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  2. There is one relay that works with closed contact .. A poor contact will cause a poor starting condition
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  4. OK. Battery is ordered. I'll check back with you after installation.
  5. Thanks for your reply. To your first point, battery voltage is 11.81 volts. So, before I fiddle any further, lets get a new battery and go from there. Any suggestions as to where I should search for a replacement battery? Current battery is a SigmasTek STX 24-HL-BS (12V 22AH).
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  7. Welcome to Venture Rider. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. Hello RSTD Rookie, Welcome to Venture Rider. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. RSTD Rookie joined on the 02/02/2023. View Member
  9. Personally I think that Utopia makes the best one. You can find it at www.utpr,com
  10. Does anyone know where to buy a rider's backrest for the Star Venture? (I've got a 2018.) Thanks in advance. LMK at rivis123@outlook.com
  11. ChiefGunner ... or ANY member:

    I've got a 2018 Star Venture (red like yours, Gunner) and absolutely love it for many, many reasons.

    ONE thing that I can't find is a rider/driver backrest.  (I got the "tall" heated backrest but can tell you, it's NOT "tall".)  My riding buddy got what I believe was the last backrest for the SV.  No kidding.  (He bought a 2018 SV after riding mine and he's a die-hard, long-time Harley rider.)

    Will a rider's backrest made for Honda Gold Wing fit an SV?


    1. ChiefGunner


      No it will not fit. I think you’re looking for one that hits mid back and that’s made by  “Ultimate”. Look up “Ultimate back rests” and call them directly. They used to make one for the SVTC. That’s your best bet.

      I have the taller wider heated Yamaha backrest and it does fine for me.

      Just know that IF you find an ultimate or something like it, that won’t work with the taller wider one so you’ll have to put the shorter stock one back on.

  12. I can put it in the mail and hope it gets there.
  13. Seems to me that a master cylinder rebuild is needed and maybe a caliper rebuild also while you are at it.
  14. Recently, a Partzilla ad popped up on my computer for LED bulbs for motorcycles. Perhaps they are plug and play more so than others? I don't know. They claim to be guaranteed to fit. https://www.partzilla.com/search?q=led+bulbs&ui=typeahead
  15. Hey guys, I just purchased a new to me 83 venture 1200. The rear brake pedal is extremely hard to push and I have to pull back up. The reservoir was dry, I added some DOT 4 and sprayed some penetrating oil on the pedal up to the master cylinder. am I missing a place to make an adjustment? I was hoping the brake fluid would help loosen it up.
  16. It's a bit hard to find the answer because it also can vary by state. The fact is though, most LED manufacturers aren't exactly honest about the output of the bulbs. Here is an interesting article that explains it a bit. https://blog.betterautomotivelighting.com/finding-the-real-lumen-of-a-led-headlight-bulb
  17. I'm not sure what you are referring to; Are you still talking about just changing the bulbs to LED? If so, all I did was remove the old bulb and put the new one in. I had to cut the connector off the one that came I think. I don't remember if I just spliced the wires or what but it wasn't a big deal. Passing lamps were just as easy. Why do you need a new harness?
  18. Here is a electrical challenge , I have not found any wiring diagram that matches the harness ...the serial / frame # ends in 663 ...I ordered a replacement harness for it and it came and did not resemble any like the one that came off the bike ...Apparently Yamaha kept on making changes in the first 1000 Ventures that were built ...So I ordered another harness and when it came it different again but closer to the original ....I have to make changes to signal light wiring and the start relay system and the monitor wiring that works off the harness had to be changed ... There is more but I will stop here because it will be a challenge ...
  19. I'm confused about the legal limit on lumens. I have read in some places that 3,000 lumens is the federal limit and have read other information that didn't agree with that number. So I'm cornfused. I noticed that the bulb in the link is rated 6,000 lumens.
  20. Bubba I built quite a few Chops over the years and loved em all. That particular bike made numerous cross country trips with me onboard and I gotta say,, it was actually one of most comfortable touring bikes I ever owned. Mainly because I used a "Soft Ride" 1969 Santee frame to start with, I just needed to rake the neck a few more degree's to get the trail correct for its 16 over springer. That combo proved VERY comfortable for long distance cruising. It made for AWESOME trips to the Sturgis Rally as well as a real fun local rally scoot. The springer combined with the rear shocks made for the softest ride I ever had. The chopped long bikes are very decieving in their rideability. Now hardtails, which I also built numerous of,, not so much.. Talk about spine wreckers LOL.. I LOVE CHOPPERS and miss the late 60's n early 70's chopper days.. It was amazing how much stuff there was out there to build with back then.
  21. I always wanted an old school 750 Honda chopper with a extended springer. Pretty much like the one pictured I am sure it would be terribly uncomfortable but back then it wasn't a real consideration. BTW: In my neck of the woods (Minnesota) you never painted a bike green, never, never, never!
  22. I still have not found anything similar online to know what the value of this is. If anyone knows please send me a message. Thanks.
  23. Just out of College I came across a black 100th Avn. Road King Classic for a stupid-cheap price with only a few thousand miles on it. Nothing fancy, but just a "classic" looker in black and chrome on spokes and white walls. Bike was the epidemy of Friday-afternoon construction and spent 360 days out of my 3-1/2yrs of ownership in the shop....but when it was washed and waxed it looked phenomenal, and you didn't see many all-black 100th's. Edit: 3+ yrs and I managed to put 30k miles on it despite the constant breakdowns but my warranty was up and I was done. Ended up selling it private for the same money I had into it minus the warranty (that did pay for its self). As for straight up smiles, I currently have '07 Ural Tourist. My wife hates it cause every gas stop is a 30min conversation with everyone who comes out of the woodwork to ask what the hell is that...
  24. A lot of “PURDY” bikes here! I know many do NOT like the new model Star Venture, but IMHO as far as amenities, comfort and sheer unique looks I love the current rig I have. It truly is my “dream bike” setup.
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