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  1. Well Puc it looks like you will have NO shortage of fertilizer with this crew helping.
  2. My little 10/22 has been labeled a troublemaker. (Or was it the owner???) Was with my uncle while he was sighting in his new Browning in 7mm Rem Mag. when we were out to 300 yards I kept putting holes in his target with the little 10/22. He was getting POed cuz I was getting more hits than he was...lol. You could hear the bullets hit the target, I could get off 6 shots before the sound of bullets hitting the target made it back to us. I only had to hold about 30 feet over the target to hit it at 300.....lol, there was so little energy left in the bullets that they were not making it thru a paper target an a single sheet of cardboard.
  3. If you are gonna use the straw you have to spread it VERY thin or it will smother any grass that sprouts. As mentioned it looks like there is also no dirt in the bald spots. Just a thin layer of good dirt makes a big difference in giving the new grass a chance to get some roots going. Also use fresh seed, some old dried out seed found in the garage will likely already be dead before you plant it. I just tried to plant some 3 year old seed and only got a couple dozed blades of grass to sprout, some fresh seed and it is off to the races. It looks like you "dirt" is mostly sand, do some research on the internet for varieties of grass that will do well in your type of soil. You likely will not find the special varieties at your big box store. I would gladly give you a whole yard full of grass, I hate mowing. I usually just mow when I start loosing the dog. Just swim on over with your truck and load it up.
  4. Welcome back you lop eared varmint. I been saving up some of the new super secret highly classified special high temp SNOW just for you.
  5. I also pulled a trailer. I had one of those small propane grills. I found a cast iron rectangular griddle at a yard sale that fit the grill like it was made for it. Everything I made was either on the griddle or grilled. There was enough room inside of the grill to store 2 propane bottles and the CI griddle. Food and drink and ice for up to 4 days was in the cooler on the tongue of the trailer. I froze water bottles and anything else that could be frozen in the deep freezer to get them down to -15F so the first 2 days many of the things in the cooler stayed frozen. I an sure that with a modern cooler like the Yeti coolers that things would stay cold for much longer.
  6. There may have been RUM BALLS involved, but kept a safe distance from the campfire!!
  7. Being at Orlins place is always a great time. I even had a blast when I had to cage it.
  8. Now to get really tricky. Many laptops that do not have a numeric keypad if you look at the characters you may notice that there is a numeric keypad mixed into the keyboard. 7 8 9 0 U I O P J K L ; M . / by hitting a function button (usually at the lower right and labeled FN) changes these keys to; 7 8 9 / 4 5 6 * 1 2 3 - 0 . + This will allow you to enter the alt code directly on the key board just like the number keypad.
  9. Well I made sure that I will not have snow this winter. I broke down an bought a snow blower. So far we on course for the 10th LEAST snowy wither since they started keeping records in the mid 1800s.
  10. There are a lot of "modern" LEDs that pull more current than the halogen they are replacing. Some draw a LOT more. Ultra bright don't come free.
  11. Chocolate milk oil like that is almost always water in the oil. Diff oil just stinks, even the new fresh bottle stinks. I would change that out and change again after 1 full tank of gas, and keep doing changes after each tank of gas until all that nasty stuff has been flushed out. After that I would keep a close eye on the oil after a run in the rain or washing it, you may have a bad seal that is letting water in. You will need to get that fixed if you do or gear and bearing damage WILL happen.
  12. Da foot is getting less bad. Just had another round of surgery on it and get the stitches out next week.
  13. You could have called and I could have wandered over to have a peek.
  14. To see what counter steering does, go to a parking lot, splash some water on the ground and ride thru it at slow speed. As soon as both tires are back on dry pavement, TRY to make a left turn WITHOUT counter steering. I bet your wet tire tracks will still show that your front wheel kicked right before you went left. This effect is easiest to see on a bicycle with skinnier tires. Bicycles follow the same laws of physics that motorcycles do. Where people get in trouble and why you need to practice the technique is because in an emergency You stop relying on reflexes and start trying to THINK. as soon as you think you will move the handle bars right to go right and end up going left right into what you are trying to avoid. That is why you need to understand and practice counter steering (even though you are already doing it) so that both your conscious mind and reflexes are on the same page.
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