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  1. I'm thinking a man of your caliper and age with skills that surpass most others and without the confusion of having to check things with 2 eyes should have a great time figuring out whether this would work for you.
  2. I would think they would be if they are the right numbers and installed correctly.
  3. Me thinks they are just there because they have to be and hold the pieces in place. 2 bars, upper and lower hold the bike together along with the engine which is part of the whole integral piece. FYI, check the bolts holding the right side lower frame member to the main frame to make sure they are tight.
  4. I should have known,,, next time no goodies. Marca did ask me: Ben not coming for his peperettes?
  5. Carl's wife took him out camping for 2 weeks and the reception for internet was the pits to say the least. The results came in and it turned out that yours truly was exempt from dealing with all the problems and lack of knowledge that might have been exposed during that time frame. I rested and relaxed and so even was able to avoid @saddlebumfor a time, although he did threaten to interrupt my seclusion, but that never matured. Not that I really expected anything mature from him anyways.
  6. Sooo I'm gone for 2 weeks, and now I can't find @Freebirdanymore,,, any idea what happened to him?
  7. Can't be all that hard, I learned it. It took a minute or two and on occasion a full hour, but I learned it. Now if I can just remember it all.
  8. Rule number 1,,, never, ever, or ever clean out your garage,,,, just build a new one,,, so many advantages.
  9. Marcarl


    So when the time comes, where do we plant you then?
  10. Hey,,, just so you is fully aware,, I've been dealing with meat all my life, I've had to help birth it, feed it, water it, clean it, chase it, rope it, then make it quit moving, hang it, take it down, dissect it, chop it, grind it, slice it, stuff it, roll it, bone it out, put it back together, disguise it, flavour it, cook it and maybe even dump it. That why they call me a butcher, but I call me a meat processor. Now I is hoping you are somewhat better informed.
  11. Marcarl


    WHAT?? ONE? direction? no good for u-turns then. Bum would be disappointed!
  12. Maybe snug the steering head a wee bit, about 1/32" to 1/16"turn.
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