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  1. Just thinking out loud here. Sounds to me like that power plant may only be running on 2 or maybe 3. Way to much shaking going on. Never mind that you had only a few bubbles, there should not be any of those,,, after all, it's not the bath for the missus is it? If I am right on it not running on all four, then why isn't it? Could be that 1 cylinder is out and not combusting, but also leaking into the coolant. If it's not combusting, there wouldn't be any combusting gases to test for. Maybe pull the plugs and see what they look like, and do a compression or leakdown test.
  2. Always wondered how that was all put together and what made it tick. Now I still don't know, but glad you have it under control.
  3. Something tells me that the 86 doesn't have them, don't remember dealing with them and can't find them in the parts fiche.
  4. Maybe you can explain what you mean by 'throttle shaft seals'. I'm kind of at loss.
  5. Bum is still sleeping, so I can answer that for you. On the first gens the single antenna is used for both, on the second gens, oem is to use 2 antennas. There should be a splitter box on the 1st gens.
  6. Are you trying to indicate that I don't know what I wrote? Check it out, it's MC friendly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=uE28NML0vG0
  7. Seeee, He even helps out in the little things. Good news for sure!!!! Next time, crack open the plug, shoot some air into the area and you should be good to go.
  8. Thinkin that I'm getting credit foe something I never even thought of,,,, yet. I think Mr Dawson was the culprit to start that thought line. This doesn't mean that I'm not right in my head or on paper, tyme will bare that out I suppose.
  9. Is there any bubbling at all when you first start it? You'll need to look for bubbles at the rad cap and make sure the rad is full. If you have bubbles then? it would be a head gasket. Could happen from over heating.
  10. Sorry,had to look that word up to make sure sure it means the same here as in little Texas. Vernacular: of, relating to, or being the normal spoken form of a language. Thanks, I knew we had it right!!😜
  11. Good to have you back, not very often we get to read English speak, but that might be better than Aussie speak written. Carry on, it's great!!
  12. It sure is tough to read of these happenings. There seem to be good stories coming out about how the Covid thing is being beaten and held back, and others about how Covid seems to be raging ahead, but none as bad as India so far. Slowly the our general population is starting to come to realize the need in India. They are humans, created in the image of their Creator, and we need to show them our love. It's not always easy to love someone or somebody, especially if they live a totally different life than we do, but we need to do it, if for no other reason than that we are very well blessed. In
  13. Careful or he would be one dead sas....
  14. The longer the tongue the more the trailer will cut the corner. Important thought when you only have 2 wheels pulling. Don't want the trailer to get hung up on something and jerk the scooter.
  15. Replace the plugs, you'll like it just fine!
  16. Somethin ain't right, I agree and would not trust that master cylinder. It may be the rubbers and then again it might not be.
  17. Tell B2Dad happy birthday from us. Good to hear that he is getting older.
  18. Secured to the front of the bike, could be anywhere, but what ever you it to, can't move and needs to be solid, like part of the frame.
  19. How did I know you were going to say that?
  20. Not saying I would attend, would like to though, but I think you have an awesome idea!! Go for it!!!
  21. Try moving the 'choke' lever in and out and follow the movements of the linkage.
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