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  1. There are a lot of "modern" LEDs that pull more current than the halogen they are replacing. Some draw a LOT more. Ultra bright don't come free.
  2. Chocolate milk oil like that is almost always water in the oil. Diff oil just stinks, even the new fresh bottle stinks. I would change that out and change again after 1 full tank of gas, and keep doing changes after each tank of gas until all that nasty stuff has been flushed out. After that I would keep a close eye on the oil after a run in the rain or washing it, you may have a bad seal that is letting water in. You will need to get that fixed if you do or gear and bearing damage WILL happen.
  3. Da foot is getting less bad. Just had another round of surgery on it and get the stitches out next week.
  4. You could have called and I could have wandered over to have a peek.
  5. To see what counter steering does, go to a parking lot, splash some water on the ground and ride thru it at slow speed. As soon as both tires are back on dry pavement, TRY to make a left turn WITHOUT counter steering. I bet your wet tire tracks will still show that your front wheel kicked right before you went left. This effect is easiest to see on a bicycle with skinnier tires. Bicycles follow the same laws of physics that motorcycles do. Where people get in trouble and why you need to practice the technique is because in an emergency You stop relying on reflexes and start trying to THINK. as soon as you think you will move the handle bars right to go right and end up going left right into what you are trying to avoid. That is why you need to understand and practice counter steering (even though you are already doing it) so that both your conscious mind and reflexes are on the same page.
  6. You know what happens when someone rattles my cage and wakes me up.......
  7. Stalling off idle and still running "like a bat outta hell" at speed is often a sign of plugged idle circuits in one or more carbs. These engines run amazingly well on 3 cylinders. There are people that rode on 3 for years and never knew it till it got fixed. Check to see if you have one or more cylinders not running at idle. From cold, start it up and monitor each exhaust pipe to see if they all heat up at the same rate. I would start with a healthy dose of seafoam in the gas tank and let it idle for a good long time, then shut it down and let soak overnight and then rind it some more using the idle circuit as much as possible. Repeat, repeat repeat till it cleans up. If you are lucky this will often help clean things out. These engines love ethanol free gas, BUT these engines do not really like high octane gas. You get noticeably more power with the lower octane. High octane will only make more power in an engine designed and set up to NEED the high octane. I understand that in today's world it is hard to find E free low octane. and in reality the E free will make more power while the 91 will reduce and it probably all equals out in the end. Ethanol can damage parts. High octane will never hurt anything but your wallet.
  8. I like SNOW!!!!! You know it is that time of the year where I have to dust off the snow machine and and start the fall tuneups and do a few calibration runs. Since @cowpuc is not here I have to work at finding a new favorite target. @saddlebum sounds like a volunteer....... It would make @Freebird happy that he will not get as much collateral damage from Pucs overshoot, which will ultimately let me spend more time out of the penalty box in the corner so I can play more.....
  9. You may not see it but you should be able to hear it from there.
  10. Well I did get it out to try to light it up today. I got a bunch of pops a few farts and a couple of really loud BANGS. The longest it ran was about 2 seconds. It was like it was just burning off the prime, I can tell it was getting fuel by watching the level in the tank go down. I have no clue as to just what flow rate I should be using, so this is all trial and a lot of error. All of the batteries are charging now so I may give it another try tomorrow with a different fuel mix and see what happens.
  11. Most shops have the removal kit for customers that have lost their key. I have welded a nut to the top of the keyed nut...... It destroyed the keyed nut but it comes off easy. Just don't over heat and anneal the stud.
  12. Howdy, Welcome to the funny Farm. This Venture site is like the Hotel California, You have entered but you can never leave. These early Ventures are great bikes. You can find a wealth of knowledge located on this site, https://www.venturerider.org/forum/forum/15-venture-and-venture-royale-tech-library-83-93-read-only/ You may want to go thru the part about known issues as a starting point of things to check for. Any questions feel free to ask, There is someone that can answer almost any question you can think up and there is also someone that has experienced and figured out about every possible problem that can arise. PS Watch out for @cowpuc , He is the . We like pics of bikes and most anything else. If there are no pics it did not happen.
  13. I know the feeling. My bike has been gone for 2 years now. I still miss it and this site is still stuck with me.
  14. Be aware that stainless steel screws are rated at 70,000 PSI tensile strength and the same screw in steel is rated 120,000 PSI. 1/4-20 has an effective dia of .201. That is only .0317 Sq IN. Stainless hardware looks pretty and is more expensive but is equivalent to cheap grade 2 hardware.
  15. Where I live there is an annual bike race that is MANY laps around a rectangular track. the track encloses about half the population of the city, around 10,000 people. NO ONE is allowed to cross the track in or out during the race. The race is always on a weekday and does not end till around 6 to 7PM. Nothing worse than to be tired and hungry from a 12 - 14 hour workday and being told you can not go home because once every 15 minutes some bikes will come by, They will not even let me walk across the road to go home eat dinner and go to bed and I can see my house just 75 yards away. It is those same racers that while "practicing" or "training" feel they are just in using up TWO full traffic lanes on a 4 lane state highway causing a major road block and then when they do get to a controlled intersection they get very POed at those that do not stop for them when they run the red lights and ignore stop signs. Sorry, rant over......
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