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  1. It got a bit chilly overnight but the right mummy bag did it’s job. Met at a Harley shop in Logan Ut. who supplied an awesome breakfast. Did an organized ride with the Vagos up to Preston Id for a day of motorcycle rodeo, food trucks, raffle, live band, camping and of course drinking among other things. Great time! My first moto camping.
  2. We need a “love” icon. My thoughts exactly! First thing that came to mind for me is “single point of failure” yeah we take risks only having two wheels but why add.
  3. Anybody have experience tinting a windscreen? I spoke with a tint shop and they said they couldn’t do and advised I talk with a vinyl shop. Stopped by a vinyl place today that also tints and said they can’t do it on plastic as it won’t stick very long. Anyone try it? Any luck?
  4. I’ve been in contact with Clearview and no love. They were nice but just not going to help. Ordered a Slipstreamer 🤞
  5. Thanks! Yeah speed week is something I always watched on Tv growing up and have been wanting to attend since I was like 14. So after finally moving within reasonable distance seven years ago I got a chance to check it out. Lots of years it’s flooded out or I just plain forget until it’s over. Apparently there is another event in September by a different association
  6. Also was prepared with chairs and shade. EZ up tent fit nice on the hitch mount, didn’t even notice it.
  7. Rode 150 miles out to Bonneville salt flats for speed week but it was a bust, track is currently flooded, they’re hoping to race Tuesday. Might take a day off work toward the end of the week and go back if they’re running. The ride was a success though five bikes, one cage and nine people in our I
  8. Here’s a solo pic of the ole girls. Aside from those Zumo screens it could be 1992
  9. Put about 250 miles down on Saturday around Bear lake at the Utah Idaho border with @GreenSauce and another friend. Yami Family
  10. Thanks Rick! That’s exactly what I planned on doing is calling tomorrow. I thought for sure there was a vented option in the past. I have a buddy who might also be interested so maybe they’ll be more keen on doing more than one.
  11. Hi All, I swear I've seen a topic of this, but I'm not getting any love searching. What's a good replacement for a first gen? I see the Clearview with the vent and that looks awesome to me but they don't have one for a first gen. any suggestions? I currently have one of those big tall and wide tinted screens, but the time has come that it's so weathered I can no longer safely see through it.
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