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  1. Can Trooper charge both bikes while traveling? Rattan makes a point to say these are NOT off road bikes.
  2. @cowpuc Would you rather me send you something???
  3. But all that round and round and round an ........ is making me dizzy (er?)
  4. So you gonna wear that belt while riding your new electric bikes back into the woods?
  5. Did you give up on the Vette and heading back down the shooter rabbit hole?
  6. Bummer Yes it is a royal pain when you turn the cam with no shim. Once the cam is out or loose to get it up high enough to slip a shim back in there. You have to be very careful as it is real easy to roll an edge on the bore in the head and make it stick.
  7. You may be surprised at my connections......Who do you think funds the WWW ????
  8. Please do, then they will have contact info......
  9. My brother in law owns a service station, It was broken into and all of the rolling tool chests disappeared one night. The one that did not disappear had the wheels taken off and it was sitting on wood blocks. That one could not be rolled up a ramp into a waiting truck. Once all the mechanics got their new boxes they all took the wheels off.
  10. Go right to the source, call the BATF and explain your situation and ask what you need to do. Or call the silencer manufacturer, Their sales depend on being able to steer you in the right direction. The rest of us are just guessing and trying to apply logic to a government agency.
  11. Just taking a quick look. https://ussolid.com/u-s-solid-motorized-ball-valve-1-4-stainless-steel-electrical-ball-valve-with-full-port-9-24-v-ac-dc-2-wire-auto-return.html https://ussolid.com/u-s-solid-1-4-brass-electric-solenoid-valve-12v-dc-normally-closed-viton-air-water-oil-fuel.html The solenoid valve is not for continuous duty, BUT the duty cycle is 8 hours, Not many can go 8 hours on a bike without having to either fill up or empty out. Both of these will close with the power off and open when the power comes on. The motorized one is a bit slow at 3-5 seconds, that may be
  12. I wonder if it would be worth it to add a solenoid valve in the gas line. That way it is only open if the ignition is on. Automatic protection.
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