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  1. Good to hear from you again, you would be sorely missed by more than Jean. Glad things are on the mend and pray that you may have at least a few more good years to enjoy your time on earth.
  2. No kidding,?, You too eh? Funny how that works,,,, had me totally kerbaffled the first time.
  3. I'm no expert here, but what you are showing is the pictures reflects the issues I had on my 85, until I went with Lucas Extreme, that solved the isssues.
  4. We have a very rich neighbor, a tobacco farmer. In the last years he has bought up quite a bit of the neighborhood property and farms. He doesn't own a boat, not even a small boat, airplane, fancy car, or even a snowmobile. He has property. Asked why he wanted so much property his answer was: If you own the property you control the neighborhood. Didn't quite happen that way, but that's another story. So his answer is simple: POWER!!! It's the one fault man has, his desire for more than what he was given and through that came all kinds of bad things: theft, greed, murder, adultery (an
  5. Wow,,, don't rush me, I said,,,,,,,,,,,something,,, what did I say,,, can't remember now. Ernie was very busy last week, he said it would be this week for more info. Hopefully then by the weekend.
  6. Can't let that go!!!! Reason you found those is that your mother probably had to use them a time or two,,, yah you made them look fancy and all with the wooden shoes,, but really they were called 'mattekloppers', used for cleaning floor mats and such, even the old style mattresses come spring. But the most use for them was when father wasn't available and mother had to threaten with the matteklopper, and I'm sure if you search back in your memory bank you will find the results.
  7. In addition to that, when you change your oil, be sure to catch it all in a container, that way it's easier to save, to use next time around. You only need to have 2 lots of oil that way, rather than having to go buy new stuff every time.
  8. No wonder you were left with a bad taste in your mouth, don't know of any place that is or was called Skyline towers,,, maybe it was American owned????
  9. Yep,,, news news is better than just news,,, it's newer and fresher and doesn't ever go bad. At least that's my story!! Get ready for more new terminology.
  10. Spoke to Ernie today, owner of Niagara Shores. Date is set for July 15th thru 18th More info will be posted in the coming times. Keep your eyes open to hear the all news, news.
  11. So when WAS the last time you was north of the border,,, if the stories are correct, y'all tried back in 1812, but didn't quite make it,, can't blame you for not trying it once again,, must of hurt some awful!!!
  12. Do you not worry none about @BIG TOM, he has no problem identifying a new excuse, or just to come up with an already used one. Me,, now,, on the other hand, I'm normally a quiet sort of a guy, never saying too much and usually just enough to spark interest in the rest of my buried treasure trove of knowledge and input. But don't you worry about that either, my dear friend, it will keep just fine in the far reaches of the storage area.
  13. Seems like you might be right, we could meet at MikeyDees though and greet each other on a one to one basis outside. Tuckers has closed it's doors and out of business, so next time everything will be different anyways. Gonna miss this time together,,, bummer!!
  14. I mentioned that to her, and she instantly recovered!!! Thanks.
  15. I have to wait yet for a few days, our giving is at years end, so that could be interesting,,,, maybe some coal as well.
  16. Well, Marca is home!!! Can still take nourishment, hand out orders, put in requests, and I can't even hide out downstairs because she can climb those as well. Guess things are headed in the right direction. Good to have her back with me, I needed the guidance and direction. Thanks to all of you for doing what you did, Blessings to you all from the Christ of Christmas.
  17. Good News,,, going to pick my wifie up to bring her home,,, now I can be the nurse,,, wish me luck y'all
  18. So much for the 'in one day and out the next'. Things don't always seem to work out the way we thought they might. Marca is still in the General, white blood count is a tad bit high, so that shows infection somewhere and they don't want to let her out til they find out where. To say she is disappointed would be a vast understatement. Meantime I get to have a go at laundry and the dishes. She already did lots of cooking so for now I'm not hungry, and the food is good. Hoping for better things tomorrow morning.
  19. Should have got some Rickard's, then you could have shared some.
  20. Darn if that don't look like somebody I know,, can't tell for sure though, he's got a hat on so'is I can't see the top of 'is 'ead.
  21. Very well found and shared. Thanks Bro!
  22. I'm guessing that an underlying thought might be that once a person has been vaccinated they are now scott free,,, but not quite so easy. They can still be major spreaders of covid, just by touching things and not keeping hands clean,, or even maybe by not wearing a face mask. Just something to keep in mind as we move forward.
  23. Read a study from an English Doctor I think. Anyways he suggests that vitamin D is an excellent source to try to fight this virus. I liked what he laid out and made sense to me. But as for promoting it,,, nah I wouldn't do that, there's no money it in for me,,,, but I do help myself to the vitamin bottle on a daily basis,, along with garlic, vitamin c. Just because it all makes sense.
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