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  1. Yep, do a compression or leak-down test and set the valves to proper specs.
  2. Might I suggest a compression check? Just to rule out for sure what we think might not be the case.
  3. You might want to check the slop in the bolt, just a little slop will make a big difference.
  4. You may also have the idle set too high, and if it were me I would look at that closely and then try to do a carb sync if I could get the idle low enough, but you will need a carb sync tool for that. There is no gasket material in the carb boot setup. Under the carbs the ports slide into a ringed rubber boot and above the carbs the airbox has rubber boost. Most common is having the lower boots not sealing on the carb ports.
  5. Getting it right is one thing, getting it perfect is another Eh?!
  6. These V4s don't like to go out without a hat on, so in other words, air box and filter need to be in place. Next I would check to make sure all the carbs are properly seated in their boots. Sometimes,,, like most of the time,,, a fellar needs to seat these things back and forth a few times to get them to stay. If that don't help, fire it up and then go around the intake area with an open unlit propane torch and see if you notice any difference in the RPMs, if you do you can now dig for an intake leak. Then come back here and ask some more.
  7. Give thanks for all the many things that we have here in our continent. Some are there to help build us, and some are there just to please us. Some bring us closer together and some send us to different destinations to enjoy and share with new folks. Life is but a fleeting moment so let's enjoy every moment we have that is given us, realizing that at anytime we might be called to account for the things we have done and those that we have left un-done.
  8. The breather is a possibility, it allows air to escape when the pumpkin heats up and then allows air back in when it cools down. If it weren't for the breather then air would be transferred past the seals , and that would spoil the seals with contaminates. The breather should have a filter in it to prevent any contamination, but it may be compromised. It may be plugged, but then I would suspect to see some oil residue around the seal areas.
  9. Check your tires, being as the noise is in a curve it could be the tread on the tires. Check especially for cupping on the side tread. Could also be a bearing, to check that you need to have the wheel off the ground and then check for play at the axle. Also check for smoothness as it turns, a stethoscope might be hand there.
  10. I'm thinking that a more detailed description might give you more defined answers.
  11. Don't look right to me, I would think it to be black, but then it might depend on what it was originally.
  12. Figure on at least 2k to get it up and running, maybe more. So is 3k too much for something you might be happy with? And don't forget the time spent to fix it.
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