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  1. Anybody have experience with these? I put the long horn highway pegs on my 87 a few months ago and am so impressed with the ISO rubber damping I want to explore floorboard options. FYI my bike came with the floorboard and heel toe shifter, don’t see a reason to want to change it.
  2. @gorski this is my 87 but may give you what you wanna see
  3. What trike? I just see a garage floor cleaner than most of my dinner plates! congrats on your new machine!
  4. If you figure out the back let us know
  5. Bum, what part #? I don’t see anything on their site for a first Gen.
  6. So In 2020 I stumbled upon a five burner gas grill with side burner at Loews on clearance for under $100. New in box. My current grill at that time was an early 80’s Structo Classic. I’ve come to embrace the gas side burner (electric stove in the house) and have always loved outdoor cooking in all conditions. Add in my wife has chronic migraines and is sensitive to smells. So I’m thinking about the campchef 16 pro. Looks sturdy enough for near daily use and can pack it up if need be. Any experience with these from you guys? Pros cons? I know it’s just the burners and I will need accessories, that’s one of the reasons I like it, multi use. Camp Chef PRO90X Three Burner Camp Stove https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N5G88CL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_RSH6YRYG4QT8K36T8PPK
  7. @Ddiggerr It wouldn’t be useful for an on again off again situation but I’d set it in place and use some RTV to seal the gap.
  8. Sorry I wasn’t meaning to just stick a jumper wire in and ground it if that’s what you thought. My intention was to use a meter and the wire that is “short to ground” or I guess better said common with ground is your negative. More than likely the black and green are not hot.
  9. One of them will short to ground, the other would be hot.
  10. Something isn’t right, but congrats on your progress so far! Welcome to the madhouse too! As mentioned earlier use a thermometer to measure and compare all four exhaust to determine if one isn’t firing. Also sounds like you have a vacuum leak to me, make sure all of the manifold bolts are tight and the carb boots both above and below are fully seated.
  11. I cast my vote for CarbTune. I think I paid $150 for it, cheaper than one shop visit.
  12. I don’t even remember buying this but it’s been my go to for at least the last 15 years. Worked every time on every vehicle. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-Universal-3-Jaw-Oil-Filter-Wrench-HU3JFW/204762449
  13. Any further thoughts on this; date; location? Wifey just started a new job so scheduling with her could be tricky. Kids are old enough and have individual transport vehicles now to be independent so that helps.
  14. Yep I just put the Longhorns on my 87. Only one day out with them, gonna need some fine tuning but I like them and the iso dampening is making me rethink my floorboards.
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