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  1. WOWZY my Texas Hero @bikerjohn!! I stepped out for a few days and LOOK what happened!! LOVE the snow man!! PERFECT!! Even looks like @Flyinfool's Frosty he brought to Dons MD!! You go ice fishin? LOL And something special I recieved you lop eared White Washing varmint!!! Thanks Jeff!! Friends like you and all that 😛
  2. WOWZY WOW WOW WOW Earl,, you are taking scar showing off to a whole new level!!! THANK YOU for the update brother!! Still got the prayers up for you folks!! Heal well my friend!! Puc
  3. lol,,,,, LOL,, LOL,, good one Spence LOL... Nooo,, no no no,,, wasnt me LOL.. I showed this to Tippy and she and then said THANKFULLY that wasn't,, is not on your bucket list LOL.. I/we did win the bid on a gorgeous 67 but ended up with a mess up in the auction and the seller would not let it go for the amount of the bid.. They (Mecum) REALLY put the pressure on the sellers to remove the reserves and I think there was a mess up in communications therein.. Oh well, back to the drawing board.. I am currently working on a deal on a 66 Big Block roadster in California, not to far from the kids so
  4. Let cha in on a little secret,, Tweeks, Tweeksis's sister, got bad enough in her oil usage (mostly leakage) when she crossed the 250k mile point that I regularly kept track of her oil using the throttle and the oil level gauge. I would just hit her hard once in a while when taking off and watch her oil light. If the light came on for more than a few seconds I knew it was time to add a quart. Her last 30k miles I rarely changed her oil, I just kept dumping in fresh when her light said it was time and peridocially stuck in a new filter. Now that I think of this,, does the 2nd gen even have a O
  5. Back in my more adventurous days I actually made a set of those things out of leather I got from soaking large dog chew "bones" in water to soften the leather, cutting it into strips and stretching it over a couple sassy frass branches I cut down out of my dads front yard.. Now that I think about it,, Bum,, your cache is a lot nicer looking than mine were.. Quick question, are you absolutely positive that you got both those Dutch White Wash shoes (aint saying the S word - Fool may be down but he aint out) from your buddy Carl? I always thought the Dutch only used one white wash shoe and that c
  6. cowpuc

    Carb soak

    Hi Unc!! @uncledj , those Nighthawks were fine scoots - you got yourself a worthy project there of which I implore you to work thru it step by step and end up getting to experience the breeds real/full potential. Because of that Honda's vintage and also the demand for them back in the day I ended up refurbishing more than one of them. From that I divulge my amature knowledge of such. They did have some particulars you might want to be aware of: The Nighthawks real achilles heel from my experience can be found in Honda choosing to use hydraulic lifters in them. All of the ones I brought
  7. Steve, Tip wanted me to ask you,, is Disney and the area surrounding Disney (Orlando/Kissimee) still in full swing, resturants and the like or are you folks under the same CCP Virus close down, lock ups as we are? Here in Michigan even the fast food joints are closed except for drive thru's. We celebrated our 40th Anniversary down there (had a planned trip to Hawaii canceled because of the virus so we went down there to Florida and played in the Glades/Keys instead) in September when Michigan was closed too and DeSantis still had Florida open. Are you folks still open for business as usual @M
  8. No ya lop eared salt air suckin varmint,, I think that warm southern air is messing up my messages or something,, it IS the 67 Roadster that I am looking for, lot B25 at the Muscle Car Museum auction on Saturday defines it exactly and is very possible what will draw Tip and I back down there on that weekend. The only reason I mentioned the 66 was, even though the tri-power was not available in the 66 427 but I may still consider one as I can add tri-power to it and end up with my bucket list C2 427 tri-power. You sound like my daughter out in Sac = sure Dad,, you can keep it in my garag
  9. Heyyy,, hiya @M61A1MECH,,, wassup.. Colder than a witches,,,oh never mind, would give ya nightmares if I told ya how cold it is up here LOL. THANK YOU Steve!! Greatly appreciate the heads up on the Vette.. Being this is one of my bucket list items so reason has nothing to do with this (like it ever did in my case) but I gotta have a Roadster. I may,, and I find this somewhat difficult to know for sure whether it will fly in the end, do a 66 427 Roadster Vette and be willing to over look the missing tri-power knowing they did not come with 3 dueces in 66 but the fact the 65 Big Blocks were 396
  10. EC are we talking Lithium or Lead Acid? Any idea?
  11. THANKS JACK - BEEN A WHILE!! I actually had the honor of meeting @GeorgeS years ago at the Venture West The Delles, Dalles, Dellas Rally (how do you spell that @Condor ) .. I hope he chimes in as I would love to hear from him!! If George was in Ham he will have the scoop on mounting on a scoot!! P.S. George - the speedometer worked AWESOME!! Puc
  12. BUT,, shouldn't your right foot be under there too right about now Jeff???? Still praying for you brother!!
  13. THAT is GORGEOUS Roller!! @slowrollwv,,, is your Remington one of those R1's that is double stacked in the mag?? Shootin from the hip here ( ) ,, it seems I remember seeing a Remington 1911 once in a Shooting magazine that was a high cap,, not one like yours was it?? Chuck,, did I ask you that once before?? Tweeks aint the @only one slipping gears these days,, I may have lol.. What dah heck brother,, its winter,, lets see her innards.... Still yakking 1911's,, hey ya lop eared varmint,,, you and that Sly varmint ( @Sylvester ) and maybe even @Flyinfool and @Condor,,, you varmints seem
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