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  1. Very nice! My main carry is my PK380 but my next in line is my Kimber Super Carry Ultra in .45. Also with rosewood grips, I totally understand the joy of the looks.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I just put the 777 front and rear on July 2020. I’ll check my date code later in the week when I get back home. I think I remember them being a year or so old when they were delivered. @Squidley did you notice some ride difference that made you look at the tire when you got to work? Just wondering what prompted you to look at it at that point.
  3. https://www.venturerider.org/forum/topic/64407-dumb-brake-question/ in post 11 cowpuc has a video showing some piston cleaning.
  4. Thanx @videoarizona for the update. Glad all is well and he is enjoying life with his “other” family . Wish him all the best from here and I can’t Over exaggerate how much thanks are to be given. I know he knows how much he’s loved and appreciated, but don’t hesitate to tell him again. - Tom
  5. @YoungWayne as @Tysons87venture mentions the cap comes straight off, it doesn’t twist. I’ve lubricated mine several times and always starts to dry out and get stiff again. Lubricate the key hole and once you get it off hit the latch and gasket too. So turning the key will disengage the latch from the filler neck to pull off the cap. The latch faces port and there is a key way toward the bow. Mine needs two hands to go back on hence the struggle, I turn the key with one hand and align the key way with the other. It’s too stiff to just press in place. IMG_0216.MOV
  6. My 87 was converted to floorboards and heel toe shifter before I got it. It seems to be wiggly in every direction but works without fail. That said, I don’t if it should be that way, just my experience.
  7. Beautiful bike. Sorry I can’t help with the leak, but the experts on that will come along soon.
  8. I only ask because yes as @Condor says he’s a mainstay member and this is the time of year when his experience and advice is invaluable and so much appreciated and anticipated. Hoping all is well. I’m still new here and haven’t met any of you in person yet, but I have a connection with a lot of y’all.
  9. @YoungWayne that machine looks incredible for having been outside. As for warning lights…yep! The center computer gauge cluster will go through a series of sensor checks each time you turn the key to ON and a red warning light will blink and the fault will stay illuminated on the display until remedied. Changing the battery will almost certainly cause a fault as it’s looking for low fluid level, this can simply be eliminated by adding a resistor inline. Also the kickstand down will blink until you are ready to ride and put the kickstand up. If you put it in gear with the kickstand down it will shut off.
  10. Lubricate the switch before taking it apart!
  11. Look toward the end of this thread. Just went through this exact question a few weeks ago. After the bandaid turd polishing it works but still has a gnats hair movement from perfect.
  12. So do Milk Stouts or other Chocolate Stouts actually have milk and or chocolate? I’m allergic to dairy from Cows milk and have always wondered. Also having a Cows milk allergy has always presented a problem when an ingredient claims “milk”. From what animal did that milk come? Because it’s only Cows I have an issue. I haven’t brewed in like two years! I think you’ve inspired me to get back at it.
  13. @YoungWayne glad you got to make the purchase! You may not feel it yet, but in a year from now you’ll be giddy when someone else joins the site having stumbled upon a diamond in the rough such as you did. I’m sure you’ll see it along the way to getting at the carbs, but just in case take a look at the air filter. Mice made a nest out of my air filter on another bike one winter and a few had passed away in there, thank goodness I checked before sucking those little bodies into my intake. another thing to know as you get to checking things out the CLASS is it only works with the key in the ACC position. As for new rubber I agree with the above to get her running before investing, however if you need something so you can move it around the Shinko 777 are a great tire and won’t break the bank either. I got mine off Amazon.
  14. Haven’t seen any posts from @cowpuc in a while just hoping all is ok.
  15. I’ve seen the through the bumper access before but this doesn’t have that. The expedition access to the winch is directly above the spare inside the vehicle through the floor. I’m guessing this design allows for not having to worry about theft and a keyed access hole. Obviously with a truck bed this would be a bad design.
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