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  2. If you need help please ask , there is a lot of know how on this site . There somethings that books can not tell you , stuff that comes form many years on the road
  3. I like the windshield height to be just tall enough so that if I sit up straight I see over the top edge of it .. I have found that if you paint or tint the lower half of the windshield it will help to stop the head light glare from the head lights caused by oncoming cars at night The led lights on the new cars seem to present a larger problem or maybe what they need is a proper alignment I make my own using Lexan
  4. I think I have the same one, from F4 customs, without the vent. Wish I had the vent.
  5. Your starting to sound like my Mrs..
  6. What is the make of that windsheild??
  7. If you decide to replace the line going from right side to left, so from the fuel shutoff to the pump, it is a formed line and there is a special protector on the seam of the bottom of the tank that protects the line from being cut. The seam comes too close to miss the line entirely so a protection clip is added to the seam. Make sure that it matches up, or you will have a gas leak in 30 miles or less. I think it's part number 26H-24188-00-00
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  9. The main fuel line was replaced before I bought the scoot... as the P.O. moved the fuel filter to under tank. But... Cheap and easy to check again! That said...I now wonder if all the line was replaced?
  10. So I exercised my right to lane filter for the first time today. I’ve gotta say it’s a very odd feeling the first few time. Luckily I did’t encounter any aggressive cages. Honestly I’m so used to not being able to filter I often forget it’s legal and encouraged.
  11. Maybe be time to replace the main feed hose, sometimes there is a breakdown of internal components and can get into the float valve.
  12. If that fails, don't be afraid to ask questions. It's not for nothing that we learned these bikes inside and out and @saddlebum needs to have something to do.
  13. I'm pretty sure the khrome werks 10" bagger bars will work. Someone either on this sight or the delphi venture tour deluxe site has done it.
  14. Hello bbrnch, Welcome to Venture Rider. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Please introduce yourself so that our members can get to know you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. bbrnch joined on the 06/12/2021. View Member
  15. Thank you I more then likely will. I'm in love with it. But I'd like to get it to someone that knows them well to have them look it all over and tell me what it needs.
  16. I figured that out. It wasn't the clutch. It was a newbie mistake lol. Kickstand switch haha.
  17. Final update: Finally got back up to Phoenix where the RSV is. Went over this morning, and put the ignition switch back in. She fired right up! So the problem was the two contacts in the main switch that tell the igniter to work. The solder joints had broken internally. A quick jolt of a hot soldering gun took care of problem. I'm still getting overflow out of one carb on left side. Only at idle and only when first run....after I turn off choke and she idles for a few minutes. Will start to stumble then overflow will appear on ground. Once she warms up, the problem doesn'
  18. I also recommend the aux cable. Here is my setup, I play Pandora on my phone and have the choice of playing it on the speakers or piping it directly into our helmets through the OEM intercom system.
  19. UPDATE: Well, I personally stopped by my dealership and asked the service manager if he’d got wind of any such “repair/mod” coming down the pike? He said “he had not, but that doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes dealers are the last to know.” Again it seems more of a “wait and see”. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  20. I replaced it with the tallest, widest one I could find, with a vent in the middle. When I want air in my face, I open the vent. When I don't, I close the vent. I have been very pleased with it, it eliminated the buffeting, even for the passenger.
  21. I don't recommend it. This pic is of my bike right after I bought it. The previous owner put the shorty on it. The buffeting was so bad at highway speeds that it literally made my eyeballs vibrate and gave me a horrendous headache on the 1,000 mile trip we took. When we got back I couldn't get that windshield replaced fast enough!
  22. Thx, @RDawson. I don’t have a welder and most who have read any of my post’s posts would probably breathe a sigh of relief! Lord only knows what kinds of problems I’d create with a welder in my hands!!!
  23. I’ve never had to go into this but here is my favorite trick to remove a stuck bolt. If there is enough access I slip a nut over the bolt and mig weld it on, then a ratchet and socket will usually back it out easily. The big trick here is I try to pull it out hot, don’t put much torque on it hot or as said it’ll twist. Most of the time with the heat of the weld they’ll back out without much torque at all.
  24. No, @Marcarl, I’ve only drilled it out far enough to remove the head so I would have enough of the bolt to heat the Loctite and grab a hold of. Kinda durned if I do, durned if I don’t. Drill out the bolt further and have difficulty removing from within the drum or move the shift shaft and risk further issues. Read through the service manual and may b able to simply pull the middle gear cover instead of the muffler but may still be small consolation. Gonna get back at it tonight. Thx agn, gents.
  25. Don't you worry none about posting too often, it gets your post counts up and you may win a prize someday. If I'm reading you right then I would drill out the rest of the remaining bolt, or maybe I can read that you've done that already,,,,, but you still can't get the shift drum to come off. Like I said before, I haven't had to approach that bunny, so @saddlebum might respond again.
  26. When I quenched it I obviously heated then cooled rapidly. With the red Loctite, my assumption was that it needed to remain liquified so yes, I tried to turn it when it was hot, perhaps leading towards the stripping but I had tried it completely cooled as well so I don’t think it was poor instruction, @saddlebum. The bolt was VERY soft when drilling out. That combined with the red Loctite was a recipe for disaster when u combine them with, well, ME!
  27. When you heated the bolt did you completely cool it down before attempting to turn it or did you make the mistake of trying to to turn it while it was hot. NEVER turn a bolt while it is hot specially red hot as it is too soft and it will twist. The same can happen if you let the bolt cool slowly the idea is to heat and totally and quickly cool it down. the sudden cooling hardens and shrinks the bolt. Maybe I should have been more clear in my previously posted suggestions.
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