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  1. Seems to work OK on my Samsung and FireFox. Don't have any idea what that would mean for tapatalk though.
  2. Hey @Freebird, it doesn't say that you are a supporting member,, did you miss u?
  3. Bout the way it is, isn't it. Thinkin Bum would agree.
  4. Verses are something we sing or parts of poetry. VS or vs indicates one as opposed to the other. Stick around,,,, we'll get you edumacated here yet.
  5. There is the + button to reply to multiple quotes and then there is the word "quote" that lets you reply to just the one quote. Sorry,,, maybe it's just the English way of doing things,, had me the first time.
  6. Gotta kind of figure this out. Looks like a small lake to me. Water on the boat? I thought that's why there was water outside the boat,, And if SweetNothin was there,, where is the cheesecake??
  7. I just look at it once in a great while and wonder?: what is that still doing here,,,, then come spring I discover the answer.
  8. Now you have never met my beloved, but I do agree with your take on the looks, BUT she would not agree on calling her Marc, her name IS Marca. That's already shortened down so she really likes to keep what she has in her name. Her initials are just about as long D.M.W.d.B.N, and I don't want to take all afternoon typing all that out. She still loves you though.
  9. This tread has potential. Oh be careful little fingers what you type.
  10. Marcarl


    Good idea,,, A REAL good idea.
  11. Maybe would have been safer on the lake me thinks.
  12. I don't see no coffee cup holder,,, is it still coming or not,,,, if not? why the upgrade??? Nice Job boss, it only gots me a little bit confused and now I have an excuse.
  13. Ya,, that's maybe why he left it home and took the waverunners.
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