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  1. In a lot of the vids I have seen posted you can not read a license plate. The minimum I would want is to be able to read plates so I know where to send the police after the hit and run. Just a vid of what happened is pretty useless if you can not identify who done it. I really do not care a bout file size, memory is pretty cheap these days. Yes there are a lot of dash cams claiming to be 2K or 4K that are not. All the resolution in the world does not help if it has a cheap plastic lens that is out of focus.
  2. OUCHY! That is a lot of staples in there. So very glad to hear from you in person that things are getting better.
  3. To bad that company only works with apples.
  4. Missed??? I have something special planned for @cowpuc
  5. Sernos don't seem to match. Just like an old Vette they are worth more with matching numbers.... That bore seems to have some pretty deep spiral gouges in it. Maybe if you ran about a half inch reamer down there with some good cutting oil will smooth it out real good....
  6. I believe this may have been the appropriate quote...
  7. Good to have you back home. I'll send over a fresh batch of WWW to make you feel real home like.......
  8. When it comes to a "carb rebuild", even if it was done right, you do the rebuild and then store it improperly and it still needs a carb rebuild even if was only driven home from the shop. From what I have seen the only reason these things need a carb rebuild is cuz the owner does not know how to properly store it in the first place. A 3 year old carb rebuild is ZERO value. The hard part is telling the owner that he wasted all the money he spent on the carb rebuild if he rode it home and parked it.
  9. Unfortunately the reservoir has to be above the master to be able to feed the fluid into the master.
  10. I found this one for the Guinness Book of Records with 3051 drones.
  11. WOW, I did some looking to see what it would cost for me to mess with this. For all the drones and other hardware and software needed, it would cost around $40,000 to get a 50 drone starter pack. 😲 I guess it will be a LONG while before I start to mess with any of that.
  12. It does not matter to me, WE all know what it means. If a visitor to the site wants to try to read something into it, that is their problem.
  13. FWIW I have a Medtronics pacemaker. My pacemaker was manufactured and installed before 5G was invented. Medtronics, one of, if not the biggest maker of pacemakers has let me know that I should keep my pacemaker away from 5G, and recommends that I do not use a 5G phone. That is all the encouragement I need to stay away from 5G.
  14. Earl Earl Earl, How many time we got to tell you to not be doing things like that. I hope you heal speedy and well.
  15. I almost never use the delete button on junk mail, I almost always use the SPAM button. That tells my email that I no longer wish to ever hear from that sender and it will block the spam so I never even know it was there. It can take a long while to train your email to filter out what you do not want to see, but once you do it sure cleans up the inbox.
  16. You really want the RR to be mounted to flat metal to act as additional heat sink. It is handling a lot of power.
  17. Actually even at the high mark is to much oil. If the oil is above the half way on the sight glass, you will end up with oil in the air cleaner that will drip onto the engine and then to the ground. Your oil puddle could have easily been caused buy to much oil in the engine. 5L is way to much oil. A normal oil and filter change will take about 3.75 US quarts (3.54 liters). A complete oil change will take 4 US quarts (3.75 liters). I never go by the amount I put in, just fill to the middle of the sight glass, run the engine to get the air out of all the oil lines, shut down, give it a few minut
  18. Depending on just how much power it has it may very well work for cutting thin gaskets. The thicker and/or more heat resistant the gasket material the more laser power that will be needed. Where I work a lot of the gaskets are laser cut. You will have to draw up the gasket in CAD to be able to send it to the laser.
  19. Ahh the good old days. When I often had to ride home in several inches of partly cloudy. Ya just gotta love those unpredicted sneak attack snow falls..
  20. Carl Yes Teddy is close, Nurses are also in teddies.....and closer....To close for the focal length of my camera, sorry, you will just have to stop over for a visit to meet them. Orlin I guess I used plan 3, I switched on the snow machine before I went in and never tightened down the nozzles so it can just spin at random until I get better. Following Drs orders is never any fun, but it is always something I do to the letter. I ain't spending all that money for a professional opinion and then not heed it.
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