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  1. So who decides where we go or not go.
  2. Good news bro. We will continue to request more grace. There is lots available.
  3. Did you use the right plugs, did you check the gaps, did you check that they all fire regular like. Maybe a poor connection at the coils or plug ends. Maybe the resisters are corroded. If all that checks out it's back to the carbs.
  4. So it looks like the 7th, if the weather holds. 9am start, 6pm back home. Now all that needs to be figured out is the whereabouts. North past Orangeville? East into Niagara? West to Huron? South to the lake and back?
  5. Having low compression on these bikes is not an everyday occurrence, that is to say it's rather unusual. Let us know that this is how you did it. Kind of difficult to do remote diagnosis. So, 10w40 oil, warm engine, all 4 plugs removed, throttle wide open, then install compression tester and get a reading from all 4. Then do it again but this time squirt some oil into each cylinder just before you install the tester. Make sure to write down each reading as you get it.
  6. Will add her to the concerns for The Lord of lords and King of kings.
  7. First try to refresh the fuel in your tank. Add about 1/2 tank of fuel and 1 full spray can of carb cleaner to the fuel. Not the bottle type, use the spray stuff. Let it run to get warm, shut if off for about 1 hour then repeat 3 or 4 times. Now fill the tank and take it for a ride. If fuel keeps pouring out take the handle of a screwdriver and tap the crabs to jar the floats loose. Maybe it will solve your issues.
  8. 7th is my only day, unless we go the 14th.
  9. Ok, so I was just told that we have a grandson being married that day, so for me it won't work out unless it's a sunrise ride, and then only a maybe.
  10. Sept 30th, in the year 2023. Now it needs to be decided: an all day ride? 8am to 9pm? / Half day 9-3\4pm, / two hour ride from 11-2 with lunch?, / evening ride from 7-8? / sunrise 6-7 am?
  11. Glad I don't have that issue, I just get on the bike and ride,,, following my 2 front wheels which can often time get into and argument as to which way to go. When that happens they gave me reverse which has only one wheel and no discussion,,,, unless I have a certain passenger.
  12. If the idle mixture screws are at fault there will be a crease in the tapered end. The taper should be smooth with no lines. Also, on the screw will be a small spring, a small washer and then a special size o-ring. Don't loose any of those. If you don't see or have an o-ring it could be stuck inside the carb, or the washer for that matter. You will need to fish them out or find new ones. Fishing can be fun and just because it doesn't come out easy, doesn't mean it's not there. Use a small LED penlight to look down the hole.
  13. I don't think that will fit an 86up. Only good for 83-85 if I'm right.
  14. Really. How many colours were you thinking,,,,, I got burnt orange!
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