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  2. Mounted some new tires. Had intended to do an oil change as well, but ran out of time. One more item crossed off the "to-do" list.
  3. What I did to my venture today.... Gave her a bath after finishing a 5- day, 1900 mile road trip! BTW, does anyone else ever think about selling all other worldly possessions and spending the rest of your life just seeing the country on your Venture???? Couldnt stop thinking how awesome this is! Photos from middle of nowhere(northeast corner of New Mexico, Hiway54). Small town with three buildings, one of which was this tired old service station. After snapping a few pics, curiosity got the better of me & I had to peer in the garage bay windows. I was floored by wh
  4. Good for you @cowpuc Cycling is my other 2-wheel passion. I was once a naysayer when it came to electric bikes but I’ve seen so many people out enjoying cycling that otherwise would not be doing so without an e-bike. That’s a good thing.
  5. Very cool! I imagine there would be a slight loss in audio quality but nothing you are going to notice on a motorcycle. I might have gone this route if I’d known about it at the time, but chose to remove the cassette play, make a storage cubby and hardwired a BT receiver to power & the aux input. All hidden inside the fairing. In the end, I’m happy with what I did, but it was a lot more work than this solution. Just finished a 5-day road trip to KC and having some good tunes via BT while traversing the desert was a blessing!
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  7. My guess is an early life saving device for Lumber Jacks working more than 10 feet off the ground,, probably known back then as a Sky Hook. On the fast track down after the Jack mis-stepped one of his tree spurs he would simply unhook this from its scabbard found on his belt and toss, like an anchor, into the branches going by at warp speed. Of course,, most of those great American hero's were intelligent enough to attach a rope into that hoop above the hooking device before tossing it.. Noticing that your fathers specimen does not have said rope Orlin,, I am guessing that this one in partic
  8. cowpuc

    Engine Oil

    Paul I have had really good results staying with Dino for my 1st Gens, probably so because I prefer to change my oil as it discolors and/or the shifting gets notchy. For over 1 million miles I ran Walmart Supertech 10/40 in cooler climates and 20/50 in desert regions. One of the things often overlooked on Unit motorcycles (bikes whose clutch is bathed in the same oil that lubes the engine) is the contamination that takes place as clutches wear and tear and trannies shear the oil. My Hybrid car LOVES 0/20 full synthetic with a 10,000 mile oil change and the oil after all those miles, even afte
  9. cowpuc

    Engine Oil

    I would take my dremel tool with cut off discs attached and reform the hex to 11mm if I wanted to save the bolt/feed tube. My second choice would be a really good set of vice grips or even a pipe wrench and back it out. That particular "bolt" can be a son of gun if it was put in with dry O-rings (not everyone practices the art of lubing 0-rings before they install them,, ever tried to remove an Oil Filter on a car that was installed with the O-ring dry?).
  10. We're gonna guess it's a Bolt-puller. You prep whatever with grab slots, then hook this up, and YANK like HECTOR? Rgds, WRIDR
  11. https://www.denniskirk.com/v-factor/air-shock-pump-20120.p284223.prd/284223.sku
  12. That's exactly what I was thinking as well.
  13. Got our First Shot two weeks ago, thanks to our AMAZING Daughter's prodding! Zero ill-effects, absolutely nothing - thanks Pfizer! We're 78, and had serious doubts about allowing additional disease into this tired Bod. No way said Daughter, so we went for it!~ Rgds, WRIDR
  14. That could be your culprit right there. Seafoam will clean sludge out of an engine as well.
  15. Looking at the pics of the valve cover gasket, it looks pretty worn and cracked. Did you start using synthetic oil in it? I started having leaks on an 86 I had once I started using synthetic in it after I bought it. The synthetic oil will clean sludge deposits and sometimes with older gaskets and then the sludge getting cleaned out of age cracks, they can start to seep.
  16. Just drained the old oil but if memory serves correct it was over 1/2 full last year. The PO only had it a week before selling because the CLASS was broke and he didn’t want to deal with it. He said he added some sea foam to the crank so overfilled makes sense.
  17. Make sure you get a pump with a low(0) loss fitting. You will need it for the low pressure front shocks.
  18. Well, hell, I didn't think about the bicycle specialty stores. Got a couple around town, so I'll try that next. Thank you.
  19. Got plans for next Tuesday, hope they have some left, otherwise it will be all-right maybe.
  20. Off chance thought. Is your oil level more than 1/2 the sight glass when bike is straight up? If the answer is yes, you may have oil leaking down from the breather. Another though would be that there might be a cover bolt that's not seated properly. These bolts are shoulder bolts and do not tighten onto the valve cover, they snug down on the shoulder which gives exact clearance needed for the valve cover gasket. If you added a washer or so to the bolt, it's done wrong and will leak.
  21. Marcarl

    Engine Oil

    Try cutting a slot in it for a flat screwdriver, or just grind the head off entirely. The left over pipe will remove easily seeing as the tension is removed when the head is off.
  22. You got a couple of options drilling it out or take a Mig Welder and weld a bigger nut on top of it and wrench it out.
  23. Yesterday
  24. I posted in the tech forum but may as well ask here too cause it’s relevant and not bike specific. The filter cover bolt is stripped and using vice grips I started to damage the cover fins. Any tips?
  25. Tried a universal socket thing, and vice grips but the magnesium housing is too soft to get too aggressive.
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