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  1. Don't know how to take a selfie yet? Nice to see some faces that are happy.
  2. Some of us think that the fuel lines tend to break down on the inside due to ageing and ethanol, you might think about changing those out.
  3. Is yarning the same as BSing? Welcome back!!
  4. Left side comes off by blowing air between the grip and the bar,,,,,, usually works anyhow. When you adjust the throttle cables you need to shorten the jacket, so the outer part of the cable, which means that the thumb adjuster will screw onto the cable jacket, this then lengthens the amount of slack the cable has available.
  5. There is an adjusting 'knob' right where the cables go into the grip. (Thumb wheel with a locking wheel) Loosen that off should give enough room to install. When setting back to running mode you'll need about 1/8" play. Check that the throttle returns easy to idle. Too tight and it will hang up, too loose and you'll find that the grip needs to turn too far. I usually snug it up until it hangs up and then loosen it some.
  6. For itching try some sulpher pills. Marca gets real itchy legs sometimes and takes them to relieve the itch. Works for her. Called 'Sulfur Iodatum'
  7. Well them dar sliders are just not going to be able to help much in the mileage department, first of they won't slide as they should, if at all, and secondly with the cracks in place they will also accommodate much air movement in the wrong direction.
  8. Here's a link for the parts: http://jbmindustries.com/Yamaha650.html
  9. Not normal and can't be glued. It has happened before but not very often. Best get all 4 sliders and diaphragms, at least that is what I would do.
  10. I think we all have been there at one time or another,,, now the trick is to remember that for the next time it comes to mind to try that. And if it does work for you, then let us know how you did it.
  11. If you managed to suck enough oil into the cylinders it might. Check your plugs to find out, and make sure the high tension wires are seated back snugly,. I like to feel them 'clip' on the plug, if not, I carefully squeeze them a bit til they do.
  12. Center stand is quite alright, thinking that's how it's mostly done.
  13. The hose coming from the center of the breather is acting as a PCV. The one off of the left front corner is a drain for the breather. Oil in either one would indicate an overfill situation of the crankcase, or maybe excessive blowby in the engine for the center one. Oil in the sight glass should be no more than halfways up the glass when the bike is straight up.
  14. Really nice!!! Bet you used a lot of 'Dutch Cleanser'. Looks like you are thoroughly enjoying this.
  15. Thanks you all for all your input. I will leave this thread available to be read yet for sometime. Thanks also to the large attempt to keep things as informal and civil as possible. I think we all learned a bit more about each other, and maybe even a bit more about the world we live in.
  16. Nice dialogue guys. what you say we now close this thread. So far it will be up to the dialoguers, and I am mostly a dialoguee.
  17. That vacuum line also has a restrictor in it., kind of the same things as the crab tune tool.
  18. HEY!! I got some forsale, even comes with a guarantee!!
  19. Scary!! That's why we have vaccines and why Marca and I got stabbed. When it gets to be our turn, maybe, just maybe it won't be as bad. As in motorcycles, it's not 'if' you drop your scoot, but 'when'.
  20. If it's leaking out past the seals there could be 2 reasons. One is that the bore has some pits or 'scratch' marks in it, the other is cheap seals. When honing out the bore it needs to be perfect, no pits, no lines, no marks. There may also be a slight chance that the bore is honed out too far or that somebody tried to 'fix' it by hand and so made it out of round.
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