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  2. Very nice!!!! Hope she enjoys it along side you!!!
  3. Woody

    Ride Report

    We took a ride yesterday our first for the year, I didn't realize how much I needed it until we were riding it was a windy day but 71 degrees and felt good. I wanted to ride before I changed the oil and hopefully I'll be able to tell if the T6 changes anything as far sounds coming from the motor. 70 miles of back roads and back home it was a good ride.
  4. Lay a towel on the fender to protect it from damage, take your time .
  5. I got the rear lighting improved. Now on to the front. Has anyone else who has installed the light bar have any words of wisdom for me?
  6. Congratulations Eileen & Don, enjoy that beautiful trike.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I think the units that can link up to 15 riders are the DMC ones. But if you don’t ride with a herd that all have helmet communication why buy more features than you need? The Packtalk Custom looks interesting in that you buy what you want and nothing else.
  9. Yes, and I don’t know which models of Cardo have the DMC. I’ll have to take another look. Maybe they all do.
  10. The only issues I've had with bluetooth connections between bikes is the distance. With the DMC radios (all brands, I think Sena has a set like the Cardo) the big key is distance. Cardo docs say up to a mile. You can also have up to 15 additional riders online in the group. I've been in a group with 5 and it worked well. To the point where we heard each other singing along to our music LOL. The MICS on all the brands seem really good too. Noise cancelation etc. I wore a half helmet with a boom mic and people said they did not hear any wind.
  11. I'm not up on the latest Harley touring bike setups and IF they still have a hook-up for headsets.... But I went with Sena 20s because you can get an extra helmet setup that includes a port to plug into the Venture/GW factory radio & intercom. When the kid and I are on the Venture we use the bike's wired radio & intercom, when we're on the Ural we use the bluetooth. Sena Helmet Clamp for CB/Audio of Honda Goldwing (20S, 20S EVO, 30K)
  12. Oh. That will absolutely without a doubt be her responsibility. Maybe.
  13. Yea, that’s what I thought. Now to decide if I want to spend over $500.00. Actually considering the Freedom series. It might be fine for our use.
  14. Looks nice, hopefully she will enjoy it. Just asking,,,,, who gets to clean it?
  15. From what I can tell it looks like the Edge is the replacement.
  16. That's a sweet looking ride and another bike you can add to your long list of bikes owned
  17. I keep forgetting I need to mention that my 2019 is a manual shift.
  18. T6 is what I used in my 2013 Goldwing, that was a manual shift not the CVT like the new 2018 and up Goldwings. In my 2013 it helped eliminate ghost shifting and made shifting smoother.
  19. Well we picked up Eileen’s trike today. She had never ridden a trike and asked me to ride it home. It was about an hour away and mostly 75. - 80 MPH on the turnpike. Temperatures were in the mid to high 50’s so brisk but not cold. The bike rides nice. I was a bit concerned because Harley trikes all have solid rear axels. It wasn’t as smooth as the RSV trike but handled surprisingly well. It is a bit lighter trike than most and the M8 107 engine feels very strong. First time in years that road a bike without full upper fairing and lowers and it was very windy today. It has a big windshield but I still got a lot of wind. When we got it home, i got on my bike and with her on the trike, we went for a short ride. She loves it but was more than a bit nervous. It will take some time. Hopefully she will stick with it and get comfortable on it.
  20. I'm thinking either the t4 or t6 and since I've used the T6 before that's what I gonna try.
  21. I'm thinking it would work just fine. It's known to be a good oil.
  22. Last week
  23. In the Venture it seamed to help with the whine and made shifting smoother.
  24. Looks like Packtalk Bold is discontinued. Not sure which model replaced it.
  25. Mairi and I really like our Packtalk Bold units from Cardo. I know that the list price of them is off-putting but shopping Dennis Kirk or Revzilla can lower the sticker shock. Plus now you can pair with Sena.
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