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  2. I was swapping out motors when I found the high output stator was burned. The motor that I was installing in the bike had a stator that looked new when I pulled the cover so I just stuck with it. Ron
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  4. Like this: @N3FOL aww
  5. I would be happy to look at your bike. I am in Cudahy. But I do not smoke or drink beer........
  6. Thanks for that @revpat. Not sure what bike you’re using that on. Remember the “wig-wag” modules seen on a lot of wings? Wish I could find a way to adapt that for my SVTC. The electrical system is CANBUS so I’m not certain it would t cause an issue.
  7. @N3FOL Just like you typed it but with out the single quote in front. a drop down will appear as you are typing the members name, click the name you want.
  8. I had a somewhat similar experience 3 days ago 2 miles from our house. I didn’t realize until I arrived my destination. I was making a left turn and then all of a sudden I felt both my tires lost traction on the turn and I almost lost control. It felt like I run over a banana peel or debris or a road kill...but I swear I didn’t see anything on the road. I pulled over thinking I had some type of catastrophic tire failure. It turned out to be wet line paint that had just been sprayed by road crews. I narrowed it down to wet paint because both my tires had yellow paint after my ride. Gla
  9. How is that ‘@member name’ done when you reply?
  10. Yes. I am on my cellphone safari browser and it does look very nice compared to Tapatalk. I like it.
  11. This software does not recommend TapaTalk due to security and many other issues. They do not officially support it. That being said, TapaTalk tells me that they are developing a plug-in that will enable it to work but say that it's 2 to 3 weeks out. This forum actually scales automatically and appears to work very well on phones without TapaTalk. Have any of you tried it. It seems very good to me.
  12. flashing module https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/strobe-controllers/brake-light-strobe-module/195/845/?utm_campaign=Child+-+Organic+Shopping&utm_source=Vehicle+Lighting+>+LED+Strobe+Controllers&utm_medium=LSC-100A&gclid=CjwKCAjwoc_8BRAcEiwAzJevtUliVisyn82B7m92X3MnmSfcc-7IuMGF1dkJe6zZPPZUoxZx1XJcEBoC4XEQAvD_BwE
  13. oh yeah, and i was going to add a flashing module for rear led brake, $5
  14. Yeah M61A1MECH, I'm just looking at alternate ways to increase my running rear visibility at night and brake light during the day. My current rear brake light is an led panel and the rear blinkers are stock I believe. I just bought a dual intensity light/license frame with three wires i am going to add. I also was thinking about adding some cheap dual intensity leds for the bottomof the bags and having them wires as running brake lights too. That would give me 4 separate lights for run and brake and leave the blinkers for turn but replace with red bulbs of course if they were run/brake. I know
  15. Think he is talking something to do with Cell Phone stuff Carl,,, maybe,,,,
  16. I still can not install Tapatalk app on my iPhone, but Don stated he is working on this issue.
  17. OK easy enough to do, but are you asking how to do it or what type lights to buy? I make a breakout harness that installs under the seat so you can easily tap into the rear lighting without having to cut into the bike's wiring, see my add below. Maybe this helps.
  18. I know I can get a run-brake-turn module for around $100 but would it work to add some led dual intensity lights on the bottom of my bags and wire into my brake assembly to act as running lights and brake lights along with main light. My brake assembly is already led.
  19. Seems to work OK on my Samsung and FireFox. Don't have any idea what that would mean for tapatalk though.
  20. Hey @Freebird, it doesn't say that you are a supporting member,, did you miss u?
  21. Bout the way it is, isn't it. Thinkin Bum would agree.
  22. Yesterday
  23. It seams to have plenty of power around town.Have not been out on major highway with it yet.Have a trip planed for sunday and will let you know how it acts.It is a escort sidecar with electric tilt control from a switch on the bars.Really helps to dail it in on roads around here.I am sure it take away some but not rode one without sidecar can not compare it.I will get back with you after sunday and let you know.Thanks have a great day.
  24. Thanks for the input. I didn't mention but I have an Ultimate seat and even though it says on their web site same height as stock I know it kicks me back in the seat and makes it a little harder to put down at a stop. So I don't really want to modify the seat. Does anyone have a link to details instructions or video on lowering the front forks for free?
  25. I thought that somebody may be helped by this. Larry's included instructions were well written but I thought pictures might help people as well. Note that I haven't done any install how-to documents like this before so bear with me. Parts needed: wiring harness and mount purchased from Larry Skeels (Carbon One here on the forum) Stebel Nautilus Compact Dual-Tone 12-Volt Motorcycle Air Horn, 139 dB. I purchased from a local retailer but you can get it from Amazon as well. Mine is the black version and I think it looks fine on the bike. Some ma
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