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  1. If you decide to replace the line going from right side to left, so from the fuel shutoff to the pump, it is a formed line and there is a special protector on the seam of the bottom of the tank that protects the line from being cut. The seam comes too close to miss the line entirely so a protection clip is added to the seam. Make sure that it matches up, or you will have a gas leak in 30 miles or less. I think it's part number 26H-24188-00-00
  2. Maybe be time to replace the main feed hose, sometimes there is a breakdown of internal components and can get into the float valve.
  3. If that fails, don't be afraid to ask questions. It's not for nothing that we learned these bikes inside and out and @saddlebum needs to have something to do.
  4. Don't you worry none about posting too often, it gets your post counts up and you may win a prize someday. If I'm reading you right then I would drill out the rest of the remaining bolt, or maybe I can read that you've done that already,,,,, but you still can't get the shift drum to come off. Like I said before, I haven't had to approach that bunny, so @saddlebum might respond again.
  5. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------================================================================================================================================= ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-----------------------------------------------------
  6. Can you fix the key as well,, makes it easier for me when I need it and you are napping.
  7. As far a training or teaching your kids, our policy was: We had no idea what life would hold for them, what kind of skills or mental makeup would be needed, for we had no handle on how the world would change during our or their lifetime. So we taught them to be kind, considerate, loving, caring and benevolent..... We tried to show them that there was lots more to life than just making money, but above all to realize that the only way to a much better and a truly perfect life would be to get to a place called Heaven, a place of eternal rest and peace. For that to happen they needed to realize t
  8. Yep, probably in there with lock-tite. I've never had to remove that bunny, but if I were the one tasked with the issue, here's what I would do. First turn the shift drum all the way counter clockwise, that way I could get rid of the extra tools. Then with a small torch, propane would be fine, I would heat the bolt head for a while. Then I would insert the torx bit, on the end of my impact gun, making sure it was turning in the right direction the first time, and then with a good amount of forward pressure, hold my breath, quit shaking and squeeze the trigger a quick burst. That would tell me
  9. We know absolutely nothing about shifts or segments, other than there may be some that are shifty and others that may be short a segment,,,, but heh,, if the lights are on, there may be somebody home.
  10. Some 'boneheads' get to experience the celebratory occasions more than once, sometimes many times,,,, ask @Saddlebum how I know. And I will not admit to any or all accusations.
  11. Might be enough battery to run the fuel pump but not enough for the starter, so check the voltage, when sitting and when you push the start button. Also check that the emergency switch is turned to run, the kickstand is up, the clutch is pulled.
  12. Probably not issue with the pump. Put some fuel in it and see.
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