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    Playing with our Grandkids but still like to ride a motorcycle once in a while!


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    Retired! Come visit us on Youtube!! We have lots of adventure videos documenting our travels on our 1983 Venture named Tweeksis (PLUS MUCH MORE!!) who is our 6th MK1 Venture since 1987!! Just search: PUC PUC AND TWEEKS on Youtube grab a video and like/subscribe!!! See you there! Happy Trails till then - Tip, Puc and Tweeks!


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    1983 VENTURE ALWAYS AND FOREVER! Is there another?

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  1. Think he is talking something to do with Cell Phone stuff Carl,,, maybe,,,,
  2. For as little as these old Yams are worth (and that aint much) and as much as I LOVE the long bikes plus considering the frame design, 15 inch rear wheel and it being a V-4 I would chop it.. I would either shop the bike shows for a decent old school springer of at least 10 over or I would just spring (pun intended) for a new Paughco 16 or 18 over springer, rake the bike and end up with another wayyyy cool,, wayyy fun long bike to play on.. Loved my choppers! Would DEFINITELY do what Sky suggests and I would know 100% what I had for a motor 1st though cause if the engines gone,, aint worth
  3. I am gaining traction on the whole Mecum Auction scene. Been doing my homework and am now pretty much at the point of wondering if any of you, my fine lop eared varmint brothers/sisters and all points in between, have experiences with them? Never hurts to ask right?
  4. I hear ya Rider,, totally.. Matter of fact, Tip and I stopped and were gazing at a mid-70's Vette,, I was explaining to her some of the in's and out's of what happened to the era muscle cars when us gear heads got sold out by the anti HP groupies of those days. Tip says,, so thats why we are not looking for anything newer then the '69's? To which I replied,, wellllll, not exactly,, in my case it all has more to do with Bucket Listing than anything else BUT,, what you are speaking of actually did have a HUGE effect on the whole culture which in turn could have had a major effect on what is on
  5. Nope Pops and personally I would not remove the stator cover, clutch cover and/or forward bevel gear cover before pulling the motor cause I would be concerned with damaging something internally during the motor pull myself.. I am not a real big one a powerwashing my scoot cause I would rather ride and leave any chance of getting water into places I dont want water BUT,, if it were mine, I would hit it with a powerwasher (staying away from direct spray on electrical connections and bearing areas) cause I do like to work clean, then go to yanking external engine hardware,, strip er down, pull t
  6. That is probably why I could not reply to posts earlier.. No worry brother, me and Tip went down to the local food pantry thing and helped folks get fed so I was able to stir the pot down there instead of here in the club. I will have to charge the club for another 1/2 day of down time though, 3 cents divided by 1/2 = 1.5 cents added to the 6 cents for earlier downtime = 7 1/2 cents,, no paypal,, cash only LOL. Hey Don,, you ever live on the street or,, off the land so to speak? You by any chance remember those cubes of Government issue REAL butter? When I was a kid and a runaway I us
  7. So here is a pretty cool feature of our new chat. I was in there recently talking to myself and noticed an earlier conversation was still there from Rod and Fool,, it was wayyy cool to see they were not talking about people behind their backs,, calling them Poofers and that kind of stuff LOL... I then proceded to discuss life with myself before I left. I just had a thought wondering if my old posts were still there,,, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so were the others!! Now we have a whole new place to leave each other messages!!
  8. REV I am probably way out there on this cause I have never owned a RSTD nor ever done the Baron's lowering kit on one but isnt the Barons a lowering kit for the rear suspention, accomplished by swapping out the rear suspention dog bones and then lowering the forks to match the rear dog bone lowering kit? If my amature guess is correct, it sounds to me like you would only be lowering the front forks by doing as you suggest. This would not accomplish the same lowering effect that the Barron's kit would if I am thinking correctly. Lowering the front forks alone is fine but, at least on my track b
  9. So Squid,,, how did the high dive on that pool work?? THANK YOU for the pics brother = BEAUTIFUL!!! When the Freebirds and the Squidleys get together they DEFINITELY know how to enjoy life!! My kinda folk,, all of em!! 🥰
  10. Thanks my sweet brother!! I really appreciate the encouragement. This is turning into quite the undertaking, mainly because those early Vettes like you had the privilage to own are now sort of like us,,, time is sorting them out and they seem to be getting rarer and rarer PLUS,, just like you and I,, many of them have been altered a lot LOL... I am not one to give up though,, you know me,,, I keep telling Tippy to be patient and keep prayin and I will find HER a really cool 67 big block roadster Vette LOL! Back at cha my eternal brother Sly!!! Puc
  11. GORGEOUS!! My personal favorite Indian was/is the 1st year,, 2014 Chief in Indian Red with genuine real tan leather,, you know - the one everyone hated cause the leather had to be maintained or it turned color when it lost its tan coloring!! I LOVE the fact that in a very short number of years if left untreated, those leather bags and saddle would start to look like those really cool old bags/saddle of yesteryear!! I know,, I am wacked 😛 Wanna see inside your motor?
  12. I was just in that new chat room talking to one of the most intelligent, fun loving, good lookin people I know,,, ME!! I really like the place @Freebird! The ease in posting a pic is outstanding!! VERY NICE,, I commend you!! THANK YOU Don!!
  13. WOWZY WOW WOW WOW!! And EXACTLY the car I am looking for too!!! Actually @rbig1,,, I do know why people will like me if I get a Vette like that!! Who could not like a 'beat up, tired ol geezer with a purdy '67, 427 big block, 4 speed, posi track rear end, roadster Vette?? Geezers and Vette's go together like Carrot Cake and Butter Pecan Ice Cream!! Apart they are just old men and old cars but together,, they are a dream come true!!
  14. Awe,,, I am so sorry to read this Don,,, extremely so. Your Dad sounds like quite a man, a Father to be proud of for certain. Your family and this world is lesser of a place without him in it. Please know that our, Tip and those of my own, thoughts and prayers will be with you folks during this difficult time my friend. Don's Dad, I have met you thru your son and know what/who you were - success? You did it!! Thank you for all you did with your time here, you are greatly appreciated and missed. May you rest in peace knowing that the tracks you left in life will always be remembered
  15. Dont tell @Flyinfool this @MonsterBiker,,, he simply cannot live with me being correct,, especially if it has ANYTHING to do with aircraft!! You probably should delete your post before Fool sees it Monst,, last time I went in the direction you are heading I ended up with over 8 feet of WWW on my porch and that trick of Fool and his WWW even shut down airports as far away as Chicago's O'Hare International!! This is serious business with Fool,,, best think about it brother!!
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