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  1. I would be happy to look at your bike. I am in Cudahy. But I do not smoke or drink beer........
  2. @N3FOL Just like you typed it but with out the single quote in front. a drop down will appear as you are typing the members name, click the name you want.
  3. I think I am back now too. I had to renew my membership.
  4. Now now you old Pucster you. nowhere did I say you were wrong in your assessment of that being a 757. I was simply giving out some info on what Air Force One actually means and why they may not have used the 747 that the president normally uses. You thought 8 feet was a lot...............
  5. Technically Air Force One is any Air Force aircraft that the president is on board. There is no aircraft that has the specific name of Air Force 1 When the president gets onto the helicopter on the front lawn it is a Marine Aircraft so it carries the designation Marine One. If he were on a Navy or Army aircraft it would be Navy One or Army One. This way air traffic control knows that this flight has the president on board and has top priority over almost anything else in the air. If the President were to go for a ride in an Air Force owned little 2 place Trainer Cessna, It would carry the desi
  6. It is good to be back home in a real chat room. I will be eliminating the Facebook one for all the above mentioned reasons. Thanks for all you do for us Don. You Da Man.
  7. @Patch Yup, I just liked your post and your reputation improved by 1.
  8. Just a WAG but I think it might be total number of Likes and/or Thanks you have received on your posts.
  9. Hi Pops and Nana, Welcome to the funny farm....... Yea before you start major exploratory surgery, I would do some testing to figure out where the white puff came from. How much is a puff? Mine gave a white puff every time I started it for 12 years. Never went low on oil or coolant. I just figured it was condensation in the exhaust pipes. IF it is a head gasket blown from the water jacket to the cylinder,,,, 1. that is very rare, not unheard of, but very rare. 2. usually if it's that failure, when you start it up cold with the radiator cap off there usually will be bubbles in the radiator
  10. That sounds like a challenge.......... Dragon burying........
  11. Puc you and Tippy sure have a lot of fun together, Good for you. I keep trying to tell you there is cool stuff here in WI.
  12. It seems we have had a rash of ladders across the rod around here. The local traffic reports keep mentioning them. Ladders can be real hard to get around and a hard stop on the interstate is usually not a good outcome either because a bike can out stop a car ot truck, especially if the driver behind you is not paying attention. Keep your following distance so that you have time to react to whatever appears out from under the vehicle in front of you. A car or truck can easily stradel something that will take you out.
  13. Just a shot in the dark. Try calling a few locksmiths. I had a friend lost his car keys and a locksmith was able to pick the ignition and then make a new key from that. His other keys at home still fit so he did not change the lock. Start calling a few dealerships to see if you can find one that will help or at least confirm that it can be done. Then you will know for sure if the local dealer just does not want you as a customer.
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