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  2. Thanks Woody, I appreciate it. So far, the only thing I noticed after having the first Covid shot was a sore left shoulder where I had the shot. I normally sleep on my left side and that was uncomfortable. Did I see where you are going to retire? What do you plan on doing after you do retire? Randy
  3. When I bought the 83 from the guy he gave the back wheel he had removed ( after reading this topic I can see why the wheel looks like it does ), problem does looks like it was caused by the lack of grease ..I can see why I will have to go over a couple things before my 83 is ready for the road ..When the 83 is on the centre everything feels good when turning the wheel by hand , I can tell you now I will pull the wheel and check whole drive assembly
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  5. I was handling a Sig P365 today along with a 43x. Kinda waffling. No chance to shoot, but the Sig felt nicer. He might be getting another Sig in later this week. The 43x are impossible to find unless you order online. I was at 5 different places this afternoon. From the internet, they both are considered excellent, both with pros / cons. Any feedback on a Sig p365 is welcomed.
  6. First, never be sorry to disagree, at least with me, its all an opportunity to learn. As far as 720, this was based on several cameras we used on a couple of rides as a group. The two 1080 cameras were better quality than the three 720 cameras in that experience. This was in 2019. All of the cameras we supposed to have stabilization. could this have been related to lenses absolutely. I don't even remember the brands involved as it was what ever each rider had. I've been wanting to do this on the new SVTC since I got it and want the cameras to be small and hidden as possible. I also agree th
  7. Glad you are doing OK. I see they put in a zipper for easy access. Let's try not to need it ,OK. Get better soon and stay safe my friend!
  8. etcswjoe

    Vogel 2021

    9th -15th might see if I can squeeze in that extra day and leave on the 16th.
  9. In a lot of the vids I have seen posted you can not read a license plate. The minimum I would want is to be able to read plates so I know where to send the police after the hit and run. Just a vid of what happened is pretty useless if you can not identify who done it. I really do not care a bout file size, memory is pretty cheap these days. Yes there are a lot of dash cams claiming to be 2K or 4K that are not. All the resolution in the world does not help if it has a cheap plastic lens that is out of focus.
  10. Bad news from the painter. The one faring panel and one saddle bag lid needed touched up. Well there is no such thing as touching up. The two parts were going to cost 7-8 hundred dollars to repaint. I said yes but then changed my mind. They were not that bad so I am passing on that expense. Money will get spent on another bike project. My Vision needs some cams
  11. Thank you for the update, Earl! Glad you are home! Now take care of you so we can see you on the road at some point! Prayers Up!!
  12. Sorry to Disagree. 720P is the purest of the real HD definition. 1080 isn't quite as good when it comes to motion. Added benefit, the storage requiremnets are smaller. Last thought, 720P is perfect for a dashcam as the quality is more than good enough for for forensic evidence and the flie sizes are smaller. And please, hope no one gets swayed by the 2K and 4K cameras. Serious over kill if they are really 2K or 4K (doubtful if from China). I am more concerned with the record/play options than resolution...YMMV...
  13. Due to my hearing loss, I've been using noise cancellation ear buds while riding. Etymotic Research has been my go to source. They provide serious passive noise reduction and sound great to boot. The only issue Ive found with earbuds is getting them to fit comfortably under the helmet. I've cut more than one helmet to give more room under the speaker area. BTW, I also have edsets speakers mounted. They are quite good. For trial purposes, try and make your own earbuds and see how they feel and work for you. Check out FUZE custom molded earbuds. find them on Amazon or on their website.
  14. The X is what I bought, I already had one but my nephew wanted one and couldn’t find one available. I sold him mine and bought the blue label since it was available. Same gun but only available to LEO, Fire, Military. Really considering going back for a 40 cal just to put in the safe for the future.
  15. Prayers for your wife and you and your family Randy. I hope the new DR gets it straightened out, whatever it is.
  16. You are lucky. I've been looking for a 43 or 43x, nothing. I might break down and pay a premium online, simple because I want it. I've never gone the online route, any suggestions or cautions are welcomed.
  17. People are panic buying everything right now. I just left the gun shop where I picked up another Glock under the blue label program. I looked at a local online sale group, used ones are bringing $100-150 more than I paid new.
  18. The mounts for the latest Sena bluetooth headsets have an AUX out for earbuds. I've been playing with my new headsets with the earbuds on a 1/2 helmet since I typically wear ear plugs anyways. BUT the newest Sena 50 line supposedly has better quality speakers over the 20 & 30. Also Sena also makes a helmet mount for the 20s, 30k & 50s models of intercoms that has a second INPUT so you can run either the bluetooth AND the stock bike's intercom, or both together. I'll be picking up some of these later this year so I can swap back and forth between the two bikes. https:
  19. 720p looks fine on the 4" viewing screen, on most any smart phone, tablet or laptop. Are you planning on watching your dash cam on a wide screen super high def large screen TV? Is 1080i worth 3x the price?
  20. Hey Randy we hate to hear Linda is sick, we will keep her in our thoughts and prayers. Glad you got a negative on your test, how are you feeling after your shot?
  21. I am in constant touch with NS. Ernie had a death in the family happen last week, so it slowed things up a bit. Will post as soon as I get some news.
  22. Woody

    Vogel 2021

    Monday till Monday, August 9 thru 16. when you coming?
  23. I've used Edsets for several years now. They have a module that mounts on the side of the helmet and it has a jack to plug earbuds into. Mine had helmet speakers to start with but I just clipped them off. That allowed me to use earbuds as the speakers but I still had the microphone to use for intercom and CB. Their site is www.edsets.com but the site is down. I don't know if they are just having an issue with the site or if they have gone out of business.
  24. As a follow up that I should done have earlier on the positive Covid test, I did go to the local VA and was tested again and the test was negative. Last week, I did stop by the VA and got my 1st Covid vaccine shot and have to go back on Feb 17th and get another one. My biggest concern right now is Linda's health. She has had a major problem with coughing and upchucking about everything she eats. She finally has changed doctors and this one is really on the ball about getting things done. Wednesday she is to have the full upper GI testing all the way to her small intestines. This is very
  25. Hello Dirty D, Welcome to Venture Rider. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Please introduce yourself so that our members can get to know you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Dirty D joined on the 01/18/2021. View Member
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