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  1. Those saddlebags just don't look right, but then I'm not a Harley guy. Other than that,,, looks nice! so far.
  2. Need to do some electrical checking. First check battery voltage at the battery, then check it at the cables and then check what happens when you push the start button. Voltage should be at 12.6v minimum and should show about 9 to 10v when pushing start button if the starter was working. Next check the voltage on the solenoid (left side of battery) Live side should be 12.6v and nothing on the load side until you push the start button. Let us know.
  3. If 800 miles is taxing on the bones, it's time to get a Dodge.
  4. What is it that you have complaints about,,,, you got up early to extend the day, you got in a real nice road trip and could see and visit places you hadn't seen for some time or not at all, you got to meet some really nice people you have never met before, you had nice weather and crappy weather, you got some nice chairs in the process and you made your wife happy, and you were able to nap when it was all done, along with the fact that you spent the money so you don't have to worry over what to do with that now. You had an awesome day!!
  5. And I bet you are happy to have her home as well, eh! May you continue to be held in the hands of Him who loves you.
  6. I will see if I can get him to fall asleep.
  7. Mine are always exactly where I last left them, unless Ben been here.
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