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  1. Looks nice, hopefully she will enjoy it. Just asking,,,,, who gets to clean it?
  2. I'm thinking it would work just fine. It's known to be a good oil.
  3. Just wondering what it was about the T6 that you liked?
  4. Definitely a friend and so the prize fits well!
  5. Looking forward to more good reports.
  6. Well now, a feller would have to turn around to do that now wouldn't he. You don't know me very well,,, there's no going back,,,, but there was one instance where I had to back up a couple of time to get the tripod on the rocks allll at the same time.
  7. So does it stand laying, or lay standing. Inquiring minds need to know.
  8. Marcarl

    New Bike

    Looks like that might be well enjoyed.
  9. Spyder country. Does it help to post more than once?
  10. I got some beer in the fridge,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just sayin
  11. That's just awesome, keep depending on Him!
  12. We're with you! Thanks for posting.
  13. Wishing you blessings as you go through this part of your life.
  14. Don't go, we are friends first and upper most, then we talk about bikes, or the lack there of. Don't matter if you arrive on 2 wheels, three wheels, or four wheels. Just don't ask us to change the tires on 18 wheels.
  15. Yahhhh but I would have your scooter and it would be already installed I would think.
  16. Guess the only way for me to get it now would be for me to buy your scooter!
  17. The Creator of this world still has His hand in running things here, even the 'small' things. He does a lot of things to show us how He still is in control, we just have to look and want to see His hand in it all. Will ask for a good outcome for you all, keep us posted!
  18. Normally a Spyder has it on the two wheelers,,, that boy can RIDE!
  19. A day or two?????????? It's been almost 3 weeks!!!!!!!!! We thought you might have left the planet and shot to the moon!! Don't start blaming me for your mishaps, we're Dutch and don't open our cooler or freezer doors unless tootally necesaary. You are further north than me so it's your task to keep an eye on the weather door, whether it be closed or open. Stay on your toes young man, or we'll have to retire you so that you have more time. HaHa
  20. Nice scooter, people do love them.
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