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  1. Just wondering if the squirmeness may have something to do with rear tire alignment. If it isn't dead-on I would think the results may be as are described. Loosen off the 4 acorn nuts on the pumpkin from the swing arm, loosen the axle bolt, shake it around some to make it all wiggle to reseat. Now snug up the axle, then tighten the acorns, then torque the axle. In that order.
  2. Glad you made it through, would hate to have to miss you!
  3. They may be called the weaker sex, but it don't mean nothin' when it comes to smarts.
  4. She had just filled the tank??? You just spent over $1k, but, but! Girls!!
  5. Not worried about the Alps, they will still be there a year from now,,,,, now the scooter holds more importance.
  6. Somebody got to use that fuel.
  7. I'm leaning very heavy on the shifter itself. The pivot bolt has a tendency to loosen and fall off. Take a look there first and then follow Puc's instructions.
  8. Years ago, back in 51 or 52, we had just immigrated from Holland. We lived in a small house with 8 of us, house that maybe today 2 people would find too small and Mom was very lonely for her family. It was Christmas eve. Somewhere during the night she woke up to a sound in the bedroom next to hers, she woke up my dad as well to listen to their youngest singing Ere zij God (Glory to God). She says he sang it all the way through and it totally blessed her and dad. She says it was the best Christmas she ever had. No presents but lots of Presence. I don't remember any of it, other than what she told me. Yes! Sons can bless their mothers in many ways, I'm glad you could bless her in such a manner.
  9. Thanks for the story. It's good to hear such stories.
  10. Now there is a double oxymoron, mental and health? and then listening for a Dutchman? There's truth in the figuring out statement though.
  11. Keep it playing, it can't be all bad,,,, and,,,, you may get to like it some! Honestly, can't be of help on that one, unless you want it butchered.
  12. Check the 4way flasher switch, located right of the steering column on the left side of the faring. Kind of hard to see and find.
  13. Isn't beer supposed to compensate for all that?
  14. There are a few different setups for the likes and dislikes of different folks. Me? I don't like the solid for the reason you quoted and it's hard to 'jump' into the bed for something. The tri-fold is pretty much the same problem, so I have to roll-up. It's stays in place most of the time but can be rolled up and out of the way for our fiver, can accommodate an item that is just slightly higher than the box, if it needs to come of I can do it alone easy, looks good, doesn't flap around and I can lift just a couple of inches when necessary to handle long pieces and then it's there to keep the pieces in place somewhat. The only thing is that you have to make sure the sides pushed down or a side wind will lift it. No hard cover for me anytime. If somebody needs to take something from my box I suppose they can but would leave a much smaller mess than if I had a hard cover, either way they would run off with what ever they thought important enough.
  15. Twist the throttle and determine which one is primary and which one is return. That should tell you which one goes where. Put the carb bank back into position but not all the way. At this point connect the cables making sure that the primary cables does not go on the outside of throttle shaft, even though it may seem that there is a nylon spacer for it to slide on. Put the primary cable on the inside of the shaft. Make sure that the cables are free running and then push the carbs into place. Do the return cable first if I remember correctly. Hope this helps.
  16. So, when you put weight in the right side it has more of an impact on the stretch of the rear spring. Now what would happen if you released some air out of the shock. Like, how much air do you have in the rear shock? Good point!
  17. You only get to live here for a short time, don't let it get you down. Enjoy the wait and the ride when it shows up.
  18. With good fertilmilizer you also need a good spreader and I think one just showed up.
  19. With proper upkeep that 89 has still a long ways to go. I would keep it.
  20. Gas should be in h gas tank and to me that is dangerous enough, and unless there is good reason to carry extra I wouldn't. Forgetting to fill up when you should or can, is not a good reason.
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