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  1. Not a clue. Mac just seems to always work. But you have shivered my core knowing now that another “upgrade” shall be in my workplace soon.
  2. I found I like it better on cyl #1 because the routing isn’t double backed.
  3. Now thinking back those screws were a bitch. I had to remove the right side exhaust. I may have even used vise grips and replaced them with new screws. It was one of those oh shit projects when I went to work in the morning and discovered a bike leaking gas in the garage. Took some time off that day to come home and fix it, so I don’t remember exactly all what I did. I did however by chance acquire the bike with an oem petcock gasket in the saddlebag. I was going to suggest after getting the petcock out just flushing with a hose but I’d like someone else to chime in if that would harm them pump or float. I wouldn’t think so but for sure don’t want to give you bad advice.
  4. Oooff sorry. I assumed you had the tank removed. I haven’t done it on my venture, haven’t had the need, but on my sport bike I ended up siphoning out all the gas I could, scooping out all the crud with paper towels and if memory serves correct I flushed it with water and paper towels or a sponge then flushed with water and shop vac it out once I had a good feeling the vapors weren’t going to be a problem. I don’t remember removing that tank but I could have. Regardless I did have all fuel and return lines disconnected as to not induce water into the system. Dried with towels and let it air dry before putting it back together. Just picturing in my mind the venture tank and small filler neck. I think removing it and doing a rinse would be best, to drain it maybe put a pan under the petcock area and loosen the screws and let it go. My petcock gasket failed this spring and that’s exactly what I ended up doing after I siphoned out as much as I could. It was messy but it is what it is sometimes.
  5. Yep! Thanks I believe it was you Carl who got me fixed up. I gotta top a little more in, it occasionally yells at me it’s low for a few seconds.
  6. My mystery leak was coming from the hose that goes to the breather under the air box. Let some oil out and the problem went away
  7. I’ve just used water in the past following an ethanol attack.
  8. This is why I asked where the hose goes…I’ve read all the conflicting documents and am still not sure. That being said, from a high level logical approach; if the carbs are synced it shouldn’t make any difference 123 or 4.
  9. I ride my VR wearing a 3/4 with full visor. Has Bluetooth with mic and speakers installed. For talking to my pillion it’s ok, for music it’s better than nothing but not good. It’s not a high quality setup, was cheap and fit the bill. Personally I don’t like having music pumped directly into my ears, never have. I loose too much of my sensory surroundings. I replaced the bike speakers in the spring and that made a great improvement. I just crank up the volume, even with a 3/4 I do notice a difference with the visor up or down.
  10. Wow! I’ve been riding for 20 years and I think I just had the most enjoyable 200 miles of my career. My 87VR has spent the last month in the stable going through some carb and grips and other fixes and finally got out today for a real ride. About 40degrees this morning and my new Avon heated grips were nothing short of Amazing! Met up with another couple and to park city we went for lunch. About half way there I remembered that there are side vents to the engine…opened those up and Wow what an amazing rush of warm air to my legs and feet!!!! Yamaha did that one right for sure! Had lunch at an amazing Motörhead inspired Mexican restaurant next to Park City. Went south through Provo canyon then back up I15 to home. Averaged about 85-90mph on 15 without a hitch. The bike rode amazing! For a couple minutes here and there I even forgot I was riding vs driving I was so comfortable. I hadn’t realized before I did the carb fixes that I had been fighting myself and the bike. Big thanks to all of you who helped me get through the albiet easy fixes but so necessary to enjoy the road. @luvmy40 Thanks for recommending getting grips with the throttle boss! I adjusted it a few times throughout the day and think I got it where I want, my hand didn’t go numb and I didn’t even realize I was using it most of the highway miles. @skydoc_17 thanks for the diaphragm/sliders and needle shims. Unlike my previous 80 maybe miles to the tank I did the last 110 miles today 80 of which high speed highway and still have two bars left.
  11. And all this time I thought the name of the game was if it ain’t broke fix it till it is 😜
  12. Thank you all for being patient and helping me along with this. Just put about 20 miles on running errands around town and not a single hiccup. I measured the exhaust heads as it warmed up and all came up to temp evenly with the exception of #2 cyl topping out around 145F while the other three were consistently in the 180F ballpark. every light and start up she idled smooth at 1k. letting go of the throttle it snapped closed and cut power as expected. I've gotta say it was well worth the investment in new parts, I haven’t had this much joy on the bike so far. It was such a pleasure to ride, can’t wait for the next ride.
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