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  1. Just remember that once you are in His hands, He will never let go.
  2. They could be a little 'stiff' in the when you wake them up, just be careful they don't retaliate and blame you for the awakening.
  3. Prayers for you two. The God who made us has the power to keep us and repair us.
  4. Thanksgiving is also a good time to consider our life after this one and to discover how we would get there if there is one. For most of us this life has been very awesome, yes we may have had some issues along the way, but generally speaking, in North America, and many other regions on this earth, life has been quite good. If this then is your best life, where might your next life be? Time to give Thanks.
  5. Do get back to us on how the 'new' other set works for you.
  6. Maybe it's time to consider what happens when the time is used up. It may be sooner than we think, and then it may be too late to decide a direction.
  7. We don't feel so much like when we were 40, or 20 either. I think we are a bit slower at things. The items that were light once upon a time, they now make a lot heavier, they seemed to have moved the mailbox further away and the street lights don't shine as bright anymore. At times they move the streets so that a feller could get lost going to his friend's house and they closed the store that we always go to. Used to be when everything was done right they made toilets that you didn't have to fall onto and then need a hand to get off of, the mattresses were softer and the pillows were better as well. Don't know what's happened to the world lately, but with all the new computers and stuff that is supposed to make life easier, people aren't speaking properly anymore, they mumble a lot and have trouble seeing around themselves and so run others over at the cross walk. Wonder what it will be like when I get to 80. I'm not there yet, at least I wasn't yesterday when I checked last, but they are trying to tell me to get ready,,, lots of signs along the road saying it's going to happen. Wish they weren't in such a hurry hoping they will change the signs to read 40 soon. JMT
  8. I think I can see both side of the story as I read your words. First you say that you replaced almost all of the fuel lines, so that would mean to be 'not all' and the one or two that didn't get replaced could be the culprit. Second: which of the carbs is doing the leaking, is it always the same one? Fuel lines have a tendency to break down after time, but it happens slowly, so you very well might get some nice riding time in between issues, but it will continue to happen time and time again. It doesn't take a lot of dirt to cause your issue, might even be hard to see with the naked eye. Best maybe bench test the whole set together, use only 3-4 lbs pressure. Be sure to make things act as though they were on the bike,so make fuel flow through the barbs, have them shut off and re-flow again. You can do that by using the drain screws, but only let it slowly drip, not pouring out. Replace all the fuel lines after the filter. Don't go cheap, use quality product. I agree with Mike that sending the carbs back might not solve your problem but only make things more frustrating for you both. Again, replace all the lines to eliminate that possible cause.
  9. I'm not a super expert on this, but I know that the faster you ride the more bass you will loose. Bass is the slower moving frequency of the spectrum and needs something to bounce off of in order to develop. I think the best solution would be to a proper subwoofer to the setup, but hey, did you want to sit on the bike as well?
  10. He would have been more apt to get to you and straighten you out, he loved everybody and didn't want anybody making even a slight character flaw.
  11. Knowing you I am assuming you have a pretty good idea of what is required. From my end not getting pressure would indicate air in the system, somewhere. Or you could have restriction with the reservoir tank flow into the master. The left front caliper is the one for the rear pedal eh. Here's what I would do: open the rear caliper, better yet take it off first and clean it as well as the front left. With the calipers off see if you can pump clean fluid through the system, then with the calipers in place and open try to pump fluid through them one at a time. Make sure you let the pedal pop back quickly, not slowly and keeping pumping quickly until you get fluid. Once you have got that far go to your regular way of brake bleeding.
  12. For some of us the better word would be 'saved', not lost, but either way his passing will leave behind those who mourn and miss him severely. May they find comfort.
  13. You said 'a' picture. You posted 4, that's 3 more than 'a'. Shutter get stuck?
  14. Loosing one that is loved always leaves a 'hole' for those left behind. May his family and friends find comfort from the only One who can provide true comfort.
  15. If it's difficult to spin, it needs to be replaced,,, at least in MHO.
  16. I'm not sure that one makes a whole lot of difference from another. I fixed my 85 trunk with 15 minute epoxy on the road one year, just to get us back home. It never let go after that. Be sure to scuff the repair before adding the fix, I think that is the most important.
  17. Like it just fine the way it is.
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