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  1. Your attention and dedication to detail makes all the difference. Very nice work. I also like seeing you’re using some common man tools and not everything high end.
  2. My 87 venture I can’t honestly say how I put the stand down foot position wise but sometimes I get scared it’s leaning wayyy too far, even on level ground. I’ve even had fellow riders think she was gonna fall or I forgot. My Ducati on the other hand is the exact opposite, I hook my toe around the stand and hold it down while I set the bike into position, it’s spring loaded to always be up unless in use. It sits sooo upright if I’m not on the perfect slope she has the potential to fall on her right side. It’s honestly a pain to park at most all events because it’s too finicky to fall in-line with the other bikes.
  3. I don't remember specifics but I can say that my 87 does funny things with the air box off. I agree with you, restricting airflow and increasing rpm does not make sense. I’d start by adjusting the idle screw with the box in place.
  4. Change plugs yearly? How often on wires? I’ve been going through my own woes and last I rode her a month ago things were great. I’ve been wanting to get out just haven’t.
  5. Thanks @cimmer ! I’ve done business with Earl, great guy!
  6. @Bubblezdamunky sorry I can’t help you find a set however I have them on my 87 and they are amazing in both warm and cold weather. Mine can be rotated to either block or scoop the wind. I only say this to encourage you to keep on the search, it’s a worthwhile accessory.
  7. Somebody made a kit for the blade conversion, but I couldn’t find the thread when I searched a few weeks ago. Any ideas? Thinking about doing this in the cold season. Also want to consolidate all the fuses into one box rather than searching through the wiring harness as @jdross440 just did.
  8. I think you’re going to need to pull the tailpipe
  9. Yea I did it myself in a couple hours, I remember taking half a day off work because it was dripping in my garage and the wife was not too happy with the smell. Our bedroom is above the garage. Of course I had an almost full tank of gas 🙄. I siphoned what I could, and there was quite a bit left when I loosened the petcock screws, drained it into a cut up water jug I had laying around. Bottom line it made a mess, glad I did it in the driveway to hose it all down stream 🤫. I had to remove the tailpipe, which is easy just a time consuming. There was a bit of a learning curve getting the petcock out with the tube getting in the way. Unfortunately I don’t recall what I learned off hand. I was lucky and happened to have a Yamaha gasket that the PO had in the saddle bags. If I remember I did do a little sanding/scraping to clean up the mounting surfaces. Side note the petcock itself didn’t work and still doesn’t, I’m not concerned as it’s stuck on reserve. I don’t recall if I had it on the center stand or side stand, do what makes you comfortable.
  10. My 87 was leaking from the petcock gasket this past spring.
  11. By fuel bowel tap area are you referring to the diaphragm covers? Still learning carbs here.
  12. I like your message. Unfortunately Fake News won’t report the Truth no matter how much they preach transparency. It’s sickening to be honest.
  13. Rick is spot on, that is the the connector between the stator and regulator rectifier. I had the same issue you are describing last year. IMHO the connector just isn’t designed well enough to handle the current, as well it’s in an especially vulnerable spot to accumulate corrosion. I cut the connector off and soldered the wires together. Haven’t had an issue since, connection barely gets warm now. Remember to put your shrink sleeving on first . I’m pretty positive I did a lap & wrap joint.
  14. Might be some good info in here
  15. You might wanna move this to the first Gen forum. I’m not Familiar with the Mk1 but I do know there was an issue with second gear doing something odd and or not working.
  16. I have all kinds of randomness with sentimental value taking up room it shouldn’t. If it’s gonna get a home and back on the road I’d send it on the journey. I’d have a hard time sending it to scrap though. Looks in fabulous shape from the picture.
  17. Whoa! Happy you’re here to tell your tale.
  18. Cool that was my question when I googled it last night, wondering exactly what will fit in there. Don’t want to loose a $20 mug cause it fell out of a $11 holder.
  19. I’m actually looking forward to riding this winter here in northern Utah. Just bought a set of A Stars winter gloves, and decided my hunting boots should work nicely for my feets. Got layered insulated pants and recently discovered my lightweight gortex wind shirt fits nicely under my leather jacket for added protection. Unfortunately my heavyweight leather no longer fits my DadBod. Bonus is I recently remodeled our office space and I have privacy at my desk to change.
  20. The air box just has four boots with hose clamps that fit onto each carb. Also there is a hose running in the rear middle bottom of the box to the breather below the carbs. Loosen that hose at the breather end. Then just lift it right off. I replaced the screws in my clamps as the heads were getting pretty wore out. Also unless you have freakishly small hands putting the breather hose back on is a pain in the ass.
  21. Not a clue. Mac just seems to always work. But you have shivered my core knowing now that another “upgrade” shall be in my workplace soon.
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