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    Good idea,,, A REAL good idea.
  2. Maybe would have been safer on the lake me thinks.
  3. I don't see no coffee cup holder,,, is it still coming or not,,,, if not? why the upgrade??? Nice Job boss, it only gots me a little bit confused and now I have an excuse.
  4. Ya,, that's maybe why he left it home and took the waverunners.
  5. Ok, got here through the original URL, amazing!!!!. Yep the other one works as well. You gets a BIG hug. Did you get any sleep at all???? Pay a little attention to Eileen will you please!!!
  6. Hope this works, looks like it might. No forums yet, calendar seems to be available (lots of birthdays, but nothing else) pictures say says it wants to show but nothing comes up. Is it just me?
  7. As an added note: Years ago I was informed that 75% of the tire wear was in the first 25% of tread depth. Now this was for car tires, but going on Puc's post, it might seem to be true for MC tires as well. Just something to keep in mind. Makes sense really. When the tire is new, there is lots of flex in the tread available to deal with the road surface, but as the tread wears the flex diminishes and so the rubber will start to scrape the road surface causing heightened wear.
  8. Hey Puc,,, he has a Canadian bike, is that any different that what you are describing?
  9. I've often though about getting me one of them there hoses, but then I would have to crimp other purchases somewhat, and food is kind of important, even in the winter time. So I just do as I always do, and crack the garage door open a couple of inches when I need to. Seems to keep most of the smell away.
  10. The first thing I would do is to lower the oil level down to half glass, then check the intakes to makes sure the air filters are clean and the intake areas are clean. Then I would remove the spark plug wires and just lightly seat them on top of the plugs so that with an insulated pair of pliers you can lift them off easily. Then I would start the engine and get it warm so that it will idle nicely, and then with the insulated pliers remove a plug wire, one at a time. You can take the wire off and put it back to notice any difference in the running of the engine. If the cylinder is running well
  11. Maybe it's not running on all four?? Might seem like it, but pull off the plug wires one by one to check for sure.
  12. DANG!! that looks just like I remember Yah.
  13. I'm sure that will leave an empty spot in your heart and life Bill. Wishing you many blessings even though.
  14. If the banjo is screwed onto the line, maybe you could do with just a replacement banjo. And Yes! OEM is that the left front and the rear brakes are linked. Some guys have changed that, others leave them be.
  15. Is the line integrated with the banjo, or is the banjo screwed on the line?
  16. This has to be tough for those close to him, and my heart goes out to them. They will have to deal with this for some time.
  17. No problem for you then,,, you only have 10% to unlearn,,,, now for the rest of us,,,,,,,,,,,
  18. Yahhhh and iffin you have a Spyder, backups are easy.
  19. Check out, https://jmcorp.com. They did make a lower cord for that applications I think. You may have to call them to ask.
  20. We use Frogg Toggs, and don't find that problem with their new design. As far as the rain thing goes,, around here that is a little different, we see what may be rain coming, we wait cause you never know,, when it does come we hurry into our rain gear, getting wet in the meantime. Then when we are all suited up and ready to ride, we take it all off again. The advantage is that we get to hand it all out when we get home.
  21. Depends on what you want the end result to be, I guess. You rebuild the engine and get your $400 back,,, maybe,, after all, you bought a good engine at $400. How much is it going to cost to rebuild, I would plan on at least $200, just for gaskets. Not a lot goes wrong with these engines, so there is little demand, and maybe lots of supply. Don't know what you would get for the engine in scrap but you can take that off the price as well. Are you looking for work? something to do? it all comes into the picture. Me??? I'd scrap it. I would think it kind of risky to try and make some mula.
  22. i'm thinking that you should get a stethoscope to get to the heart of the matter. Doesn't sound like deep internal to me, at least not at this point. Could be clutch or shifter related.
  23. So 2 comments from me. How did you determine that you had spark on #4 ? Carb cleaner or brake clean will both fire a cylinder, as well as WD40,, at least in Canada it will.
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