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  1. Here’s a little more clarification of my testing. Technically not “bench” test as I needed the bike connections. But I used comparable components. Now I’m getting the random “7” again which I fear will drain my battery so in the Interim I’ll leave it disconnected. Some pics of the test Pot and Erratic 7. Note: the unit is upside down. IMG_0116.MOV IMG_0115.MOV
  2. So I still have no idea why it was displaying a “7” but that seems to be gone. Up until today I have been overly impressed with the engineering and quality of this machine. Maybe the CB units were outsourced but I came across the most inappropriate design for attaching fly wires to a circuit card. Most of the wires have broken strands. They thought it a good idea to solder 26 AWG stranded copper to a surface pad. Not even plated strands. Anyway I put the OEM design back in place and bench tested the squelch Pot which failed. Radio Shack didn’t have a 50k of the right dimension in stock
  3. Welcome! I’m sure somebody will be able to point you in the right direction.
  4. Not much of an update, large chunk of my day got sidetracked waiting for a missile delivery that of course was hours late and ended with minor complication, but successful delivery. Just another day with the USAF 😜. I found the broken wire home and discovered a handful more that are hanging on by a strand or two. The conformal coating on those shows obvious signs of heat. I think I’m going to rework all those connections. Day off tomorrow but going in for some needed catchup so hopefully I’ll find some bench time to work it more.
  5. Well I get to attach my club bell next week that I’m getting for my birthday and was happy to pay for that as well 🤑.
  6. What highway pegs? Got any pics? My 87 came with floorboard conversion that I don’t hate, but also had floorboard style pegs that didn’t sit right on the crashbar, couldn’t fold up and just weren’t comfortable so in the spare parts pile they went.
  7. I personally like paying the $12. Keeps the riffraff out. (Somehow I made the cut 🤫). What I don’t see here that I see in just about every free car forum out there is endless bashing of ideas or questions. I don’t have to sift through 50 -100 posts looking for the three that may help me. I don’t see discouragement. I see genuine honest people with similar interests having a good time.
  8. Of all these I like the Desert Fox best.
  9. Well I cleaned the Pot and put it back together kinda to test it and got the same results but I do feel a little resistance on the knob now so maybe something is happening. So I decided I may try to pull and bench test the Pot and see about a replacement when I noticed a broken wire. Not sure if I did it or if I missed it during initial disassembly. Either way I’ll take it back to work tomorrow to find the wires home and solder it back in place.
  10. I don’t know if I’d keep it in the top box but my thought looking at some of those is to strap it to the luggage rack.
  11. @saddlebum before I go chasing ghosts am I correct that the CB and Radio use the same antenna? I pulled the CB out thinking maybe the antenna wasn’t connected or maybe something else loose. All looked good albeit 30 years of dust. The radio comes in very well and none of the buttons seemed to stick anywhere. RX / TX function and display as it should. On the surface the problem seems to be an inability to adjust squelch. I’m guessing a POT or Riostat.?. Going to take the CB to work tomorrow and pull it apart.
  12. Well that’s a million dollar idea right there! 🍻🍻
  13. Ahhh I didn’t know you could monitor on CB through the speakers, that makes sense though considering it plays static just fine, I’m surprised though that I can’t tune anything in or seem to set the squelch to no static. I don’t think anything is stuck but it’ll be good to check I’ve found with sticky buttons rather than taking it apart it’s often effective to exercise them while squirting some contact cleaner or 90% IPA in there. blanket idea is good, never heard of that, usually just put it down for comfort.
  14. I can’t believe a search in title doesn’t return anything to “CB”! Anyway this just started happening this season but my CB is displaying a faint 7 when off. I don’t use it as I understand it only works with the intercom, although it does play static through the speakers if turned on. If I turn it on it seems to display fine but when I turn it off it has a faint erratic 7. Played with it some tonight in the garage and it eventually went away but we’ll see for how long. Anybody else have this phenomenon?
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