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  1. On a second look, there does seem to be 2 numbers that are needed to complete the rebuild. Somebody more knowledgeable needs to chime in here.
  2. I only see one kit. Cheaper at: https://www.yamahasportsplaza.com/oemparts/a/yam/5004d6cef87002275461d662/rear-brake-caliper
  3. Personally I would just put the OEM pipes on and then go from there. The PO might not have re-jetted.
  4. If the bearings feel stiff I would suggest they will be too tight and you will find the bike constantly wanted and going it's own way. There should be barely any noticeable drag as you move the bars, but there needs to be some. So the book calls for 5.1 foot lbs on the lower nut, but only finger tight on the next nut. Then when you torque the top nut down it will give just the right amount of pressure to the whole assembly including the nuts. When this procedure is done it's also said to loosen off the pinch bolts for the forks, that way any fork pressure or resistances are minimized.
  5. No play is wanted, none! The steering head acts as a steering damper.
  6. Keep up the good work and you'll love riding it.
  7. Keep an eye on the Trump episode, there maybe more to come. The USA has fulfilled a lot of reruns from the old testament and may also get into similar for the new testament. You all have my attention. In this case Trump almost died, and years ago a soldier did as well, but just lost an ear,,,, temporarily.
  8. That's a hard decision but am glad you made it. Great of you to give it away!
  9. If it shimmy's at 75 then it will also do that at 50 or 30, but the right occasion hasn't been able to set it off just yet, You need to fix that!!
  10. I can see one little glitch for you. 400 ml of oil will be the right amount for OEM springs, but not if the PO added Progressive coils, they take up more room and so require less oil. Best to do a fill from the top method or you'll blow the seals. All that really needs to be removed for easy of access are the handle bars and small grills. There is nothing untoward hiding below the top plug, it can all stay there. I would suggest though that you would be a happy rider if you did a total rebuild and added Progressive springs and properly cleaned our all the residue in the tubes.
  11. I would guess the switch.
  12. Seems that @RedRider membership has expired.
  13. I would be thinking to take the kick stand switch apart to make sure that it is working right.
  14. Welcome to the best site in the country. Let us be of help if we can.
  15. That tool should work, shims should be available at your local MC dealer.
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