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  2. Took a nice ride today, nowhere special , just a little wind therapy. Here's a picture for all you snowbound riders out there.
  3. One of those "impact" screwdrivers are nice for taking out various tight screws, bolts. Needed to take of some various side covers. thats when I learned about Japanese fasteners being JUST a bit different from other metric fasteners. Back then we had to order replacement stuff from JC Jip Me. I put in allen head screws.
  4. Last week
  5. Thanks, I've read that before. The longer tabs that the fairing screws pass through at either end of the trim piece are the ones I've tried to repair.
  6. I used the speed clips and in 12 years they've never come off. Much better than the OEM plastic. Here is the tech article to fix the chrome piece in front of the windshield -
  7. That is true. We always have to be vigilant 100% of the time. We all need 'repeated' advice and we must all come home safe and sound. Ride safe. Thanks for posting.
  8. Here's a clip from a TX State Trooper in Waller County about 30 minutes north of where I live. Talks about Soccer Moms, Deer and other items that have hit and killed bikers. That area is building up quick now and I can vouch for Dogs, Cats, Livestock (from goats and sheep all the way to horses and cattle). This applies to all rural areas around the country.
  9. I have repaired it more than once and it continues to come apart, so I was hoping for a better one.
  10. I have an almost new set (including mounts). PM me and we can discuss price.
  11. If you look in the tech articles there is a fix for the broken tabs.
  12. Check out the JIS line screwdrivers made by Vessel on Amazon. The grey handled impacta model is actually an impact screwdriver. Great for those tuff screws. Well worth the investment.
  13. One screw tab broken so it went in the dumpster.
  14. Interesting, we'll give that a shot. Thank you.
  15. How is the chromed plastic windshield trim piece? Tabs are broke off mine, its just resting in place.
  16. Both Jean and I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone that they don't call it "THANKSgiving" for nothing!! Thank you one and all for taking this journey with us....ALL OF US! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Earl and Jean.
  17. And a late Happy Thanksgiving to all from Arizona!
  18. Earlier
  19. Hope y’all got your bellies as full as mine and spending time with the family. Setting here stuffed full and rooting for the Cowboys.
  20. Windshield trashed. All bolts went in my bolt bins for my use later. OEM lighting. I do have a Clearview medium height vented with light gray tint shield. I bought it new and used it one afternoon and decided I wanted a taller one. I installed a large and put the medium back in the box.
  21. Where do you find those lights on the saddlebag crash bars?
  22. Sad about the shock. What windshield was on this? Do you have a bunch of the bolts for the body panels? What headlight and running lights? Sorry for all the ???s. I'm very interested in the other parts I asked about as well. Just gotta wait til after the holidays if possible for some $$$
  23. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  24. HAPPY THANKSGIVGING! Help us all to remember those less fortunate than ourselves today and our military service people that can't be with family n friends like the rest of us!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!🦃🦃🦃
  25. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless us all.
  27. Enjoy your day all as you take some time to reflect on the year past, knowing that each step that was taken, each move that was made, every decision that was contemplated was known before we were born. We can be thankful that we are always watched over by the Creator of this all.
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