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  1. I too have never before encountered such a welcoming group of strangers. Everyone here is a genuinely good person with only the best intentions in mind. Even if a member is the type to blast someone on another forum they understand it will not be tolerated here. As far as the search and you shall see idea…yeah I’m sometimes more inclined to start a new thread rather than reviving one 10 years old if I have further questions. I do try to link the old thread.
  2. How do you like the cup on the throttle side? My cruise is broken so that’s not an option. Do you just reach across body? I like having my GPS on the left. Also having my brake hand not occupied gives me peace of mind.
  3. So I was going to piece back my mistake but it looks like the hardware is plastic threaded rod. Does that seem right? I’m imagining they did this to act like a shear pin and save the deflectors. Thoughts? And anyone know where to find threaded plastic rod locally?
  4. I used to heat my house primarily in a wood stove. I’ve cleaned up more deadwood and fell more trees than any common man should. The brake has gotten me Stymied before, but not that bad.
  5. Ouch whoops! We had our floor drain clog in the laundry room almost a year ago and had to rip out the floor…while installing the new floor we noticed mold when pulling the baseboard and I cut out the drywall with the mold. Anyway today I went to buy new drywall but failed to measure what thickness I needed. Good luck on the trailer
  6. @uncledj is that German? Obviously it’s BMW but curious what country was using it?
  7. So you have to disconnect the brake line to install that?
  8. That’s beautiful! Nice to get away, the wifey and I did a long weekend in Vegas weekend last. Circ du sole show was nothing short of fantastic!
  9. it’s gone too far. Like a freight train without brakes. It’s all going to end in a fiery crash. https://www.yahoo.com/news/air-force-academy-tells-cadets-162345649.html
  10. I’ve been using a Bluetooth to cassette tape. Works Amazing for what it cost. The only thing I need to rig up is being able to charge it while using it. The port is on the side rather than the back.
  11. Nice install! Looks really clean. I still use my tape deck to stream my music.
  12. I don’t know who Tom Swift is but I don’t think Tony Soprano would have played along with that nonsense.
  13. You sir have opened yourself up to countless questions coming from an amateur backyard chef! Be warned! 😋🤠 . My brother is a classically trained chef graduating from the CIA In NY…. I’ve learned a lot through osmosis but even he can’t come to grips with some of my BBQ Q&A
  14. If you’re new to tri-tip make sure you slice it correct or it can be chewy instead of tender. The grain changes due to the shape of the cut.
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