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  1. My guess is an early life saving device for Lumber Jacks working more than 10 feet off the ground,, probably known back then as a Sky Hook. On the fast track down after the Jack mis-stepped one of his tree spurs he would simply unhook this from its scabbard found on his belt and toss, like an anchor, into the branches going by at warp speed. Of course,, most of those great American hero's were intelligent enough to attach a rope into that hoop above the hooking device before tossing it.. Noticing that your fathers specimen does not have said rope Orlin,, I am guessing that this one in partic
  2. cowpuc

    Engine Oil

    Paul I have had really good results staying with Dino for my 1st Gens, probably so because I prefer to change my oil as it discolors and/or the shifting gets notchy. For over 1 million miles I ran Walmart Supertech 10/40 in cooler climates and 20/50 in desert regions. One of the things often overlooked on Unit motorcycles (bikes whose clutch is bathed in the same oil that lubes the engine) is the contamination that takes place as clutches wear and tear and trannies shear the oil. My Hybrid car LOVES 0/20 full synthetic with a 10,000 mile oil change and the oil after all those miles, even afte
  3. cowpuc

    Engine Oil

    I would take my dremel tool with cut off discs attached and reform the hex to 11mm if I wanted to save the bolt/feed tube. My second choice would be a really good set of vice grips or even a pipe wrench and back it out. That particular "bolt" can be a son of gun if it was put in with dry O-rings (not everyone practices the art of lubing 0-rings before they install them,, ever tried to remove an Oil Filter on a car that was installed with the O-ring dry?).
  4. ""Touring on Tweeks across America with my dad is like taking part in the best movie ever made while sitting in the saddle and looking out at the audience who are watching the movie being made" - My 10 year old Daughter with earned biker name of "AhWahHoo"..
  5. INDEED @buddy!! I can verify that cause these things are PERFECT on my once repaired but still needing surgery neck at C2 spine, Dupentrens infected left hand, pacemakered tuned heart, herniated abdomen where they pulled the fist sized tumor, titanium spliced together lower spined body!! YOU are on the right track! Just make sure you get a regenerative motor so you never have to push and you'll be in business!! @ragtop69gs,,,, OH MAN RAGGY,, YOU NAILED IT!! Remember those huge hills along our lakeshore? WOWZY WOW WOW,, 5th "gear" on the motor potentiometer choice so I get full power
  6. Here is one more step in us finding things to share in together during our wonderful retirement years, ELECTRIC BICYCLES!! After 3 months of researching E-Bikes we chose to spend the extra bucks and go for a pair of the Rattan LM-750's. If you click on my host name in youtube (Puc Puc) found below this video you will find countless videos thru the years of us criss-crossing/tent camping in our great country on Tweeks, our 1983 Yamaha Venture and then, after illness kicked us off riding long distance on our motorcycle we started traveling/camping in our brand new 2018 (has 75k on it now) Hyunda
  7. If my memory serves me correctly the splash plate update came out first with no wire. I updated my very first MK1 back in 87 and I dont think the swosh wire was included. By the time I had gone thru that new stator in that 1st one though the wire addition had come out. I am almost positive the wire was added to keep the orfice that the oil squirts thru from the crank open and clean..
  9. Nothing,, we have been riding our new electric bicycles... Soooo much fun!!
  10. No ya lop eared varmints,, not that kind of spring!! THIS kind of spring!!! Been waiting forever for my 12 and 14 pound hammer springs from Wilson Combat to show up for Tony the Beretta so I could begin the process of figuring out where he will reside. I am getting ready now to drop in the 12 pounder and then its off to the woodlands (as soon as Spring spring gets here) to see if the 12 will fire/cycle 22lr, subsonic 9mm and standard 9mm.. If not I will work my way up the scale till I reach the spring that produces the outcome needed and then that is where Tony and I will live forever in perfe
  11. WOWZY WOW WOW WOW,, now THAT is what I am talking Sky!!! CONGRATS!! Curious though,,, does the guy who owned the shooters before you know that he gave you his shooters LOL? Pics @BlueSky my dear brother,,, PICS!!!! Wilson Combat is good stuff! I got a Wilson Combat 12 and 14 pound hammer spring coming for my Beretta 92. Looking forward to trying them out. Hot Dog Sky,, THAT is awesome!!
  12. THANKS RICH!! I will hold on for a tad to see if anyone else knows of difference I should be aware of before I hit the buy button. Just to make 100% sure we are all on the same page. I was ready to click "buy now" on a MK2 stator/rectifier set on Ebay but noticed that Caltric (the company selling the set) has a note in their ad that the MK2 set will not fit a MK1 and the MK1 set is made of unabtainium.. I REALLY appreciate your vote of confidence that they are interchangeable though!! Thanks again! Puc
  13. I notice a part number difference between the two stators with the MK1 being 26H-81410-10-0 and the MK2 being 26H-81410-12-0.. Anyone know for sure if they are interchangable? Hate to order a MK2 stator/rectifier for Tweeksis and have the stator be to wide or something.. @skydoc_17,, any idea? Anyone else? THANK YOU WAYYYY IN ADVANCE YOU LOP EARED VARMINTS! Puc
  14. WOWZY WOW WOW WOW IS THAT ONE HECK OF PURDY SHOOTER ROLLER!!!! You done been blessed!! Wish you were closer cause you and your new GORGEOUS O/U could go out and bust some clays with Tip and I!! @slowrollwv,,, check these out!! 2 days ago, on another site I hang out at,, these little darlings came up in the "freebie" section!! A lop eared varmint over in GR (40 minutes away) had them and purchased a 22 so found he never used them.. The one I am holding is a Ruger air rifle,,, wood stock (though no where NEAR as gorgeous as the wood on your O/U) with scope (junk). The Ruger is a 1100 fps break
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