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  1. Was just talking to a friend and showed her these pics. She just chuckled and said that reminded her of her days on her dads farm. Not the exact same as the pics but they used a very similar thing to lift and stack hay bails in their barn. They had a rail that circled the barn at the top rafters and with a pully arrangement that ran along the rail. That suspended this type of attachment and it hooked the bail wires and so they could lift and move it anywhere in the barn to stack them. Two girls on the lift rope and her dad on the guide rope. She also remembers taking flying lessons from the loft on that set up.
  2. Be interested to see how they compare. Been getting to experience the RI line of .45s so interested in what that 10mm will do. Been wanting to go back to a long slide
  3. Prays up for your family Ben for a full and fast recovery.
  4. Wow.... Just saw this tonight. Deep regrets at his passing. My deepest sympathies to his family. Never had the pleasure of meeting him in person but got to know him a bit through emails and this site. He played a huge part in my success restoring my '84. Not to mention moral support to not stop that project until it was finished. Along with the occasional package I'd find on my porch with some rare lil shiny bits and pieces with a note..... "I don't think you have one of these.... yet." See ya on the the other side my friend.
  5. Very nice Jeff. Thanks for posting this. Had to be impressive to see in flight. 👍
  6. I felt that way when I bought and brought home my used and neglected '84 that had been in storage for 9 years. Did the work and hoped for the best. That was at the end of "06.. Still have it. Still riding it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed mine.
  7. Oh ........ Just saw this. Gotta kick the flaps and get the wings under some serious prayers for Earl and Jean.
  8. Ditto on the thanks for letting us know. Another sad loss of creative mind and spirted soul. RIP Zagger
  9. Yep.. Been one of those years. And I'm not laughing. I'm allergic to bees.
  10. Been a lil nuts here in Omaha the few days. Protests been going on everywhere. Some calm and orderly, some not some much. Been a lot of vandalism and damage done here. Curfews on and off this last week. It was mostly started in central Omaha then it moved downtown into the Old Market area. Sadly one young protester lost his life when he assaulted a business owner. So it keeps rolling. Today had it's own twist. Some 39 yr old guy stole a bulldozer from a construction site in Plattsmouth, just a bit south of Omaha. He was driving it north on Hwy. 75 toward downtown Omaha. He was intent on taking it the protest tonight to "Make a Statement". Lucky the LEO's got him stopped before he got where he was headed. I figure he'll be making "statements" to quite a few people now. So just hunkered down, staying prepared for the worst, and staying alert. Saw enough of this stuff here in '68, '71 and now again in 2020. Hoped to never see it again. I make it clear where I stand. Hope they walk around me.
  11. By the way,,, Welcome.... Good to see you jumping right it. You will find this mad mix of nuts more than helpful with your new-to-you bike. You picked a good one to.
  12. Hey Kevin. Still alive. Show my mug once in a rare while in the Chat room. Just been sitting out the this COVID 19 thing around here. I actually went out yesterday and scored a NE State Park permit. Probably won't be able to use it until late May or they say maybe even July. But yeah... I'm a lurker around here these days. Good to hear from you. Be safe.
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