop that does Dyno testing and carb tuning so I may look at retaining their services to fine tune the carb further once I have it dialed in i will provide the final settings and jet sizes. Enjoy the open road Herman K
  20. They gave up on cruisers all together. Last I looked you can only get the bolt and the V-Star 250
  21. Keep an eye on the Trump episode, there maybe more to come. The USA has fulfilled a lot of reruns from the old testament and may also get into similar for the new testament. You all have my attention. In this case Trump almost died, and years ago a soldier did as well, but just lost an ear,,,, temporarily.
  22. That's a hard decision but am glad you made it. Great of you to give it away!
  23. If it shimmy's at 75 then it will also do that at 50 or 30, but the right occasion hasn't been able to set it off just yet, You need to fix that!!
  24. First thing I would check would be tire pressure, in particular the rear tire. Low rear tire pressure can do really funny things to handling, especially at higher speeds. Don't ask how I know.
  25. I did not spend much time attempting to balance the tires. In my experience mc tires rarely need balancing. When I suspended using the shafts (off the bike) for quick check there was little to no movement. What I am referring to is the feeling that the front tire is squireling around a bit at the higher speeds. There is no vibration or bouncing that would lead me to think a balance problem. Thanks. I will have a look at the neck bearing tightness and any other pivot points. If those check out, what else could it be? Tire pressure maybe, or just a crappy fairing windstream design? It does have quite a tall windshield on it. I may try taking that off and go for a speed run to see if it makes any difference.
  26. After putting on over 100,000 miles on her, I no longer have the time to ride her anymore, so I figured I would send her off to someone who could. This bike is in Salisbury, Ma. and will have to be picked up, with a trailer, it currently does not run, and needs a starter solenoid and new battery, it also needs fuel drained. I had rebuilt the carbs 6 months before I parked it , due to needing new header pipes (which I have) then Life got in the way. kept starting it up every other week, untill one day the starter solenoid popped and I never got a chance to fix that or get any of it done. so it has been sitting a couple years, and as sad as I am, I have to face the facts that I will never have the time to get it fixed and its time to let it go to a new home. Thank you Chuck
  27. On long trips where there may be long gaps of open road, I'll have a camel pack with me. When it's 100+ here in Houston you could lose a lot of water through sweat quickly. I've got about an hour ride home and several times have had to stop to get some water or Gatorade. Sometimes you just need to stop more often than with every tank of gas.
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