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  1. As we get older, on in age, longer away from our younger years, less agile then we used to be,,,,, we find ourselves in a different world. It's nothing new, it's been happening as long as the earth has been in existence, but somehow we think that maybe it won't happen to us. Soooo,, it's a good thing to look to the future, maybe even plan a little, but don't plan on getting younger anytime soon, at least not until we get to the next life. Best to plan ahead a bit to be less mobile, going a little slower, enjoying the roses a bit more, letting the younger ones do more of the hard labor and guiding them as best you can. If we focus on what used to be in days gone by and bemoan our present lot in comparison we will waste a lot of good time given to us. Hopefully as we get more experience in this living thing, we can help each other through some valleys and understand, one to another, our difficulties, hurts and pains. If you look up though, there can be a super brightness in your future, but you need to look up, not down.
  2. If you numbers are correct I would suspect that it is running on 3 cyl with the one cylinder sending all it's fuel down the overflow tube. What I would suggest it to start it and let it run in place for 20 to 30 minutes to see if there is any sign of leakage anywhere. The last time I had mileage that bad was when the fuel line from the tank to the pump got cut by the frame squeezing the line between it and the swing arm. Boy! did it leak!
  3. No special skills required on your part, just look at it and take it out piece by piece. Before you take it out check for any play, but you will to unload the shock from the swing arm to do that. If there is no play then the bearings should be good and only need to be cleaned and greased. You can also drill and tap for grease fittings and save yourself trouble down the road. Just be sure that the fittings point to a place where you can get at them.
  4. You shouldn't have to tune very often. Why you need to do a tune is to balance the in going air into the cylinder and that is controlled by the carb linkage. So in fact what you would be doing is adjusting for wear in the linkages. I would say that if you did it once every 2 years or 50k km you should be good. Now if you rip tearing at things under the tank and adjust the wrong screw, then to get things right again you will need a carbtune.
  5. Just leave them off, the seat isn't going anywhere with you sitting on it.
  6. Slides will be tough to find, valve cover gaskets are the same as the 2nd gen.
  7. You are just jealous, and that won't get you anywhere.
  8. Just can't figure out why somebody would pay for a 24hr bed and then only use it for 8 hrs. Got to get the use and value out of things eh!
  9. Could be battery connections but most likely the ignition switch went south.
  10. It's about that big, but then again maybe it's a bit smaller. If that don't fit, try a bigger one. See how helpful we are?
  11. I do wish you would get things right, I don't ride a spider!!! It's a Spyder!! EH?
  12. It scares me when I encounter riders that ride for noise and speed. Those attributes seem to negate common sense and safety all too often.
  13. Welcome to the group, hoping that you can make yourself part of this family. Good to have you on board.
  14. OKAY, but only because it's a Wing,, and because of Trina of course. NICE looking machine, I'm sure you will enjoy the ride!
  15. https://www.kuryakyn.com/products/4029/offset-highway-pegs
  16. Maybe not Canadian, but sure fits my thoughts......can I go now?
  17. Wowzy! You sure have some plans, me thinks you won't be bored anytime soon.
  18. Tied up all day, but otherwise,,,,,,,,,,,,
  19. I may have been at one time but there are others who have learned from me and now outshine me. We keep them south of the 49th. Sometimes they need some fine tuning and left or right correction, and who better to guide and direct them than an old experienced veteran of the club. Hopefully @saddlebum can make it.
  20. It is in my consideration, but will have to decide closer to the date. For now, understand that I would really like to be there, even if it's to keep the hoodlums in line.
  21. Looks to me like it might be a piece of the inner faring.
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