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  1. I see you have visitors with a white van,,,,,, red bike, red car, red tree,,,,,,, I likey that color.
  2. My 85 ran fine on 87, it worked fine until I got my Spyder.
  3. Nope, I'm not so good at it either. Maybe just use Basecamp.
  4. Don't worry about the drive or directions, you are there already.... duhuh!! Let me check what I can figure out. Might take some time seeing as my forgetter is fixed again.
  5. It's black, has 2 wheels, 2 seats, 2 antennas, a windshield and trunk rack, but I see only one flag. Nice looking though, bet you will be happy and so will Miss Sally. Now what you going to do with the 85?
  6. There should be or was a push connector down the handlebars, seems you found the location but somebody needed the connector gone. Careful when you delve into the electric works of the MC, there are small parts in there that would like to go missing. Get a bedsheet to to work over.
  7. Once you have the cylinder off of the bike there is a cover underneath that I think has 1 screw, remove that to access the soldered connections.
  8. If memory serves me correct there is a connector about 6-8 inches from the cylinder.
  9. Glad to have you aboard. For better braking consider stainless braided lines, makes a world of difference, available from @skydoc_17on this site.
  10. I think it's missing something, can you show the other side?
  11. Nice to hear from you Mama, and hoping that you and your first husband continue to get along fine on two wheels.
  12. I use Sunlight dish detergent, and on very odd occasion might have to use a little orange. Hands don't dry out nearly so much. Better I think.
  13. It happens, not to all of them but it is common. Tap the side of the carb while the pump is running and it might solve the problem, if not take off the feed tube and push some carb cleaner into it, let it sit for a bit and try again with the pump. If that don't do it, it may be time for a carb rebuild.
  14. Nice piece, hoping it works well for you.
  15. Gave those pills to my neighbour, now he sees things in a whole lot different light and even likes me sometimes.
  16. Just be four warned, Reiny is twice the size of Joe, and he don't go slow!
  17. Now don't you be thinkin that meeting @ReinyRoosterwill be fun. Around here we are glad to see him go on a trip,,,,, and maybe wishing we were going with him.
  18. It's real name is Road Sofa. Once you the hang of the weight issue then you'll understand why.
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